Summer of '69 by Elin Hilderbrand

Summer of '69

Follow New York Times bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand back in time and join a Nantucket family as they experience the drama, intrigue, and upheaval of a 1960s summer.Welcome to the most tumultuous summer of the twentieth century! It's 1969, and for the Levin family, the times they are a-changing. Every year the children have looked forward to spending the summer at their grandmother's historic home in downtown Nantucket: but this year Blair, ...

Details Summer of '69

TitleSummer of '69
Release DateJun 18th, 2019
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction

Reviews Summer of '69

  • Ana O
    Me: I don't feel like readingElin Hilderbrand: writes a book about the 1960sMe: whips out credit card ♪ Standin' on your mama's porchYou told me that it'd last foreverOh, and when you held my handI knew that it was now or neverThose were the best days of my life ♪I'm kinda disappointed because I went in expecting it to be a flashback story about Bryan Adams and his summer crush. Rest assured it is not.I've always been fascinated by the '60. ...
  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    4 full, family drama, sisterhood, entertaining, amazing journey to the end of sixties while listening Man on the moon and singing “those were the best days of my life” as like Bryan Adams sang stars!You don’t have to be Marty McFly by driving a special car is invented by your Dr. Brown for time travelling. Elin Hilderbrand already takes us back to the end of sixties, a remarkable, memorable time for American and also human history: 1969This...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    To say I’ve been ecstatic to read Elin Hilderbrand’s first historical fiction book is an understatement. Last summer, she wrote her first murder mystery, and this summer she brings us Summer of ‘69. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Expect the stories the Nantucket stories we’ve known and loved from our beloved EH, but this time, with a historic backdrop. The Levin family spends its summers on Nantucket, and everyone looks forward to it. They stay at ...
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction)
    It's not officially summer for me until I've read an Elin Hilderbrand book by the pool or sitting on the beach so luckily for me, I was able to read this one Memorial Day weekend, poolside, with a fruity beverage in hand. Hilderbrand's first historical novel was everything that I've come to expect from the queen of the summer novel and more. In classic Hilderbrand style, Summer of '69 revolves around the lives of several members of the Foley-Lev...
  • Erin
    3.5 stars Thanks to Netgalley and Little, Brown and Company for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review. Elin Hilderbrand states that her twin brother has always encouraged her to explore the summer they were born in one of her novels. Summer of 69 is that novel and sweeps readers back to Nixon, Vietnam, Senator Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick scandal, women's issues, Woodstock, racial equality, class differences, the Moon landing ...
  • Literary Soirée
    INTOXICATING!“Summer does something to the brain. It’s intoxicating. Everything shimmers." So says a character in Summer People, a previous novel by Hilderbrand, which captures the essence of her entire oeuvre. ENGAGING BACKSTORYI’ve devoured every book she’s written, so taken with her addictive stories set on Nantucket. Her own backstory is engaging, including how she came to the island, her education at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, her...
  • Carrie
    Summer of ’69 by Elin Hilderbrand is a historical fiction novel that follows the Levin family during the summer of 1969. Of course with the book focusing on the various family members in this family the point of view does change between them.For years the Levin family has spent summers in Nantucket visiting their grandmother’s historic home. This year however the family is being pulled apart in their own directions. Tiger, the only son, has b...
  • Tammy
    Summer reading at its best!! I enjoy reading her novels and this little historic charmer, her first, was absolutely amazing! ❤ Summer reading at its best!! I enjoy reading her novels and this little historic charmer, her first, was absolutely amazing! ❤️
  • Monika Sadowski
    I wasn’t sure if I should give 3 or 4 stars. The book started good but then I got bored but then I wanted to know how it finished. I guess it’s just a light, summer reading :)
  • Zoe
    Relevant, vivid, and absorbing!Summer of ’69 is a nostalgic, domestic tale that takes us back to the idyllic island of Nantucket during a year when Vietnam was still raging, and Apollo 11 was finally going to put men on the moon, and into the lives of the blended Foley-Levin family as they navigate a summer of revelations, change, and new additions.The writing is expressive and polished. The characters are genuine, troubled, and sympathetic. An...
  • Toni
    The year ‘Nineteen hundred sixty-nine,’ 1969, was a busy year for the United States of America; and as such, was no different for the combined families of Nichols, Foley, Levin and Whalen, all under the matriarchal umbrella of Exalta Nichols. Since Exalta was such a stickler for tradition the family prepares to pack up and move out to Nantucket for the summer, regardless that the 3rd Monday of June is Jessie’s 13th birthday, or that Kate is...
  • Shelby
    It’s the summer of 1969 and the Levin family have big plans to vacation in Nantucket, like they have every year for decades. Kate’s 19-year old son, Richard “Tiger” has just been shipped off to Vietnam. Kate is petrified by what could happen to her only son, worried she’ll never see him again. And due to this, Kate picks up a nasty drinking habit that threatens the sanctity of her marriage. Kate’s youngest, Jessie, turns 13 on the day...
