Followers by Megan Angelo


An electrifying story of two ambitious friends, the dark choices they make and the stunning moment that changes the world as we know it foreverOrla Cadden is a budding novelist stuck in a dead-end job, writing clickbait about movie-star hookups and influencer yoga moves. Then Orla meets Floss―a striving wannabe A-lister―who comes up with a plan for launching them both into the high-profile lives they dream about. So what if Orla and Floss's m...

Details Followers

Release DateJan 14th, 2020
PublisherGraydon House
GenreFiction, Science Fiction, Contemporary, Dystopia, Audiobook, Adult, Adult Fiction, Literary Fiction, Science Fiction Fantasy, Novels

Reviews Followers

  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    ”Sensational, futuristic, smart, entertaining, twisty, mind-bending and surprising ARC reading!” I’m about to slap myself because I waited at least three month to start this book and I let it drown at the bottom part of my growing NetGalley pile. I think one day, they will send me glasses for my red rimmed eyes instead of future releasing yummy books all set to be devoured with two bites!So welcome to the social media madness. Everybody’s...
  • Felicia
    From the first chapter, this book had me straightjacketed. It snatched me up and held me rapt until the last word. It's just, ugh, there is no word. Oh wait, I got it...IT'S ELECTRIFYING!*using bad Danny Zuko/John Travolta impression* *slinks away in shame*☆ Megan Angelo's writing is top notch.She has flawlessly woven a complex, multilayered and intelligent tale of the current state of social media and the dramatic effects it has on society som...
  • Julie
    Followers by Megan Angelo is a 2020 Graydon House publication. Dark, clever, and contemplative - This is the second book I’ve read recently that had a science fiction element. For the record, it’s not the outer space type of sci-fi. It has a dystopian flavor to it- so basically, what qualifies it for the sci-fi category is the futuristic setting. For me this is a big change of pace since I normally prefer historical fiction. As before, I went...
  • Lindsay - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews
    3.5 stars. Timely. Thought-provoking. Relevant. How many social media accounts do you have? How many online sites do you trust? How much of your personal information is online waiting to fall into the wrong hands? Scary questions, right? This book will make you rethink your online presence told through a fictional story of two friends who find themselves at the height of online stardom. This was one big step outside my comfort zone. I don’t usu...
  • Paige
    Followers is a timely debut novel about the power of social media, the internet, and technology. It demonstrates the effect it has on our relationships and the damage that can be caused because of its influence. Have our friendships and family dynamics changed because of the prominence of social media? How has the internet changed us? What is the purpose of social media, and who is accountable for what is promoted on our pages/feeds: society or i...
  • Norma
    Absorbing, futuristic, & relevant!FOLLOWERS by MEGAN ANGELO is a fabulous, timely, smart, and electrifying tale that was quite the entertaining and captivating read. Once I started reading it I was absolutely hooked and so intrigued in the futuristic aspect of this storyline and the dystopian atmosphere that I was flipping those pages as fast as I possibly could. MEGAN ANGELO delivers an original, intelligent, creative, intense, and well-written ...
  • Brenda - Traveling Sisters Book Reviews
    3.5 starsSocial media and our future with it terrifies me! Megan Angelo has created a scary social media future here and has given us some things to think about. She challenges some dark realities with our need to be seen, how dependent people are on followers, following and liking on social media and how that affects the vulnerabilities of everyone involved. She shows us a bleak reality of social domination that left me wondering if it could hap...
  • Talon
    Now that I have had a day to think about this one, I have decided that I did not love Followers nor did I hate it. In fact-- I really loved the premise of the story itself. It's what encouraged me to read the book in the first place (as well as the cover). When it was all said and done, I felt like what I had read was two episodes of Black Mirror crammed into one book. The mediocre ones.Followers was lengthy and wordy. There. I said it. It was. I...
  • Brandice
    Followers is a dual timeline story about the obsession and dangers of social media — Never being “off” or away or checked out has its price. Orla moves to NYC and dreams of being a successful writer. In 2015, she meets Floss, who dreams of being a star. Together they hatch a plan launching them into the world of fame, though things aren’t always as they seem. In 2051, Marlow is constantly on camera in the world she lives in, Constellation...
  • Nenia ⚔️ Queen of Villainy ⚔️ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestI have other ARCs that I should have been reading before this one (deadlines, yo), but after reading a few pages of this book to "sample," I ended up not being able to put it down. I picked up FOLLOWERS because it sounded a little like Dave Eggers' THE CIRCLE, only without the terrible sex scenes and unrealistic protagonist that made THE CIRCLE seem like a social media version of RED SPARROW ...
  • Tatiana
    Kirkus definitely oversold this book to me with its glowing review and promises of great speculative fiction. This is, instead, a fast moving, easily readable women's fiction with some poorly developed and underthought elements of spec fic. It's the kind of light genre fiction that writers like Ruth Ware and Taylor Jenkins Reid produce. Easy to read, but never digs deep enough to have an emotional or intellectual impact.But I did like half of Fol...
  • Mackenzie - PhDiva Books
    In the age of social media, how do we define our worth? I’ll admit as a blogger, I’ve had my fair share of moments where I compare my following, popularity, likes, shares, and other metrics to others. This is the time that we live in, where many of us feel that some of our value is related to how others see us.I read an advanced copy of Followers back in mid-fall of 2019, and it was without question the best book I read in 2019. Followers hol...
  • Dennis
    If you told me that Followers would be the debut novel of Megan Angelo, I would've told you that you were lying. I actually had to double check Ms. Angelo's Goodreads profile because I actually didn't believe it for a second. Followers showcases the dark reality of society's addiction to technology, instant gratification through social media, and the world of the celebrity. As it alternates between 2015-16 and 2051, it shows the vast diff...
