Underestimating Miss Cecilia (Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley #2) by Carolyn Miller

Underestimating Miss Cecilia (Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley #2)

Shy, sweet Cecilia Hatherleigh has always been in love with Edward Amherst, the boy next door. Yet he’s never seen her as anything but the quiet girl in the background as he flirts with the other vivacious women of the ton. When a near tragedy brings Edward’s attention to his family duties, this prodigal son decides he needs to settle down with a proper wife. Cecilia hopes to convince him to choose her—but God may want her to forget the way...

Details Underestimating Miss Cecilia (Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley #2)

TitleUnderestimating Miss Cecilia (Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley #2)
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
PublisherKregel Publications
GenreHistorical, Regency, Romance, Christian Fiction, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Christian

Reviews Underestimating Miss Cecilia (Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley #2)

  • Deanne Patterson
    The Queen of Regency Romance has done it again!The second title in the Daughters of Aynsley series impresses as much as the first title does.When you are in love with the boy next door, for quite a while, let me tell you and he makes no move but you feel like he really does have feelings for you well, it's beyond frustrating!We all know how frustrating it can be waiting for the man to make the first move, especially when he flirts with other wome...
  • Megan
    “Underestimating Miss Cecilia" by Carolyn Miller has house parties, history and romance! Also present are some very original and likable main characters. I love Cecilia as she is a romantic, loves to write in her journal and read books. She is outwardly shy, but throughout the book we see her come out of her shell a bit. The hero, Ned, is a prodigal who is so sweet and compassionate. I love how the main characters both feel strongly about socia...
  • Carrie Turansky
    I enjoyed this wonderful Regency romance by Carolyn Miller. The characters were unique and faced interesting challenges through out the story. She has a way of bringing that time and place to life. The inspirational themes were very well woven into the story in a natural and meaningful way. I'll be looking forward to Verity's story in November!
  • Diane Estrella
    The author is a genuine voice for Regency books. I always know that the quality of her writing will be excellent. The characters well thought out, and the authenticity of her stories felt.In a book series of three, you always figure that you will have a favorite, a middle and a least favorite. When I initially started this book, I thought, this will be my least favorite heroine, the middle child with middle child drama, and this is the journey to...
  • Abby Breuklander
    Love love and love this story!! Waiting on God to answer a prayer about love can be one of the hardest things to do. Especially when we have this gut feeling that His answer is a yes, but the other person seems to be moving slower than molasses. It can feel like absolute torture, but that's where trust in God for His plans instead of our own comes into play. We don't know all the little details that may need to be worked out yet. What we feel or ...
  • Becky
    Underestimating Miss Cecilia is the second book in the Daughters of Aynsley series by Carolyn Miller. This is the story of Cecilia Hatherleigh, the shy and sweet Aynsey daughter. She is in love with the boy next door, Edward Amherst, who is also the earl’s younger son. This lovely regency story traces their story as they both grow in their relationship with Christ, learn about God’s heart for those in need, and learn how to love unselfishly. ...
  • Brittany Searfoss
    This book is the second in the Daughters of Aynsley series and is best read after A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh, but it can also be read as a standalone.Cecilia Hatherleigh has always been the meek middle sister, the one to go unnoticed or to be dismissed as shy and quiet. She has cared for Ned Amherst for years, but he has not reciprocated her interest and only sees her as a sister. Soon Cecilia's mother is pushing her to get acquainted with other...
  • MJSH
    “Oh, how wretched was he? Would he never learn that withholding the truth held consequences far beyond the ramifications of his own personal life?”I have loved all of Carolyn Miller’s books through three different series but this book....this book really did the ultimate job shredding my heart and then gluing it back together. The plight of Edward (Ned) Amherst is heart-breaking and emotional given his past that is deemed sordid and riddled...
  • Kai
