Origins by Lewis Dartnell


A New York Times-bestselling author explains how the physical world shaped the history of our species When we talk about human history, we often focus on great leaders, population forces, and decisive wars. But how has the earth itself determined our destiny? Our planet wobbles, driving changes in climate that forced the transition from nomadism to farming. Mountainous terrain led to the development of democracy in Greece. Atmospheric circulati...

Details Origins

Release DateMay 14th, 2019
PublisherBasic Books
GenreScience, Nonfiction

Reviews Origins

  • Michael Cayley
    An attempt to bring out the influences of geology, environment and physical geography on human history. It is very much a journalistic read, with some sweeping and sometimes simplistic generalisations and some repetitiveness. While there are some interesting nuggets, I felt the book never really had a clear focus. It moves back and forth at great speed across historical and geological epochs in a way that felt to me slightly chaotic, and it seeme...
  • Annarella
    I found this book fascinating and informative.I loved the style of writing and the writer explained his theories and their implication.This a great educational book that can help the average people (like me) understand very complex theories.I look forward to reading other books by this writer.Highly recommended!Many thanks to