Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #3) by Leia Stone

Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #3)

It will take every ounce of strength and training Brielle has to survive year three. Meanwhile, Lincoln will also be fighting his own battle for survival. Each of them worlds apart.

Details Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #3)

TitleFallen Academy (Fallen Academy #3)
Release DateDec 4th, 2018
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult, Angels

Reviews Fallen Academy (Fallen Academy #3)

  • Tassi
    Wowsah....Just wowsah. When I finished this book last night I legit just had no words for the journey this book took me on. It was hands down one of the best yet heart wrenching new read books I have read this year. I literally just have so many emotions when it comes to this story, I'm honestly not really sure how to process them all. This series is truly a work of out and one that Leia should be extra, extra proud of. With this book I knew it w...
  • Michelle Fritz PA
    Oh my unholy Satan babies!!! This was one spellbinding and at times frightening addition to one cravable and unpredictable series! Bri is faced with situations that will test her far beyond anything she thought possible. Her worst nightmares are starkly played out before her and she's forced to do a will that is not her own. I totally cried several times while reading this and totally flipped out at the ending.... which was utterly perfect!! I ca...
  • Steven Smithen
    Get the tissues ready!!!Wow! Leia definitely had is worried with the ending of Year 2 and the beginning of Year 3 is pretty bleak but our hero Bri's perseverance is rewarded with being reunited with her friends and family only to find out that a lot has changed and Lincoln is missing. This one is a huge tear fest especially the ending. Thankfully no but wrenching cliffhanger this time. Looking forward to Year 4. Watch out Lucy Bri and the gang ar...
  • Kaye Mack
    Wow what an amazing book!This book really doesn't spare your emotions! You've got Bri all on her own in Hell, trying to survive Lucifer and the demons, not really knowing what's happening to her loved ones back in Angel City.Then you've got Bri's loved ones who think she's gone, and you see how they're dealing/not dealing with it.We also meet some new really intruiging characters, who i'm looking forward to knowing more about!I'm not going to giv...
  • Abeer
    Honestly, this was the best birthday present i could ask for ♥
  • Erin*
    I was actually really hesitant about reading this book because it was left on such a scary cliffhanger in the second book I didn’t know if I could handle what was going to happen to Bri and Lincoln. I’m so glad I pushed through and read it because this book was amazing! The emotional rollercoaster Bri goes through while in hell will have you in tears and then have you hoping along with her. And you just keep rooting for her to succeed in gett...
  • Fallon Soye
    Absolutely amazing!Honestly this series just keeps getting better and better. Starting from the beginning and have Brielle stuck in hell was terrifying. I could feel the anxiety off this book coming in waves as each page turned worse and worse. At the end though, TOTALLY worth it! You won’t be disappointed.
  • Bonnie munn asido
    Love a fun book!Considering the last book had Brielle in hell, this book had a unique way to get her out. She has complications with Lucifer and demons. Brielle is a good friend to Sera and the guard who attends her. She must make dad choices to get free. Crushed that Lincoln is endanger...She sets out to free him. What a ride!
  • Theborofamily
    Year Three Delivers!Through the toughest of circumstances Brielle never backs down. Her strong willed personality, and determination are to be admired by all. Not mention I wish I was in her circle of friends her group is amazing when they work together!! Can't wait until Year Four!!!
  • sherry young
    Lets get #4 out nowI love these books.The characters were familiar to me, I was always rooting for her. I read this straight through. I love the love story.Next she will liberate her friends in hell.
  • Sara Kobayashi
    Amazing I don’t know how she does it but these books get better and better. I can’t help but admire Brielle and want to be like her even though she’s a fictional character. Thank you so much for writing these stories!!!
  • Book Addict
    Wow...just wow!! This book really left me breathless! As soon as I started reading it was impossible to put down and I could feel everything the MCs were going through in the writing! Leo’s has once again absolutely captivated the reader and made me fully invested! I had anger, laughs and tears while reading this book! Beautiful ending but so ready to read book four! This book has it all...action, angels, powerful FMC, sexy MMC and a evil devil...
  • Kokom1
    There are no words!! I can barely breathe with that ending. Such an emotional book. I cried so many times. This was amazing. Does not disappoint. I thought taking away many of the main characters for the majority of the book would dampen it. Nope! This was so well written. Love your work Leia!
  • Shannon Williamson
    Love love love This book is sooooo good! I love Brielle and how strong she is, I love the storyline and I can’t wait for more!
  • Carly
