Good Juju by Najah Lightfoot

Good Juju

Spiritual Rites, Spell Work, and Folk Practices to Enhance Your Well-Being and Personal PowerLearn to better express your spirituality and build up your magical practice with this book's powerful spells, rituals, and tools. Designed to help you navigate whatever ups and downs life throws your way, Good Juju is your perfect choice for learning to embrace nature, the old ways, and the magick all around you.Using simple practices that don't interfer...

Details Good Juju

TitleGood Juju
Release DateJun 8th, 2019
PublisherLlewellyn Publications
GenreSpirituality, Nonfiction

Reviews Good Juju

  • Kara
    Whether you're looking to dip your toes into the world of magick or simply want to do a little research, Good Juju is a great place to start. I learned so much about hoodoo and various magickal rituals, including the use of sage, floorwash, mojo bags and more. I loved Lightfoot's message that magick can and should be customized to your own needs, and that in the end, it's the magic inside of you that really matters for bringing your intentions an...
  • Vnunez-Ms_luv2read
    Very good book filled with interesting tidbits. Very well written and very easy to read and understand. At the end of the book, movies are listed that are suggested to watch. I have seen 2 of them but will re watch them with this book in mind. Great selection to include in your library if this subject is something you are interested in. Thanks to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for the arc of this book in return for my honest review. Rece...
  • Dyane Harwood
    Long ago, when I was thirteen, my best friend told me she had decided to become a "Wiccan." She was a gifted African American young woman who had found solace in the tenets of Wiccan magic, Her enthusiasm for Wicca affected me and it lifted up my spirits. While Najah Lightfoot's "Good Juju" doesn't endorse any particular religion, its focus on positivity and magic is so appealing, it brought me back to the days when I was thirteen and believed in...
  • Tara Bree
    The author had a warm writing style. This is a beautiful book that is excellent for someone new to the path and there are plenty of new ideas and recommendations for the seasoned practitioner. I am grateful for the encouragement from the author talking about finding your own path and modifying things to your own style. A very nice, uplifting addition to a magical library.
  • Mimi
    The Real DealI’ve known Najah for more than 20 years. She’s the real deal. This work perfectly reflects who she is and the journey she’s made.
  • Hunter Blair
    Thank you NetGalley for letting me read this in turn for an honest review.I loved the book. I'll admit I didn't get very far but what I did read I love and I can't wait to purchase this book for myself. I'm a Christian and this book's claim to be suitable for all religions stands by with me.
  • Marie
    What is good juju? It is a positive vibration of spirit. This book teaches you to increase your spirit and increase your magical spells, rites and how to use your tools to their best advantage. Navigating your spiritual practice with what is tossed your way, may be one of the best things about this book. Everyone has things thrown at them so bad that they wonder if they will ever see the light of day. This really spoke to me on a personal level. ...
  • Tesha Ham
    This book is definitely more focused on general occult practices and voodoo and hoodoo. However, I think that anyone in the new age/occult practices can find things that are easily adapted to their own personal needs and plenty of great information. The rituals included are easy to follow and impactful and I think this book's information is very easily personalized for anyone interested in new things in their practice.I voluntarily read and recei...
  • Books Tea
    While I’m still savoring this book, and re-visiting parts, I find it’s high time to share about Good Juju. I know that I’ll be coming back to it for continued inspiration and ideas and have found it to be immensely and thoroughly enjoyable. Now for me, some of the practices go beyond what I will likely ever incorporate into my spiritual work, but nonetheless I find the details fascinating, absolutely worthwhile to learn about, and mind expa...
  • Ellie
    I admit I am not the intended reader for this book. When it comes to religion, I love reading about it but seem incapable of feeling it, and spirituality? I'm about as spiritual as a rock. But I wish I wasn't. And I'm interested in learning more; hence choosing this book.There is one issue with this book, and it's a formatting and proof-reading one. The Kindle formatting needs looking into because it's all over the place, and, peculiarly, there a...
  • The Shakti Witch
    A wonderful all encompassing feel good book on general practical magick. Najah Lightfoots' warmth and enthusiasm is contagious. This book covers all things a novice should know and plenty of tips for the more advanced. Topics covered include altar space, ritual and spell practice, workings held at the crossroads and grave yards, Hoodoo and Mojo crafts, protections and the importance of maintaining individuality. The magick within this book crosse...
