The Threat by Andrew G. McCabe

The Threat

On March 16, 2018, just twenty-six hours before his scheduled retirement from the organization he had served with distinction for more than two decades, Andrew G. McCabe was fired from his position as deputy director of the FBI. President Donald Trump celebrated on Twitter: "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy."In The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror a...

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TitleThe Threat
Release DateFeb 19th, 2019
PublisherSt. Martin's Press
GenrePolitics, Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, History, Biography, Audiobook, Biography Memoir, Government, North American Hi..., American History

Reviews The Threat

  • Eric Allen
    I bought this book, mostly, because I felt sorry for McCabe being fired 26 hours before he was eligible to receive his full retirement benefits in a malicious, and spiteful attack by Donald Trump, and wanted to pitch in the cover price of the book to help him out. I make no secret of the fact that I absolutely despise Trump and wish many horrible things that it is currently illegal to voice aloud to befall him. But I don't go out and read every b...
  • Bill Kerwin
    Remember this old joke? “How boring is Al Gore? Al Gore is so boring that his Secret Service code name is ‘Al Gore’.” Well, Andrew McCabe is so boring that his code name requires a middle initial. Andrew McCabe’s code name must be “Andrew G. McCabe.”Perhaps I’m not being fair. I learned valuable things from McCabe’s book, and enjoyed much of it too (particularly the parts about Mueller, Comey, and Trump). McCabe is a lucid, no-n...
  • Maggie
    Well Written, Credible and Scary as HellI wanted to read this book. I don't know much about the inner workings of the FBI and I knew this would explain a lot. It tells McCabe's own personal story and tells us just how the FBI works.The tall tales that trump tells about Mueller, Comey and McCabe are refuted easily by this book. Knowing about the people who work there and the way they do things you will find that the idea of three Republican career...
  • H.M. Ada
    In late 2015, I read an article about how a securities analyst reported that Trump's Taj Mahal casino was headed for financial trouble, and how Trump leaned on his contacts to get that analyst fired. Not long after, the Taj went bankrupt, harming investors, contractors, and workers. The article asked if Trump was really the type of person that we wanted to be president.Fast forward to March 16, 2018, just 26 hours before McCabe's scheduled retire...
  • Jean
    This is a memoir of McCabe’s time in the FBI. He provided a great deal of information about the inner workings of the FBI. I found that part of the book most enlighting. The information he provided about Trump and his administration was similar to materials provided by many other authors. I found the discussion about Attorney General Sessions disturbing. It appears the questioning by Senator Kamala Harris revealed more than we understood at the...
  • Bettie☯
    McCabe concerned about 'unfair treatment' after book release delayed by FBIFormer assistant director of the FBI Frank Figliuzzi, former US attorney Chuck Rosenberg, former federal prosecutor Paul Butler, The Daily Beast’s Sam Stein, and NBC’s Carol Lee on former Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe’s new tell all that gives insight into Rod Rosenstein’s memo on the firing of James ComeyFeb. 8, 2019
  • John Bordeaux
    Important background for what’s nextGood, short overview regarding some recent history of interest. More tales of decent people, trying to do the right thing. Chewed over by, and spit from, the maw of today’s political reality show.
  • Mehrsa
    I said I was going to stop reading these Trump-era memoirs, but I lied. I'm glad because this one is a good one. Mostly because it's not really about Trump--well it is about Trump, but that's not the most interesting part. It was fascinating to get some more perspective into the mind of an FBI career person. McCabe seems like a humorless and totally upstanding guy. I really liked his explanations of the post 9/11 FBI frantically following every r...
  • Jean
    The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump . Andrew G. McCabe, veteran more than 20 years in the FBI, has published his story of some of his most challenging times as a Special Agent, Deputy Director, and Acting Director of America’s domestic intelligence and security service. He recounts his training at Quantico followed by his first assignment in New York on the Organized Crime Task Force in 1996, where, ironicall...
  • Donald Powell
    A very good explanation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and how it works. This was a limited insight into the players and events of the investigation into the Trump campaign. He also describes the Clinton Benghazi and email investigations and the Boston Marathon horror. It is well written and addresses philosophies and principles which needed to be recorded for history. It is fun to read a history book of events which have just transpired....
  • Rian Davis
    Former Acting Director and Deputy Director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe has written book that has three parts: One that focuses on his career, another how the FBI operates in a post-911 world and why he thinks our democratic system is under threat both from within and without. After reading this book I agree with him on the third point.First, the career. McCabe talks about how he started wanting to work for the FBI despite getting a pay cut from his...
  • Thomas Wilson
    The book read like a page turner. It was great to learn all the background processes that go into FBI investigations. TV shows don't really tell all the truth. McCabe was also an excellent writer. Often government officials need help with that. Apparently he didn't.I was particularly struck by his descriptions of the confusion and lack of decorum he experience when dealing with Sessions and Trump. The little schoolboy chairs that Trump had set up...
  • SC
    So McCabe comes out on national TV and admits that he was part of an organized coup to overthrow the President of the United States. How is it that people can continue to swallow this Deep State propaganda? The Threat is real and it is the author of this book and his fellow three-letter agency goons.
