The Perfect Dress by Carolyn Brown

The Perfect Dress

A plus-size Texas gal has designs on an old crush in New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s exuberant, bighearted romance. In the small town of Celeste, Texas, Mitzi Taylor has never quite fit inside the lines. Nearly six feet tall, flame-haired, and with a plus-size spirit to match every curve, she’s found her niche: a custom wedding-dress boutique catering to big brides-to-be with big dreams. Taking the plunge alongside her two b...

Details The Perfect Dress

TitleThe Perfect Dress
Release DateApr 16th, 2019
PublisherMontlake Romance
GenreRomance, Womens Fiction, Chick Lit, Fiction, Contemporary

Reviews The Perfect Dress

  • 2019-04-16
    Check out all of my reviews at: https://www.avonnalovesgenres.comTHE PERFECT DRESS by Carolyn Brown is an emotionally packed women’s fiction story with a cozy romance subplot of three lifelong friends and their plus-size only custom made wedding dress shop “The Perfect Dress” in small town Celeste, Texas. Mitzi, Paula and Jody are three strong female characters that are all going through differing life challenges as the story begins, but no...
  • Chasidy Kaye Jones
    Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange of a review.I dont want to seen like I didnt enjoy this book because for the most part I did. There was way too many mentions of "big" girls in this book. It seemed like the author said those words in every other sentence. I get that the book has almost all plus sized women as characters but I dont need to read it 5000 time in one book. The characters all had the lowest self esteem about themselves beca...
  • Sophia
    Three friends since high school own a made to order bridal shop for plus size women. These big beautiful women have been through a lot in secret pain and together with a pint of ice cream, but now they need each other more than ever. This character-driven small town friends story of new opportunities, friendship, and romance had me wanting to pull up a chair at their kitchen table and sharing about life and whatever snack is being dipped into.In ...
  • Curlyhairlass19
    What a pleasant surprise!Carolyn Brown was a new Author to me, and I can’t wait to read more of her books. The Perfect Dress was a southern delight wrapped up in frills and lace. The southern slang in which these characters spoke really reminded me of home back in Mississippi. I love that this Perfect Dress shop specialized in women size 14 and up. The main women in this story were “bigger boned” women, and it just made this story more real...
  • ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ
    What I liked about this story is the fact that it is full of strong female characters exploring their personal strengths and life challenges. They provide the foundation of this sweet story of discovery, love and friendships that endured and blossomed over time. We all have "what if" situations in our life stories to wonder that which might have been, as does this one. Most of the men in their lives were solid, strong and understanding whenever t...
  • Kris - My Novelesque Life
    RATING: 2 STARS2019; Montlake RomanceDNF @ 35%I was so excited to read this novel for a blog tour and review. As I snuggled into bed to read it, I slowly started to frown. This book has all the genres I love - romance, small town, southern and contemporary fiction - yet, I was bored. I liked that the main character Mitzi was a plus-size, something that isn't the norm in romances. However, overall, I didn't really like the characters. The women we...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    Romance, weddings, curvy women, Texas, and weddings all in one book? Sounds like my kind of read!This was a delightful story and I liked how the wedding dress shop only focused on dresses for women size 14+. I know how hard it can be to find a wedding dress for us curvy gals.All three of the friends have some emotional baggage but are able to rely on each other for strength especially when their lives are falling apart. There are some surprises f...
  • Aly
    Three heroinesHigh school crushExecrable exesPlus size dressmakers and boutique ownersEveryday lifeReal slow burnFriends and familyEveryone's got dramasCeleste, TexasTwo tweeny twinsDallas bridal fairRomantic evening on the porch swingEpilogue so sweetSassy ladiesStarting new lives
  • Rita M. Kelley
    Not my favoriteCaroline Brown is one of my preferred authors but she missed the mark on this one. The story line was ok but I did not enjoy or appreciate how much detailed emphasis was given to eating so much food for every emotional situation. It seemed to stereotype all plus size woman as always stuffing themselves with cake, donuts and ice cream.
  • Susan
    Fantastic story of friendship, love, and being yourself. Mitzi, Jody, and Paula were three women who have been friends since they were in school. Though they went their separate ways for a while, they always stayed in touch. When each of them needed a change in her life, they opened a custom bridal shop for women like themselves - plus-sized women with dreams to match. The shop is the backdrop as all three women experienced unexpected changes, bo...
  • Carla Johnson-Hicks
    This was a fun romance and friendship story between three big, beautiful women who had been friends since childhood. They own a made to order bridal shop for plus size women, in a small town. Mitzi finds out that her teenage crush has moved back to town, and he stops in the store to make an appointment for his daughters to get bridesmaid dresses made for an upcoming wedding. Jody, finds out that the last several years of her life have all been fo...
  • Moondance
    Men!Small town Texas is the setting for this story. Mitzi, Paula and Jody own a custom wedding dress shop for plus size women. Mitzi's high school crush moves back to town with his twin teenage daughters who are in awe of the shop.This was my first Carolyn Brown book and it will not be the last. I love the characters and the descriptions of the town. Everything feels homey and neighborly. Each of the three friends has issues they must work throug...
  • Rosina Ayling
    This book had many positives, I liked the fact that very strong female characters were at the forefront of the story. Each one of their circumstances were different but they all came together and really supported each other. The story is focused on a wedding dress shop for curvy/larger women and helping women feel comfortable in their own skin. But, I do feel the book mentioned the main characters size too much. However, I enjoyed the humour in t...
  • Caitlyn Lynch
