Whose Waves These Are (Whose Waves These Are, #1) by Amanda Dykes

Whose Waves These Are (Whose Waves These Are, #1)

In the wake of WWII, a grieving fisherman submits a poem to a local newspaper asking readers to send rocks in honor of loved ones to create something life-giving but the building halts when tragedy strikes. Decades later, Annie returns to the coastal Maine town where stone ruins spark her curiosity and her search for answers faces a battle against time.

Details Whose Waves These Are (Whose Waves These Are, #1)

TitleWhose Waves These Are (Whose Waves These Are, #1)
Release DateApr 30th, 2019
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreChristian Fiction, Contemporary, Historical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Whose Waves These Are (Whose Waves These Are, #1)

  • Rachel McMillan
    from endorsement:With a gorgeously inimitable voice, Dykes sets herself apart with a debut novel as timeless as its themes of redemption and everlasting love. I dare you not to be swept into a yarn of age-old tales and seaside secrets deftly penned by a lyrical pen that pliantly shifts between contemporary and historical frames. Romantic, spell-binding and wonderfully unique, Dykes’ sense of setting and emotional resonance are nearly unparallel...
  • Clara
    These aren't simple five stars.I mean them with all my heart.I never doubted Amanda Dykes was going to tug my heart big time with this book. Her novella is one of my favorite stories ever and I still get teary when reading it (ie: I basically became a waterfall reading her first full-length novel).There is a scene in this book in which a character has to tell a story. It's kind of straight forward but not really because there's so much then what ...
  • Sarah Monzon
    There are plot-driven novels, and character/driven novels, but is there such a thing as a descriptive-driven novel? Not in setting, but in...life. Amanda Dykes doesn’t describe what people see in when the look out at the world, its like she’s giving all of her readers a pair of X-ray vision glasses to put. Ones that peel away at the artifice and shine a light on the heart. This is a story that you will ruminate over and will stick with you fo...
  • Brittany
    Whose Waves These Are is an epic story that spans decades. The author pulled my heart all over the place as I turned the pages. This novel has a dual timeline. The connections and stories that are woven together throughout the years are only slowly revealed in tiny bits to the reader. I was amazed by the way the author intertwined so many different tales from both the past and the present together.There was a lot of pain that various characters w...
  • Rebecca
    "He said he loves you, that it'll be all right, that life is big . . . and God is bigger." "Whose Waves These Are" clears generational speed bumps with the ease of a stallion; its poetic prose is enchanting, the spiritual depth and metaphorical descriptions compelling the most seasoned of readers to take pause. Using the lives of twin brothers as a foundation stone, the author builds her story; and it's a story like none other, for Robert and Roy...
  • Jen.
    ..Just beautiful!! A must-read!!Amanda Dykes has written a beautiful and deeply moving debut novel! Whose Waves These Are is a touching story, rich with faith, light and hope.I am 100% absolutely a fan of Amanda’s work! Her storytelling and attention to detail is exquisite! Sign me up for everything she publishes!Before you read Whose Waves These Are, don’t forget to read the free prequel novella, Up From the Sea , to fully immerse yourself i...
  • Renee
    In lyrical prose, Amanda Dykes invites us to visit the Maine coastal world of GrandBob, Fletch, Eva, Roy, Jenny, and so many more. It’s a “pocket of a harbor where broken lives, like waves upon the shore, are gathered up and held close.” There, we become a regular, along with Annie Bliss, who “never imagined then that it would be [her] breaking place, too. Nor how beautiful the breaking could be.”Though Annie’s journey starts out with...
  • Elizabeth
    Amanda Dyke’s voice is as powerful as the waves and as deep as the ocean in Whose Waves These Are....full review/endorsement to come! Add this to your Goodreads!
  • Madison
    Simply stunning. Whose Waves These Are, with its beautifully descriptive and emotive writing style, characters who are brave, relatable, and so very loveable and story of family, love, loss and miraculous reunions, drew me in and refused to let go. Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time, Whose Waves These Are is so very beautiful and a book that is simply a delight to read. When Annie learns that her beloved grand-uncle Bob has fallen il...
  • Sarah Sundin
    This is the book everyone will talk about all year—lyrical, lovely, full of heart and heartache, secrets kept and revealed. These characters, this town, and their stories will seep into your soul and leave you wanting more. A novel of hope and reconciliation you won’t forget for a long time, probably not forever.
  • Regina Jennings
    Whose Waves These Are is more than a story, it's something you live along with Annie, GrandBob and Jeremiah Fletcher. Amanda Dykes's prose is lyrical, her characters unforgettable and the setting is a place that you can only hope exists somewhere in the world. I can't wait to go back to Ansel-by-the-Sea, either in the next book or re-reading this one. Bravo!
  • Susan
    It is hard to believe that this book is Amanda Dyke's debut novel. This novel is breathtaking! From the opening line I was hooked. The eloquent prose of this stirring tale will haunt readers long after the final page has been read. When Annie is summoned back to Ansel-by-the Sea to help GrandBob, she finds that she will need to uncover secrets from her family's past in order to mend the chasm that is felt through three generations. This is a won...
  • Seema Rao