    Carolyn Miller brings us a story about what happens when the Prodigal Son comes home.Cecilia Hatherleigh has always held a candle for Edward who not only does not love her, but has said some unkind things about her.Before dedicating his life to God, Edward Amherst lived a sinful life. He is now trying to turn his life around and redeem his past by using his background in law to help gypsies, the Irish, and orphans.Cecy is also trying to help thos...
  • Abigail
    4.5 stars This was my first Carolyn Miller book and it will not be my last. Her writing style is beautiful and it grabs you and pulls you in right from the beginning. I loved the characters in this book. I loved getting to know Cecy and Ned. I loved seeing them grow and become closer to the people God wants them to be. I had a love-hate relationship with their relationship though only because both parties were infuriating at times with their feel...
  • Becky
    This is the second book in Carolyn Miller's Daughter's of Aynsley series. While it connects to previous books and directly follows the events of A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh, it can be read as a stand-alone novel.I went into the book not liking Ned (Edward), due to his actions in prior books in which he appeared. But here, he quickly won me over, thanks in large part to the change Christ made in his life. I also loved Cecilia and her kind and stea...
  • Kailey
    Carolyn Miller is a master storyteller when it comes to regency romance! Her books have such vivid detail that the story just comes to life! I truly felt Cecilia’s struggles with loving the boy next door and feeling like he didn’t notice her. I really didn’t want this book to end! I highly recommend it and the whole series!I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. All opinions express...
  • Fiction Aficionado
    Carolyn Miller has once again delivered an enjoyable read for Regency lovers looking for character-driven fiction—particularly character-driven fiction with a strong spiritual thread. Set against the wonderfully authentic Regency backdrop Miller is known for, Edward and Cecilia mature both personally and spiritually before reaching their happy ending. Her books also bring the era to life by including some of the political and social issues rele...
  • Nicole
    I have read every novel Carolyn has published, so I feel like an expert who can say that Carolyn Miller is the #1 Regency-era writer of modern times. I’m blown away by Underestimating Miss Cecilia; it’s such a fantastically penned romance. It’s sweeping, it’s heartbreaking, it’s frustrating, it’s sweetly romantic, and it’s filled with timely lessons. Suffice to say, Underestimating Miss Cecilia is an exquisite read!One of the most i...
  • Jessica Baker (A Baker's Perspective)
    Carolyn Miller is one of my favorite Regency romance authors. Oh my goodness does she know how to write a story. She stays true to the time period, provides amazing details that make the story come alive to the reader, gives readers welcoming characters, and pens interesting storylines that you cannot turn away from. I always know when I'm reading a Carolyn Miller book that I need to make sure I have tons of reading time. I don't want to have to ...
  • Caroline Grace
    This is a hard review to write! First, I'll tell you what I enjoyed about this book... then I'll explain why it sadly didn't make it to five stars for me. "It was, perhaps, the greatest torment to love someone who barely seemed to notice one's existence." What a first sentence! Cecy's love for the boy next door is so authentic in its angst. Anyone who has had a crush knows how stubborn the heart's affections are and how real the battle for surren...
  • Shantelle
    A sweet read! If you know me, you know that I'm a big fan of historical fiction. The Regency era is an especially lovely time to read about, what with the proper courtships, gentlemen and ladies, and dances in abundance. Carolyn Miller has definitely become a favorite when it comes to this genre. The way that she weaves faith into her romance stories is something that I really appreciate and admire. Her characters experience genuine walks with Go...
  • Paula Shreckhise
    Carolyn Miller is one of my favorite authors of the Regency Period. She writes strong characters and endearing heroines who get into unusual circumstances. Her grasp of the language and settings of the era are delightful and reminiscent of Jane Austen. The cover is just stunning and fits perfectly. As a daughter of Aynsley, we met sister Caroline in the first of this series. It is now Cecelia’s turn to find a suitable match. Cecelia Hatherleigh...
  • Sydney
    Author Carolyn Miller has written a delightful boy next door romance in her book Underestimating Miss Cecilia. This story is about trying to find happiness in a continual changing English society and the prejudices of the people there. It’s about falling in love with someone that may not be the right person, but then having to put trust in God that finding the right person and true love will be possible. This story has characters from the first...
