A Perfect Silhouette by Judith McCoy Miller

A Perfect Silhouette

In 1850, Mellicent "Mellie" Blanchard takes a job at a mill in Manchester, New Hampshire, to help support her family. In search of additional earning opportunities, she approaches a daguerreotype shop owner with the proposal that he hire her to make paper cuttings or silhouette portraits for those who can't afford an expensive daguerreotype.When a particularly charming customer--whose broad smile and twinkling eyes catch her off guard--asks to es...

Details A Perfect Silhouette

TitleA Perfect Silhouette
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherBethany House Publishers
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance

Reviews A Perfect Silhouette

  • Maureen Timerman
    I really enjoyed this book, and although I thought I figured out the ending early on. While there is a bit of romance here, there are so many subplots going on, like real life, you will never get bored, and it will keep you page turning.We get an up-close look at the mills that were an important part of the economy on the East Coast, and also see how unpleasant it was to work there. Wonder anyone had hearing left, or lungs, and the humidity and h...
  • Becky
    Judith Miller is one of my favorite authors and I will grab her books to read, especially when I need some down-time. But when I read A Perfect Silhouette, I was thoroughly disappointed. There was so much Judith left unfinished. Maybe she was leaving room for a sequel to this book, or to make a series, but there were unresolved issues in the plot and I cannot give this book more than three stars.Mellie has moved to Manchester, NH, to work in the ...
  • Lucy
    I’m a Judith Miller fan and love the Historical aspects of her novels. It is so interesting to read of times that our history books never mention in school. While reading this I can imagine how humid and full of lint particles the mills were. You can hear the coughs of the workers and how rushed they were to get to the boarding house to eat and rush back to work. These people had to have a lot of stamina and a desire to work. I can’t imagine ...
  • Lori
    Why does there have to be a mean person in our everyday lives? Do some do it for attention? Olive in this story sure does it the wrong way. But she is ok after awhileSome of us can't help our positions in life. There things that draw us into whatever life throws at us. Things that are out if our control and some things we can. Life is all about the choices we make and how we make them. Sometimes when others make a wrong choice it's up to us to he...
  • BlueJeansAndTeacups
    JUST OK – DID NOT ENJOYManchester, New Hampshire 1850This book was not my cup of tea. I generally read a book in 1 or 2 days. I read this one over 5 days because I was not into it. The story is told in third person. It took 9 or 10 chapters before I could even begin to somewhat enjoy the story. I read A LOT of historical fiction and this author’s writing style feels unpolished to me in comparison. She uses the word bucolic often, so it stands...
  • Miranda Atchley
    With nods to North and South, Judith Miller’s A Perfect Silhouette is a sweet historical romance. Being a fan of Gaskell’s classic novel, I loved reading about a factory worker who falls in love with the mill owner. I liked both our hero, Morgan, and our heroine, Mellie, and enjoyed reading about their romance as it gently unfolded. Mellie’s riches-to-rags story and the secret of Morgan’s identity gave a deft nod to the Cinderella story, ...
  • Sherri Ferguson
    The backdrop of this delightful novel is New Hampshire in 1850, and readers of historical fiction will love this Cinderella story emerged from a manufacturing company. The working and living conditions were particularly interesting to read about, as well as the developing love story. The television show Undercover Boss has nothing on this book as the aristocratic company owner’s son decides to hide his identity in order to work on the ground fl...
  • Kristen Gwen Johnson
    The Perfect Silhouette by Judith Miller tells the story of Mellie Blanchard as she begins a new life in Manchester, New Hampshire working in a cloth mill. Her family has fallen upon hard times and she must send money back to her widowed sister and her children. The work is long and difficult, but she’s determined to do right by her sister and provide for her as best she can. To make a few extra cents, she also starts working at a local photogra...
  • Anne
    The Perfect SilhouetteBy Judith MillerHave you read or watched North and South? As I read about the cotton mills and owners verses the workers, I could not help but relate and compare stories. I will say as many similarities as there may seem to be this story was different and quite enjoyable. Mellies life circumstances have changed and rather then feel stuck in the past she dutifully joins the working class to provide for herself and sisters fam...
  • Vibliophile
    (4.5 stars) - a cotton mill cinderella story Those familiar with Elizabeth Gaskell's description of England's developing cotton industry in "North and South" will find this book particularly interesting. In this book, we get to see some of the similarities and differences of the industry as compared to America. And we get to see it from the perspective of characters who are working there. It's a little surprising to see how the workers lived then...
  • Sherri Smith
    This is a story that I would qualify as a very sweet, wholesome story. It reminded me of the essence of Grace Livingston Hill books in which everyone is just good. There are characters who aren’t so perfect, but once Mellie shows them where they have gone wrong, they are quick to find their true path.Mellie has moved to town to become a mill girl for one of three mills in this town. She finds herself in a boarding house sharing the attic room w...
  • Becky Lewis
    A Perfect Silhouette by Judith Miller is the second Christian Historical I’ve read recently involving working in the mills. Set in 1850 New Hampshire, we view the mill town, boarding house, and mill itself through the eyes of one young woman, Mellie Blanchard. We see the deplorable conditions within the mill walls, sweating to near-fainting with Mellie and breathing in stifling lint-laden air. The undeniable monotony of watching the loom shuttl...
  • Karen Palmer
    Judith Miller's newest novel, A Perfect Silhouette, reflects her love of history. In this book, Miller explores what life would have been like in a mill town. Mellie is seeking a job to help support her widowed sister and her family, while.s also running from disgrace. Coming from a privileged background, Mellie finds that she needs to adjust to an entirely different way of life, in addition to learning the skills necessary to succeed at the mil...
