When You Find My Body by D. Dauphinee

When You Find My Body

When Geraldine "Gerry" Largay (AT trail name, Inchworm) first went missing on the Appalachian Trail in remote western Maine in 2013, the people of Maine were wrought with concern. When she was not found, the family, the wardens, and the Navy personnel who searched for her were devastated. The Maine Warden Service continued to follow leads for more than a year. They never completely gave up the search. Two years after her disappearance, her bones ...

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TitleWhen You Find My Body
Release DateJun 1st, 2019
PublisherDown East Books
GenreNonfiction, Travel

Reviews When You Find My Body

  • Valerity (Val)
    Gerry Largay had a dream to hike the Appalachian Trail and at age sixty-six she was thrilled to finally be doing it. She’d started out hiking with her good friend Jane Lee, and Gerry’s husband George served as support crew. Part way through the journey Jane had a family emergency and had to return home. Gerry decided to hike on alone. She and George met and made friends with many hikers along the way, as George dropped her off and hiked in pa...
  • Linda Strong
    Geraldine Largay hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2013. That's where she disappeared. She was presumed dead after a year of searches produced no body, no clues to what happened. This case became the largest lost-person search in Maine history.Two years after her disappearance , her bones and scattered possessions were found by chance. She was on the U.S. Navy’s SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) School land, about 2,100 feet from th...
  • Lizzy (Bent Bookworm)
    When You Find My Body is the story of Geraldine (Gerry) Largay, an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker who disappeared in 2013. I was very excited to see this book is coming out, as my husband and I are avid hikers and I distinctly remember hearing about her disappearance and wondering if we would ever find out what happened to her.First of all: this book is being marketed as a thriller and or true crime. WHAT?!? It is neither of those, least of all tru...
  • Sabine
    This is a very good book that any hiker or person that enters the woods should read. Without being boring or lecturing the reader it makes very clear that basic skills like being able to use a compass and know how to start a fire etc can prevent a terrible outcome. Just following the one rule to not move as soon as you notice that you are lost, if you don't have survival skills, will most likely lead to a better ending.It tells the story of Gerry...
  • Dianna Weigel
    This is an excellent account of the events leading up to the disappearance of Appalachian Trail hiker Geraldine Largay and the subsequent two-year search efforts by Maine officials, rescue teams, volunteers and the trail community to locate her. The author, Mr. Dauphinee, clearly presents the facts, provides insight from members of the search teams, other AT hikers and Geraldine’s friends. Dauphinee, an accomplished outdoorsman himself, walks t...
  • Thomas
    One of the local AT thru hikers, AKA Blueberry, mentioned that she read this book in one day. It took me two days complete, the same as my wife who read it immediately after I did. The book is well phrased, and the author has the credentials to do a thorough job of bring the story forward. I recommended to anyone, experienced hikers and outdoors folks as well as those who hold that that a long hike on Appalachian Trail is a piece of cake. In any ...
  • Su Philips
    This is one of my favorite books, not only this year, but period. It takes a lot for a book to make me emotional, this book touched me deeply. Gerry Largay went missing on the AT in July 2103. Her story is heart wrenching, but this book is NOT an exploitation of her misadventure; it is a tribute to her attitude toward life. Gerry will live on in this wonderful book. Her story has inspired my family to take a survival class and set out on the trai...
  • Sheri Joyce
    Being unfamiliar with the story of Gerry Largay and the Appalachian Trail but a true crime and mystery fan, I was excited to read this book. This story is a sad one and a cautionary tale to hikers everywhere. Not being a hiker myself, I learned some interesting tidbits and was surprised at some of the statistics quoted on how people prepare before undertaking a challenging trail.The book is a quick read but I was mildly disappointed with the stru...
  • Jill
    5 starsWhen You Find My BodyThe Disappearance of Geraldine Largay on the Appalachian TrailBy D. DauphineeThis book covers the fascinating and completely tragic tale of “Inchworm” Gerry Largay’s trek across the Appalachian Trail and her death.Being from the Midwest, I have heard of the AT but certainly did not know any intimate details regarding it. I enjoyed so much of this book. I realized how unprepared so many people are for attempting a...
  • gnarlyhiker
    A family member, preferably her husband, should have written about the disappearance of Geraldine Largay. It is interesting to note that her family did not participate in this book. A good portion of the topics in this book was unnecessary. Just two examples: the numerous calls from psychics, what they said and how wrong they were, and pointing the blame for her disappearance at her husband: pointless and tacky. But let’s add insult to injury, ...
  • Heather Nicole
    Are you thinking about hiking the Appalachian Trail- read this book. Do you wish hiking the AT was something you could do- read this book. Do you enjoy hearing about empowering women who hike the trail - read this book! This book absolutely brought a few ACTUAL tears to my eyes. But in the same tears - how lucky Inchworm was able to do something she had always wanted - how many of us can say that!
  • Ruth Woodman York
    As soon as I knew this book was coming out, I knew I'd be reading it. I remember when "Inchworm" went missing, and following the search reports, hoping and praying she would be found. I've hiked a lot myself, including the norther terminus of the AT, the Hunt Trail on Mt. Katahdin. So it felt like a member of my own family was missing in a way. This book was well researched, in the interviews with those who hiked with Gerry at various points on t...
  • Marisa
    What a heartbreaking story. I’m intensely fascinated by people who tackle the AT, and over the past couple of years, I’ve gotten more and more interested in different people’s stories about their time on the AT, but this one is probably the saddest of all, though I’m trying not to be TOO sad over it since Gerry’s story deserves to be known as something more than what happened to her in death.The author clearly cares a lot about multiple...