    I’ve read Carolyn Brown’s books before and enjoyed the combination of irreverent humor and southern charm her characters always display, so when I saw The Perfect Dress was about three women who operate a plus-sized custom bridal shop, I picked it up looking for a fun, light-hearted read.What I got was three women who honestly seem to despise themselves. Jody hates herself for caving to pressure from a man and going vegan to diet into thinnes...
  • Genesis Sheli (Whispering Chapters)
    For some reason Goodreads isn't letting me delete the accidental star. Anyways, I had to DNF. I really didn't want to. I just found it so slow and it explained waaaayyy too many things for my liking instead of focusing on the story. I was seeing myself headed to that dread slump so I'm officially declaring no more. I may pick it up in the future, mostly for the two young girls. I love their energy and their personalities so much! So for them, I'd...
  • kate
    Possibly the most boring book I have ever read. You can deduct a star if you even marginally like your mother.
  • Chelsea Downey
    Too sappy and too fastWhen I read the author’s bio and learned that she was a grandmother the book finally made sense. I picked up this book because everyone around me is getting married, I’ve never been a tiny woman, (though I am short) and I’m from Texas. But beyond those points the story was just entirely too saccharine, cheesy and cliché for me. I mean that it was cliché literally—every single Southern aphorism and saying was trotte...
  • Cindy
    The Perfect Dress by Carolyn Brown is a sweet quick read about three women owning a custom wedding dress shop specializing in plus size dresses. The story follows the three for a little over a year while they handle liars and cheaters, old crushes, new loves, babies - and folks who focus on their size instead of their beauty. These are southern girls - ladies until you push them, then they give a verbal lashing like only a southern lady can do.Th...
  • Nicola Short
    Had many laugh out loud moments while reading this book along with some teary eyed moments. Carolyn Brown delivers a story about plus sized women that will pull on your heartstrings. The three main characters are like able and down to earth people. They open up a bridal shop for plus sized women. The friendship they have with each is endearing. If you are looking for a fun read, this is the book you need to pick up.
  • Carolyn
    These books by Carolyn Brown are such cute stories. I especially loved this one about plus-size ladies who are comfortable in their own skin who open up a bridal shop for plus-size ladies so they can have the wedding of their dreams in dresses designed just for them! Just an adorable story.
  • Ashton Noel
    Really enjoyed this book. Light summer romance reading.
  • Gale
    I wish I could come up with a snappy southern saying but all I can think of is: Oh my stars! As I have come to expect from Ms. Brown, The Perfect Dress has much heart, and humor, with real life situations that most of us have, or will, experience. Loved Mitzi Taylor and Graham Harrison but let's not forget the other characters...and they ARE characters! the story, especially Graham's twin daughters. Really enjoyed this story.
  • Karen
    Really cute fun old fashion southern story about 3 Texas gals who are the best of friends. They have their own plus size wedding dress specialty shop. The story revolves around the 3 friends Jody, Paula, & Mitzi & their relationship twists & turns.
  • Andrea.Marie
    I received a copy of The Perfect Dress via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. What breath of fresh air this read was! This is about women opening up a plus size wedding dress store and issues Some of them go through. I am particularly drawn to Mitzy as I am a tall girl of 6 feet as well!!!! Highly recommend this read for spring as wedding season approaches!!!!
  • Jackie
    Book Info Paperback Expected publication: April 16th 2019 by Montlake RomanceISBN 1503905276 (ISBN13: 9781503905276)Other Editions (4)Source:Netgalley EARCBuy book from Amazon B&N BOOK BLURB A plus-size Texas gal has designs on an old crush in New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown’s exuberant, bighearted romance.In the small town of Celeste, Texas, Mitzi Taylor has never quite fit inside the lines. Nearly six feet tall, flame-h...
  • Gmr
    Okay, so at first read...I was actually worried it was going to be one of THOSE books. You know the ones...where the he/she lead and supporting cast is SO hung up on size that quite literally EVERY other sentence has something to do with them being bigger/smaller, or the hard times they faced because of their size, or how awful the world is in general thanks to their waistline or lack thereof. Now, admittedly, there is quite a bit of talk regardi...
  • Terri
    The Perfect Dress is another fantastic Carolyn Brown book. She writes a story about plus-size women who are going about living their lives, dealing with the chaos of life and the losing and finding of love. Her characters are (as always) very likable and very easy to relate to. There is the slow and cautious development of the relationship of Mitzi with Graham, a rather awkward with women type of guy who is also dealing with a crazy ex-wife and h...
  • Maria
    "Received an Advance Reader Copy in exchange for a fair review"This book has likeable, in a way different from the norm, yet overall quite ordinary characters, and an interesting story.I liked the big-seized heroine and her friends/partners, their friendship and business. The big, spectacled, somewhat shy, yet self-assured, honorable hero, who takes his time to make a move on the heroine, is also charming.I always like a slow-burn romance and I...
  • Roz Curney-Sherod
    I really enjoyed this Chick-lit book, it was a very good summer read. Here we have a story about three best friends who are all plus sized women and own a speciality bridal shop called "The Perfect Dress". The shop is located in the small town of Celeste, Texas and owned by our three heroines, Mitzi, Paula and Jody. My favorite secondary character is Fanny Lou, Mitzi’s grandmother and she is really outspoken and a hoot! The store creates custom...
  • Mary
    It’s little wonder why Carolyn Brown’s books sell so well. Her books are thoughtfully written without any condescending tones. Such is the case in dealing with a sensitive issue of fat-shaming. It seems that society is sensitive to gender and health-related issues but not when it comes to a woman’s size and shape. And our three main characters come up against every weight-related prejudice and then some yet the author deals with each in a m...