Storm of Fury (Legends of the Storm, #4) by Bec McMaster

Storm of Fury (Legends of the Storm, #4)

The old eddas speak of dreki—fabled creatures who haunt the depths of Iceland's volcanoes and steal away fair maidens.Bryn wants none of such myths. Accused of a crime she didn't commit, the former Valkyrie was exiled to the mortal realm over a century ago. Now a battle-hardened mercenary, when she's offered a glimpse of redemption—a written confession that will finally clear her name—nothing will stand in her way.All she has to do is find ...

Details Storm of Fury (Legends of the Storm, #4)

TitleStorm of Fury (Legends of the Storm, #4)
Release DateMay 5th, 2020
PublisherLochaber Press Pty Ltd
GenreFantasy, Romance, Dragons, Fantasy Romance

Reviews Storm of Fury (Legends of the Storm, #4)

  • Sharon
    *I was provided a pre-publication copy of this book by the publisher for review purposes.*This book got better and better. I absolutely adored Tormund and I remembered putting in my review a few books back that I wanted to see more of him. I was so glad to see him get the story he deserved. In particular, I enjoyed delving into his past and how he became loyal to Haakon. Here are some of my thoughts:• Tormund was funny, friendly, and had a good...
  • AlwaysV
    So crazy in love with the heroes from previous books 😍 Sirius and Haakon, who played supporting roles to the HEA couple. They were so captivating that I almost couldn't connect with either Tormund and Bryn until 82% into the story. That was when his heart-breaking past practically slay me. The magical ending saved me from crying me a river. What Bryn did was beyond words amazing! Please pick up this book and experience it all in person!I'm dyi...
  • Marta Cox
    Ok I will be blunt and admit that I wasn't really expecting to give this book a five because I honestly thought I wouldn't like the hero as much as previous leading males but boy was I wrong. Tormund is this huge confident, lovable bear of a man with the biggest heart and a backstory that simply made me melt. I absolutely loved him and his journey from brash sidekick to stand up and be counted hero was for this reader so much fun. The heroine Bry...
  • Ren Puspita
    4 stars Bec McMaster is one of my autobuy author and honestly, auto read too, lol. So each times she have new book comin', I always pre-ordered and read it immediately. Even though I read Storm of Fury a week after release, I still count it as "ASAP" because I usually spend years to read book that I'd bought :P. Storm of Fury is a story about Tormund, Haakon's cousin. Haakon is hero from Storm of Desire, so basically Storm of Fury is not mean to ...
  • Aly
    4.5We met Tormund before and now his group of dragon-hunters is searching for a missing dreki prince that no one saw in almost a decade. It's lust at first sight, and maybe it could be love, the first time he see the prickly Bryn. He doesn't know she's a former Valkyrie who was exiled many, many, many years ago but he can sense she's hiding something. The fierce readhead follow them to help find the prince but she have her own reason to do so tha...
  • Julie (Jewlsbookblog)
    Bryn was prickly, battle scarred, and seemingly invulnerable, but if anyone could penetrate her shield, Tormund would be the one to do so! Tormund was a warrior with a marshmallow heart, quick with a joke, and frankly, the most positive lead I can remember reading!! He’s not afraid to wear his feelings for all to see and was an irresistible ray of sunshine. I liked him before, but fell in love with him here!Storm of Fury is the comedic entry of...
  • Firstpella
    I really did not want to read this 1, book 4 in the series...I find book 3 is often a pinnacle in a series or an early part of a long series and 4 is often, in a storyline about dragons neither the H nor the h is one...and the H has just been...a sidekick so far in the stories...just human...often comedic relief...boring me yet again as I write this.And I was wrong. Eventually. I found myself annoyed when the pages featured t...
  • Melindeeloo
    Very good length to the series - the hero Tormund was just wonderful, and so deserving of a HEA. His leading lady is great too - very capable. There's also a good set up for the next pair.
  • Jennie Kew
    A fantastic blend of history and mythology, action and romance, and sass and sexiness! Tor is the Viking hero of my dreams and Bryn is the kickarse heroine I wish I was. I loved every second of this book.
  • ☽ Rhiannon ✭ Mistwalker ☾
    YES I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK BRING IT OOOOONNNNNNNNN (September 2018)God, I love this series so much! And I love Tormund! And of course I adored Bryan, a giant warrior lady (she would have been perfect if she’d been a BBW but there is enough references to her size and shape for me to find her relatable). I though this one was the book I would be most excited about, but I am SO VERY ABOUT the next book, with a plain warrior heroine and an e...
  • jammaster_mom
