Tackle (Boston Terriers #4) by Jacob Chance

Tackle (Boston Terriers #4)

Trevor Lincoln is the legendary tight end for Boston University’s football team. As the youngest son of a former NFL player, he lives a life of privilege with an endless stream of girls vying for his attention. He always gets his way. Until I come along. Everything about him irks me. From his crooked smile and sexy, dark hair, to his obscenely large trust fund. But when we’re forced to spend time together, the undeniable spark between us blaz...

Details Tackle (Boston Terriers #4)

TitleTackle (Boston Terriers #4)
Release DateOct 10th, 2018
GenreDid Not Finish, Academic, College, Sports and Games, Sports, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

Reviews Tackle (Boston Terriers #4)

  • Barbara
    The Boston Terriers series just got better. Having read the first three books in the series, I just knew Trevor and Grace’s story was going to be extra special. May I say that the author, Jacob Chance, did not disappoint me in that regard. They story is truly special and totally worth reading.Trevor comes across to many as a spoiled rich kid that can get anything he wants, simply because his father was a huge NFL star and he was born into wealt...
  • M
    Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of Jacob Chance. The Boston Terriers series is one of my faves. Football, sexy heros and smart, strong heroines...what is not to love! That being said, I just finished Tackle and am totally blown away. I have been anxiously awaiting this read and it does not disappoint. Trevor Lincoln, seems to have it all; he's not only a tight-end for the Boston Terriers, but he's also sexy, wanted by the ladies and the so...
  • Meghann Martin
    Jacob’s Boston Terriers series is one of my favorite sports romance series ever. With each new story I get more enamored and hooked. I know I say this with each book but Trevor and Grace’s story is something special, and I want to say that this is my favorite.... lol.Trevor is Brady Lincoln’s little brother, remember from Penalty, and he is also a son of a NFL legend. He plays football on the Boston Terriers team and is basically expected t...
  • Lauren Harwood
    Tackle is perfect combination of sweet, sassy and sexy all rolled into a perfectly wrapped story that will have you unable to put it down until you've completely devoured it. Trevor is sweet, charming, funny and all things I love in a book boyfriend. He's pretty darn close to being perfect. Grace is the firey redhead who keeps him on his toes and makes him work hard for what he wants. Her. Grace definitely played hard to get, but Trevor's charm a...
  • Anne OK
    College sports-related romance with both a female and male football player. Cute, full of fun to read banter with a little spice. Nothing really new to add to the standard we've all read many times over.
  • Katie ✨
    My fondness for the Boston Terriers series grows with each new installment.Jacob Chance has a way to write sweet and sizzling romances with swoony flawless male protagonists.Tackle follows Trevor, a popular, intelligent, handsome and as sweet as a candy football player. Son of a legendary football superstar, he's got a reputation but above all a legacy to fulfill.Yet, beyond his sexy charms hides a determined considerate and passionated man. He i...
  • Shannon Godwin
    I love this series! Trevor & Grace are total opposites & you will get to see how opposites attract. I do have to say that I was not a huge fan of Grace. I understand some of her attitude but to be honest, Trevor dealt with her attitude & coldness a lot better than I ever could have. I was happy to see her loosen up a little. Although Trevor is a player, he shows you a sweet side & you can’t help but love him! I really have a soft sport for Trev...
  • KFForever
    kfforever Reviewed by Donna on behalf of KindleFriendsForeverSon of a legendary NFL football player, Trevor Lincoln plays football for his school team, Boston Terriers. He's used to getting what he wants with his high profile and privileged upbringing and can get any girl he fancies. That being said, he wants to achieve on his own merits and although he wants to be successful in NFL, he has other aspirations for his future. Trevor has a bit of a ...
  • Rock Hard Romance
    This is another very enjoyable story,which can easily be read as a Standalone,but for those of us who have read the previous books in this series,it is yet again,another welcome addition.The book blurb gives enough away,so I won't go into much detail as to all that happens,so not to spoil things,but I will say that (not to take anything away from his other works) Jacob writes the 'sports romance' very well-there is a good balance of the game deta...
  • Donna Purcell zappone
    I really like this series about the Boston Terriers Football teams( both of them). I have been waiting anxiously since reading about the meeting of Trevor and Grace in the book Coach. Trevor, the star captain of the football team. Son of the famed NFL star Lawrence Lincoln. He's from a privileged family but wants to succeed on his own merits. Grace Duffy... spitfire, vegan ( lol) , hard headed independent woman and on the Boston Terriers woman's ...
  • Christie Marsh
    I love this Boston Terriers Series; Trevor and Grace's story does not disappoint. It's a real life situation put into words. Both showing a toughness to protect themselves from hurt. Being the son of an NFL All Star isn't easy, but Trevor knows what he want's to do with his life and now who he wants to spend it with. While Grace the daughter of a very homestyle restaurant owner is guarded and tries hard to stay away from the one man she can't sto...
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    3.5-4 stars for meI enjoyed this story. Trevor's character was great - hard working, more than meets the eye football star. Grace was a super serious, somewhat jaded for her age female football player. There was plenty of back and forth in this one but you do get your HEA.
  • Charmane Hackworth
    I loved Trevor and Grace so much. This is up at the top of my favorites from Jacob. I liked how determined Trevor was in going after what he wanted and never giving up. Grace was such a doll. I was hooked from the beginning with this story.
  • Liz
    I have been reading Jacob Chance since his first book and am a huge fan. Each book is better than the last and I simply devour everything he writes. And his Boston Terriers series is one of my favorites. I love the cocky and arrogant men he gives us and then watch them fall by the women in their lives! Tackle by Jacob Chance is the fourth book in the Boston Terriers series, however, each book can be read as a standalone. Trevor Lincoln is a man u...
  • Linda Lee
    Grace tackles Trevor in a game of ball and not only does she steal his chance to score she steals his heart. Trevor has had a playground of willing girls but they like that he’s hot, he’s the captain of the Boston Terriers and he’s the son of NFL player Lawrence Lincoln. Not one of them want him simply because they like him, they are all shallow and like what he represents. His sights are set on Grace but she has already misjudged him to be...
  • Melanie
    Another addictive read! I love how feisty Grace is, she gives Trevor a run for his money. She is a bit stuck up, sweet and sassy all rolled into one, I even felt sorry for him a few times :). They had a spark from the start but she did not want to give it a second thought, school, family and football were what mattered most. As with all of Jacob's books I could not put it down and was surely not ready for it to end. I definitely enjoyed reading T...
  • Samantha Schwerin
    DNF. I went into this book with low expectations and it turns out I was right. 1. Grace is super immature. The constant gripes at Trevor for even speaking with another girl..I mean girl, if you are that unwilling to believe that he has changed, don't be with him. He has to tell her every other scene that he was not flirting with another girl and that he likes her and no one else. It got really old that that was basically the main conflict of the ...
  • Alexa Rayne
    I'd been waiting for Tackle since sexually charged tension between Trevor and Grace flourished from the first time they met. And I must say, it was a pleasure to see Trevor Lincoln finally fall hard for Grace, the one and only girl who was not fawning over him. There was no denying the attraction and chemistry between them but Grace was no easy feat. I loved that she was cautious, needing to know the real Trevor not the Trevor from the locker roo...
  • Patricia Rohrs (words we love by blog)
    SPEECHLESS!!! That ENDING!!! WOW! Jacob never ceases to amaze me with his amazing characters and how easily it is to relate to them! I always find myself feeling like part of the gang and I can’t wait to see which Terrier is next to catch the love bug!! So Brady was my first chance hero and I loved him completely but I must say Trevor give his big brother a run for his money! He’s smart, resourceful, hard working and most importantly a good h...
  • Maria Christine
    I must admit. Grace made me want to strangle her. Girl's got issues man. Trust issues. She no pushover but she so insecure. She's lucky Trevor ain't not pushover either. Well, it was a fun read. I liked getting to know Trevor, but I'm partial to Grace. Fiesty yes...but so insecure...I can't get over it.
  • Patricia
    FieryThis is a great series so far. Trevor and Grace were on fire! She was frustratingly stubborn but it worked perfectly with her character. The ending was the cherry on top! Loved it!
  • Karen
    A college age book. It is sweet.
  • Allison Thibodaux
    I'm totally in love with Trevor. Who knew he would be such a sweet guy? Grace was a little annoying at times. Such a cute read.
  • Samantha Ortegon (Books, Wine & Time)
    I am a huge Jacob Chance fan and I questioned how his characters could get any hotter and more interesting in the Bosten Terriers series. I was blown away with Tackle and the main character Trevor. I'm not going to admit that this is one of my favorite's because I feel like I said that with his last book and I remember saying that no one can be sexier than Zeke. Well, Jacob Chance proved me wrong.Trevor is every University cheerleader or just any...
  • Sharon Caldwell
    Jacob Chance has done it again and wrote a 5 star book. I really love the characters in the book. Grace and Trevor is a great couple. I can't wait to read Owens story.
  • Iluvbooks44
    Phenomenal book!!!I love Jacob’s books,he is one of my favourite authors.I love this series.I loved this book from start to finish.I love the characters and the story.
  • Brenda Travers
    Jacob Chance just keeps getting better, one of his best works yet. Tackled is Book 4 in the Boston Terrier Series and it is feisty, fun and full of sass. (can be read as a standalone.) Tackled follows the story of Trevor Lincoln (son of former NFL Star player Lawrence Lincoln) you could be excused for thinking life for Trevor is pretty sweet, his family is loaded, his dad and his brother Brady are legends and he quite possibly could get anything ...
  • Jess
    Swoon This book was great if you love a sports romance. I would highly recommend this too someone who is looking for something to make you laugh and bring back your faith in what love can be. Grace and Trevor are a match made in Football. Can’t wait to read more about the other characters in this story.
  • Michelle Brace (Wicked Babes Blog Reviews)
    Jacob once again delivers another wonderful addition to the Boston Terriers series. This series is one of my favorite sports romance series and Jacob's writing has had me hooked. The story line was one that had me engrossed and rooting for Trevor and I really fell in love with Grace.Trevor is getting tired of all the people who only like him for his money, football player status and his last name. He wonders if anyone would really like him for hi...
    LOVEDLoved this book!! Trevor and Grace are so good together! Definately recommend this sports romance series in its entirety! You won't be disappointed!