Scavenge the Stars (Scavenge the Stars, #1) by Tara Sim

Scavenge the Stars (Scavenge the Stars, #1)

When Amaya rescues a mysterious stranger from drowning, she fears her rash actions have earned her a longer sentence on the debtor ship where she’s been held captive for years. Instead, the man she saved offers her unimaginable riches and a new identity, setting Amaya on a perilous course through the coastal city-state of Moray, where old-world opulence and desperate gamblers collide. Amaya wants one thing: revenge against the man who ruined he...

Details Scavenge the Stars (Scavenge the Stars, #1)

TitleScavenge the Stars (Scavenge the Stars, #1)
Release DateJan 7th, 2020
PublisherDisney Hyperion
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Retellings

Reviews Scavenge the Stars (Scavenge the Stars, #1)

  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]
    ARC received in exchange for an honest review - thank you! This is the earliest I've ever gotten an ARC (it doesn't come out until next January!) so I was pretty excited to start reading it. Plus, it was pitched as a diverse, gender-bent retelling of Dumas's The Count of Monte Cristo - which I haven't read, but I know is all about revenge and justice. A vengeful heroine? I was SO HERE for that.Unfortunately, this book - while good - was missing t...
  • Kat Cho
    I was really lucky to read an early copy of this beautiful book! I have always been a fan of the Monte Cristo narrative, the idea that someone who was unjustly wronged, coming back after training and becoming a new person and getting revenge! I love how Tara takes that concept and kind of explores the ideas of revenge, re-inventing yourself, identity, and family. There are two wonderful main characters who have been battered by life and their cir...
  • Emily
    Tara's a master. You should know this by now, but this book is further evidence: TARA SIM IS A GODDAMN MASTER.
  • Kristen
    eager for the next book to see what will happen. I liked this one just didn’t love it to point if obsession
  • Crazy4Books
    I had such high hopes for this when I first started reading it. I thought it had the potential to be a new favorite. I liked the characters, but the pace was so very slow. Im all for a good revenge plot, but there wasnt enough scheming and action throughout to keep me engaged. It definitely felt longer than 336 pages. Full Review Will Be Posted Closer to Publication
  • Clephiro (The Book Coven)
    Scavenge the Stars was a surprising win for me. There has been an influx in retellings in the YA genre lately, mostly with limited success, so I admit that my expectations were reasonably low going into this. I'll also freely admit that the last time I read The Count of Monte Christo was close to two decades ago. So I'm mostly judging this book on its' own merits, rather than as an adaptation of a classic novel.I genuinely enjoyed this book. Silv...
  • K. Kesington
    I got an ARC of this book by accident* and I'm going to do my best to review it. This book was fun. It wasn't without its emotional bits, but for the most part, it was the adventures of two somewhat oblivious teens trying to do what's right. The world building was vibrant, even though outside the city of Moray we only get wide brush strokes with the promise of more to come in the next book. I enjoyed the alternative world, and was pleasantly surp...
  • Melissa Flanagin
    I am always up for a new Tara Sims. She just gets fantasy!!! I would love to just get in her head and see what amazing ideas she has piled up in there. This was such an interesting loosely based Count of Monte Cristo. (Gender swap) Amaya is a strong female character. She had this tenacious presonality. I love that she wasn't played off as flaky and did not have an ista love for the other main character. The plot was wonderful and flowed very nice...