Knowing Scripture by R.C. Sproul

Knowing Scripture

R. C. Sproul helps us dig out the meaning of Scripture for ourselves. He lays the groundwork by discussing why we should study the Bible and how our own personal study relates to interpretation. Then he presents in simple, basic terms the science of interpretation and gives practical guidelines for applying this science. Here is a basic book for both beginning Bible readers and those who have been at it for a long time.

Details Knowing Scripture

TitleKnowing Scripture
Release DateJan 28th, 1978
PublisherInterVarsity Press
GenreReligion, Theology, Christian, Christianity, Nonfiction, Christian Living, Faith, Scripture, Spirituality, Christian Non Fiction

Reviews Knowing Scripture

  • R.K. Goff
    The book comes with good warnings about how we might be abusing our gift of reading (and thus interpreting) our Bible, and gives some practical guidelines to help minimize our distortion. It gives good examples through-out, right from the Bible, to illustrate his points. When you read it (especially as a beginner) you begin to sense of the complex nature of the Bible, and how the more you know about it, the clearer and more meaningful it becomes....
  • Chad Warner
    A useful guide to studying the Bible, providing rules of interpretation and study tools. I've learned much from Sproul over the years, so I enjoyed hearing how he studied the Bible.Sproul says,My prime motivation is to offer basic, “common sense” guidelines to help serious readers study sacred Scripture profitably. … the book seeks to emphasize the divine origin and authority of Scripture. Because of this, I have attempted to provide rules ...
  • Kells Next Read
    R.C. Sproul has easily become one of my fave author this month. This book was truly a gem and will definitely be one that I draw from repeatedly.
  • Jeanie
    RC Sproul has a passion for the word of God and I will always enjoy reading his book with the expectation of having a hunger for the word of God. The importance of the word in my daily life and the application to the word. I like that we are always learning truth and we may stray from what God is revealing to us, however, God is faithful to lead to the truth. Being our sinful nature, we can intrepret the word to fit the culture. Marriage is the h...
  • Linore
    Despite only giving it four stars, I think this book is important and should be read by anyone seeking to understand the Bible. Sproul gives priceless guidelines to reading which could preclude a great deal of doctrinal confusion for many readers. My reservation is due to the brevity of the treatment of some things such as his take on various bible translations. He mentions that some are "liberal" for instance, without a clue as to what the term ...
  • Annette
    Summary:From the back cover of the book, "The theme of this book is not how to read the Bible but how to study the Bible."The later part of the quote is probably the most ignored.Christians who do read the Bible are not aware of how to really study the Bible.R. C. Sproul takes both points and teaches the how and why of reading and studying the Bible.My Thoughts:Knowing Scripture is written for a new Christian or for a person who is not a solid re...
  • Charles
    wow! wait did i say...WOW! the cover should read super concentrated sheer awesomeness. this thin book isn't shallow. this is going on my small stack of books to read over and over. the stack includes the bible(duh), the pursuit of godliness/practice of holiness, daws, the lost art of disciple making, spiritual disciplines of christian living, desiring god, and the legacy of sovereign joy, and the gospel primer oh and slave. ok, so the stack isn't...
  • Jeff
    This is like a cross between How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth and Exegetical Fallacies by Carson. Very sound teaching on what the Bible is and how to understand it, along with mistakes to avoid. He bungled the translations portion by calling the NRSV a Functional Equivalent type and the NLT a paraphrase. At least he was honest about the NASB and NKJV being a little awkward because of how much they try to stick to the grammar of the origina...
  • Josiah
    Excellent, excellent book. Sproul's defense for why you should study the Bible and seek to uphold correct doctrine was excellent, his hermeneutical guidelines were really well laid-out, and his section on to what extent cultural context should play into our interpretation of the Bible was also really well-done. I was familiar with most of the hermeneutical principles before reading this book, but had never thought of them in a systematized, order...
  • Kip Johnston
    Good book on hermaneutics and interpreting scripture. Also has some nice bible study tips at the end.
  • Kevin
    Great basic book for both beginning Bible readers and those who have been at it a long time. Insightful!
  • Ana Ávila
    ¡Muy práctico y útil!
  • Bridgette
    This was a wonderful review of the techniques and responsibility to properly interpret and apply Scripture to my life!
  • C.H. Cobb
    Car advertisements on TV have progressed (??) from being informative in years past, to idiotic, to truly moronic in modern times. So please pardon me when I borrow an overused phrase from contemporary silly car commercials, but Sproul’s little volume, Knowing Scripture, is truly “best-in-class” for concise books that help the reader interpret the Bible.Sproul’s writing is warm and friendly, almost whimsical at times, which belies the imme...
  • Bart Breen
    Excellent Introduction to Biblical Literature and HermeneuticsI actually listened to the audio version of this book on CD. RC Sproul is a very easy to listen to speaker and he has a gift of making difficult concepts seem easy.Contrary to a few reviews here, Sproul is not advocating an elitist approach to Scripture where only the "pro" dare to wrestle with Scriptural interpretation and understanding. Quite the opposite. Sproul is seeking to put th...
  • Bob Priest
    Excellent book on how to read/study your Bible. This is a valuable resource to address an skill that seems widely missing in todays church. Too many of us are content to let someone else read and study and then tell us what the Scripture means.Sproul does point out the church needs Pastors and teachers to expound Gods word for the church. They have been gifted and trained for this. Still this does not negate our responsibility to search the Scrip...
