Last Summer by Kerry Lonsdale

Last Summer

From the Amazon Charts and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Everything series comes a new novel of love, lies, and deceit.Lifestyle journalist Ella Skye remembers every celebrity she interviewed, every politician she charmed between the sheets, and every socialite who eyed her with envy. The chance meeting with her husband, Damien; their rapid free fall into love; and their low-key, intimate wedding are all locked in her memory. But ...

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TitleLast Summer
Release DateJul 9th, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreWomens Fiction, Chick Lit

Reviews Last Summer

  • Kerry
    I am ecstatic to bring you my next project, LAST SUMMER. Thank you for adding my book to your Goodreads shelf. And when it comes up on your to-be-read pile of books, thank you for reading. I can’t wait for you to discover what my next protagonist, Ella Skye, has in store for you. Enjoy! Kerry xoPS: LAST SUMMER is a stand-alone book, and not part of a series. It’s my first stand-alone since ALL THE BREAKING WAVES. I’ve been told by several e...
  • Erin Clemence
    Special thanks to the author, the publisher and NetGalley for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest review. Ella Skye is a journalist and has spent her life keeping, sharing and spilling secrets. After a few years of torrid affairs with her celebrity clients, Ella settles down and marries entrepreneur Damien, and the two begin a relatively quiet life together. When Ella wakes up in a hospital room after a tragic...
  • J.T.
    What a stunner!!!
  • Brenda
    I’ve had this book to preview since February and got right into reading it. I,was only able to get to a few chapters done and then life got in the way and I had to set it aside. Going forward to April and I finally got the chance to start reading again and I finished this absolutely, awesome book in two days. This is Kerry Lonsdale’s first stand-alone book since finishing the “Everything” series and Kerry just keeps getting better and bet...
  • Melike
    Ella wakes up in the hospital not being able to remember the car accident that cost her the life of her unborn baby, in fact, she can’t remember being pregnant at all. She tries to figure out the missing parts of her memory and she discovers secrets, lies, and betrayals along the way. The story kept my interest the whole time, I found the characters intriguing and I did not predict some of the turns and twists in the story. I could not put the ...
  • Lisa Aiello
    Great googly moogly. That was such an amazing trip I just took. Come closer. I am going to admit something here. Generally, I know what I'm going to rate a book before I even finish it. A bit short-sighted, but whatever. They're my ratings to do with what I like. With this one, I loved the story, I loved the writing, I loved the characters, but something was bothering the heck out of me. And it was fact that this woman rightfully had so many ques...
  • Susan Peterson
    When Ella Skye wakes up in her hospital room, she doesn’t remember the accident that caused her to lose her baby—-in fact, she doesn’t remember being pregnant at all. This is the premise for Last Summer, an unputdownable, entertaining, and tantalizing book. Not only was I caught up in the twisty-turny suspense in this story, I was emotionally invested in the characters and the fact that love and pain were the catalyst for their intricate we...
  • Barbara White
    I was fortunate enough to read an early version of this manuscript. It is, without doubt, my favorite of Kerry's books: a rip-roaring adrenaline rush from the first page to the last. You don't know who to believe as the story--and hot sex scenes--unfolds with red herrings and whip-lash twists and turns which, although unexpected, make perfect sense. I have no doubt there will be comparisons to GONE GIRL, especially given the characters' personali...
  • Debbie
    4.5 StarsThere is no better feeling then when I close a book and find myself unable to wipe the ear to ear grin from my face. Last Summer pushed me out of me comfort zone and took me on a twisty turning road, depositing me at a destination I didn't expect or suspect existed. Bravo Kerry Lonsdale! I was intrigued from page one and invested the whole way through.Last Summer is combination of women's fiction, domestic suspense and psychological thri...
  • Sue
    Don't start reading this wonderful new book by Kerry Lonsdale if you have things to do - like cooking a meal or going to sleep. I guarantee that you won't be able to put it down until the end. It's another page turner of a book that has twists and turns throughout that will keep you guessing until the end.Ella, a magazine lifestyle journalist, wakes up in the hospital with her husband Damien at her side. She doesn't remember the accident that bro...
  • Karen Porto Davis
    Wow! Another awesome book by Kerry Lonsdale. I was very fortunate to receive an advanced copy. From the beginning of the book, I was drawn in and hooked. The characters were intriguing and the storyline kept me guessing. I simply could not put this book down until the end. And what an end!When this one hits the shelves, get it! You can thank me later.
  • Tanja ~ T's Book ~ KT Book Reviews
    This is one of those books that scare me when trying to write a review. I on’t want to spoil anything. Pretty much every review i’ve read on it thus far starts out with a recap of the synopsis, so I’m going to forgo that entirely and ask this…Do you like a mystery? Do you love the unpredictable? Do you need some suspense and a good side of intrigue in you escapism? Well then, GET THE BOOK! Stop reading reviews and start reading Last Summe...
