The Affair of the Mysterious Letter by Alexis Hall

The Affair of the Mysterious Letter

In this charming, witty, and weird fantasy novel, Alexis Hall pays homage to Sherlock Holmes with a new twist on those renowned characters. Upon returning to the city of Khelathra-Ven after five years fighting a war in another universe, Captain John Wyndham finds himself looking for somewhere to live, and expediency forces him to take lodgings at 221b Martyrs Walk. His new housemate is Ms. Shaharazad Haas, a consulting sorceress of mercurial temp...

Details The Affair of the Mysterious Letter

TitleThe Affair of the Mysterious Letter
Release DateJun 18th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Mystery, LGBT, Retellings, Fiction, GLBT, Queer

Reviews The Affair of the Mysterious Letter

  • Chaima ✨ شيماء
    A retelling of Sherlock Holmes featuring a pansexual lady Holmes and a trans Watson? *delighted pterodactyl noises*
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    Hands-down, I’m not sure if I’ve ever read a more quirky and original retelling, and I absolutely loved this! The Affair of the Mysterious Letter is a fantasy retelling involving Sherlock Holmes characters. Captain John Wyndham is returning to Khelathra-Ven after fighting a war elsewhere for five years. He is desperate for someone where to live and winds up with Ms. Shaharazad Haas as a housemate. She’s a moody one, Ms. Haas, and is kn...
  • Lois Bujold
    Reads like a mashup of Sherlock Holmes re-imagined as Yuuko from xxxHolic crossed with Lovecraft and Dr. Who. The discursive Watsonian voice of the narrator, John Wyndham, is one of the draws. A useful sample, describing his pre-story military career in the existential war against the Empress of Nothing beyond the Unending Gate:"Just as I was beginning to contemplate the opportunities my unexpected successes had placed before me, I was struck dow...
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    This is without a doubt my favorite book of the year so far and my favorite fantasy pastiche of all time! It would take one hell of a book to usurp The Affair of the Mysterious Letter's first place position. Even though this is a fantasy pastiche of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, the likeness to the characters and their peculiarities is absolutely remarkable. The writing is also phenomenal. I really, really, hope further adventures of Shaharazad Has...
  • Sam (AMNReader)
    So, I have mentioned how well Hall's romances work for me. How brilliant I think he is. Creative....And now that's painfully obvious with the release of this full-fledged fantasy retelling. Most astounding though, is I've read three thoroughly different styles from Hall-and with the exception of pieces of this feeling slightly repetitive, probably with good reason and not that I minded. Because...I've mentioned how well Boulton works for me as a ...
  • Emma Newman
    I was lucky enough to get a galley from my editor and OMG I loved this book so much. It was a sheer delight to read and has dragged me out of a massive reading slump that lasted for months. Honestly, do yourself a favour and get it as soon as it comes out. It's like the joy of reading Gail Carriger's Soulless all over again, but wrapped in a gleeful love affair with Sherlock Holmes. Read it. READ. IT.
  • Trio
    I love Alexis Hall steampunk and The Affair of the Mysterious Letter is my favorite so far. Definitely the best premise with the spin on Holmes and Watson, because you know Hall is going to just kill that. Plus with Hall's imagination, the adventure these two go on is beyond spectacular.Great characters, a bunch of clever twists and turns, plus a really fun ending, The Affair of the Mysterious Letter was truly enjoyable.I listened to the audioboo...
  • laurel [suspected bibliophile]
    3.5 stars?This was a really hard book to rate.On the one hand—a gender-swapped (well, for the sorceress) and queer as hell retelling of Sherlock Holmes, set in a complex fantasy world? On the other hand—a Sherlock Holmes retelling written in the style of the original books.After an unfortunate injury that prevented him from serving in the military, Captain John Wyndham, feeling adrift from his religiously conservative home (and not welcome in...
  • ☕️Kimberly
    What a fun tale. This is a Sherlockian based tale set off planet and filled with magic, vampires, gods and limitless worlds. Come travel with John and Shaharzad Haas as they try to uncover a blackmailer.Witches, underwater cities, shape-shifting, flying and more await you in this clever tale. I loved this female version of Sherlock. John Wyndham comes from a deeply religious planet and found after college he couldn’t quite move home. When he lo...
  • Cathy
    A book trying very hard to present a magical Holmes & Watson and using all the right cues. An overly amusing and mocking first person narration by Dr. Watson Captain John Wyndham. A Scandal in Bohemia lurks somewhere in the background. The amusing tone got old pretty fast. About two hours into the audio narration I started to seriously loose interest. The microscopically small plot barely managed to hold the story together. It was a slog. I only ...
  • Pam Faste aka Peejakers
    6/24/19OmG, that was good! Whew! What an utter tour-de-force!This book is full of squee! But, okay, now let me try to compose myself and I'll (hopefully) be back with a full review in a day or so! ***************************************************6/29/19Okay, well, not sure how composed I am, but I'm finally back with my review! So, as you will have gathered, and to my complete lack of surprise, The Affair of The Mysterious Letter is an unqualif...
  • Lindsay