  • Renee (itsbooktalk)
    Well I’m an outlier again with this review. I've found that Elin Hilderbrand is a hit or miss author for me over the years. I've loved a few of her books...Barefoot, The Rumor, The Blue Bistro, and A Summer Affair but not loved many others as well. This one, unfortunately, falls into the latter category. ⠀⠀The set up was enticing to start off. We hear about Tiger, favorite son of Kate and brother of Jessie (youngest), Kirby (middle) and Bla...
  • Myrna
    Another wonderful story from Elin Hilderbrand! With interesting characters, a great storyline, and historical events, you feel as though you’ve been transported back to ‘69. This is a great book to read by the pool but it does have more serious issues of politics, race, family, and secrets. Elin has a great connection to the summer of ‘69 that inspired the book.
  • Kate ☀️ Olson
    LOVED IT. My favorite Hilderbrand novel yet ❤ LOVED IT. My favorite Hilderbrand novel yet ❤️
  • NZLisaM
    This was wonderful, and just what I felt like. Light-ish but delt with some serious issues and topics women not only faced in 1969, but in 2019 as well. Really need to catch up on writing reviews. Review pending!
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    2.5 STARSAmid the war in Vietnam, the summer of 1969 brought the moon landing, Chappaquiddick and Woodstock. With a son Tiger fighting in Nam, college age Kirby working on Martha’s Vineyard, eldest daughter Blair pregnant with twins back in Boston, Kate only has thirteen-year-old Jessie with her at her mom’s Nantucket summer home.SUMMER OF ‘69 isn’t one of my favorite Elin Hilderbrand novels. Her first historical fiction novel felt more m...
  • Amy
    It’s officially summer now that I’ve read the new EH book! Seriously, it truly doesn’t feel like summertime for me until I get my hands on her latest book and I did consider waiting to read this until my actual summer vacation, but who am I kidding, I have no willpower when it comes to her books. I’m so glad I didn’t make myself wait either because this was exactly the right book to get me into a summer vacation state of mind.I was just...
  • Christina
    4.5 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ In pure Elin Hilderbrand style, Summer of ‘69 brings a historical twist on your favorite Nantucket summer beach read. In her first venture in the historical fiction genre, Hilderbrand takes us back in time to the summer of the moon launch, the Chappaquiddick incident and Woodstock. The fashion, the food, the culture, the music, it’s all there. Using song titles from ‘69 as each chapter title, we are transported to a time...
  • Laurene
    3.5 stars. A great beachy summer read. "People are people."
  • Beth McCraw
    My first by Elin Hilderbrand and it definitely won’t be my last!! I loved this so much❤ My first by Elin Hilderbrand and it definitely won’t be my last!! I loved this so much❤️
  • Jennifer
    When Elin comes out with a new book, it's a must. Like a don't-even-read-the-synopsis no-brainer. Just as she delivered a multi-dimensional page turner with The Perfect Summer, Summer of '69 is just as much a treat- but with historical fiction at its core, which is a genre Elin hasn't presented before. The story lines of several members of the Foley/Levin families intertwine as their lives during the summer of 1969 unfurl (or in some cases, unrav...
  • Donna Hines
    I must note Little Brown and Company has recently auto approved me @NetGalley and I'm beyond ecstatic to read these wonderfully talented authors such as the one and only Elin Hilderbrand.I'm a huge fan who enjoys her work for the obvious reasons as they never disappoint.The Summer of '69 is no exception as it's chock full of characters, vivid action, the locations center upon Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard (both places rich in history and steepe...
  • Dkbbookgirl
    Great summer readTakes you back!!! Family story with a very eventful summer as the backdropHighly recommended
  • Debbie
    This new summer beach read by Elin Hilderbrand has the usual setting but with a historical backdrop. I enjoyed the titles of the chapters being songs from the era. The characters were fully developed with the problems and conflicts that depicted the era. The ending could have been a little longer to tie things up a little more but it was an enjoyable read. It is sure to be on the bestseller list. #netgalley #summerof’69
  • Ilene
    ✌🏻✌🏽✌🏿Quintessential Elin Hilderbrand summer book with a touch of a classic Judy Blume. Not the main point, but one of my favorite parts of Hilderbrand’s novels are when she describes what the characters are eating, and the retro 1969 beach picnic descriptions were some of my favorite fun details 😋 It’s not the most poignant novel written about this time period, nor is it the best book in the author’s prolific collection, ...
  • Krystal Hicks
    As usual I loved this new novel by Elin Hildebrand. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was I felt the ending needed more. I felt like it came to a sudden halt. But other than that I loved it. Thank you to Little Brown and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
  • Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict)
    Exalta is the matriarch of the Foley family and every summer the family stays at their historic home on the beautiful island of Nantucket. This year, Kate Levin, Exalta's daughter, is staying there with her youngest daughter, Jessie, but Kate is having a hard time coping. She should be happy to be on Nantucket for the summer, but there's a dark cloud following her everywhere she goes and that dark cloud is the Vietnam War. Kate's only son, Tiger,...