Untitled (An Absolutely Remarkable Thing #2) by Hank Green

Untitled (An Absolutely Remarkable Thing #2)

The Carls are back in the already-anticipated sequel to Hank Green’s #1 New York Times bestselling debut novel, An Absolutely Remarkable Thing.Hank Green captured the imaginations and delight of readers across the nation with his debut novel and its spunky, flawed protagonist. Now, readers will join April May’s friends as they continue their quest to uncover the mysteries of the Carls, and find out what happened to April May. Told in the alte...

Details Untitled (An Absolutely Remarkable Thing #2)

TitleUntitled (An Absolutely Remarkable Thing #2)
Release DateJul 7th, 2020
PublisherDutton Books For Young Readers
GenreScience Fiction, Contemporary, Young Adult

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  • anna
    me when i found out aart is getting a sequel: oh my god i'm SO ready for thisme when the book comes out: IM NOT READY IM NOT READY IMNOTREADYIMNOTREADY