More Than Words Can Say (Patchwork Family, #2) by Karen Witemeyer

More Than Words Can Say (Patchwork Family, #2)

After fulfilling a pledge to a dying friend, Zacharias Hamilton is finally free. No family entanglements. No disappointing those around him. Just the quiet bachelor existence he's always craved. Until fate snatches his freedom away when the baker of his favorite breakfast bun is railroaded by the city council. Despite not wanting to get involved, he can't turn a blind eye to her predicament . . . or her adorable dimples.Abigail Kemp needs a man's...

Details More Than Words Can Say (Patchwork Family, #2)

TitleMore Than Words Can Say (Patchwork Family, #2)
Release DateJun 4th, 2019
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreChristian Fiction, Historical, Historical Fiction, Romance, Christian, Christian Romance

Reviews More Than Words Can Say (Patchwork Family, #2)

  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    Warning: extreme gushing ahead...Another top favorite of 2019!!! I absolutely adored every part of this book! While I've enjoyed every book by this author, I have two favorites that I just love to re-read- To Win Her Heart and Short-Straw Bride. More Than Words Can Say has now been added to that elite list- it gave me that special reading experience I crave- great characters and (I don't often use this word) *swoony* romance full of crackling che...
  • Deanne Patterson
    This is the second book in the Patchwork Family series.I haven't read the first book yet but with plenty of back story I'm not lost in the story but will go back and read the first story.This story, it's just one of those books that make you happy sigh in delight!How fun that the author researched this book and it's a real place. It was a walk back in time down the street visiting the lumber yard with Zach and the bakery with Abigail. I loved thi...
  • Denise Hershberger
    I loved this book! I loved the marriage of convenience store, but I also loved the theme of forgiveness.One of the reasons I read Christian Fiction is because it includes spiritual truths. This book was full of reminders to trust God and also that he can forgive anything if we ask. Both are truly important reminders.I also appreciate the clean romance. This one was full of heated kisses, some flirting, and lots of love. It was an especially good ...
  • Andrea Boyd
    I laughed so hard my husband came running to see what was going on. This one's definitely going on my top ten list for this year and I bet I'll be reading it again in the future.
  • Cara Putman
    Karen is one of my go-to authors when I'm looking for a book that will make my laugh out loud, has great historical details, romance that is just perfect, with a bit of mystery mixed in. I think I've said before that I get bored with regular ole romance, and hers are anything but. I really enjoyed More Than Words Can Say. It was so fun to read Zach’s story, since I got to know him in a couple earlier books. He was a rich secondary character, bu...
  • Brittany
    More Than Words Can Say has skyrocketed to the top and is now probably my favorite Karen Witemeyer book! I enjoyed this story so much! It is book two in the series, yet can easily be read as a stand alone novel if you haven’t read book one.I love marriage of convenience stories and this novel is one of the best of this type of plot that I have read. I loved the commitment that Abby and Zach made to each other when they did decide to get married...
  • Susan Snodgrass
    'While I believe in prayer and utilize that weapon every day, when one faces Goliath, it's best to have a rock in the sling. And he was the rock she planned to have on hand.'Karen Witemeyer brings us another novel in her Patchwork Family series and it's the best of the series in my opinion. In fact, I think it's just my favorite of all her work! Zacharias Hamilton is free now to live his life the way he sees fit. His adopted brother and sister ar...
  • Kay Garrett
    MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY by Karen Witemeyer is second book in the Patchwork Family series. It’s the story of Abigail Kemp and Zacharias Hamilton – the perfect match?!?!?!? The story takes place in Honey Grove, TX during 1896. We find Abigail Kemp the sole owner of a bakery business. She inherited it because her father had no sons. During a time that there were laws on the books stating that a woman could NOT own a business, she finds herself w...
  • Amanda Tero
    I read and enjoyed the first in this series, so when a book about Zach came out, I was eager to finish his story.This is, more or less, a story about a passionate marriage of convenience. As in, the couple was attracted to each other before something made them agreed to a business-partnership-type-marriage of convenience. Though there was a non-romantic thread, the primary thread was romantic. And, yes, I’m not a romantic swooner here. It *was*...
  • Inspirationalfictionreader
    Let me start off by saying I loved this story! It’s my favorite Karen Witemeyer story to date, and it will be in my top reads of 2019!There’s really nothing I didn’t love about this story. I loved the time period, the setting, all the main characters, the theme of forgiveness that ran throughout, and the storyline! I mean who doesn’t love a marriage of convenience? Zach is my favorite character in this story! He gives so much of himself f...
  • Kav
    Eeeeepppppp! Marriage of Convenience romance alert! And that aspect of the story is swooniferously well-done!Zach makes my pulse race too! He's the strong silent type with a checkered past and a heart of gold. If you read the first book in this Patchwork Family series, you'll know that Zach and two other orphans created their own little family unit after their orphan train derailed. In the wake of the tragedy, Zach, as the eldest and most streetw...
  • ضحى الحداد
    I was anticipating this book for a year since I LOVED Zacharias from the first book, I wanted to see him finally get peace and love, and he did get that .. but for some reason I didn't like many parts of the story, his character changed so fast that I feel he is a different person all together, I wanted the broody, lonely Zac to change but I wanted more from the story than this, most of the story just a filler until they finally become " husband ...
  • Toni Shiloh
    This book reminds me of why I like Karen Witemeyer books. Relatable heroines, heroes that make you swoon, and a plot to keep me engaged.
  • Alysha (For The Love of Christian Fiction)