    Touching ~ Gentle ~ Enchantingtl;dr: Love is a roaring sea and a gentle wave and many seasons in between. This book shares the interrelated tales of a few couples in a small rural island. I am a sucker for an island story, in general, likely due to a lifetime living very much on the mainland. This story is well-written and enjoyable. The main character's job in historical museums/ non-profits was pretty well-done, particularly her hubris and subs...
  • Aria
    Wow. That’s all I can say. When I started this book, I was thrown a bit off by the third-person-present and the switching between times. But after I got into the story, it was amazing. This book is a story. It’s the story of a man who faced loss, but yet, it’s so much more. It’s the warm and real story of life.The relationships in this book were utterly amazing. The characters were so real and vivid. Yes, I was thrown off by the writing s...
  • Kathryn
    I have absolutely no words to describe how I feel about this book. There are some books that reach right into the heart and soul that you just can't describe, you have to feel it. This is one of those. It is amazing and wonderful and captivating. It is so filled with oceans and light and grief and hope. I absolutely love it. Like I said, I cannot describe how I feel about this book, but I can tell you what I'm taking away from it:"There's a whole...
  • Kathy Kexel
    Oh, my. Oh, my.Let me say, I don't like romance novels. They are too contrived and formulaic. This book is not a romance. It is a book about love. There is "storge," family love. There is phileo, " friendship love. And yes, there is " eros, " romantic love. But above all, there is "agape," unconditional , sacrificial, love.This is also a book about loss-- real, heart-rending, painful loss. And the hope of healing, the power of love to heal.It is,...
  • Denise
    Not at all what I expected, but oh so beautiful! Amanda Dykes takes the reader to painful places in this tale, but then using her gift of sharing a sweet story brought it to a place of such beauty and hope and healing. Highly recommended.
  • Marylin
    “Every wave in that big old blue sea is a story.” A wonderful quote from this amazing book and this book is full of these nuggets. From the very first page to the end, this book had me captivated and wanting to read more. I didn’t want to put it down. It really was a book I kept thinking, “just one more page!” and hours later realizing I needed to go to bed.My heart was touched deeply with the story of Roy, Robert, and Jenny. The wonder...
  • Melissa
    Let me start this review by saying there is no way I can do this book justice. It is THAT good. Amanda wove an amazing tale and her writing voice is one of the best I have ever read. This tale of love, loss, hope and redemption will stay with me forever. I honestly can't remember being this moved by a book in a long time. I was brought to tears more than once and one chapter in particular (I am looking at you chapter 31!) was lovely the way Amand...
  • Kailey
    Wow! If I could give this book more than 5 stars, I totally would! This book touched my heart! I was so wrapped up in the story that I didn’t want it to end! I loved the message that came through this book. This story brought me to tears a few times. I felt all of their pain and loss deeply. I shared in their joy. I absolutely cannot wait to read more from Amanda Dykes! This is going on my list of best books of 2019! I highly recommend this boo...
  • Andi
    If you've followed my blog for any length of time you know that I love reading debut books. And Amanda Dykes has written a book that will stay with you long after you read the last page.As a Navy brat I loved all the wave references which pointed to living life and how each wave can be a struggle or challenge, but it also brings with it the opportunity for growth.This book is full of little nuggets like the quote below. "See an island is a world ...
  • Lucy
    How do you describe perfection when you are finished......PERFECTION. When you read this you will scratch your head and say that this can’t be a debut novel as it reads like a seasoned author. I found myself immersed in this story and being pulled under the waves of a beautiful ocean to emerge on a sunset beach. The timing and characterization reads like a poem whose prose leaves you weeping and your soul bared. This book has such depth that yo...
  • Trisha Robertson (Joy of Reading)
    Some stories you read linger with you long after you have finished the story. Whose Waves These Are is one of those stories. This epic story is one loving told with such achingly beautiful words that it envelopes you in its warm embrace. Spanning generations with the seamless ebb and flow of the tide, and piercing the depths is the matchless love of our creator and savior. The dynamic characters and the charming town wove its way into my heart. ...
  • Alysha (For The Love of Christian Fiction)
    I don’t even know what to say....so many emotions!A full review will be coming soon, but until then seriously go get this book!5/5 stars!
  • Francesca Gehl
    In this unique novel Ms. Dykes masterfully weaves countless tales into one whole and incredibly beautiful story. From WWII-torn America to contemporary, gadget-dominated America, we are presented with a big story of love and healing.This novel was clearly written from the heart. In her note, the author says that the story was born from the uplifting experience of God's grace in her own life. I can relate to this, as I think many readers will. The...
  • Robin Dix
    This book had me captivated from the very first page. I was reading it every chance I got. It's one of the best books I've read in a long time! Well done Amanda Dykes!
  • Chris Jager
    Great new voice in the CF market. A dual time story of loss and finding your way home.
  • Lesley Gore
    This book. OH MY GOODNESS. I have some compliments for the author:1. I have read books before that go back and forth between two stories, and my usual experience is to feel really enthusiastic about one of those stories and to sort of skim through the other until I can get back to the story and that characters I REALLY love. NOT SO in Whose Waves These Are. I had TRULY as much love for the WWII story as I did for the modern story, and I was equal...