A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying by Kelley Armstrong

A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying

Monster hunting isn't for the faint of heart—the first in a brand-new middle-grade series by NYT bestselling author, Kelley Armstrong.Twelve-year-old Rowan is next in line to be Queen; her twin brother, Rhydd, to be Royal Monster Hunter. Rowan would give anything to switch places, but the rule is, the oldest child is next in line, even if she is only older by two minutes. She resigns herself to admiring her royal monster hunter aunt's official ...

Details A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying

TitleA Royal Guide to Monster Slaying
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherPuffin Canada
GenreFantasy, Childrens, Middle Grade, Adventure

Reviews A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying

  • Melanie (TBR and Beyond)
    "The best way to raid a camp is divert attention.  I am an expert at that. "  A Royal Guide to Monster Hunting has a lot to offer.  We get a diverse cast of characters, a strong-willed, kick-ass princess turned monster hunter and a deadly enemy - the gryphon! Throw is some great friendships, lots of adventures and so many fun mythical creatures and you got yourself this great story. I saw this pop up on the options to request over on Netgall...
  • Jennifer
    4.5/ 5 starsI loved this book. This is the first book in a new middle grade fantasy series by one of my favorite authors!The narrator is 12 year old Rowan (1st person POV). She is a princess and is supposed to be the next Queen. Her twin brother Rhydd will be the next Royal Monster Hunter. But she desperately wants that job.This was such an enjoyable book. What a cute story! It was filled with unicorns and monsters. And was such a great read. I k...
  • Devann
    I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalleyThis was pretty cute middle grade book. I liked the main character, although her interactions with some of the people she met in her journey seemed a bit awkward and stilted. I also liked all of the magical creatures in the book, especially Jacko the Jackalope. I liked that there was a focus on helping or relocating the creatures if possible and learning more about them rather than just running in...
  • Bea
    "A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying" was a fast-paced adventure story that was also sweet and gentle. There's kidnapping, death, and treachery but also strong familial bonds, caring, loyalty, and compassion. Told from the point of view of Rowan, destined to be the next ruler, we get to know Rowan well, but not her twin, Rhydd. He's less well fleshed out than his sister, and their uncle Heward is a cardboard cliche.Rowan and her twin Rhydd are bound...
  • amanda
    I've heard so many fantastic things about Kelley Armstrong but have never had the time to check out any of her books, I was so happy to see this available on Netgalley and I was not disappointed at all.First of all, the cover art is so cute and such a joy to see! It's so rare to see a fantasy novel where the main character is a person of color especially a young black girl so that is a delight.Reading this I was instantly engrossed. Meet Princess...
  • Sharon Tyler
    A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying by Kelley Armstrong is the first book in a new middle grade to young adult fantasy series. It is currently scheduled for release on August 6 2019.Twelve-year-old Rowan is destined to be Queen; her twin brother, Rhydd, to be Royal Monster Hunter. Rowan would give anything to switch places, but the oldest child is always next in line, even if she is only older by two minutes. She resigns herself to admiring her mons...
  • Megan
    I love fantasy adventure middle grade books. I’ve read enough of them, though, that sometimes they start seeming a little similar to me. There’s only so many kingdoms that need saving from various monsters. I was expecting more of the same when I saw the title A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying, but Kelley Armstrong surprised me with a breath of fresh air that had me grinning and engaged for all 288 pages!Princess Rowan doesn’t want to be que...
  • Samantha Fraenkel
    A Royal Guide to Monster Slaying is an action packed first instalment in a new middle grade series by Canadian author, Kelley Armstrong. Featuring strong female characters, fast paced excitement, lots of mythical creatures, and an engaging storyline, this is one that will be enjoyed by Percy Jackson and Fantastic Beasts fans! I only gave this three stars because while I did enjoy it, I did find that as an adult reader it did leave me wanting a bi...
  • Soup
    Wonderful and diverse fantasy novel (the first, it seems, of a series!) aimed at kids. Fans of magical monsters, adventure, and fantasy are sure to love it. In a market saturated by delicate white princesses with blonde flowing hair, it's great to see a black princess who saves both herself and her kingdom. Humorous and action-packed in turn, I hope this book finds many eager readers.12 year old Princess Rowan is first born which means, per her c...
  • Chrissy
    This new middle-grade adventure is perfect to introduce the kids in your life to the wonderful joy of reading in general and reading Kelley Armstrong in particular. But it's also a fun diverting read for (young-at-heart) adults with a free afternoon on their hands. I was thoroughly entertained, despite being far outside the age range of the target audience.
  • Joe ST
    what a glorious little tale of heroism !!! I look forward to the sequel!
  • Leah
    I wish this wasn't the case - I adore Kelley's novels - but this was a DNF @ 53% and I'm honestly surprised I pushed myself to reach that point. While there was nothing inherently bad about this one, it was just so. boring. I didn't care about the characters, I didn't care about the world, I didn't care royal decrees were being shattered by a pair of siblings taking on the roles that should be the other's birthright.
  • Elle
    On the surface, everything about this book was right up my alley. I really wanted to like it. Magical creatures, girl power, defying gender norms, character diversity, but unfortunately it fell flat for me. It was still written from a colonialist, patriarchal perspective, which revealed itself all too well in the character interactions. There were very uncritical cultural judgements made between characters that revealed a sense of moral superiori...
  • Breane Ross
    Received an arc from netalley. LOVED this book! This is a great start to a new series by Kelley Armstrong. Highly recommend it!
  • KSS