    Captain John Wyndham has arrived in Khelathra-Ven after suffering an injury in an eternal war on a different plane of existence. His meager funds leave him lodging with the peculiar sorceress Shaharazad Haas, and just like the Holmes stories this is based on, soon finds himself involved in her investigations.The setting is cleverly Lovecraftian, and very queer (Wyndham is trans and likely gay or bi and the case that is the focus of the book is ab...
  • Caz
    Review to follow at AudioGals.
  • Susy
    3.5 stars I enjoyed the Holmes - Watson comparison, the POV, the humour, the magic/fantasy elements, the references to other works like Stoker’s Dracula, Snow White, Cinderella and yet I often had a hard time keeping focused. This was so especially during the first half of the book where the little action that took place was often interrupted by world-building and descriptions, apparently in a manner that could not hold my attention. Fortunatel...
  • Ellie
    30 June 2019What a glorious, utterly mesmerizing story!18 June 2019This book is out today and I am slowing going through my ARC and savouring every word. It's fabulous and fun and I highly recommend it!!!My most awaited release of the year! Here we go :)I have read almost everything Alexis Hall has published/shared in his newsletter. I was really excited for his latest release even though it's not romance. I rarely step out of my comfort genre bu...
  • Mogsy (MMOGC)
    3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum’m a big fan of Sherlock Holmes retellings, and to my joy, I found The Affair of the Mysterious Letter to be very similar to the Warlock Holmes series that I love in terms of its quirky light tone and cheeky style of humor, though it also possesses a lot of its own unique charms. For example, this retelling takes a queer friendly approach to our characters, where Sherl...
  • Trisha
    This was pretty cute. An interesting start very similar to the original stories - it was a brief history and re-telling. I liked how the gender was very easily slid into the beginning and something I would have missed if I hadn't known beforehand. Loved it.The rest of the story took a moment to get the hang of. The magic and the change in world were different and not quite what I had expected. But I did end up really enjoying it and instantly fel...
  • Lata
    I dearly wanted to love this, considering its glowing blurbs and the combination of Sherlockian and Lovecraftian elements and humour. But:-The first half of this story really dragged. And I found it hard to keep track of characters and the places. The story felt super long to me, even after I felt its pace had picked up.-I found myself observing the humour more than being moved by it. I liked the sheer weirdness of everything in the story, such a...
  • FTLOReading
    • Title: The Affair Of The Mysterious Letter • Author: Alexis Hall • Series: Stand-alone • Pages: 352 • Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Retelling, LGBTQ • Rating Out of 5 Stars: 4My Thoughts: Picture this...Sherlock Holmes is a Sorceress. Still witty, intelligent, but with a penchant for taken complicated lovers and still has all those messy and addictive habits. Now sit that character down at a Dungeons and Dragon’s table with character...
  • Stephanie
    This book is just ridiculously fun, a delightfully over-the-top mashup of the Sherlock Holmes archetype with a fantasy world full of 1930s-style pulp adventure and Lovecraftian horror - and in which the Sherlockian figure is the brilliant and outrageous sorceress Shaherazad Haas. I found it utterly delicious, hilarious, and hugely enjoyable. I was only a third of the way in before I'd started buying copies for other people, and as I read it on my...
  • Andrea
    4 stars for the story, 5 for the narration!"That doesn't sound like a plan so much as a sequence of conversations with tremendous scope to go wrong." "I am the sorceress Shaharazad Haas. I never go wrong. I merely achieve things in a manner I had not intended."This was an excellent story made even better by the superb narration. I enjoyed the way Nicholas Boulton made the characters come to live, and since this IS Alexis Hall, the writing is simp...
  • Alison
    Delightfully bonkers. I absolutely loved it. It's very funny, very strange, very queer, and very Sherlock Homes-ey. Here's something quite different from one of my top favourite authors. It's a Sherlock Holmes retelling that's also a really imaginative, out-there fantasy, plus it's super super queer. This book keeps the source material in range of its heart, and John Wyndham and the sorceress Shaharazad Haas are wonderful queer reimaginings of Wa...
  • Aleksandra
    4.5 stars!Utterly brilliant and fun!This is the most imaginative and engaging Sherlock Holmes inspired novel I’ve read. The Affair of the Mysterious Letter is sci-fi/fantasy standalone novel told as if John is writing the chapters to for a monthly literary magazine. The novel is set in layered and complex sci-fi world, which the author is non-introduced in a cool way!The main character is John Wyndham, army vet and a new roommate of sorceress S...
  • Em Wittmann
    Listening to this one.Excellent so far. Clever, funny, and odd too.
  • Gillian
    4.5/5 starsAh-mazing.More adjectives to come when I have the wherewithal to write a coherent review.
  • C. A.
    I think I've found my favorite book of 2019 and it's not even halfway through February yet.I love Sherlock Holmes pastiches and this is certainly that in that it involves a maddeningly intelligent and occasionally infuriating protagonist and a faithful ex-military doctor who serves as assistant, sounding board, admirer and biographer who live together at 221B with their landlady and solve crimes.Except that this is the sorceress Shaharazad Haas w...