The Threat by Andrew G. McCabe

The Threat

On March 16, 2018, just twenty-six hours before his scheduled retirement from the organization he had served with distinction for more than two decades, Andrew G. McCabe was fired from his position as deputy director of the FBI. President Donald Trump celebrated on Twitter: "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy."In The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror a...

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TitleThe Threat
Release DateFeb 19th, 2019
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, History, Biography Memoir

Reviews The Threat

  • John Bordeaux
    Important background for what’s nextGood, short overview regarding some recent history of interest. More tales of decent people, trying to do the right thing. Chewed over by, and spit from, the maw of today’s political reality show.
  • Maggie
    Well Written, Credible and Scary as HellI wanted to read this book. I don't know much about the inner workings of the FBI and I knew this would explain a lot. It tells McCabe's own personal story and tells us just how the FBI works.The tall tales that trump tells about Mueller, Comey and McCabe are refuted easily by this book. Knowing about the people who work there and the way they do things you will find that the idea of three Republican career...
  • Rian Davis
    Former Acting Director and Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe has written book that has three parts: One that focuses on his career, another how the FBI operates in a post-911 world and why he thinks our democratic system is under threat both from within and without. After reading this book I agree with him on the third point.First, the career. McCabe talks about how he started wanting to work for the FBI despite getting a pay cut from his...
  • Eric Allen
    I bought this book, mostly, because I felt sorry for McCabe being fired 26 hours before he was eligible to receive his full retirement benefits in a malicious, and spiteful attack by Donald Trump, and wanted to pitch in the cover price of the book to help him out. I make no secret of the fact that I absolutely despise Trump and wish many horrible things that it is currently illegal to voice aloud to befall him. But I don't go out and read every b...
  • Nick Smith
    After I checked out this book at the library, I kept hearing people on TV saying things like this:"Andrew McCabe's new book, which doesn't come out until Tuesday..."And so, I thought, wait - I have this book in my hands. It's here. So - did I get a copy of the book BEFORE the release date? And as I heard more talking heads confirming that it "doesn't come out until Tuesday," I simply counted myself lucky that I had a chance to read it!And I wasn'...
  • Thomas Wilson
    The book read like a page turner. It was great to learn all the background processes that go into FBI investigations. TV shows don't really tell all the truth. McCabe was also an excellent writer. Often government officials need help with that. Apparently he didn't.I was particularly struck by his descriptions of the confusion and lack of decorum he experience when dealing with Sessions and Trump. The little schoolboy chairs that Trump had set up...
  • Donna Hewell
    Herein lies a responsibility to readersMr McCabe ' s words, his straight forward disclosures of the realities of our American democracy and the threats to its survival, resounded with me personally. A wakeup call. Why do I read and internalize comments on facebook? Why do I let those loose ramblings affect my emotions? I have respect for our government institutions and feel a personal responsibility to support them, much as I feel protected and s...
  • Douglas Pierre
    A must read. This is a well written, easy to read a book. McCabe comes across as a conscientious and honest FBI agent. Even if you, like I have, tried to keep up with all aspects of the Russia case from day one, this book is well worth your time. You will see how the people of the FBI work very hard to protect the country and how the President is having a detrimental effect on one of America's great institutions.
  • Ian
    Not what I expected based on media reports of the book, which is a plus. This is much more about how FBI operates from training to all the levels of investigation and oversight then it is specifically about Trump related matters. I think that is a positive and makes it a good read. There is enough to learn about both the happenings to Comey and McCabe if that's your interest but worth reading even if you think you can not learn more than what was...
  • Sandra
    Just finished. This is by far the best book I’ve read of this milieu! It rings of authenticity. Very heartening to hear the story of someone who didn’t get sullied by working beside the vicious, mean spirited filth of the Trump administration. Must read for Americans who care about what this country stands for (even when we’ve failed miserably at it at times.)
  • SC
    So McCabe comes out on national TV and admits that he was part of an organized coup to overthrow the President of the United States. How is it that people can continue to swallow this Deep State propaganda? The Threat is real and it is the author of this book and his fellow three-letter agency goons.
  • Douglas G.
    Progressives who despise the current national administration will find this book illuminating, though there will be those who think the author has been discredited. Watching him on television promoting his book, however, will find him credible.