The Liberation of Paris by Jean Edward Smith

The Liberation of Paris

Prize-winning and bestselling historian Jean Edward Smith tells the dramatic story of the liberation of Paris during World War II—a triumph that was achieved through the remarkable efforts of Americans, French, and Germans, all racing to save the city from destruction.Following their breakout from Normandy in late June 1944, the Allies swept across northern France in pursuit of the German army. The Allies intended to bypass Paris and cross the ...

Details The Liberation of Paris

TitleThe Liberation of Paris
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherSimon Schuster
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, Cultural, France, North American Hi..., American History, War, World War II, European History, World History

Reviews The Liberation of Paris

  • Peter Mcloughlin
    This book takes a more granular look at an aspect of WWII, the liberation of Paris. After briefly covering the fall of France and the German Occupation in 1940 and after it comes to events around the D-day invasion and the breakout to the rest of France and how the liberation of Paris was to be handled. It was through smart moves by de Gaulle and Eisenhower and the German Commander of Paris Choltitz who realized the war was lost in Paris and igno...
  • Michael Travis
    This easy but educational historical read was wonderful, especially coming on the heels of our visit to Paris which we hold in high esteem. I found what von Choltitz did to be so admirable, brave and just.
  • Jen
    Although I usually read nonfiction slowly, The Liberation of Paris proved one of those books that caught my interest early and refused to let me quit reading until I was finished."Jean Edward Smith (born October 13, 1932) is a biographer and the John Marshall Professor of Political Science at Marshall University.[1] He is also professor emeritus at the University of Toronto after having served as professor of political economy there for thirty-fi...
  • Joe Keefhaver
    This is a tremendous book. It is small, only 205 pages, but it is packed with a great deal of information about the events leading up to the German surrender of Paris. The volume covers essentially the same story as does the old movie "Is Paris Burning?" I learned a great deal about the widespread acceptance of German occupation by the people of Paris and the nature of the collaborationist Vichy regime. Von Cholitz, the German commander, comes ac...
  • Bill Patton
    I enjoy reading Smith anyway, but I really enjoyed this one. A thin little book, a little over 200 pages of text, and easily read also.I highly recommend this one to any armchair historians with an interest in WW II. Not as exciting, maybe, as Collins and LaPierre's "Is Paris Burning?", but nevertheless I enjoyed it very much.
  • Sheila McCarthy
    Meh ... good background information but at barely 200 pages, not a great deal of detail. de Gaulle should be regarded as one of the great heroes of the war ... IS PARIS BURNING? is still the best book on the same subject and reads like a thriller.
  • Gerry Welsch
    Interesting history. Helped me appreciate the struggle to keep Paris from being destroyed. Short and to the point. New appreciation for Eisenhower and DeGaulle.
  • Wendy Greene
    Wow. It takes a lot to make such an exciting event dull as dishwater. Factually informative, but a real snore fest. Maybe I'm asking for too much.