  • Blaine
    Followers is a story told in two timelines, on opposite sides of a societal upheaval referred to as the Spill. In the 2015 timeline, Orla Cadden is a wannabe writer, stuck working as a blogger and churning out clickbait stories about celebrities. Her new roommate, Floss Natuzzi, has a plan to work with Orla to achieve her dreams of fame and life as a social influencer. In the 2051 timeline, Marlow is a young woman living in a city in California w...
  • BernLuvsBooks
    3.5 (rounded up) Futuristic, Thought Provoking & Timely StarsThis one drew me in and had me rapt, furiously turning the pages. Followers details the perils of the use of social media to promote celebrity focusing on the obsession, backstabbing, lies and corruption in that often dangerous climb to fame. What would you do to gain followers and become a famous influencer? The higher your numbers get, the greater the perks... but at what cost? The co...
  • Blair
    (3.5) The very definition of an addictive read. 'I'll just read a bit of this and see what it's like...' 'I'll just read maybe 30 more pages...' and before I knew it, I was setting aside a whole Sunday night to power through the second half.In 2051, we follow Marlow, one of the inhabitants of Constellation, an entirely artificial town where everyone is a reality show star; their lives are streamed to the world 24/7. Marlow has grown up in Constel...
  • Justin
    In another time and place, this book would easily be four stars, so don’t let your eyes quickly gloss over my three star rating and somehow give you the false impression that this book is just average. Also, never mind. Let’s continue...Here’s the deal, friends. And we’re all friends, aren’t we? And we’ve been practicing social distance long before that was a thing. We’re all way ahead of our time, aren’t we, Goodreads? Anyway,I e...
  • Frank Phillips
    Okay, so I received this book as an advanced edition paperback a few months ago and was incredibly stoked because I had already seen a lot of great reviews. I got about 200 pages in it and nothing had really happened yet so I decided maybe it wasn't the right time and shelved it, moving on to some other books.. Since then publication day has come and gone and I've continued to see amazing reviews on it, so many that I decided to give this a secon...
  • Mackenzi
    Oh hell to the yes, this book was a riot.
  • Suzanne Leopold (Suzy Approved Book Reviews)
    In 2015, Orla Cadden struggles to pursue her aspiration of becoming a writer while she works as a gossip writer for a New York City magazine. Her days are spent following the frivolous activities of movie-stars and society’s big shots. Orla is stuck on the outside of celebrity until her new roommate - the boisterous and ambitious Floss Natuzzi - hatches a plan to that will bring them both into the limelight. However, neither of these women real...
  • Sarah
    Followers is a story about the power of social media, and also a warning about the dangers of oversharing. We follow the timelines of two women. One is Orla and her story starts in 2015. The other is Marlow and her story is taking place in 2051. Orla is a blogger with dreams of publishing a book living in New York City with a roommate, Floss, an up and coming social media star. Marlow is living in a town where her every movement is recorded and b...
  • Jayme
    In 1998, we had "The Truman Show" starring Jim Carrey. Truman Burbank is an insurance salesman, who doesn't realize that his entire life is being telecast, around the globe 24/7. The producer of the show tries to control his mind, even removing his true love Sylvia from the show and replacing her with another woman. A movie ahead of its time.Now we have Followers:2015: Orla, New York, New York A blogger (Orla) and her roommate, Floss, an aspiring...
  • Brooke — brooklynnnnereads
    This was an INTENSE read which was made even more intense by the fact that although it was futuristic, everything that was occurring in the future seemed realistic and plausible. Without a word of a lie, this novel is enough to make you want to delete all of your social media and get rid of all of the technology that you so heavily rely on. With that being said, will I delete or get rid of any of mine? No, I will not. Again, this makes the messag...
  • Carrie
    Followers by Megan Angelo is a dystopian science fiction fantasy that to me felt a lot more like a contemporary read with a bit of sci-fi to it. The story is told from different points of view and across two timelines from 2015 and 2055.In 2015 Orla Cadden is a writer that has yet to write the novel she plans but instead writes celebrity gossip pieces to pay the bills. One day Orla meets Floss, a want to be A-lister who comes up with a plan for t...
  • Monica (crazy_4_books)
    "THE TRUMAN SHOW" MEETS "1984" IN THIS DYSTOPIAN FUTURISTIC MYSTERY TALE2051-California: Marlow has been living almost all her life in this celebrity closed community where her every move is 24/7 streamed online nationwide by the Government, which runs the Internet now. Marlow is simply tired of living a wealthy but dull life and wants more out of it. However, she has to do whatever the network that owns her tells her to do, like having a bad mar...
  • Kelli
    In the beginning, I was all in on this one. As a middle-aged mom raised in the idyllic time before technology, back when children were free to roam and every single mistake/misstep/accident/poor fashion choice was not recorded and broadcast, I am afraid for us all. Are most of us too addicted to social media? Are most of us spending more and more time online? Are we finding it challenging to remember things, like phone numbers and appointments......
  • Carol (Bookaria)
    This story follows two friends, Floss and Orla, in two alternating timelines. The first timeline starts on 2015, in which Orla helps Floss become Instagram famous. The second timeline takes place 35 years later in an exclusive village where the residents are recorded and streamed for entertainment. Sort of a futuristic Truman show but with government involvement.I was intrigued by the premise, the novel has elements of scifi and explores social m...
  • Kelly (UnshelvedEdition)
    Welcome to the future of technology, and yes it is just as twisted and damaging as we were warned it would be. A world where everyone is a follower for the right priceThis book sunk its claws into me and took me on a ride. The story is a generational study swapping between 2015 and 2051 showing the way technology, our minds and society has changed. It was inventive and unique and honestly felt like the direction our world could be headingMegan An...