Wolf's Bane (Otherworld: Kate and Logan, #1) by Kelley Armstrong

Wolf's Bane (Otherworld: Kate and Logan, #1)

Paperback & ebook release of 2018’s serialized novel about the teen children of Elena & Clay from my Otherworld series. When Kate and Logan Danvers are targeted by a pack of Australian werewolves, they aren’t nearly as concerned your average sixteen-year-olds might be. The twins are werewolves themselves, children of the American Pack Alpha and her enforcer mate. For Kate and Logan, the threat is an opportunity to prove they’re full members...

Details Wolf's Bane (Otherworld: Kate and Logan, #1)

TitleWolf's Bane (Otherworld: Kate and Logan, #1)
Release DateOct 1st, 2019
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Young Adult, Paranormal, Vampires, Shapeshifters, Werewolves

Reviews Wolf's Bane (Otherworld: Kate and Logan, #1)

  • Jennifer
    As per the author: This is a YA duology that ends with a cliffhanger.If you don't like cliffhangers then wait until March 2020 when the second book is released. Don't give the book 1 or 2 stars simply because you don't like cliffhangers.My review: I am a huge Kelley Armstrong fan and will read anything that she writes. The Women of the Otherworld series is my favorite adult paranormal series. I have read every book and every novella. I love this ...
  • Darcy
    The Otherworld stories were some of favorites, with the werewolves being the best for me. So when I learned there were new books with Kate and Logan growing up I was all in.I find the twins to be about what I expected them to be at 16 with their parents who they are. Very smart, very sarcastic not able to put up with bullshit at all. The two of them going to came just screams that if it can go wrong it will and sure enough that happens. What is a...
  • Caitlin
    Be warned, the end is a terrible cliffhanger. Told from Kate and Logan's POVs, the story focuses on a summer camp/meeting of the supernatural races. I'm not completely sold on these new characters. Logan in particular makes some choices that don't quite make sense for his character. But it's an intriguing set up, and the end made me want to know more.
  • Kelly Young
    Absolutely excellent. As an adult, you wouldn't know this is for teens as you read it. It is Armstrong's usual page turner, with engaging characters, complex themes and a fast pace.I must say, however, that had I known the book ended with a to-be-continued, I might have waited to read it until the second one comes out.
  • Lola
    While I haven't kept up with all the Otherworld novella's I knew I had to read Wolf's Bane as it follows the stories of the twins Kate and Logan, they are the kids form Elena and Clay from the Otherworld series. However this mostly reads as a new story and I think that worked just fine. It's set in the same world ofcourse and Elena, Clay and Jeremy from the main series make an appearance, but only a short one. This is really Kate's and Logan's st...
  • Alison
    Logan and Kate Danvers get sent to Supernatural Summer Camp but what with strangely aggressive campers, weird sexual undertones, unknown supernaturals and camp leaders who seem to be fuelling the aggression.As Kelley Armstrong has noted, this is part 1 of a two part story so it ends on a cliff-hanger but for a novella length book this certainly packs a punch, camp fires were never like this in my day!
  • Strega
    Cliffhanger endings are seriously annoying.Lots of teen angst, very little explanation, no resolution, and a cliffhanger.
  • Scratch
    First and foremost, I am grateful and relieved to have a return to the Otherworld. I came into the series a little late, bingeing most of the books in 2011. So then I was in time to read "Thirteen" shortly after it came out in 2012. While that ostensibly closed out the series, Kelley Armstrong has released several novellas or short stories set in the Otherworld post-Thirteen. I have harbored some resentment ever since she attempted to conclude th...
  • Kathleen Thibault
    Kelley Armstrong’s latest installment of the beloved series Women of the Otherworld is actually pretty controversial, which makes for a pretty great review!Since the release of the physical version of Wolf’s Bane this October, the author’s been nothing less than ripped to shreds by the critics. So let’s get the obvious out of the way. Yes, the first installment of the Logan & Kate duology is short at 260 pages and yes, it ends in a cliff ...
  • Debra
    Finally, Logan and Kate are sixteen years old and have their own book. This is a young adult book, so it is different from most books in the Otherworld series. And this book is the first of two books, so the ending is a cliffhanger to be completed in the second book.The story centers on the twins having to go to a supernatural youth leadership conference. They are not happy. No one seems happy to have a pair of werewolves at the conference, and t...
  • Marcella Zatwarniski
    I am a huge Kelley Armstrong fan and she did not disappoint. Can't wait until the conclusion comes out in Spring!! Wolf's Bane is a branch off off her Women of the Otherworld series. About werewolf twins of Elaina and Clayton Danvers. Kate and Logan are sent off to a supernatural camp for teens, only things are not what they seem. Something is way off and not right....
  • Andrew
    I liked this book but was disappointed by the cliffhanger ending. I expect better from this author, one of my favorites.
  • Nik
    I NEED answers!! I originally read this on Radish when it was only available on there, I am so happy Kelley Armstrong decided to release in paperback too. The story flows so much better being able to read the whole book instead of a chapter a day. Plus the paperback went a little further than what I remember the Radish copy being. I loved the Otherworld series so much and was so disappointed when she decided to end it. So these little novellas th...
