Batman (DC Black Label: Batman Damned, #2) by Brian Azzarello

Batman (DC Black Label: Batman Damned, #2)

Book Two of Three. Provisional cover.

Details Batman (DC Black Label: Batman Damned, #2)

TitleBatman (DC Black Label: Batman Damned, #2)
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Superheroes, Dc Comics, Comic Book, Batman, Horror, Fiction

Reviews Batman (DC Black Label: Batman Damned, #2)

  • Sam Quixote
    The Joker’s still deaded and Batman and John Constantine are continuing to puzzle out whodunit - they don’t get much closer in Batman: Damned #2! There’s disappointingly little development in the increasingly trite-seeming plot, which is surprising as there’s only one more issue to go before this storyline wraps! This issue is basically an excuse for more street-level interpretations of DC’s supernatural characters for no reason! In the...
  • Jocelyn
    I’m a sucker for good art and this is just beauuuuutiful (and dark AF, and evil).
  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    The only reason I’m giving this a four star rating instead of a five star is because I’m not sure that I love how it ended. I think I need a bit more time to sit on that part. First things first: love the cover. I’m not sure if I’m accurate in assuming this, but it looks like a hat tip to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. At least, I hope it is. It’d be a nice touch. And it would explain some of the style changes we’re seeing (though ano...
  • Walome
    Vlastně se tam nic neděje, stejně jako v prvním sešitu, ale je to cool. Kresba je super a je to NOÁR. Méně penisů, ale o to více skoro sexuálních scén.
  • Jedi JC Daquis
    Told in a trademark Azzarello-Bermejo dark, gritty, noir-ish style, Batman Damned Book 2 masks its shallow story progression and simplistic story with a narrative that throws in all those words you can find in a dictionary for emo brooders and half-baked rappers trying to convey some silly messages with loose rhyme and pretentious street language. This installment is more of a shock entertainment that is made to fit under the Black Label category...
  • Nahid Hasan
    The impact of this storyline has much paly in this issue. Though the attraction of is just as before. A just another alternative journey of the world's most popular #Superhero #Batman. In this semi horror gothic style of story has so mant things to think about. Though the #hunter of the Batman is much like similar to the Marvel's Thanos. In #Thanos latest origin story where Mistress Death follows Thanos his entire life. Here Batman is also haunte...
  • Monsour
    Beat on the bat, beat on the bat, BEAT ON THE BAT, WITH A BASEBALL BAT No bat badingdon here. So let's focus on the Bat horror shall we. The issue had a little development happening and manly focus on the supernatural aspect of Gotham. Joker is dead and the enchantress is haunting bat. The Bruce flashback is also add's some info on what is Bruce's childhood actually is before the Crime Alley incident. Constantine and Dead man two big hotshot in D...
  • Jena
    Fantastic art, but the story has completely lost me. This is the second volume in a 3 volume series and story-wise we're at the same exact place we were at the beginning of volume 1, which means that no doubt volume 3 will be paced at breakneck speed. The cloud of edginess in the first volume has now descended into a damp fog, and most of this volume is spent reciting trite Batman angst. And because of all the controversy in the first volume, the...
  • Roy
    Not really enjoying this at all. One more issue. I guess I'll still read it to see how it ends.
  • Nat Anbardjian
    Can't wait for #3 next year !
  • Etienne
    Wow what a series! Great issue as well! Love it. Very dark and different, refreshing in an evil way!
  • Brandon St Mark
    Weaker than I remember the first issue being, but still interesting.
  • Bracken
    The book is crazy. Really wonderful. Dont want to have yo wait two months for the next.
  • Sadaf Sagheer
    The artwork is unbelievably gorgeous, I mean I honestly can't get over it. Story line wise it sorta left me wanting though, too much expectations after the first one sorta let me down a little.
  • Lestat
    No words. This read like a filler issue with no substantial plot or arc. There’s a black rapper caricature who’s in there just to be laughed at. Because this is the DC Black Label, the writer takes the opportunity to throw in as many F-bombs as possible. Constantine’s narration continues to be pedantic. The art is mesmerizing but inconsistent. Constantine looks different in every panel and some of the lettering is hard to read. From time to...
  • Ricardo
    Again the artwork, left me completely breathless, there’s something unique on how hauntingly real this volume feels and it made me love it even more than the first one in this series. Thank goodness the monologues are heading somewhere in this one, ‘cause I was totally not feeling all that fake deep ponderation of the first volume. Although still a specter, the narrative felt so much better in this one and flowed naturally with what was happe...
  • Ido
    A new episode in this great new series of Batman, as opposed to what you might think at first sight, is not a normal Batman series, really not, it's a much more realistic series and it's not a normal thing you usually see.There were a lot of things moving the plot here, but unfortunately this is the penultimate episode of the series, to my delight there are going to be another series on the new DC label, but I hope, I really hope, and I really wa...
  • Eric
    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I think terms like "noir" and "gritty" are thrown around way too much in this genre. Hell, in crime fiction in general for that matter. Throw the term "pulp" in that list, too. However, I can't think of any better words to describe this one. It has a gritty noir feel with Constantine as the narrator of the story. This one also seamlessly weaves together the supernatural DC with the seedy, violent, Gotham City that Batman inhab...
  • Debbie
    I know I should have waited until the next one was either out or closer to being released but I needed more NOW lol. This has been a great foray back into comics after idk how many years. It's darker than I remember Batman being..and I remember him being pretty dark. So I'm loving that. And that cover....ugh..i love it. But I'm a Harley fanatic. That ending left me thirsty for the next book.
  • Jeremy Whetzel
    FantasticContinues to be a landmark "adult" Batman series! Looking forward to issue three in a couple months! High quality production and artwork really help shape the darkness of the story.
  • Jennifer
    Pocatello & Bermejo can do no wrong with this series. Just perfectly written & the art is GENIUS
  • Amber
    (That art is so breath-taking jfc)The demons have come out to play, and Bats is in hell. Ready for book 3.
  • Onur
    Got further confused, maybe because I had forgotten about the first book. Still the story doesn't make me much excited for the conclusion. Cool flashback for Bruce tho.
  • Derek Neveu
    Visually stunning book, but the layered storyline is confusing at best and the need to push the adult content is forced and unnecessary.
  • Kaitlyn Francis
    review to come
  • Thursday
    Scott Synder wishes he wrote this well. So far, Batman: Damned is the best Batman series I've read.
  • Evy
    First issue was better, but art is pretty awesome. Waiting to see what happens next. I feel like it is too early to say anything major for sure yet.
  • Stratospherus
    Meh, this wasn't good as the first one. It's drawn out and the ending is unsatisfactory. Art is still great. At least, we don't have to see Batman's whopper :)
  • Matt
    Why is Constantine narrating? What is Dead Man doing here? ... just not interesting enough for me.
  • Abel Montero
    The visuals are even better than the (excellent) ones in the first volume, and the storyline is blessed with a slightly less chriptic developement. But the result is till messy as hell.