Stolen Things by R.H. Herron

Stolen Things

A sensational crime, a missing teen, and a mother and daughter with no one to trust but themselves come together in this shocking debut thriller by R. H. Herron.“Mama? Help me.”Laurie Ahmadi has worked as a 911 police dispatcher in her quiet Northern California town for nearly two decades. She considers the department her family; her husband, Omid, is its first Arab American chief, and their teenaged daughter, Jojo, has grown up with the forc...

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TitleStolen Things
Release DateAug 20th, 2019
GenreThriller, Mystery, Mystery Thriller, Fiction

Reviews Stolen Things

  • Amy Imogene Reads
    4 starsA 911 dispatcher receives a call. It's her daughter. What would you do?Writing: ★★★★ 1/2Concept: ★★★★Reveals: ★★★Suspense: ★★★★Have you ever had a thriller where the writing was so good, so intense, that you enjoy yourself even as the plot takes off in odd directions? Yeah, that's Stolen Things.Laurie is a 911 dispatcher. Her husband, Omid, is the local police chief. One day at work, the woman on the other end...
  • Kendall
    So, let me start out by saying I read A LOT of psychological thrillers and suspense novels. It's my favorite genre what can I say? :)Stolen Things definitely starts out with a bang with that action. Let me tell you! You're definitely kept on your toes from the start. There is a lot going on in this novel. The author brings up a lot of sensitive topics... murder, rape, police brutality, race issues, and class. I feel like the story dragged on to m...
  • Jenna Bookish
    My thanks to NetGalley and Dutton for sending me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the publisher. This book was a bit of a mixed bag for me. It's compulsively readable and fast-paced, but the twist at the end is a bit much to swallow. I loved the alternating perspectives. "Mom who is practically married to her job" alternating with "teen daughter who the mother doesn'...
  • Amy
    4.5/5Thrillers and I have not been the best of friends lately, to say I’ve struggled with the majority of them is putting it mildly, so while I was definitely intrigued by the premise of this one, I was very hesitant. Thank god I set my hesitation to the side and gave this a fair chance, because it was excellent y’all! It’s much more than just a synopsis that sounds good and doesn’t actually deliver, what’s described is actually the tip...
  • Shelby
    For nearly two decades, Laurie has worked as a 911 dispatcher. Her worst nightmare suddenly becomes a reality when she gets a 911 call from her 16-year old daughter, Jojo, who has no idea where she is and what happened to her. The last thing she remembers is hanging out with a friend of hers—Kevin Leeds—a much older, pro football player that Laurie had no idea about. Laurie’s husband, Omid, is Chief of Police and is the first to arrive at L...
  • Lisa Jordan
    4 stars!Fantastic debut!I loved the two pov's and they they are told from the mother and the daughter.I loved the diversity in the cast.There were some "twists" that I saw coming early, but it didn't detract from the overall enjoyment because I was invested in the characters.Cant' wait to see more from this author.
  • Jamie
    In a time when thrillers are a dime a dozen, it’s really refreshing to find one that stands apart - fortunately, this was the case with RH Herron’s Stolen Things. What starts out with 911 dispatcher Laurie receiving a call from her daughter in trouble, things only escalate - from police tension, kidnapping, sexual assault and murder, Stolen Things leaves no subject untouched and will keep you on your toes in the process. This fast paced thril...
  • LeTresa Payne
    My review of Stolen Things by R.H. Heron5/5 stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟I was just granted a wish to read this book 7 hours ago and I read it in one setting! This is most definitely a 5 star read. This book was superb! Action packed from the very first page with scenes that knock you out of your seat. You'll feel as if you're at the movies while reading this. I simply couldn't put this book down. I kept wanting to know who had hurt Laurie's 16 year...
  • Tina Meyers
    While well written for the most part, it will really take many out of their comfort zones. The authors bio at the end literally ruined a book I was kindly given a net galley arc to read. As it appears, this pseudonym person is totally against police even having worked for them. Quite a shame because except for certain things I chose to overlook in the book, it was worthy of higher praise but I don't believe political views need to be used
  • Megan Dial-Lapcewich
    Stolen Things is one of several ARCs I’ve read coming out on August 20, and it is ah-may-zing. Thanks so much to the author, NetGalley, and the publisher for an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!Stolen Things starts off full steam ahead. Laurie works as a 911 dispatcher in a small Northern California town. The entire law enforcement department is an extension of her own family: her husband is the police chief, and their teenage dau...
  • Katie Katieneedsabiggerbookshelf
    Laurie is a 911 dispatcher who generally enjoys her job, until the night she answers a call from her own daughter. Jojo has been drugged, and raped, while someone else in the house slept, and the other one was killed. Jojo can’t remember anything that happened or how she ended up in Kevin’s house. Kevin is immediately arrested, but Jojo’s friend Harper is still missing. Jojo starts a deep dive into Harpers social media and discovers that Ha...
  • Sonica
    Thank you Penguin Random House Canada for my copy of Stolen Things by R.H Herron.  This title released August 20, 2019.August was possibly one of my worst reading months - we had a flood in our home just after the long weekend and the first half of the month was spent dealing and thinking of that with little to no motivation to sit and read.  It's amazing how life can do that sometimes.  It also seemed that every book I tried to pick up during...