  • Anna Greene-Hicks
    This book was a little more magical than I had planned on... I enjoyed the read through the powers of nature in the healing process and, of course, I wish I could fall in to this way of thinking, but I cannot. I wish everyone the best of what this book promise to connect you with, but it just wasn't for meDescription: Learn to better express your spirituality, follow your inner compass, and build up your magical practice with this book's powerful...
  • Lisa
    Najah Lightfoot has found a way to introduce the reader to various aspects of magick including basic aspects of Hoodoo craft. Reading this book helped answer several questions I carried such as ancestral work, mojo bags and graveyard practices. All of this info is tucked neatly into an easy to read format in which one feels like they are just listening to the author converse about a subject she is devoted to. She discusses her own experiences at ...
  • Alicia Bayer
    I am not really the intended audience for this book, as it does not match my spiritual beliefs. That said, I have always been interested in the topic and have read a fair amount about it over the years. This is a well-written guide to basic spells and such to bring about good things. I learned some about hoodoo (and why it is not voodoo), along with some other things that were new to me. The author is friendly and personable and clearly enjoys th...
  • Sandy
    There isn't anything particularly enlightening or ground-breaking here for someone who has been a practitioner for more than a few years, but the author provides a solid beginner's look at folk magick. With the underpinning of Hoodoo, this book would be a good introduction for anyone who wants to bring magick into their lives without the trappings and sometimes murky philosophical background of Wicca. The conversational tone makes this an easy re...
  • Carol
    I'm really enjoying this book, and it will no doubt join other books on my shelf that I refer back to often, and re-read. When I saw the title, I was curious, and I'm glad I requested it. Najah Lightfoot presents practical, easy to use information for a variety of personal spiritual practices and rituals. I think this book would be great for both beginners and as a source of added inspiration for those further along on their spiritual journeys.Ma...
  • Lisa Lyon Coloma
    If you love Magic and rituals or are just curious about it all, this is the book for you! This is a great book full of very good explanations of all things Magic, and also full of great information if you don't plan to use Magic. You'll learn a lot of mantras and practices that are also very mindful and can help you get centered, grounded, and peaceful when contemplating your hopes, dreams, and problems in a healthy way.
  • Paul
    I loved the author's style; she was approachable and inclusive holding no bias and welcoming of all. While the book focuses on African-American Hoodoo practices, they can easily be incorporated into other traditions. Most important was the overall sense of "don't sweat it, enjoy what you're doing and take care of yourself."
  • Becki
    This book was everything I’ve been looking for as a launch pad on a new journey I’m on with spirituality. The author writes with the perfect mix of giving out information, while maintaining interest and engaging the reader as a person. I HIGHLY recommend this book. I can not explain in words how much I enjoyed learning and reflecting on all the topics in this book.
  • C.R. Richards
    This is a beautifully written guide of natural and common-sense ways to ground yourself. I enjoyed the author's voice and her gifted way of sharing simple techniques for everyday use. Looking forward to the next book.
  • Alice
    I've always liked books about magic, and Good Juju is a great introduction to magical spiritual practices. Najah Lightfood presents practical, easy-to-use information in a very engaging way. I particularly enjoyed the section on mojo spell work. I only knew the word as something used in song lyrics and didn't realize that there are actually physical mojo bags. The information on Hoodoo was also a revelation to me. Every time I open the book, I fi...
  • Alexandra
    As I was reading I was seeing this as more of a Voodoo/Hoodoo practice and information based. Just how I saw it - could be wrong. But it does have good information anyone could take from it. You do get some exercises/rituals to do. You get different ideas and concepts. And you get suggested books, tips and movies to have a look at that could be helpful.
  • Annarella
    It was the first book I read by this author and it won't surely be the last.I appreciated the content and it helped me to discover new possible paths and spiritual approaches.I liked the content and it kept me hooked till the last page.Recommended!Many thanks to Llewellyn Worldwide and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine.