Go It Alone! by Bruce Judson

Go It Alone!

There is an epidemic of unhappiness in the American workplace. A full 70 percent of workers in the United States report that they are disengaged from their jobs. When asked, "Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?" only 20 percent of nearly 2 million employees said yes. It is no wonder that 56 percent of all Americans dream of starting their own business. So why don't they do so? Because starting one's own business is seen ...

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TitleGo It Alone!
Release DateDec 13th, 2005
GenreBusiness, Nonfiction, Entrepreneurship

Reviews Go It Alone!

  • Chris
    Bruce Judson explains how an individual can create his own business without the need of anyone else, except for lawyers and accountants, to create and run a personal business. His method of execution is all about outsourcing your business needs to either other businesses that specialize in the service or software programs. These are software programs that are called, ASP (Application Service Providers) and their job is to perform all the needed w...
  • Mihai Cosareanu
    I read this book due to the recommendation from Personal MBA. After reading this book I don't think that I learned anything new compared to my previously read books. It motivates you a bit to start your own thing, however, I feel that the times have changed a bit. I think Rework (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6...) is more actual than this.
  • Nicholas
    Good. Actionable. easy read. thought provoking.The model is a focused, leveraged (in the good way) business that sells your one skill or product perfectly.Also, these businesses are invisible. No big PR. No magazine covers. Not high technology. Word of mouth perfection. Quite, smiling, needing nothing from you.Dovetails with Army of Davids.The Four-Hour-Workweek without Tim's awesome marketing.This is the goal.Makes some good comments on the bias...
  • Lanre Dahunsi
    "You are more likely to succeed if you superbly execute a superbly mediocre idea than if you execute a superb idea in a mediocre way."Go It Alone Entrepreneur:He is filled with enthusiasm and knows that he needs to keep reinventing the business.The bias for a go it alone entrepreneur must be that all possible activities are automated or otherwise outsourced unless there is absolutely no other choice, which makes it a core activity.If you eventual...
  • David Brown
    Go It Alone is a book that offers ideas for those who would like to capitalize on their own individual abilities without the need for developing an organization. Bruce Judson offers advice for creating your own business with very little capital and no permanent employees.I was drawn to this book because I believe in the power of individuals. The author promotes the idea that with the latest technology and available service applications it is poss...
  • Matthew Bradley
    This book was not for me. It's not a bad book, but this book is for those who want to sell rocks, not mountains. It is also very, very basic while at the same time being far too verbose. It lacks a large degree of original thought and in places becomes a menagerie of quotes and shallow anecdotes.This is the slightly diluted pancake syrup of business books: not entirely unpalatable, but you'd be more satisfied if you ate maple syrup with your Belg...
  • Yasheve
    Although I took one good piece of information from this book that will be useful, it wasn't something that I hadn't already read or learned. This book simply re-triggered that message.I agree with Michael:"It's not a bad book, but this book is for those who want to sell rocks, not mountains. It is also very, very basic while at the same time being far too verbose. It lacks a large degree of original thought and in places becomes a menagerie of qu...
  • Sam
    This book was written by a professor at the Yale School of Management. He has been a successful entrepreneur as well. I really like the principles he discusses in this book. The title pretty well summarizes what he talks about throughout. He stresses the importance of finding what you are good at and focusing on that. In other words, outsource all the rest. He argues that you should strive to succeed in business by maintaining a lean infrastructu...
  • Laura
    Extremely helpful book about building your own business in the internet age. He says outsource everything and focus on your core skills. With the advent of the internet, you do not need to be your own back office. There are accounting, legal, marketing, and other services online to which you can outsource these responsbilities - and they are cheap or even free!
  • Tim Brown
    Great book with a realistic view on start-ups. The author has a large emphasis on outsourcing as many aspects of the business as you can and focusing your attention on your unique talents and strengths
  • Allison
    This book had some helpful ideas I wasn't familiar with (the 60% rule, for example). I do agree with the reviewers who found it repetitive. The concept of using ASPs or outside contractors that are basically "good enough" was interesting.
  • Martha
    Basic principles of concentrating on what you do best.
  • Tiago
    Great book. ASP focus and outsourcing principles really stand out, as well as the idea that you don't need tons of employees to be a success.
  • Julian Munds
    I go 70 pages in and felt past the point of "Do extreme outsourcing" Knudson has little to offer. It's a go nowhere book.
  • Vasu
    This is very good book for "go-it-alone" entrepreneur with less capital and complete out-sourcing model for individual person. Myth of "Venture capital" has been explained clearly.
  • Umar Ghumman
    The books offers some interesting insight but is focused on tech start ups. I would recommend it to someone starting his own website or e-business
  • Will Harvey
    This guy has a lot of practical advice. I seem to get something out of the book every time I pick it up. The author has started several business and is a business school prof as well.
  • Benjamin
    Fair. Halfway through, there are a few interesting bits, but there is lots of confirmation bias from Judson's own life and fanaticism about classic stories.