Love Me Dead (Lilah Love #3) by Lisa Renee Jones

Love Me Dead (Lilah Love #3)

The next heart-racing Lilah Love story. The killer wants to play a game with Lilah Love. Lilah doesn't play games, she doesn't submit to demands. The love of her life, her ex-lover, that isn't so ex at all, Kane Mendez, knows that all too well, but like the hero, or perhaps criminal that he is, he'll try to play the game for her. ​But this killer isn't playing with Kane, demanding Lilah step up or more blood will be shed. Lilah claims her role ...

Details Love Me Dead (Lilah Love #3)

TitleLove Me Dead (Lilah Love #3)
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherJulie Patra Publishing
GenreThriller, Mystery, Crime, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense

Reviews Love Me Dead (Lilah Love #3)

  • Lisa
    I love love love Lilah Love! Love Me Dead is so full of action, and like a puzzle. Her life is all mixed up between the bad and the good, and she's got such crazy skill when figuring out a murder. Everyone is a suspect, And Lilah doesn't beat around the bush, she's not warm and fuzzy. There's only one man who brings that out in her and I love them together.Okay, so I wasn't expecting it, but this does end on a cliffhanger. So now I'm dying becaus...
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms
    Love Me Dead is a mad dash against the clock. And Lilah is distracted, she can't think of any kind of connection to her case. Apart from maybe herself, or Kane. And that's possibly why she can't solve it right now. She's in her purgatory, and she's doing everything she usually knows so well how to do. However, she can't find that detail that's just out of her reach...I really enjoyed this story, both because Kane is more present in Lilah's life, ...
  • Dani
    4.75/5 stars
  • Zita
    Matching wits with an intelligent, cunning, serial killer…This is the third book in the Lilah Love series, some unresolved threads from the previous books continue but the case being investigated is new, the ending is a cliffhanger.She won’t be returning to Los Angeles. FBI Agent Lilah Love has been assigned to a cold case task force for the northeast region so she’s now based in Manhattan, near family and her ex-lover/fiancé. The job is r...
  • Jamie (TheRebelliousReader)
    ”If I would have lost you, I would have burned the damn city down. I would’ve kept burning cities down. You don’t get to die, Lilah.” 4 stars. This was so close to being a 5 star book until that cliffhanger ending. I’ I can’t believe I have to wait until October to get the wrap up of this case. I mean, it was still a good ending but I wish it would’ve been tied up in this one and then a whole new case in the next book bu...
  • Carvanz
    This is a fast paced, thrilling read laced with suspense, mystery and drama. I love Lilah Love and her take no prisoners approach to life. She’s a total kick butt heroine that has no soft spots except for Kane. ”Kane, if you send someone to watch me, and I mistake them for a problem, I will shoot them.”Then I’ll send someone I don’t mind losing.” Kane and Lilah’s relationship is definitely headed in the right direction but they’v...
  • Karen Swoffer
    Love Me Dead (Lilah Love Series Book 3) by Lisa Renee Jones is the thrilling life of FBI profiler Lilah Love. It is also Book one of this duet within the series. As in the previous books, Murder Notes and Murder Girl, Lilah is working a case that has her baffled. A serial killer whose calling card is an umbrella. Lilah is a smart, sassy, FBI profiler with a f*ck it attitude. She takes control when she needs to while trusting only a few. I love th...
  • Mommy’s Book Escape
    Love Me Dead (Lilah Love Series Book 3) by Lisa Renee Jones is the thrilling life of FBI profiler Lilah Love. It is also Book one of this duet within the series. As in the previous books, Murder Notes and Murder Girl, Lilah is working a case that has her baffled. A serial killer whose calling card is an umbrella. Lilah is a smart, sassy, FBI profiler with a f*ck it attitude. She takes control when she needs to while trusting only a few. I love th...
  • Karina
    This next story in the Lilah Love series was so awesome. The suspense and mystery of what happens in this latest book had me on the edge of my seat. The connection between Lilah and Kane seems to have heated up again. There is no doubt they love one another. The chemistry between Kane and Lilah is so intense. They understand one another like no one else does. Lilah has always known in the back of her mind who Kane is and as time goes by she is sl...
  • Mags
    Love Me Dead is the third book in the Lilah Love series and the start of a new two part story. Which picks up with Lilah relocating to New York and working under orders from her old boss on a task force set up to bring down the society. An organisation responsible for not only her mother's murder, but Lilahs attack and subsequent rape. But before Lilah can really do any of that and with the aid of her on again off again lover legit businessman an...
  • Vivian Allen
    Gritty and fast paced!Third in this must read series! It is a cliffhanger and you need to read the first two books to fully understand all the details.Lilah and Kane are super hot together. My picture of Lilah is like Olivia Benson on SVU, Law&Order. Tuff and don’t take any bluff kinda of woman, certainly not girl, that lives off her great instincts ! Kane reminds me of a smooth, Latino Adam Roderuiz from CSI: Miami. Together this couple has ea...
  • Julie Marks Reine
