Emperors of the Deep by William McKeever

Emperors of the Deep

In this remarkable groundbreaking book, a documentarian and conservationist, determined to dispel misplaced fear and correct common misconceptions, explores in-depth the secret lives of sharks—magnificent creatures who play an integral part in maintaining the health of the world’s oceans and ultimately the planet.From the Jaws blockbusters to Shark Week, we are conditioned to see sharks as terrifying cold-blooded underwater predators. But as ...

Details Emperors of the Deep

TitleEmperors of the Deep
Release DateJun 25th, 2019
GenreNonfiction, Science, Environment, Nature

Reviews Emperors of the Deep

  • Ellen Gail
    Months after finishing Emperors of the Deep, I'm still debating between two and three stars. Time brings clarity to many things, but apparently my reading opinions can be immune.So. I LOVE sharks. I love crazy, man-eating, fictional sharks (Jaws, Bait, Meg) And I love real life, majestic, endangered sharks. They're just really freaking cool. I will admit, I was totally scared of them as a kid. But I was scared of a lot of things in my early singl...
  • David Wineberg
    It is quite remarkable that in 2019 we still don’t know much about sharks. We know little of their mating habits, their territories, their abilities,their lifespans, their value in ecology and in dollar/ecotourism terms. William McKeever goes a long way to filling in the gaps in Emperors of the Deep.There are about 400 species of shark left that we haven’t totally obliterated. At 400-600 million years, sharks are among the oldest survivors. T...
  • Kristin
    A fascinating rundown on the biology and nature of sharks that gets overwhelmed by its conservationist message.Some chapters break down the history and of biology individual species into interesting tidbits and others focus on recent discoveries about shark behavior-- these supposed loners are actually pretty social and will even teach their buddies where to find food. The dangers to sharks caused by over fishing, long-line fishing, shark-fin sou...
  • Jeimy
    This eye-opening book explains how fishing is threatening this keystone species. It also offers a harrowing look at some commercial fishing practices. A must read.
  • Foggygirl
    Excellent Great read about one of the most fascinating animals in the ocean and their struggles to survive in the anthropocene.