    I absolutely adored this book! 😍😍😍 I loved the characters. I loved the troupe. I loved the setting. I loved the chemistry. I loved the message. I loved the family. I LOVED IT ALL!The author wrote such a well rounded story, I never felt like anything was rushed or incomplete. Each character was perfectly formed and every problem was faced.I loved Zach! His silent, brooding, gruff self was truly hiding the biggest teddy bear with a massive...
  • Paula Shreckhise
    More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer is the second book in The Patchwork Family series. It takes place in 1896 in Honey Grove, Texas.This book is scrumptious and delectable— but what would you expect in a story about a baker and penned by Karen Witemeyer! Abigail Kemp is fit to be tied. The town council won’t allow a female owner of a business so she must find a male backer or sell the bakery she has inherited from her father. Abby come...
  • Carole Jarvis
    Reviewed at The Power of Words: haven’t yet read the first book in this series, More Than Meets the Eye, but I’m already in love with Karen Witemeyer’s Patchwork Family series. For fans of historical romance, there’s everything to like in Witemeyer’s new release, More Than Words Can Say. It’s been a while since I’ve read one of her books, and this story reminds me of why I enjoy them so much. The author creat...
  • Susan
    4.5 starsAuthor Karen Withemeyer writes historical romance because she believes the world needs more happily-ever-afters. She wraps her stories with humor, but the underlying spiritual themes have her stories rise above many that saturate the market. Witemeyer's love for her home state of Texas is apparent in her flawless research and vivid descriptions of life in Honey Grove, Texas. "When had a practical solution for saving her bakery turned int...
  • Rebecca
    " . . . . I have to choose which voices to believe. I can believe the ones that tell me I'm not good enough or brave enough or pretty enough . . . . . or I can push aside that clamor and see out the voice that tells me I am fearfully and wonderfully made."Abigail Kemp has been listening to the wrong voices most of her life, struggling with her self-esteem on almost a daily basis; but there's one area where even she can admit excellence; her bakin...
  • Melanie
    More Than Words Can Say was yet another fantastic read from Karen Witemeyer. I started the book with the expectation that I would enjoy it, but it completely blew my expectations out the window -- I was hooked after just the first couple chapters.The characters were lovely. They weren't perfect and had some things they needed to work through, which made them realistic and the story believable.I LOVED the romance. It was so sweet how he waited for...
  • Laura
    Let me preface this by saying I absolutely LOVE the cover. It is so cute! I also love the attraction between Abigail and Zach and his matchmaking friends. I also love Ms. Witemeyer's voice. I're read some of her novellas before but this is the first full-length novel I've read by her.MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY is a cute retelling of the tried and true marriage of convenience plot line in romances. Instant sexual tension. And, of course, both parties...
  • Gretchen
    Karen Witemeyer is one of my top two fave authors and she has done it again!! This book is so cute and the love story is so sweet. I love a good marriage of convenience story (emphasis on good)! It had the perfect amount of romance for me and it didn’t get bogged down with unnecessary side stories I don’t care about lol😂. This is probably my favorite book of hers since her older works before the Harper Station series. I can NOT wait to rea...
  • Nicole
    This was an absolutely adorable read! The characters were precious (gotta love the silent "thinker" heroes), and they grew throughout the story. And I SO appreciated the author's ability to weave a well-balanced plot WITHOUT the usual misunderstandings! The hiccups (which have to be expected, especially with a marriage-of-convenience story) were dealt with quickly, allowing the characters to grow together in time to face difficulties beyond thems...
  • Chesney
    Every time Karen has a new book, I can’t wait to read it! She is a go to author for me and highly recommended too! I loved Zach and Abby’s story as well! The slow but steady chemistry which is a must for me, worked great for the storyline. Clean romance to top it off.
  • ✝✝ Ⓓaisy ❣ ✝✝
    Gonna KIV first as the storyline didn't work for me!
  • Madison
    I adore Karen Witemeyer’s writing and More Than Words Can Say exceeded all my expectations. Funny, sweet and deliciously romantic, this story of resilience, family and love was wonderful from beginning to end.Abigail will do anything to save her bakery and the livelihood of both her sister and herself - even if it means a marriage of convenience to satisfy the backwards ruling of the town council. When Abby asks Zach Hamilton - lumberjack, broo...
  • Anne
    ‘He wanted to throw open the cellar door and let all his secrets escape so her light could shine into his dark places. Yet at the same time, he wanted to padlock that door shut and never risk her disappointment.’Zach's past and his struggle in the present really touched me. I cried through one particular scene. Witemeyer really makes the characters come alive on the page. More Than Words Can Say might be one of the most descriptive books I’...
  • Monique
    If you see the name Karen Witemeyer, you already know that it will be extremely entertaining and sweet. Even the books I liked lesset than the others I still like far better than any other Christian historical fiction author. So it will be no suprise that this book has 4 stars really! Not 5 I’m afraid, there were a few details I liked less. What stood out for me, is the awesomeness of a plus sized main character! Abigail is very uncertain about...
  • Maureen Timerman
    An archaic law makes this story, but they did really exist, and the author has used this one with in a very clever way!Now this is the second book in this series, but there are some updates, so you won’t be totally lost, but the first is equally as good!There are few chuckles here, and some serious sad moments, that lead to a lifelong grudge, but you have to wonder if the evil is about to prevail.I enjoyed this read, and the pages flew, there w...
  • Anna
    I think this is how Christian romances should be. There had better be a Part 3 of The Patchwork Family, because I'm hooked.