    This is the third book in the Lilah Love series. Lilah is an FBI profiler and serial killers are who she hunts. Women are dying and Lilah is brought in profile this serial killer This killer wants to play games with a Lilah and anyone who knows of this characters personality knows that she does not play games. Her love Kane Mendez isn’t one to play games either but he will do what is necessary for Lilah. I’m really loving this series and am r...
  • Jennifer
    A thrilling ride once again!!I just finished and I'm f**kin floored!! What a cliffhanger!! This book starts off with Lilah moving to NY to profile murders and working under Agent Murphy...We don't have to wait long for the dead bodies either, on the trail of a serial killer taunting her and working on her new relationship with Kane and new police detectives to piss-off, and of course her family, I thoroughly enjoyed every thrilling moment!! I can...
  • Diane Keller
    This is a very exciting book. My gosh I love the main characters, Lilah Love and Kane Mendez, they are so hot! But the murder mystery, OMG - I usually have some inclination as to who did it by the time I get to the end of the book but not this time! I tried reading it slowly to make it last but all good things do come to an end. Can't wait for book 4 in October! Definitely worth reading this series!
  • mr s c spearing
    Thrilling sexy romanceThus is the 3rd book in the series and leaves on a fabulous cliffhanger. This ensures that you crave the next book in the series.The story captivates readers with the forbidden romance factor between Lilah and Kane which is both sexy and explosive making the reader visualise the chemistry between them. Brilliantly composed yet again from Lisa. Can't wait until October. Congratulations
  • sharon k. husak
    So do good!Lilah is in New York on a task force for the FBI and called in on a murder scene she realizes is meant for her to see. There starts a whirl wind of events that doesn't let up. There are so many sub plots with Kane, her father and co workers that the pace never slows up. I am so in love with Lilah and am so glad this didn't end as a triligy. Don't wait, pick this up now!
  • ☘ Lily ☘
    It seems that despite my excitement while going into this book, it translated poorly after it all said and done. I feel like this book was trying too hard to be badass and all I could think of was that Eve and Roarke did it better. But that's just me! Maybe I was in a bad mood while reading this.
  • Sharon David
    Why aren't more people reading this series????? This is one of the best book series out there!!! Please read this, I don't want the author to stop writing because people aren't reading or reviewing her brilliant work. People, go online and buy this book and then get to reading, Lilah never disappoints, shes as awesome as they come!
  • Jana
    Tired of cliffhangers!Fantastic story that keeps me on edge and laughing out loud at Lilah’s snark! I love how fast Lisa Renee’s mind works and that translates to a fast paced storylines that make me focus to keep up. Loved it but really am tired of the cliffhangers...I’d rather wait for the entire 500 pages to know the full story-but that just me
  • Sallie Page
    Lots of tensionOh boy is there tension! Relationship tension, family tension, job tension. But I love Lilah she is who she is and you either accept her and she doesn't care if you don't. The perpetrator is really well written and we have to wait until another book to find out who it is.
  • Barbara Lack
    Lisa Renee Jones is a master storyteller! I devoured this book. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. There is a breakthrough on Lilah and Kane’s relationship. There’s danger in every corner. The ending had me screaming “no” because the book ends on a massive cliffhanger. Sadly we have to wait until October to see what happens next. ILOVED this book!
  • Virginia
    Dark Side of Humanity Lilah Love, FBI profiler, knows the darker side of the human psyche, tracking down serial killers, finding against the Deep State, while coming to grips with her own darkness. Fascinating psychological suspense series.
  • Sabrina
    Holy book hangoverBook hangovers are horrible.....but Lisa's are the worst!! In this book Lilah and Kane come to an understanding and honesty. She's trusting him, taunting umbrella guy and the society. Will she find detective Williams in time or not?
  • Raberta Beckwith
    LOVE IT !!Definitely not a book to read if you have things to do! I couldn’t put it down ( which is the case with the whole “ Love” series)Love the pace,so happy that Lila and Kane are back together !! I hope that this series goes on for a looooooooong time !
  • Michele bookloverforever
    CliffhangersYeah. SO disappointed! But otherwise very well done and of course, now I just have to read the sequel. To fully understand this story please read the preceding novels featuring this character.
  • Brenda H Seales
    I Hate Cliffhangers😩Dang it Lisa you would have to do that to us. I absolutely have loved this series. But ending book three like that was just down right mean😢 now we have to wait until October to see what happens 🤐
  • Nicole Collins
    Holy cliff hangerLisa you are killing me. This. Story kept me on edge all the way through. I don't know how I'm going to survive waiting for the next book. I highly recommend this story!
  • Sheila Lord
    A page turnerUgh........what a ending........I need more Lilah.......I think before I get the next book I m going to start the series from the beginning even though there's a good recap of both chapters I want to read them all in case I'm missing something .....excellent series