  • Lauren Rentschler
    This book was so good! I loved it way more than the first of the series! It has the perfect amount of action, character building, and content. I love how it starts out exciting and draws you right in! I couldn't wait to read how Ned would come back and redeem himself from his scandalous reputation. I definitely was pleased with how each character was built and it was nice to get to know each one's thought process. I liked Cecy's journaling and Ne...
  • Elly
    Ms. Miller's books hold the stories that I never knew I needed in my life! "Underestimating Miss Cecilia" is, no kidding, one of the BEST books I have EVER read! I loved the characters, the circumstances, the setting. Everything was perfect! Everything about this story was beautiful and made my heart sing! The depth of Ms. Miller's research into Regency-era customs and events is unparalleled! I always come away from this author's books feeling as...
  • Kristine Morgan
    Carolyn Miller has done it again! She continues to delight with her Regency tales. Underestimating Miss Cecilia the story of Cecelia Hatherleigh's quest for love. For years she has loved Ned Amherst, her next door neighbor, but he only sees her as a sister. Her parents have forbidden Cecelia to have anything to do with him after he was involved in a scandal that rocked the Ton. I love Miss Miller's style of writing. She creates realistic characte...
  • Rachael
    “Perhaps this trial was yet another way God was trying to gain her attention,so she would focus more on Him, and not let the distractions of this world steal her thoughts and emotions.”I enjoyed this read and the fun characters that really drive the plot. Cecilia and Ned are both flawed characters as Carolyn Miller’s usually are. If you are fond of the girl falling in love with the boy next door or the prodigal son returns home in a wonderf...
  • Suzie Waltner
    This may be my favorite book written by Carolyn Miller yet (but that’s pretty much the case with each new release). There was just something that resonated with me in this story.Quiet, unassuming peacemaker Cecilia Hatherleigh has loved the man next door for as long as she can remember. But Edward (Ned) Amherst only views her as a sister. After some poor decisions, Ned is now finding his purpose, one in which Cecila’s kind and soft heart thor...
  • Lucy
    Every time I read a new Carolyn Miller book it becomes my favorite and this one now tops the list as the absolute BEST! I loved how the characters grew and developed throughout the story in their faith and in their quest to help others. The historical aspect was very interesting as I didn’t know about the London riots during this Regency Era. It is well crafted and captivating as it flows so smoothly and keeps you turning pages to the very end....
  • Susan Snodgrass
    'It was, perhaps, the greatest torment to love someone who barely seemed to notice one's existence.'So begins Underestimating Miss Cecilia. The second Aynsley daughter suffers from unrequited love for Edward Amherst, the earl next door's son. Ned has a bit of a reputation; well, more than a bit, but he is reformed, but still doesn't know Cecy exists. However, the author has a plan for these two and she quite nicely brings it about.I fell in love ...
  • C.E. Hart
    Underestimating Miss Cecilia holds a good premise, and even though the characters didn’t capture me in the beginning, they grew on me. Especially Edward. He is flawed, yet redeemable, and his actions felt authentic. Cecilia’s younger sister, Verity, also adds a spark to the story. I enjoyed the struggles and the spiritual aspects.My fondness of Regency stories has grown over the past few years, but this one didn’t pull me in as much as I’...
  • Natalie Wales
    Carolyn is THE Queen of regency! a funny (especially Cecilias mother) moving, historically interesting regency story. A joy to finish reading on this cold windy weekend ❣
  • Inspirationalfictionreader
    I love Carolyn Miller’s writing style. It is lyrical and fits perfectly for the time period that she writes. Her stories draw you in and wrap you up so thoroughly in the lives of the characters that you don’t want to leave them when the story is done!One of my favorite tropes is unrequited love! Cecilia has loved Edward for as long as she can remember, whereas Edward thinks of her more like a younger sister. After something he did in the past...
  • Paty
    Wow! This was a wonderful and compelling story set in England, with realistic circumstances around the early 1800’s.I loved that it is not a mere romance novel, but that it has rich historical detail, which makes it more realistic, relatable and engaging.Ned are Cecilia have always being neighbors. Cecy has always been in love with him but she must accept the fact that he will never see her as more than his shy neighbor, or his best friend’s ...