  • Karen
    This was an interesting listen. Even aside from the Trump & Russia related revelations, McCabe's FBI career was fascinating. Recommended.
  • Lynn
    4.5 stars.A well written book about Andrew McCabe’s rise, fall and eventual firing from the FBI 28 hours before he was set to retire (literally on Trumped up charges.)He goes into the history of the FBI, its mission and how the agents solve crimes. The book is especially interesting when he covers Benghazi, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Mueller investigation. Throughout the book he stresses several times that the FBI’s only loyalty is t...
  • Dey Martin
    A three star book with a five bell warning. A warning that the sitting president ‘s behavior is effectively tearing our nation apart by slandering that which threatens his position of power - be it the FBI, Congress, the Judiciary, or the media. Former acting director of the FBI McCabe who worked and traveled as right hand to both Robert Muller and James Comey was tasked as an FBI agent to bring down Russian organized crime in New York is respo...
  • Phil
    Combination career retrospective, manifesto about the FBI's value, and rebuttal to Donald Trump's smears. McCabe comes off as levelheaded and principled; this is as much FBI inner-workings as it is the personal and professional trials brought on by the current administration. One of the better Trump-related tell-alls, it left me encouraged that the institutions of democracy, the FBI in particular, will prevail for us all.
  • Rita Meade
    Ughhhhhhh, what a mess (the gov't, not the book).
  • Kressel Housman
    I didn't plan for McCabe's book to be next in my exploration of how democracy is declining throughout the world, but it was on the "brand new release" shelf at my public library, so I grabbed it. I thought my next read would be one of the recommendations on the "Gaslit Nation" podcast. That's significant because the hosts of that podcast are more distrustful of American institutions than any other podcasters I listen to. They are not alleging, as...
  • Nick Smith
    After I checked out this book at the library, I kept hearing people on TV saying things like this:"Andrew McCabe's new book, which doesn't come out until Tuesday..."And so, I thought, wait - I have this book in my hands. It's here. So - did I get a copy of the book BEFORE the release date? And as I heard more talking heads confirming that it "doesn't come out until Tuesday," I simply counted myself lucky that I had a chance to read it!And I wasn'...
  • Sandi
    McCabe is an excellent writer and it would be near impossible to come away from this doubting his integrity, work-ethic, and patriotism. Yes, he's obviously highly critical of the current occupant of the White House, but the book is primarily about the inner workings of the FBI and how it deals with the threats to our nation. I would've thought that was a dry subject to me, but I honestly couldn't put it down.
  • Dave
    This book is clear, concise, interesting, and important to all Americans. I highly recommend it! Andrew McCabe writes about his career with the FBI, how the FBI functions today (particularly with regard to anti-terrorism), and most importantly-his experiences since the election of Donald Trump. With ample facts and justification, he is highly critical of the behavior of Donald J. Trump. The critics of McCabe and his book will deny his story and w...
  • Misfit
    Be afraid, be very afraid. But good for McCabe writing this. Kind of spoilerish, but something that happened when Rosenstein and McCabe met with the Gang of Eight in May 2017:(view spoiler)[Now that the Gang of Eight was a crowd of two dozen in the room, I thought, the chance of this not getting back to the president was basically zero. Then Devin Nunes walked in, and the chance was less than zero. ...snip...Look who’s here, I said to Rod. Rose...
  • Sandra
    Just finished. This is by far the best book I’ve read of this milieu! It rings of authenticity. Very heartening to hear the story of someone who didn’t get sullied by working beside the vicious, mean spirited filth of the Trump administration. Must read for Americans who care about what this country stands for (even when we’ve failed miserably at it at times.)
  • Charles
    Defense of the FBI, Criticism of Trump, Concern for CountryAll through my childhood the FBI could do no wrong. Then in adulthood I, like many, developed a more nuanced view of the FBI, based upon J. Edgar Hoover’s unwarranted investigations of Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders. After Hoover, there was a more critical examination of the way the FBI’s resources were allocated and the agency’s priorities in protecting society. ...
  • Gay
    This book gave me an understanding of how the FBI functions. It has come a long way since the exit of J. Edgar Hoover when “books” were kept on citizens for political purposes. The agency has a strict code of ethics and protocols for all of its work. McCabe is thorough and writes with honesty, just as I am sure he worked for the FBI. Unfortunately he wasn’t appreciated by the Trump administration. Nor is the FBI in general.
  • Karlan
    This was a good follow up to Comey's A Higher Loyalty. I may not agree with all of McCabe's politics put forth in this book, but I think he has an important perspective on the Trump admin and is definitely worth the read.
  • Jean Hansen
    He tells the truthI would give this a 5 for the truth. Explaining the work of the. FBI showed the world what goes into this complicated work. I wish with him for the return of normality. I scratch my head that things have swung so far but I respect the work being done and have to believe it will swing back soon.
  • Rob Melich
    I learned a lot. Do I believe Mr. MacCabe? I do. Can I verify- no. The surprising element of the book is about the FBI. Less than 20% focuses on man in the White House. Highly recommend this tightly written narrative.
  • Scott
    This is the much-anticipated memoir from Andrew McCabe, former acting head of the FBI who got caught in the political crosshairs of Donald Trump, due to his involvement in the Russian-interference campaign into our 2016 presidential election.McCabe starts out with his time joining the Bureau. I thought this was a bit dry as he explains various FBI processes and methodologies, but it lays the groundwork for his defense of FBI procedure.He then mov...