Max Attacks by Kathi Appelt

Max Attacks

Fish and birds and lizards and socks…is there anything Max won’t attack? Watch your ankles and find out in this clever, rhyming picture book about a very naughty kitty cat.Max is a cat. He attacks. From socks to strings to many a fish, attacking, for Max, is most de-lish. But how many of these things can he actually catch? Well, let’s just say it’s no even match.

Details Max Attacks

TitleMax Attacks
Release DateJun 11th, 2019
PublisherAtheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Cats, Humor

Reviews Max Attacks

  • Abigail
    Max was a cat with paws made for pouncing, legs built for trouncing, and a heart bent on attack. His fascination with the fishbowl remained a constant in his day, although other matters - the lizard climbing the blinds, the string attached to one of his human's shoes - also provided entertainment. In the end, his attack on his piscine neighbors was messy but not entirely triumphant. Fortunately, he had a bowl of crunchies to turn to...I found Max...
  • Julie
    “He wants to eat the fishies” – Hank, 4 years old. Yep that’s my son getting into and enjoying books that I read to him. I love to read. And I super love that my son loves books too.I enjoyed reading this one twice in one day – first for me – then for my son. Max Attacks is about a super feisty feline who wants to attack everything that catches his eyes. Socks and strings. Especially the fish!Max Attacks is told is cute and catchy rhy...
  • Sydney Young
    Sweet children's book about a naughty cat. VERY relatable. Page turner as you fear the trouble Max will get into. He just can't seem to help himself. I want to give this to every family with little ones who also has a new pet!Here is the review from my Blog: Max . . . Attacks, by Kathi Appelt is that summer book I've been looking for, and I want copies galore to give away to all my little friends and their harried parents, because it will definit...
  • Heather
    (This review can be found on my blog All the Ups and Downs.)--I admit that I was sucked in by the cover for Max...Attacks by Kathi Appelt. Then I read the synopsis, and I knew that I had to read this for myself and for my 4 year old son. We were both delighted and entertained throughout this cute story. In fact, my son wanted me to read this book again right after we were done reading it the first time!The plot for Max...Attacks if very simplisti...
  • Alice Ball
    A distractible cat with an insatiable desire to attack will be familiar to many with mischievous pets of their own. Worriers may be on the edge of their seat wondering if the unsuspecting fish will make it to the end.
  • Carey
    This book is so freaking cute! I came across it while covering books at my library today. I thought I was the only one who called my cats' dry food crunchies.
  • Katy
    The cat lover in me gives this a 4.5
  • Michelle
    This book is adorable. Yes, it's for kids, but the cover lured me in and I had to read it. Max attacks everything, and then a nap attacks Max! Perfect book for kids, or anyone who loves cats.
  • Baby Bookworm
    Hello, friends! Our book today is Max Attacks, written by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by Penelope Dullaghan, a rollicking day in the life of a mischievous housecat.Max attacks – and he’s quite good at it. Sneaking up stealthily on his prey – be it unsuspecting lizard, shoelace, or dirty sock – he loves to pounce and trounce and paw and claw at anything that strikes his fancy. But no prey is more tempting than the bowl of fish that swims ...
  • Susan
    Thank you to @blue_slip_media and @barbfisch for sharing the review copy of this book. All opinions are my own.Meet Max! He’s full of curiosity and mischief as he prowls through the house making one discovery after another, even though his main objective is, and always will be, the fish bowl! BUT there are just so many tempting things to grab his attention first. Can Max really be expected to ignore a lizard crawling up a window screen, a dangl...
  • Tangled in Text
    Pitter patter, my heart does shatter with yearning for more of this catescapade. The illustration work on Max...Attacks is beautiful and the rhythmic flow was inspiring (as you can see above my attempt of a flow), lighthearted and flowed methodically. Max...Attacks reminded me of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, in the fact that it seemed to always be building and expanding as you grew deeper into the story and were kept trying to out guess what wou...
  • Laurie Hnatiuk
    Calling all cat lovers, word wizards and those who love captivating illustrations - this is the book for you. Max is a cat who likes to attack! The day begins with Max spying and getting ready to attack a bowl of fish - but wait there's a lizard on the screen, dangling shoelaces and a basket of socks that sidetrack Max from his initial quarry throughout his day. Finally Max is able to try and capture those delicious fishes with a predictable surp...
