End Times by Bryan Walsh

End Times

What is going to cause our extinction? How can we save ourselves and our future? End Times answers the most important questions facing humankindEnd Times is a compelling work of skilled reportage that peels back the layers of complexity around the unthinkable-and inevitable-end of humankind. From asteroids and artificial intelligence to volcanic supereruption to nuclear war, 15-year veteran science reporter and TIME editor Bryan Walsh provide...

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TitleEnd Times
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
PublisherHachette Books
GenreNonfiction, Science, Politics

Reviews End Times

  • Grumpus
    The grumpus23 (23-word commentary)The demise of humanity. Asteroid? Volcano? Nuclear? Climate change? Disease? Biotechnology? Artificial Intelligence? Aliens? Excessive political editorializing not appreciated. Just the facts, please.
  • Lissa
    So a strange thing happened while reading this book.  While reading a chapter about the possibility and consequences of an asteroid striking the Earth, I happened upon a news story about an asteroid coming within such a near distance to the planet that it surprised scientists.  Suffice to say, that definitely brought home the timeliness of the book.  I will say that I have read about this before (but I am a glutton for apocalyptic scenarios) b...
  • Steve
    Interesting look at possible apocalypses I enjoyed this book. Despite the subject matter, Bryan Walsh manages to incorporate appropriate humor. Walsh also puts himself into the story, which I generally like. It creates a closer relationship between me and the author. When I started the book, I found the preface was grim and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to read the book but the tone of the book was actually lighter than the preface, considering t...
  • Kaitlyn
    End Times was my first glimpse into a book outside of my comfort zone. I've never read beyond fiction, but this was just so interesting. It's no unknown fact that the world is bound to come to an end soon with the way humanity is continuing to live, but the book gives a glimpse of the way it could end, and the way we could probably try to save it too.The author does a stellar job of merging research and "what-ifs" together. Each chapter leads int...
  • Rama
    An interesting perspective for the future of the planet The author offers an interesting view for the future from a variety of catastrophes; asteroid impact, volcanoes, nuclear war, climate change, diseases, biotech, artificial intelligence, and aliens. He articulates these world-ending apocalypse with passion. It's not just the rising tide of climate change and the deadly natural disasters that seem to be piling up with each passing year. Our ve...
  • Brent Alley
    I read this mainly because I won in the giveaway. I've mainly been reading fantasy so this was a break in between the wheel of time series and it was a good break. It was really interesting. The author clearly put in a lot of work and research to put together a list of the most likely ways for the human population to go extinct. Kind of morbid but not really as he's also researched and put together ways to stop the various threats. A couple of th...
  • Kathy
    End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World by Bryan Walsh (a former Time magazine editor and foreign correspondent) is nothing short of brilliant!In this thoroughly engrossing and compelling read, Walsh explores the various existential scenarios that might cause the end of humankind. He shares his detailed research into each of the possibilities, gives us important background and probability information along with what has/is being/could be...
  • Jill Elizabeth
    WOW. If I wasn't worried BEFORE... Seriously - if you are a worrier, this may not be the book for you. I tend to not be one - and even I'm freaking out a bit right now... Walsh has done a marvelous job encapsulating the top existential threats facing humanity - many of which are of our own making - and providing background, thoughtful commentary, and suggestions for mitigating the potential for worldwide disaster. Walsh has an engaging writing st...
  • Janet
    I received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸. What is going to cause our extinction?How can we save ourselves and our future?End Times answers the most important questions facing humankindEnd Times is a compelling work of skilled reportage that p...
  • Tuna
    End Times is an interesting overview of several topics of interest regarding the many different existential risks associated with ways that humanity and even Earth itself can end. From common topics such as super volcanoes, nuclear winters/autumns, asteroids to more outlandish discussion points like alien invasions or wars and the rise of generalized artificial intelligence deeming the existent of humans are at odds with their own existence, conc...
  • Chad Guarino
    End Times is an entertaining (albeit terrifying) collection of existential threats to the human race from Bryan Walsh, a long time editor and reporter for TIME. All of the heavy hitters are here that you're most likely familiar with, from celestial impact to supervolcano eruptions, super-intelligent AI to hostile alien races. What sets this book apart from the myriad other end-of-the-world books is Walsh's easy to follow prose, superb reporting, ...
  • Realms & Robots
    End Times is a well-researched account of the many threats facing the planet. We’ve all heard of some, others are less familiar, and a couple seem pulled from the pages of science fiction.The premise is terrifying at times, hopeful at others, and, above all, enthralling to read.Each section goes in-depth into its designated disaster, providing fascinating insights into mankind’s interactions with these given events or objects. In the asteroid...
  • Diane Hernandez
    A non-religious and well-researched look at what is most likely to kill all of mankind is in the End Times: A Brief Guide to the End of the World.There are eight threats to mankind’s continued existence described within this book:• Asteroid• Volcano• Nuclear Bombs• Climate Change• Disease• Biotechnology• Artificial Intelligence• Aliens (from another planet, sorry Mr. President )Which of the above is more likely and which should ...
  • John
    Nothing about this book would qualify it is a "fun," read. He catalogs several ways in which humans are dealing with threats to our survival. Some are human-made, such as climate change or nuclear war. Others are natural, such as asteroids or super volcanoes. And some are almost science fiction, such as AI or aliens. The writing is lucid, well researched, and broadly sourced. And, in the end, the book left me aching for more by way of antidotes a...
  • Jeff
    Much Of This Book Should Terrify You. Walsh does an excellent job of sharing the current state of research into the various existential crises humanity faces - crises that would make the human species extinct if they fully come to fruition. He lays out the narrative in such a way that after beginning with asteroids, each crisis leads into a discussion of the next. Some of his own commentary is hit or miss and different readers will appreciate mor...
  • Marsha
    You'd think a book about the many ways the world could end would be depressing, but this isn't. It's highly readable and informative and there's even well-placed humour! From an alien invasion to asteroids to a climate catastrophe, this book covers a breadth of potential disasters. I found it oddly comforting because it isn't just all doom and gloom but is also about how we as humans can mitigate these potential disasters. Well done!
  • Riann
    A very interesting read which introduced me to existential risks which could lead to humanity's end. The author's detailed explanations allowed me to better under the existential risks he was presenting as well as what can be done in order to try to mitigate those risks. I like the author am hopeful that humanity's growth will also ensure our survival in the face of adversity.
  • Catherine
    Informative but ultimately quite dull and dry writing. I honestly don’t have much to say in terms of a review because I’m just meh about this book. I thought it would wow me and it didn’t. I found myself skimming chapters. It didn’t grab me like I felt it should, with such an interesting topic at hand. Thank you Netgalley and Hachette for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
  • Dale Dewitt
    This book was a deep and entertaining dive into the posible ways humanity could meet its end. The common theme is that we are very unprepared but by focusing on the hard working people trying to fight these problems we can see that there is hope.
  • Heather Bennett
    End Times is a informative and interesting book. People should read this and realize the clock is ticking and the scientific evidence proves it.