Sidelined by Suzanne Baltsar


From the author of the whip smart and charming Trouble Brewing comes a fast-paced story about a female football coach that will have you laughing out loud and cheering for the home team as you wait for the final whistle of the game. When Connor McGuire loses out on his dream job of being the head coach of the local high school football team, he thinks life can’t get any worse. Then he discovers just who got the coveted position—it was a hando...

Details Sidelined

Release DateAug 27th, 2019
PublisherGallery Books
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Sports and Games, Sports, Adult

Reviews Sidelined

  • Stacee
    I had heard some great things about this book and I love that cover, so I was pretty eager to get into it. I really liked Charlie. She’s smart and knows that she’s good and doesn’t try to diminish that. Connor was okay. He’s pretty stand-off-ish and spent the majority of the book that way. I was in complete agreement with Charlie about his whiplash. The only way we knew he had feelings was because his inner monologue said so. I did enjoy ...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    Kind of nervous yet excited because this baby is a sports romance and a new author to me... ARC galley kindly provided by Gallery Books in exchange for an honest review coming closer to release date...Follow Me On:Blog ❁ Instagram ❁ Facebook ❁ Twitter
  • Dísir
    Hacking it in a man’s world of competitive sports is tough, but as the head coach of a high-school football team with disgruntled men with the boys’ club mentality, Charlie Gibb starts off with everything against her. I commiserated immediately. ‘Sidelined’ was a book I wanted to read because I needed to see a woman succeed in a position that typically garners misogynistic comments, barely-veiled sexual barbs and plain old discrimination ...
  • Dianne
    I picked this book because I love books about strong, independent women -unfortunately, the synopsis didn't make it clear to me that this was going to be a typical romance, with a lot of sex thoughts, furtive glances and panting of breaths as well as the inevitable.I did love the idea of the book -the new high-school football coach is a woman who took away the job from a 'deserving' man. And al of the problems with other coaches students and pare...
  • Tia
    I love the idea of this book. A female football coach who is faced with a whole lot of men that feel like she isn’t capable of this job even though her qualifications outranks them all. Typical. It was great and highlights something that really isn’t talked about a lot. It’s so hard for women who want to make a career in sports or any job that’s stereotypically “male.” I loved when Charlie would say what was on her mind and stand up f...
  • Kim
    Find this review and more at kimberlyfaye reads. I found Sidelined intriguing since I first read the blurb. A female head football coach in an antagonistic enemies to lovers romance with the man she beat out for the job? Come on, that has my name written all over it. It gave me a nice mix of football, feminism and feels.Sidelined was a quiet romance. It wasn’t exactly a slow burn, but things between Charlie and Connor built slowly. There wasn...
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms
    *I received a free copy of Sidelines from Gallery Books via Edelweiss. This has in no way influenced my review which is honest and unbiased.*3.5 starsSidelined was a solid romance, with a strong heroine, and a hero was both an antagonist and a protagonist at the same time.I enjoyed that the gender roles were different in the story, because having a high school football coach who's a woman isn't all that common. And Charlie had to struggle and fig...
  • Ashley *Booksbrewsandbarks*
    3.5 rounding up to 4 stars. A follow up to the first novel in the series, Trouble Brewing, Sidelined follows a different friendship/romantic relationship this time around. This novel focuses on the new head coach for a High School football team, the first female coach they have had. Obviously, this book focuses a lot on female empowerment and equality in what would typically be considered a male dominated occupation. This head coach inevitably fa...
  • Jenea
    Charlie Gibbs has landed a dream job. The head coach of a high schools football team. She can show how amazing she is at her job. But she isn’t met with open arms by the other coaches, especially Conner McGuire. He thought he was going to get the position. Let me tell you, these two do like each other from the start, but there is some chemistry between them even though neither one want to admit, so they are set either going to stay at each othe...
  • Steffi Lyle
    Connor was in line to become the head football coach, when his dream job is handed to a GIRL. The chemistry and rivalry between Connor and Charlie is unreal from the very beginning, and Baltsar creates characters so 3-dimensional it feels like I know them. When what feels inevitable plays out, it doesn’t feel contrived because of the depth she has given to her characters and their stories. My only complaint was that I wanted to get to know the ...
  • Yo
    I absolutely loved this book. It is full of incredibly strong, kind successful women who love and support each other. The male characters are just as engaging. I appreciated the straightforward, no nonsense dialogue, and realistic situations. Charlie is not the kind of woman to cajole or wheedle to get her way, and I loved her frank approach to her job and her life. I also loved her southern background meets Midwestern nice. That made for some fu...
  • Becky Burciaga
    Even after not having read the first book in this series, I still enjoyed Connor and Charlie’s story and never felt lost about any of the players, or their individual and collective roles...the backstory was minimal but sufficient. This was not a story just about gender inequality, it also contained an underlying message about a women’s struggles in what is considered a man’s world, the sports backdrop made the story that much more emotion ...
  • Ashli
    I wish I could properly express how much I loved this book. It had great friendships and a wonderful romance. However, that is not the only thing that I extremely enjoyed about this book. This book expertly handled how a woman navigates roles and jobs than society has deemed only for men. It felt very realistic and the issues that came up were handled so well. I honestly don't know how this could be better. My favorite line from this book was "Me...
  • Hannah Grace || BookNerdNative