  • Kathy Davie
    I'm annoyed by this one. It really should have been a full-length story, but it appears that Armstrong is jumping onto the bandwagon of authors who release bits and pieces of the whole story. The rest of it (I hope) is said to be available for release next year. If I were you, I'd wait until she publishes the rest of this and buy the whole damned book.It is a good story, but I see these partials as a cheat.
  • Jeri
    A quick, fun read. I'm looking forward to the next book.
  • Kathy Martin
    First I have to say that this isn't a whole story. It is the first of a duology and most of the major plot points are left unresolved and waiting for the second book. However, it is a good introduction to Otherworld stories for those new to the world. It introduces Kate and Logan who are twins and the children of the Alpha of the Pack wolves and the enforcer for the pack. Logan and Kate are sixteen and going through some growing pains. They have ...
  • Nona
    We have upset kelley armstrong....By now we have all seen the reviews, and KA isn't happy.I love Kelley Armstrong. I have almost every book she has ever written. She is an author -god that I shall always buy.......But I failed to get the memo, along with many readers, that this book is a "cliffhanger". To put it mildly, there is no closure, no ending, no nada; just a big yawning void. I never knew that was the definition of cliffhanger. The story...
  • Lesley
    Really enjoyed this can't wait for more.
  • Ella
    The basic premise is that Kate and Logan Danvers a pair of teenaged werewolves are invited to a sort of “interracial” summer camp where the various supernatural races can get together and more importantly, get to know each other a little better. Although dreading what sounds like a pretty lame experience the twins go on the advice of their mother, Elena, the Alpha of the North American werewolf pack – werewolves you see have a less than ste...
  • Maria
    Logan and Kate are teenage werewolves. Sent to a Summer Camp with other supernaturals, they quickly realize that something is not right... that the creepy, vague legends of the woods might hold more truth than anyone wants to believe. Why I started this book: Armstrong's Otherworld series has been on my automatic read list since Bitten. Why I finished it: Great start, but I didn't realize that it was part of a sub series and the abrupt ending lef...
  • Jess || WildBookBabe
    I read this as an e-serial on Radish and oh my God. It was so amazing!! I was captivated from the first sentence and I love getting to read about the twins, Kate and Logan. Being back in the otherworld is the best thing ever! Kelley is a writing Genius and the twins are perfection! I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS and that cliffhanger was brutal! I cant wait for book 2!
  • Allison
    Ughhh why did this have to end at such a cliffhanger! Nothing got resolved! I need to know where Paige is and if Kate, Logan, and everyone else will be okay!
  • ✿Danielle✿
    Kate & Logan Danvers ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~3.5 starsRead 6/2/20
  • Merlin’s Cove
    Oh how glad I am to be back in the Otherworld!! I’ve missed it so much since the main series ended and always hoped there would be more - granted I now feel ancient as it’s the next generation taking up the baton but I’m still happy I get more adventures!The same snark and sass are here, just like every other instalment. Strong women, good guys who aren’t all testosterone’d up, a refreshing lack of stereotypes and a welcome level of inc...
  • Alexandra
    3.5/5*Full review here: https://www.allcharacterswanted.com/b...I was rereading the Women of the Otherworld series over the holiday season and happened to visit Kelley Armstrong's website to see what upcoming books she had. Imagine my joy when I found out that she had written a book about the grown-up children of Elena and Clay! Danvers Twins Are Teenagers! I love that we're getting to see Kate and Logan as teens. It's such an emotional time in ...
  • Isabella Hunter
    I've been waiting for this since 2012. To say I was excited is an understatement.I'd read all the women of the otherworld series as well as the vast majority of the spin off so I knew what to expect with this book, already being very familiar with Kate and Logan. That isn't to say that you need to have read the plethora of books to understand this one. The start of the book introduces you to the pack and werewolves in general and throughout the n...
  • Carrie
    It's been a while since I visited with the Otherworld characters. This world is comfortable and familiar, but this book left me wanting more (I guess that's what's supposed to happen?)We join Kate and Logan in full teenager mode. They are no longer the little kids we knew and are going through some growing pains. Kate recently went through something traumatic, which somehow escaped Logan's notice. Enter mom and dad, with a plan to send them off t...
  • Cherryonion
    This book is like returning to your favourite place. It's so nice to have another story within the Otherworld universe and particularly about the werewolves, where it all began. This is the first part of a two-part story about the (now) teenage Danvers twins. As always, the writing is easy and the characters and banter feels comfortable and effortless. You could say all her main characters have similar traits, but if you love them, to me that's n...