  • Ruthie Jones
    Oh, that Max! He sure knows how to jump around from one silly caper to another, attacking so many things that catch his kitty cat eye.Max...Attacks is a quick and cute story about a cat's unending curiosity. In true feline fashion, the story jumps from one adventure to another in the blink of an eye. The rhymes are easy and catchy; however, some of the phrases and words may be beyond a really young reader/listener, such as gusto, licks his chops,...
  • Christena
    From the very first page, Max sounds like a real-life cat I know that is aptly called Wayne the Pain. Max is a special cat who is full of curiosity and life. Thankfully, curiosity does not kill Max nor the fishes.Max… Attacks is a delightful children’s book that shows a day in the life of Max told in verse. From his romps with socks to blinds to trying to eat, and play with the fishes Max has a day full of curious adventures.The illustrations...
  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews
    Max Attacks is such a fun book and I wish I had a kid to read it to right now!  I enjoyed Max's antics because, well, he's a cat and he does what cats do all day long - get into mischief.The colors are bright and are perfect to hold the attention of a little one. The images also demonstrate action in Max's daily escapades.This is a story in verse which teaches children language and sounds and exposes them to poetry with simpler words and images ...
  • Megan - Alohamora Open a Book
    A playful cat that likes to attack AND he keeps score?!? That's my kind of cat; competitve and fun!A fun cute book kids enjoy, and the cat lover will adore. The rhythm and rhyme is decent, but with a little more polishing I think it could've been superb. Thank you Blue Slip Media for the book to read just a little bit early. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
  • Morgan
    2019 has no shortage of stellar picture books, but ohwowthisonethough. It's everything that a great picture book should be, pulled off with fun and effortless flair. The language and word-play alone makes it a standout (and a storytime contender for sure) but the illustrations are perfect, too - there's movement and whimsy even in the smallest details. I just lerved it.
  • Beverly
    An adorable blue cat with black stripes romps through this book, destruction in his wake. Every time he decides to go after the fish in the fishbowl, something else distracts him. There is a very funny view of Max's head magnified by the fishbowl. Cat lovers and owners will recognize this hyper-active kitty's antics. Great, humorous illustrations in acrylics and charcoal.
  • Dreaday
    “Anybody who has a cat will immediately recognize their beloved kitty in these pages. All of the silly quirks and behaviors cats have, lovable and irritating, are highlighted and made adorable. And the cat is blue! It’s silly!”
  • Molly
    Max is a cat who likes to attack things. From strings to socks, how many things can he catch? This is a very cute picture book that captures the behavior of cats perfectly. It is great for anyone who likes cats. The illustrations are fantastic too.
  • Lesley Burnap
    Ha-HA! This spirited cat tries his best to grab and eat the fish in the fishbowl, only to be deterred (yup, that word’s in the book!) by a lizard, a catnip bird and a loose shoelace. The words and illustrations capture the impulsivity of this feisty kitty purrr-fectly! (C’mon, how could I resist?)
  • Amber Webb
    The language used in this book made me feel like I was the cat creeping through the house ready to attack. I think children will love this story!The illustrations perfectly complimented the words and gave it even more of the sketchy feel.
  • Robin
    A cat story with verve. I loved the sense of movement through the pages, complementing the well-crafted rhythm and rhyme. There are a lot of cats in the picture book section, but Max leaps in and holds his ground near the top of the pack. Highly recommended for ages 3-6.
  • Mary
    I liked the illustrations more than the story.
  • Lynn
    Cat lovers of all ages will relate to this wonderfully funny and spot-on story. Penelope Dullaghan's illustrations are simply adorable.
  • Edward Sullivan
    Fun rhyming story about an energetic, naughty feline.
  • Mary Lee
    Kathi Appelt gets this kitty just right. Her rhymes are SO MUCH fun to read aloud!! Great illustrations.
  • Alyssa Gudenburr
    I LOVED this book!!! So funny!! All about a cat that is TROUBLE!
  • Heather
    If you are a cat lover this is a wonderful book to share with the entire family. A wonderful picture book that the littles can read along with.
  • Erin
    Cute illustrations. The text flows well.