  • Tim
    This book is a solid reference for learning how to think through the presuppositions and philosophical reasoning behind why Christians should learn to study their bibles. These first few sections is where R.C. shines. The last section about practical tools for bible study is also very well written and updated.In the sections getting at hermeneutics and practical rules for interpretation, Sproul provides many examples and illustrations of fallacie...
  • Rob
    Directed toward laypeople, Sproul's introduction to biblical interpretation is very readable and practical and suggests strategies and resources to further one's study of the Bible. He gives a few examples of doctrinal disputes that arise when biblical interpretation is done not so carefully and cautions the careful student of the Bible to note what it actually says. He recognizes the value of commentaries, Bible dictionaries, foreign and origina...
  • Luis Dizon
    I read this book during my time in bible college for the introductory class on biblical interpretation. This is a great introductory text on Biblical Hermeneutics (the science of interpreting the Bible). There are many other texts on this topic, but the conciseness of this book makes it highly approachable for laypeople. R.C. Sproul (who is a master at taking difficult concepts and breaking them down for the average churchgoer) shows that studyin...
  • Jesson
    A great book overall with useful information on how to study the bible. I found the introduction to hermeneutics to be particularly helpful - it doesn't go into detail into the intricacies of hermeneutics, but, as a layman (and a person who doesn't aspire to be a scholar), the introduction was more than enough for me. I did find myself disagreeing with Sproul at some of his points, especially concerning his views on Textual Criticism, the KJV and...
  • Jennifer Barkley
    Great companion to light a fire to get back into the word and pray for the ability to do what Sproul calls my duty- and I agree, it is. He highlights several real issues of the heart and the intellect when approaching the Bible. The best, in my opinion being that our own cultural secularism colors our interpretations more perhaps than the cultural norms of the time certain passages were written. He flips on its head one of the biggest objections ...
  • Eric Riddle
    This was a great primer for understanding better how to study the Bible. It was required reading for my introduction to hermeneutics class. It really helped me understand how to study the scriptures way more in depth than I knew I could. You have this incredible marriage of literature and the working of the Holy Spirit while reading the Bible. I went most of my life not realizing the importance of understanding better the former.
  • Shannon
    Sproul gives a great introduction to understanding God's Word. He deals with common reasons or excuses that keep people from reading and studying as they should. Understanding the Bible as written literature, in its cultural context, in its timeless interpretation to believers today, and through translations or original language word studies are all issues he addresses. I really wish he'd gone a bit further and will probably be looking into some ...
  • Chrissy
    Nothing new or earthbreaking, but it was articulated very well. I appreciated the author's humble but scholarly attitude toward controversial issues (Bible translations, study methods, denominations, etc.). While this book would probably be most helpful to new Christians, I think that even Christians who have been studying the Bible for years can enjoy and learn from the book's thoughtful but gracious approach to doctrinal disagreements.
  • Tyler
    This is another excellent book about how to study the Bible. R. C. Sproul does a good job of providing a volume that discusses the doctrine of Scripture and practical steps to interpret Scripture. Because of its brevity, it does not evaluate either topic as much as I'd like, but what's here is good. His style is conversational but educated and he has a nice turn of phrase that makes for interesting reading.
  • Mason Carpenter
    R.C. Sproul provides an excellent introduction into the science of studying the Bible. "Knowing Scripture" easily understandable, clear, and treats with honesty both strict and loose interpretation techniques. Unashamedly Christian and conservative, Sproul offers a foundation for studying the Bible that takes the text at face value, seeking to aid the reader in properly handling the Scriptures, so as to glean its proper meaning and then move from...
  • Julio Padilla Mozo
    Recomendado totalmente, debido a lo urgente de una correcta interpretación de La Biblia en un mundo lleno de subjetivismo y escepticismo. Lenguaje no técnico, accesible para todo cristiano que quiere conocer mejor la Palabra de su Señor. Me alegra que R.C. Sproul no defienda el modo reformado interpretativo. Sigue siendo un método de interpretación, del cuál creo yo es el más recomendado para todo amante de La Palabra de Dios.
  • Drake
    A great introduction into the subject of how and why we should study the Bible. Sproul does a very good job of establishing the basic principles of biblical interpretation in a way that's easy to read and understand. I also appreciated how he ends the book by giving a list of resources to assist Christians who want to go deeper in their studies of Scripture. Very helpful indeed!
  • Cole
    Very encouraging guide to digging into scripture. I read it back to front, but I think it will continue to be useful as a reference guide in my own personal studies. I hope I have the courage and patience to study with the same intensity as he suggests. It's something I've always hoped for but never have been able to sustain. Hopefully Sproul's urging will help me be persistant.
  • Tammy
    A very academic look at how to study the Bible. Lots of great information, but his delivery is very dry, much like a text book, which is not a surprise since he used to teach seminary...he is very much a theologian. I did learn a lot, but it took a while to plod through as other books took my attention away from this one.