  • Victoria
    I requested and received this book through NetGalley and Baker Publishing. I am not forced to leave a review either positive or negative. This review is freely given and my own opinion.I enjoy reading books by Judith Miller and I enjoyed this book also. When I started the book, I thought I had previously read it but knew that couldn't be true. I had read a book that involved the millworkers in that region and time period in a different book years...
  • Jaquelyn Scroggie
    A unique story set in the mill factories where women worked in horrible conditions for not enough money. It was interesting imagining women setting out on their own to work in a town far away, in order to send money to their family so they can have a better life. Mellie received an offer from a traveling man, and decided it was the best way to help those she loves. When things seem to good to be true they often are. Sleeping in a room with 4 or 5...
  • Rorie
    Starting with a side-note here: I'm a huge Avengers fan. I'm not going to lie, every time I read the surname Stark in this book, I thought of Tony Stark and I kept picturing his (Tony's) dad as in place of the character in the book. Aside from that odd little side note, I enjoyed this story, although I wish the conflicts weren't quite so easily resolved. I like happy ever after stories and enjoy seeing issues resolved, but it seemed to happen a l...
  • Michelle Kidwell
    A Perfect Silhouetteby Judith MillerBethany HouseBethany House PublishersChristianPub Date 06 Aug 2019I am reviewing a copy of A Perfect Silhouette through Bethany House Publishers and Netgalley:This book transports us to 1850 Manchester New Hampshire where we meet Mellie Blanchard who takes a job at a mill in order to help provide for her family. Looking for additional earnings she approached a daguerreotype shop owner asking that he hire her to...
  • CoffeeBreakBooks
    Judith Miller's latest historical tale is illuminating, very moving, and completely absorbing. Heroine Mellie Blanchard, as do many young girls or young adults, works in the mills of New England in the 19th century. Some were orphans and others were, as Mellie, needing to help support their families. The author skillfully presents the feel of the mill environment without creating a negative drag on the story line. Instead, readers focus more on t...
  • Patti Whitson Stephenson
    I enjoyed this Christian historical novel written by Judith Miller. I immediately felt drawn into Mellie’s story line and appreciated her righteous character and compassionate heart. The author did a great job incorporating details about the time period to help the reader understand the difficult circumstances faced by the ladies who worked in the mills. I had a little bit harder time connecting with Morgan and his parents, but warmed up to the...
  • Caitlin Allen
    Thank you to Bethany House for the free review copy. All opinions are my own.This was a sweet historical romance, but it also had a main character that had a lot of grit and grace. Mellie has a lot of hardship throughout this novel, but it was great to see a character persevere in the way that she did.I also think that the setting was perfect. I liked getting a glimpse into the female mill worker's life in this book. I also think that the paper c...
  • Marvy Herrera
    I received an ARC of this book from Bethany House Publishers; via NetGalley, this review is my personal opinion.What I like about this story is easy to read, faith center, there is no unnecessary drama, the characters are likable, the progression in the relationship between Mellie and Morgan is not force, but swiftly and I believe that Judith Mille wanted to give a message through her story on how important is, to be honest, and also forgive. If ...
  • Claudia
    While quite predictable, A Perfect Silhouette is a sweet romance with a dash of intrigue. Most of the characters are likable, at least by the end of the story. Multiple problems are presented, but are fairly easily solved. Nevertheless, the story is a pleasant read and you won't regret the time spent with it. I am grateful to have received a copy of A Perfect Silhouette from Bethany House in exchange for my honest opinion. I was under no obligati...
  • Karen R
    A nice, gentle, well-written historical, with an interesting setting, good characters, and a tender romance. Clean with a little bit of mystery, underlined with a faith message. Mellie is a solid, hardworking young woman, loyal to family and friends. She was easy to get behind from the start.A steady paced plot with not much action, but enough to keep the story going. It has an old fashioned feel, like a Grace Livingston, Jane Peart or older Chri...
  • Trisha
    I've always enjoyed books by Judith Miller! I really liked the storyline and loved the characters. Mellie was very resourceful and strong. Of course there has to be a few "mean girls"... I loved how one in particular was dealt with. This story will make you consider some things in your own life. I would love to read a sequel to this book... I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley on behalf of the Publisher and was under no obl...
  • Emmanuelle Works
    First, the good, the characters are all sweet, and the parts about working at the mills was well-researched, interesting and reasonably enlightening if you've never read anything about the Industrial Revolution. However, it felt like being "regaled" with a morality tale by a Sunday school teacher expecting an audience of middle schoolers.
  • Amy
    I enjoyed A Perfect Silhouette. I could not help to think about my grandparents while reading this. The conditions they had to endure to live and to even make a living to live. I loved Mellie in this book. I give her story four stars.
  • Pat Morris
    A historical novel focusing on women who worked in the clothing mills in Massachusetts. Well written
  • Anne
    I really enjoyed this book. The reminders from God to trust but to also forgive were very important. I only wish I knew what happened to Mellie's family.
  • Rachel Kokes
    A Perfect Silhouette was written by Judith Miller, and is set in the mid-1800s.Summary: With a major scandal in her family’s recent past, Mellie Blanchard leaves her home behind, and takes a job at a mill in New Hampshire.Not accustomed to manual labor, and shunned by the workers who disapprove of her fancy belongings, Mellie makes the best of her situation-if only for the money it will bring for her family back home.Will Mellie be able to supp...