  • Energy
    We start the book with Jojo, a bit of a rebellious teen who's keeping secrets. Her father, Omid, is a police officer, her mother Laurie, a 911 dispatcher. They work a lot of hours which leaves Jojo with a lot of free time. Laurie's deepest fears are realized when it's her daughter's voice on the other end of the 911 line. The hunt for her daughter doesn't go on long, but when she is found, she isn't alone. NFL star Kevin is in the house asleep an...
  • Anne
    I thoroughly enjoyed this novel that was part mystery, part thriller, and all parts relevant! As a 911 dispatcher, Laurie get a call that all parents fear: her sixteen-year-old daughter, Jojo awakens in a strange bed and suspects she's been roofied and raped. Police chief father, Omid responds and Jojo is found but there's a dead man in the room next to her and it's later discovered that her best friend Harper (who was with her that night) is mis...
  • Megan Mills
    A can’t-put-down, woke thriller with a great cast of characters.
  • Barb Lie
    Stolen Things by R.H. Herron is a suspense thriller that was so very well written. This is the debut novel for this author, and after reading this story, I will most definitely read her again. Stolen Things started with a bang, as we met our heroine, Laurie Ahmadi, immediately. Laurie has worked as a 911 police dispatcher for 20 years (she is a former cop), and picks up a phone call that is every parent’s nightmare. The person on the other end ...
  • Cynthia
    Stolen Things begins with a bang. There's a lot of action and drama to pull the reader in. Chapter one’s cliffhanger kept me turning the page as I was intellectually and emotionally immersed within a tale of a teenage girl named Jojo who wakes up in a football player’s home with no memory of how she’s gotten there and a lot of pain that indicates sexual assault. Laurie, the 911 operator who answers Jojo’s frightened and urgent call happen...
  • Renee
    Laurie is a 911 dispatcher who begins another shift not knowing that she is about to receive a life-changing call. This time, it isn't an unknown stranger on the line, one who she will attempt to keep calm while gathering pertinent information for the police and paramedics. She is stunned when the caller is her 16-year-old daughter, Jojo, who has no idea where she is or what has happened to her.Jojo has been drugged and assaulted, and her best fr...
  • Malia
    I gulped down this book in a day. It was so compelling and twisty and ultimately satisfying, just like I want a thriller to be. I so appreciated that the author took a lot of care with the characters, many of whom were really fucked up in exactly the ways that make this kind of book compulsively readable, but they were still grounded and motivated. I was nervous how a thriller could work that revolved around issues of police brutality and a Black...
  • Emily
    I was gifted an advanced copy of this book by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 Stars rounded upI just finished this book so I'm still processing my thoughts on it. Overall, I feel positively about this book and would recommend it to my friends (unless you are triggered by sexual assault - while sexual assault is in many thrillers, this one particularly could be triggering because Herron spends a decent amount of time dealing with t...
  • Kat, aka
    This book was INSANE. It tore at my heart strings and had me really amped up, especially the end. Trigger warning for rape and (I think, anyway) child abuse/exploitation of a minor. If you can handle that and you like a whodunit with PLENTY of action, grab this book!Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my advance copy.
  • Cat
    I could barely put this book down. I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. If I could give this book 4.75 stars I would. I loved how relevant this story was to the world we live in currently. This is a well written page turner of a thriller and I highly recommend it.
  • Jamie
    It is rare that I'll pick up a book in the evening and stay up way past my bedtime to continue reading, then pick it up immediately the next morning. This book is well-written, dramatic, fascinating, engrossing, and timely. I sped through it, because I didn't want to put it down.
  • Chanel Chasanov
    Really 3.5 stars. I do love psychological thrillers and this book fell into that category. This book starts out with intensity from the beginning. It kind of felt the way that SVU starts at the beginning of the episode - very intense to get the viewer or reader interested. However, after that beginning moment, it got a little less interesting. There was some good discussion about very serious topics, but it just did not add much to the story line...
  • Jordan Holesworth
    Wow! I couldn’t put this book down! I felt like I was watching an episode of SVU with a bit of lifetime movie. Sooo good!!
  • Brenda
    I was forutnate enough to receive a review copy of this book from the author. I have read her previous books and was excited to read her first thriller. This book did not disappoint. The plot captured me from the begining, and I could not put it down. Excellent book!!
  • Michelle Jarc
    Twisted, somewhat unrealistic, but written well enough that I could not stop listening!! Plowed through this in a day & a half! Suspenseful with good character development. Definitely recommend.
  • Patty
    I was sucked in from the first page, just the way I like a thriller. The writing was solid and the characters were real. The ending wrapped up a bit too quickly, but it kept me guessing until the reveal. That isn't usually the case for me and it made me happy. I'm looking forward to reading more thrillers by this author!