Life and Other Inconveniences by Kristan Higgins

Life and Other Inconveniences

From the New York Times bestselling author of Good Luck with That comes a new novel about a blue-blood grandmother and her black-sheep granddaughter who discover they are truly two sides of the same coin.Emma London never thought she had anything in common with her grandmother Genevieve London. The regal old woman came from wealthy and bluest-blood New England stock, but that didn’t protect her from life’s cruelest blows: the disappearance of...

Details Life and Other Inconveniences

TitleLife and Other Inconveniences
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherBerkley Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance

Reviews Life and Other Inconveniences

  • Melissa
    At some point, we have to acknowledge that relationships are messier and far more complicated than any romantic comedy would have us believe, that's just life. And here, with her 19th release, Kristan Higgins does just that. Life and Other Inconveniences quells those idealistic notions of love and family that all too easily take shape in our minds, opting instead for characters with candor, scarred hearts and a sense of resiliency. Over the last ...
  • Susanne Strong
    5 “All The Feels” Stars! The lives and loves of the characters in “Life and Other Inconveniences” will touch your heart, making you cry one minute and laugh hysterically the next. Single mother Emma London has never had it easy. Losing her mom when she was a girl, she knows struggle and yet, she is a happy, hopeful person and who has instilled that love into her teenage daughter Riley. If only life was actually like, a box of chocolates. ...
  • Deanna
    My reviews can also be seen at: https://deesradreadsandreviews.wordpr...Soooo awesome!!!I LOVED Kristan Higgins's previous novel “Good Luck with That”. I was a little worried that this novel wouldn’t thrill me as much as GLWT did. I worried for nothing as right from the start; I was hooked on this story.Emma London is a therapist who works from home counseling people online. Working from home gives Emma more time to spend with her sixteen-y...
  • Kaceey
    Loved, Loved, Loved it!What a beautiful, heartwarming read, filled with endearing, witty, and oh so human characters. It will leave you laughing and crying! Frequently at the same time!Emma was raised by her grandmother since the age of 4. She was now set to finish high school and begin college. But as often happens, life had a plan of its own. Including a surprising pregnancy! Emma’s grandmother Gigi could not accept this massive change of pla...
  • Norma * Traveling Sister
    Affecting, emotional, & expressive!I am a fairly new reader of KRISTAN HIGGINS, I have only read one of her previous novels, NOW THAT YOU MENTION IT and absolutely loved it. So I was extremely eager to read her latest offering here with LIFE AND OTHER INCONVENIENCES. I have read a few reviews where they have mentioned that this book isn’t written in her signature humorous style. So without really knowing her signature style I thought it was an ...
  • Berit☀️✨
    Kristan Higgins is one of my favorite authors and she keeps getting better and better. Her last few books have been a little more serious in tone than her earlier fun light hearted romances. But they still have those lovable relatable characters that draw you in to the story. They also still have the dogs! This is probably my favorite book from KH yet, but I will almost guarantee you that her next one will be my new favorite. She just has such an...
  • Brenda -Traveling Sister host of The Traveling Friends
    3.5 StarsLife and Other Inconveniences is my second book I have read by Kristan Higgins and I have to admit my first was a miss for me. I was not all that excited to read this one but decided to give it a try after it was offered to me. Well, I was completely surprised and felt like I was reading something written by a different author. This one was a big hit for me!Kristan Higgins does a great job creating engaging characters using warm humor, i...
  • Theresa Alan
    This was darker than Higgins’ previous novels. She used to be known more for light, funny romances, but I enjoy her turn to complex women’s fiction like this one. Emma has not had it easy. Her mother committed suicide when she was eight. Her father, who’d been spoiled all his life with things but not love, dumps her with his wealthy but unloving mother because he’s not up to the task of being a father. For the next ten years, Genevieve ma...
  • Holly B
    Authentic characters, multi-generational family dynamics and three strong women.Told from different perspectives, I really got to know the characters and their motivation. The story had a more serious side than I expected, but also some lighthearted moments as well. There is plenty of drama and some thought provoking scenarios.Emma has a rocky relationship with her Grandmother, Genevieve and we learn their backstory with all the heartache and str...
  • Katie B
    4.5 starsThis is the third book by Kristan Higgins I have read and she has now earned her place on my list of authors who I will just automatically read anything they write, I don't even have to be bothered reading the synopsis first to see if it interests me. I truly love the stories she chooses to tell as well as I just feel at ease with the characters even if I don't necessarily have a lot in common with them. Emma London hasn't talked to her ...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    My first Kristan Higgins’ book was a big success! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Emma London could not be more different from her grandmother, Genevieve, who is regal and wealthy. Genevieve’s son disappeared many years earlier, and her husband died young. She had a tough life before Emma came along, but she builds a fashion empire known around the world. She also neglected Emma’s father.Emma’s mother passes away, and her father leaves her on Genevieve...
  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    A beautifully complex story about an unconventional family and the healing power of forgiveness. I cannot believe I have never read anything by Kristan Higgins before! By the end of the very first chapter I found Life and Other Inconveniences to be completely charming. It has that blend of humor, heartfelt emotion, pain, lightness, and authenticity. There is a messiness to the characters in this story that felt refreshingly like real life people....
  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at: StarsI wouldn’t say I actively avoided Kristan Higgans, but I will say as a person whose name is on A LOT of books on the paperback rack near the checkout lanes at the local Wal-Mart she wasn’t someone who was high on my list of must read authors. (That's where they keep the James Pattersons - blech.) Then she wrote a book about fat women that got everyone’s panties all up the...
  • Kristy