  • Cindy Stavropoulos
    I just finished, “When You Find My Body”. Thank you for a very well written book! I did have to put it down often because of the enormous sadness I felt while reading. But each time, eager to pick it back up, I was enthralled. While it is sad, “Inchworm” lived a beautiful life and through your book, she has taught me to be persistent. Persistent about my love for hiking, backpacking, jogging, bicycling and all things outdoors. Persistent ...
  • Amy Harrison
    If you’re a hiker of any kind, invest in a tissue box. This book is absolutely incredible. It’s inspiring with a hint of sorrow. Dying whilst attempting such an incredible feat... I’ve read Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. I grew up on the east coast. My mom is .Com (the hiker mentioned in chapter 4). But this book? This one gets really real. Reads as if you’re on the trail, you’re immediately kindred with Inchworm. She did everythi...
  • Lara
    4.5 I was happy to find this WAS NOT a thriller book. The author includes a wide array of information about the trail and surroundings, trail etiquette and survival. I enjoyed the writing style and felt it was well polished. thanks to #Galleymatch from Book Club Cookbook for this ARC
  • Lorrie McCullers
    Such a good, but sad read. This true story of Geraldine Largay, a hiker who went missing on the AT, is an interesting look at the culture of hiking the Appalachian Trail. It also gives insight to the search and rescue teams who search for missing hikers and what they go through. I really enjoyed this book, even though the outcome was so sad.
  • Maddie Carr
    "When You Find My Body" was written with care and sensitivity about G. Largay, while honoring her family and her legacy. It was difficult to read in places because of the heart-felt sorrow of her demise. D. Dauphinee has extensive experience (and a love for) the outdoors. His research is in depth, leaving no stone unturned. As a hiker, I learned a lot about self-rescue, basics I hadn't known.
  • Patricia Lane
    Well, well, well, I have been waiting for this book to be out and as soon as I received it I sat down to learn about Geraldine Largay and what happened to her. I had prayed for her every day that she was lost. I can honestly say the author of this book did a wonderful job in helping us understand how this happened and what could have saved her. She was obviously a remarkable woman and I wish I'd met her in this life. The author also shed a lot of...
  • Sterling Williamson
    How can a hiker get lost on the Appalachian Trail and not be found? D. Dauphinee addresses this question in detail, and from many perspectives. The book was captivating and well written and may help prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. I highly recommend this book.
  • Amy Wels
    True story of Gerry, who died on the Appalachian Trail after becoming lost, attempting to complete her "adventure of a lifetime." An interesting story of the culture of the trail and those who hike it, many interviews of those who met Gerry and those who searched for her. The author does a great job describing Gerry's passion for the outdoors and her impact on those around her. Sadly, Gerry did not have the survival skills/tools that could have s...
  • Sarah Ames-Foley
    This review can also be found on my blog.disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for review consideration. All of the opinions presented below are my own. When You Find My Body is a nonfiction account of the last months of Gerry Largay’s life. Gerry went missing on the Appalachian Trail in 2013, her remains found approximately two years later. The book spans from the time Gerry spent pre...
  • G
    In April of 2013, Geraldine ‘Gerry’ Largay set out to hike the Appalachian Trail. She was a ‘well-equipped, capable hiker who was mentally well-prepared’ and who had planned her hike meticulously. She was supported by her husband, who met Gerry every few days with supplies and a ride to a town for a night in a motel and food. She began the hike with a friend. In short, she was well-prepared for the trail.In fact, she successfully made pro...
  • Caitlin
    I really enjoyed this book. This case wasn't familiar to me so it was great to learn all about it. The book was very detailed and brought Gerry to life for the readers.
  • Duncan MacDonald
    When You Find My Body (Book Review).I absolutely loved this book! I’d read one other book by this author, ‘Highlanders Without Kilts’ (2015), and thoroughly enjoyed it. It held a personal interest for me as my Grand Uncle had served with the 85th Nova Scotia Highlanders in WWI. D. Dauphinee’s latest book also reminds me of a personal story.I, along with my brother and a friend, went astray in the woods of northern Cape Breton, Nova Scotia...
  • Janilyn Kocher
    When You Find My Body is a sad, heartbreaking tale. It's about a hiker, Gerry, on the Appalachian Trail who wandered off and died from starvation, it's actually a horrific story, reliving how this poor woman died from starvation as rescuers were so close, yet so far away. Dauphinee details a thoughtful recreation of her journey, although sometimes I felt he extrapolated too much about certain things he could not have known. He does proffer practi...
  • Nana
    I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley. I had followed the news coverage of Geraldine “Gerry” Largay's disappearance so I did know who she was. The book was fascinating not only because it told her story, but it also explained how it could have happened that she got lost. It helped make sense of what so many of us couldn't understand and corrected some of the misconceptions during the search for her. What is unique about this book is t...
  • Clark
    WHEN YOU FIND MY BODY by Denis “Dee” Dauphinee is about more than just a hiker trekking the Appalachian Trail and becoming lost in the process. Geraldine “Gerry” Largay had a dream. which she put into motion with a clear and disciplined intent on fulfilling it. We the readers hold our own personal dreams, some of which we may act upon. In the blink of an eye, Gerry’s story could be our story. Without ever having met Gerry “Inchworm”...
  • Kelly Faysash
    When You Find My Body was both heartbreaking and inspiring to read. I really, really enjoyed the author's style and how they weaved together the journey of an incredible woman. The "characters" in this story are all so interesting and Inchworm was an incredible woman with a true zest for life. Of course this story is somewhat tragic and you know that going in, but at the same time, you are completely mesmerized by the zest for life that this woma...