    I really enjoyed this book. It defied many tropes that I'm used to seeing in this type of story. The main character comes from a royal line that chooses its rulers based on who was born first and the hunter by who is born after. Though Rowan and her twin are better suited for each other's positions, there's nothing they can do about the rules. But no one-in her Clan anyway-tries to say she can't be Queen or Royal Monster Hunter because she's a gi...
  • Hayley
    Just like all other teen books by Kelley Armstrong this one started off with a bang and never slowed down. I found the characters in this novel very easy to relate to, they all had their own problems to deal with but they we something that didn't overpower the main characters. This book had lots of adventure as well as action and throw in a mix of mythical monsters and creatures you have a story that can draw the reader in and hold them intereste...
  • Laura
    I received an ARC of this title from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.By being born first, Princess Rowan is destined for the throne. But she'd rather be studying monsters and practicing her sword skills. Alas, the position of Royal Monster Hunter shall go to her twin brother, Rhydd, per tradition. Never mind that he'd be way better for the throne than she'd be, tradition is tradition. Until things go horribly wrong, and a gryphon attac...
  • Mimi
    The Royal Guide to Monster Slaying presents a middle-grade fantasy world replete with many different mythical monsters (some good, some deadly), lots of action and adventures, and a determined female protagonist. 12-year-old Princess Rowan is strong-minded and impulsive, often jumping into the thick of things without thinking things through. She is also kind and has a special ability to relate to animals. In her determination to become the next r...
  • Diana Brown
    Thank you Netgalley and Penguin Random House Canada for allowing me to review Kelley Armstrong’s A royal guide to monster slaying. This new fantasy series by Kelley is for middle grade school kids but don’t be fooled – this fantasy action series is fabulous for any age! Once again, Kelley gives us a wonderful world filled with strong characters, this time with mythical creatures - some of my all time favourites; unicorns, Pegasus’, grypho...
  • Mandi Lynn
    This book was so great!! I originally picked it up because of the author, Kelley Armstrong. I've read several of her adult and young adult novels and loved them, so I was excited to see a junior fiction book and a fantasy one no less! I was not disappointed. The pacing is quick, no lags at all, it is easy and fast to read. I really enjoyed the main character, Rowan and all the interesting monsters and friends she makes along the way. This is a fa...
  • Teri B
    Compared to the ending, this book does have a somewhat slow start. But then wow, what a story Kelley Armstrong tells here. We meet Rowan and Rhydd, twins of the current ruling family over the clan territories. Their mother is the current queen, their father died, trying to kill a Gryphon as the Royal Monster Slayer.In this book we follow Rowan who wants nothing more be than a royal monster hunter at some time. She sets out onto a adventure that t...
  • Denice Langley
    Kelley Armstrong has been one of my favorite authors for a very long time. She weaves her stories using layered characters and well defined communities and back stories to make reading her books an experience in excellent writing. She is definitely a master of her craft, using her skills to entertain her fans.This is a new series in a new genre. I read the book quickly, the story of the royal twins who must earn the right to serve and protect the...
  • Stephanie
    I’ve read one of this author’s YA books and wasn’t a fan. I didn't realize she also wrote middle grade. This sounded like a cute palate cleanser so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m glad I did. I sped through this book in one sitting because it was wonderful light read. The characters are relatable and you want them to succeed. I think I also liked that there were relationships without romance. YA stories get bogged down by the romance; ...
  • Jen
    Don't get the wrong idea because of the cover! This is Kelley Armstrong and the book is, of course, suitable for a middle grade audience, but the delightful romp with twelve-year-old Princess Rowan is not limited to any age group.Kelley Armstrong has the ability to pull the reader into whatever world her imagination creates, and youngsters from 10-80 are likely to become completely immersed in the monster hunting adventures of Rowan and friends.A...
  • Marty Tool
    Loved this book. I want the next one NOW. Hopefully it won't be a year to wait. Lots of action, well paced story of the princess who wants to be The monster Hunter, and for her brother to be king, not the way it currently stands, they both know each other would be better in the reverse roles. Rowen decides she needs to watch her brother's back when he goes off to hunt with their aunt. Along the way she meets unexpected creatures who just won't le...
  • Tamra
    A Royal Guide to Moster Slaying is a lovely middle-grade fantasy book. We see a young girl, Rowan, trapped by societies rules as she wants to be more than a princess. She wants to be a monster hunter, her brother is expected to be one. The story reminds me of the Song of the Lioness in a way, as both siblings feel trapped. The book has enjoyable lessons about kindness, acceptance, and perseverance. Those who like magical beasts will love this boo...
  • Andrew
    Read-alike: How to Train your Dragon by Cressida CrowellFor fans of Pixar's Brave or Universals' Fantastic Beasts and where to find them films, here is a read for those who enjoy strong female characters, a middle-grade novel that DOES NOT feature romance or angst, but instead features strong-minded and smart characters, a lot of great humor, and some truly unique "monsters" and what that definition is... Join Rowan, the future queen-to-be, Alain...
  • Viviane Elbee
    Fun fantasy book with all kinds of monsters and adventures. It’s got great pacing and plenty of suspense. There is some violence & death but no romance. I really enjoyed it and I think fans of other middle grade fantasy novels would enjoy this one too.I received an advanced reader copy at a library conference in Seattle.
  • Liz
    An enjoyable middle-grade fantasy. I've liked Kelley Armstrong's other adult urban fantasy stories so I'm glad I checked this out. I liked the characters but the plot felt like a bunch of mini-adventures without an overarching plot connecting them. Will probably check out the second book when it comes out.