    Emma London is kicked out her home as pregnant teen. It particularly stings, because when Emma's mom died when she was a kid, her dad dropped her on his own mom's doorstop and never looked back. Genevieve, Emma's wealthy grandmother, took her in and raised her, but she never had much love for Emma. Perhaps because Genevieve was already dealing with her own tragedies: the disappearance of her young son, followed by the early death of her husband. ...
  • Jonetta
    By anyone’s measure, Emma London has had a tough start. Her mother committed suicide when she was eight years old, her father literally abandoned her to be raised by his wealthy mother, Genevieve who threw her out when she became pregnant at eighteen. She left Connecticut for Chicago to live with her father and daughter and was later dumped by her baby’s daddy (you get most of this in the first chapter lest you think I’m being spoilerish). ...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    Life and Other Inconveniences was a touching, emotional story that felt so true to life for me. I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s hard dealing with family. Growing up wasn’t smooth sailing for me or my family. We had tragedy, and it affected all of us differently. So, while I love my family, I have mixed emotions, and some complicated relationships. Kristan Higgins beautifully captured the complexities of a strained family dynamic ...
  • Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    Kristan Higgins has always been a favorite author of mine. With her ability to deliver strong fleshed out characters that you truly want to know and her emotional and yet charming heroines and witty dialogue, her books are just so much fun to devour and are always so much more than a fluff read. This time told in multiple point of views, I love Higgins ability to both make us hate some of the characters and later, not only care for them, but even...
  • Jamie beauty_andthebook_
    How do you review a book that moved you beyond words time and time again? How do you do justice to a story that you never wanted to end and nearly cried that you had to say goodbye to these characters? I'm going to do my best...Kristan Higgins was a new to me author last year when Good Luck with That was recommended to me. Upon finishing this book (and naming it to my top 10 of 2018 lis How do you review a book that moved you beyond words time ...
  • Kristin
    I won this book on a Goodreads first reads giveaway.I’m not really sure what to say about this other than I thought it was (as the stars say) “okay”.There was a lot going on here, which I’m not entirely sure was a good thing. Somehow this book managed to feel both over- and underwhelming at the same time…between the constant virtue signaling, the information dump about people’s backgrounds, and how everyone living on the same block se...
  • Kim
    3.5 stars. thank you to Berkley publishing for this ARC. pretty darn good.
  • Amy
    I am SO excited that it’s finally time for me to fangirl over one of my all time favorite authors latest book! She’s one of those rare gems that gets better with each book, I always say her newest is my most favorite and I’m saying it again here. This had all the elements that I’ve come to expect and love from KH and much more.This flips back and forth between Genevieve, Riley and Emma with some chapters from other secondary characters as...
  • Karen
    4 STARSTough one. Really well done, but depressing as hell. What a cast of characters. Crazy though it seems, I ended up liking them all. Well, all except maybe two, and those two know who they are. The romance factor in this book was almost nonexistent. So if you're looking for romance, this one is probably only a lukewarm choice. The tragedy factor, however, was off the charts. So bring y 4 STARSTough one. Really well done, but depressing as ...
  • Kendall
    I have become such a huge fan of Kristan Higgins!! She never disappoints my friends and this one is just another high praise in my book! I think after now reading 4 books by this author and loved all of them.. it's an automatic buy for me!!I just loved this set of characters and didn't want this book to end! I was so sad!!! I read Good Luck With That last year and it ended up on my top 10 list for 2018. This one is definitely up there as well my ...
  • Lisa-Books Smiles
    4.5 stars.Review to come shortly.
  • Shelby
    Emma hasn’t had the easiest of lives. After her mother committed suicide when she was 8-years old, Emma’s dad dropped her off at her grandmother, Genevieve’s house and never returned for her. Emma’s relationship with her grandmother was never warm or nurturing by any means, but at least she was there for Emma when she needed a motherly figure. But when Emma falls pregnant shortly after high school, Genevieve gives her an ultimatum, result...
  • Linden
    Things have never been easy for Emma. When her mother died, her father deposited his 8 year old daughter at his mother’s home, and Genevieve raised her granddaughter. Until she got pregnant at 18—then Genevieve kicked her out and she went to live with her mother's father, where the two of them raised her daughter, Riley. Emma supported herself through school with a variety of jobs until she finally got her counseling degree. Out of the blue, ...
  • Deb✨
    4.5 stars. This was my first Kristan Higgins book and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it! I listened to this on audible books and it had several narrators that did such a fantastic job. She writes in such a way that you get very invested in each character and it is such a great story. There are so many emotions and impacts that make this pull on so many of your heartstrings and you feel all the feels by the end. So very worth the r...
  • Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader
    After reading Good Luck With That and really enjoying it. It's a 5 star book. I pick up a few more of Higgins older books but was not impressed with them like I was Good Luck With That. So I thought well maybe this new one will be a great read. Wrong! Many times I wanted to put it down and NOT finish it. It was so slow and nothing like I thought it was go to be. Some authors have one hit and that it. That may the case with Higgins.
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction~on hiatus))
    Kristan Higgins has become one of my favorite authors over the past couple of years because of her ability to always explore deep topics with grace and humor, while realistically portraying her character's feelings of sadness, anger, hope, forgiveness, and love. I'm always left reading one of her books feeling emotional: I've laughed and I've cried and Life and Other Inconveniences was no different. In fact, I closed the last page with tears stre...
  • Sharon
    I was slow to like this but it ended up being quite meaningful.This really dived in deep with the complexity of family relationships and the effects parenting could have on a child. Higgins showed the conflicting emotions of loving someone who should’ve treated you better. There were a lot of crappy parenting – but it also showed that crappy parents did not necessarily birth a crappy parent. I was happy to see Emma be such a good mother and d...