    Firstly, thank you so much to Gallery Books and Netgalley for providing my review copy in exchange for review. This book follows a female football coach as she heads into a new job that is dominated by the male gender. I was hoping for love story that also tackled some great topics on gender and discrimination against women in a tactful way. Instead, I was met with a story filled with tropes, an enemies to lovers romance with the chemistry of oil...
  • E-Reader Addict
    4.5 Stars! I’m generally not a fan of the enemies-to-lovers trope, but Sidelined was great fun to read! Probably because it stuck to an actual plot with real-life issues, instead of being all filled with “I hate his guts but he’s so hawt” and “I hate her guts but I want her in my bed” baloney…Charlotte Gibb is excited to become the first female high school football coach in the state of Minnesota. Having spent her whole life dealing...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    This book grabbed hold of me and never let go. From the very first page, I was fully invested in Charlie's "new beginning". Charlie's whole life had been built around football, and after realizing she would never be able to break that glass ceiling at the college level, she pursued, and was hired, for a head coaching position at a Minnesota high school. As expected, she was met with scorn and resistance. Some of her resistance came in the form of...
  • Veronica
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.If you’re looking for a story with a straight talking, no nonsense, strong heroine, Sidelined is the book for you. One chapter in and I was wanting to wave my fists and shout “girl power!”.Charlie moves to Minnesota to take the job at head coach of a high school football team. The first woman in the State to be appointed head coach. However, she is appointed ahead of Co...
  • Sarah
    I was given a copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads. This is a sharp, funny and well observed story about Charlie, a high school football coach and Connor, the assistant coach who resents her for taking the job he’s always wanted. Charlie has skills and experience but she’s working against an old boys’ club that doesn’t want her to succeed. Sparks fly between Connor and Charlie from the start but Connor has to figure out w...
  • Shelby
    *I received a free copy to read & review for Wicked Reads*Sidelined is a great stand alone book with a strong female character, Charlie, who is taking on the male dominated world of Football!Charlie is no stranger to Football, she was practically raised on a field. She's the daughter of a prominent Ivy League college coach, but is ready to lead a team by herself! She no stranger to oppression or condescension, and luckily she has some broad shoul...
  • Jess
    I read this e-arc thanks to netgalley and the publisher in an exchanged for an honest review.Sidelined is about Charlie, the first female football coach in Minnesota and Connor, one of guys who lost the head coaching position to her. This was your typical enemies to lovers books. I loved the connection between these two and the funny banter. However, I felt that Connor could be a little clueless at time. Also, as a born and raised a Minnesotan I ...
  • Amy (TheSouthernGirlReads)
    There are times when I feel like the timing is perfect for particular books...this was the case for Sidelined..Fall is approaching. Of course down here it’s a little further out...but nonetheless it’s heading this way. For me, Fall is football. Enter Sidelined. I really enjoyed Charlie and the fun spin of a female football coach. Watching the characters grow was a lovely experience. Let’s talk about the cast of characters. Charlie was my fa...
  • Beth Hurley
    I absolutely loved this book when I started reading I couldn't put it down. I'd never read this author before but the blurb had me wanting to read it. It was different than any other book I'd ever read. Sports romances are my favorite books to read and this one has just become a favorite book of mine. The banter between Connor and Charlie was so good. It had me laughing and wanting more. This book is definitely a must read book. You'll be hooked ...
  • Christina G.
    Sidelined had everything I want in a contemporary romance - a strong female lead, an engaging love interest, as well as enough trouble and misunderstanding to keep things interesting. This book was well written and the dialogue made me laugh quite a bit. The characters were well-rounded making me feel like I already knew them but I still wanted to learn more. I really enjoyed this book and had a hard time putting it down.
  • Jessica
    I personally really enjoyed this book. Connor and Charlie were an unlikely couple, but from that first meeting in the Caribou parking lot, I knew they would end up together. None the less, the story kept my attention and kept me entertained throughout the book. This is the first book by Suzanne Baltsar that I have read, and I hope this book brings her great success!
  • Moon Love
    3.5 stars!
  • Julie
    This was an okay romance between a coaches . It felt like there wasn't any real chemistry and liked the friends more...want to read those stories.
  • Angie
    I received this book in an advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion. Very sweet love story about a female football coach and the assistant coach she falls for. Between the banter, side stories and sports I really enjoyed this book!
  • Deborah E Kehoe
    Charlotte “Charlie” Gibb the daughter of a famous football coach grew up around the sport her whole life. Growing up playing, then coaching football she’s always struggled against being a woman in a man’s world. When she lands the head coaching job at a high school in Minnesota she hopes to make a new start and gain acceptance. Beating out assistant coach Connor McGuire for his dream job sets them off on the wrong foot. Underneath their a...
  • Keisha
    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I found this book to be easy enough to read. I could understand Charlie's position to want more and to get it on her own steam. I liked how the author brought forth issues that plague women who try to succeed in male dominated sports. This could be easily related to other areas. Though I understood her struggles, there were times that Charlie seemed a little overk...
  • Sara Jo
    I was provided an ARC of this book by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book! It was great to see a woman in a “man’s world” and kicking complete butt!! However, I am really bummed that the author chose an easy way out of solving the climax of the story. Spoilers below:Charlie pisses off a wealthy dad and kicks his arrogant son off the team and of course, she gets fired. Connor gets her job and instead of Char...