    Love this series, another great book! Cannot wait for the fourth one! Highly recommend it!
  • Katie Lorchak
    Great book! Couldn’t put it down! Can’t wait to see what happens with Bri in the next book!
  • J.M.
    Loved itOmg loved the book the ending was wonderful not what I expected. Can’t wait for book four to com out!
  • Marsha
    "Fallen Academy (Year Three)" begins with Brielle attempting to adjust to living in Hell. She is all alone because she can no longer communicate with her trusty weapon, Sera. She is being drugged to keep her in line by one of Satan's slaves, Raksha. Brielle begs to get off of the drugs but Satan has made it clear that he will begin reducing the dose when she begins to cooperate. So that is exactly what she does. As Satan lessens the drugs for Bri...
  • Lorie
    Filler book for sure and boring..spoilersNothing happened on this book. It was just another filler to the series to drag the storyline. Spoilers...NO Lincoln until the last 5 pages. Total disappointment. It just covered her hell imprisonment like 50% then onto the next 50% for Brielle in finding Lincoln. Boring and a weak plot in my opinion. Some book series gets better at each book but some just loses the momentum. Unfortunately, this one lost t...
  • Hillary Marek
    I love you Leia Stone!Thank you thank you thank you omg THANK YOU! I thought it would be a month or more for this book. When i preordered it i expected it Jan 1st but then POOF it was in my kindle library just as I finished up book #2. I had thought that the third book would be about Mikey for some reason? But i don't know why I thought that. Instead it turned out to be one of the best and most emotionally charged books i had read in a while. Goo...
  • Maria Stella
    Leia Stone is one of my favorite authors to date . I especially love this series and I just can’t get enough of it. The love story between Brielle and Lincoln is just so heartbreaking at times, the trials they had to go through but still found their way back to each other. I love paranormal and romance and especially kick ass heroines and their sidekicks . The story will grip you and keep you glued to each page. You can’t wait for what else f...
  • Angel
    Whoa!Here I am reading along, thinking wow this book is awesome, and suddenly... it ended! How could you do that to me? I so was not ready for this book to be over! It is another amazing entry into the Fallen Academy series. Brielle is continuing to grow into her powers and there are definitely a lot of "whoa" moments. I am so excited to find out what happens next (and so inpatient now!). You won't be disappointed!
  • Nereid
    The Devil made me do itSuch a perfect excuse for Brie but she wished it was not true. Hell was worse than she ever imagined and it would take everything she had and more to fight the darkness. Brie is a fighter and will go to hell and back for those she loved. I thought some parts of the story could have been fleshed out more and other parts a bit predictable. Overall it was a fun read and I will definitely be reading the next book
  • Rachel
    Holy smokes! I could not put this down! This third installment with piss you off, make you cry, fall in love and get all the mushy feels! I have to admit I was super relieved at the end, the last book had a huge cliffhanger and I kept my heart guarded for one on this book but I can say I could breathe easy at the end! However My mind is still racing with unanswered issues and excitement for the next book! I can’t wait for year 4!
  • Cassie Fauth
    AMAZING! JAWDROPPING! UNUSUAL! Those all the 3 words that popped in my head while reading Fallen Academy Year 3. I absolutely loved it when as soon as Brielle escaped Hell and found Lincoln he wanted to marry right away. Love the romance aspect of it but also that the MC is a badass who can protect herself without the help of a man! Leia has done it again! Can't wait for year 4!
  • Sarah Cleaver
    Totally in love with this seriesAwesome series.. totally love all these characters and this series i cannot wait for the next instalment, its got everything you need from angels to demons with beautiful love stories and alot of fighting. Love raphael... cant wait to hear more about emberly i think shes guna be interesting and surprising character x
  • Merry Carter
    I fell in love with this series!Where to begin... great read and let me tell you i havent had that in awhile. These books are short but I love a good series book. Thanks for no cliffhanger on this one. I had been patiently waiting and it was worth it. I can not wait until the next one! ♡
  • Torrina
    So good! Leia was sweet to us this time, no cliffhanger! I greatly enjoyed getting a more internal view of Brielle’s struggle and growth as a woman. There was certainly a lot less romance in this one, but I promise it’s worth it!
  • Pam Miles
    Fallen Academy 3Wow!! I 💘 loved this book Leia Stone!! I couldn't put it down. I have given it five 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟stars, and it deserves every one. I definitely recommend this book, I hope you'll love it as much as I did!! AWESOME!!!
  • Felicia Semmler
    Amazing It just keeps getting better. Book 3 is filled with so much action and emotion that it was a true roller coaster ride, but one I didn’t want to get off. I was so sad when I got to the end but am so glad there will be a boom 4! I want mode of Lincoln now!!