    A great urban fantasy/dragon/romance series AND book!This series revolves around the dreki. They are magical creatures who are larger than dragons and can transform from flying lizard to human form. They all have different magical abilities and, like humans, some of them are more moral than others.This story is mainly about Tormund, the cousin and friend of Haakon, and Bryn. Tormund is a human who hunted dragons and dreki with his cousin in a que...
  • Eve
    This was definitely the most humorous out of the series so far. Tormund is an honest to god teddy bear. I mean I don't think he can be called anything else. He is a man that is not very quick to anger and believes that life should be lived and felt at its fullest. Now that doesn't mean that he is reckless and is an adrenaline junkie it just means that he takes life in stride. If you love and get your heart broken then you will remember the joy of...
  • Goldlion
    A great addition to the series. I really loved Bryn, she was strong and outspoken and generally a badass. Her backstory was really interesting and played out well for the most part. Tormund was very charming and they had some great dialogue together. McMaster continues with solid plot lines and, as always, has a great combination of plot, characterization, and romance. I'm looking forward to seeing how Ishtar's character develops. There's some so...
  • Margaret
    Review originally published at Goldilox and the Three Weres and based on a copy provided by the author.Though it took a bit to grow on me, I'm now thoroughly enjoying the Legends of the Storm series. Mostly because I'm loving these characters. Tormund is the fiercest of teddy bears whose confidence is charming rather than cocky. Bryn is the female version of the hero who thinks he's not worthy. Their attraction is instantaneous but the romance ta...
  • Giki
    The fourth book in the Legends of the Storm series this follows a similar dragon/adventure/romance plot as the previous 3 books, with two adversarial main characters drawn together by a strong mutual attraction that neither the have the power to resist. So the plot did not grab in in the way that I had hoped, but I really did love the main characters. Tormond and Bryn are strong, feisty and determined, it is unclear who would win in a straight ou...
  • Stephanie
    I enjoy the mythological blend that is the foundation of series. In Storm of Fury, we meet the Valkayrie Bryn... Well more of a former one who had been banished to Earth to walk among mortals. It's been over a century. Strong minded, Bryn has a chance of redemption. They only thing standing in her way, is locating the dreki prince Marduk. Easier said than done.Tormund, a warrior with a year of gold, is hoping he will find an angel of his own. And...
  • Melissa
    Tormund is one of those characters that when you first see him, you may not think about too much about him. He provides comedy and a foil for the brooding hero. What you may not realize is he carries the heart of the group. You can't help but love Tormund and watching him convince Byrn is just fun. I loved seeing Sirus again and meeting Marduk and Solveig. The mystery surrounding Marduk's sister and chaos is thrilling and intriguing. I voluntaril...
  • Sarah Hamilton
    A Fantasy AdventureBec McMaster has the skill to create complex and vast fantasy worlds that give nods to history and cultures, but are still uniquely their own. Storm of Fury continues exploring the world of dreki, but finally gives loveable (& human) Tormound his story. Bryn is an excellent addition to the cast, who is the rough, yet likeable heroine. And we finally meet Marcum - cannot wait to see where his Story goes. A Fantasy AdventureBec...
    Good readTook me a bit to get into this one. I can't put my finger on what bothered me. About a quarter of the way in I was hooked. There's always a lot going on in the authors books. The world's are full of life. So a story may mostly be about two people falling for each other there's more going on around them. Makes everything feel more real.
  • Lady Claire, Marchioness of Fancy Pants
    In typical Bec McMaster fashion, she does a fantastic job of world building, introducing new characters that enrich the storyline, and setting those characters up for future books. Tormund could have easily been slated for a novella, but I’m so glad he got his own story. Hilarious, sweet man. Loved this one!
  • Simo
    4 1/2 starsI love this series but this book has just that little something more, actually not so little, the H, Tormund. He's just impossible to resist!
  • Joyousmoi
    Awwwwww!!!! Is all. I can manage.... Beautiful. Just so sweet!
  • Luckylovesbooks
    Oh Tormund ❤️I NEED THE NEXT BOOK
  • Natasha
    Storm of Fury couldn't have come at a better time. Bryn and Tormund were enjoyable to read and so very different from the main characters in the previous books. Both Bryn and Tormund start this series with the same mission, but from different angles. Tormund is assisting his cousin, Haakon, in the search for Haakon's missing brother-in-law, Marduk. Bryn is paid handsomely to discover Marduk's location for her employer. Bryn decides the best way t...
  • Deb
    What's not to love about Tormund? He is a gentle soul who fights when necessary but protects those who need it most. Looking forward to the next chapter - yes, I have my pre order already in