  • Carol Boyer
    Wow!!! This book is incredible, so fascinating, it is unputdownable with twists that top one another till you don't know who or what to believe. When Ella wakes up in the hospital after a tragic car accident, she doesn't remember being pregnant or losing her son, and as she questions her husband, Damien, she is frustrated with his responses. She finds there are many things unknown that seems like she must have known and she is desperate to find o...
  • Lesley Kay
    YOU GUYS. One of my favorite authors, Kerry Lonsdale, was nice enough to let me have an ARC of her upcoming release, “Last Summer”. I cannot even tell you how excited this made me, as I have read (and loved) all of Kerry’s other books. If you haven’t read them, please go do so immediately. I’ll wait. And since we are still in the full swing of winter doldrums, this steamy beach read is a welcome distraction from the temperatures...Full ...
  • Judy
    I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars!I received the ARC of this book and pre-purchased a copy. I have read all of Kerry Lonsdale’s books and I think she is a gifted, wonderful author. This book is another gem to add to her collection.As I was reading the book, I thought I had the plot of the book figured out (turned out to be not true!). That was okay to me, since I usually am in this position to guess the outcome when I read the typ...
  • Carla Suto
    LAST SUMMER by Kerry Lonsdale is an action-packed and riveting thriller that hooked me from the first pages and never let go. Once I started reading, it was impossible to put down. The unique and intriguing story line and the complex characters kept me guessing right up until the shocking ending. Just when I thought I had it figured out, the plot took unexpected twists and turns I could never have anticipated. I don’t want to say much about the...
  • Cat Jones
    Title: Last SummerAuthor: Kerry LonsdaleFormat: Kindle epubTissue warning: no?Narrative: Third person, following EllaMy reviewer rating: 3.5 out of 5Published: 2019-07-09Preorder through Amazon: you, Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing, for the free e-copy of Last Summer in exchange for my honest-to-goodness review.Kerry has done it again, y'all. If there's one thing that she's good at, it's taking th...
  • Lynn
    5* Intriguing StarsI am a huge fan of Kerry Lonsdale’s writing and I was beyond excited to receive her latest novel, Last Summer.This book did not disappoint. Once you start the story you will not want to put it down!The story revolves around Ella Skye, who is a lifestyle journalist, and has recently lost her memory as well as her unborn child after being involved in a car accident. Ella is determined to regain her memory, as she has no recolle...
  • Heartofabooklover
    I want to thank Author Kerry Lonsdale, Netgalley & Lake Union Publishing for the arc of this novel.Wow, I really don't even know where to start. Rarely does a book catch me off guard, I usually have the ending figured out before I'm done with the book. Honestly I thought I had with this one too, but boy was I wrong! This book kept me so interested I couldn't put it down. This was one of those books that I was up until the wee hours of the morning...
  • Michelle Bolton
    I received an ARC of Last Summer and this is my honest review.Last Summer had me hooked at the prologue and I couldn't wait to see how the story would unfold. Ella Skye is a lifestyle journalist who has charmed many of her clients. She meets her husband Damien Russell in a chance encounter and they quickly fall head over heels for each other. Fast forward a few years and Ella has been in a tragic accident where she loses her baby. The problem is ...
  • Roxana Garcia
    Last Summer took me on a whirlwind journey that I'm still reeling from! This story was masterfully weaved together with the perfect amount of suspense, mystery, drama and romance. Ella Skye has an amazing job and life with her handsome, successful and dedicated husband Damien Russell until the day she wakes up in the hospital with part of her memory gone. Her selective memory loss includes an accident which caused her to lose a pregnancy that she...
  • Laurie
    I was given a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review. Let me start by saying I am not a stranger to Kerry's books. I love how she puts things out there that make you think about what you are reading and not figure out the ending in the first chapter. When I started reading this book it had me from the first page. Ella and Damien are captivating! They have a solid relationship and seem like the perfect couple. Then comes Nathan!...
  • Terren Hoeksema
    This isn't my first Kerry Lonsdale novel, nor do I doubt it will be my last. Like it's predecessors Last Summer was a riveting novel that kept me on my toes from page one. Psychological twists and turns, love, suspense all thrown into a masterly crafted work of literature. Ella faces memory loss after a terrible accident that leaves her without a child, Damien, her husband is by her side through it all. Both partners are high profile in their own...
  • Jennifer Newell
    I was given an advanced copy to read in exchange for an honest review. I have read every book written by this author, once again she has created a book you can not put down once you have started. The characters are so richly developed that you feel like you know them personally. This is a story about a young woman Ella who wakes up in a hospital and doesn’t know why she is there or what has happened to her. Ella has no memory of her accident or...
  • Bree
    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.Kerry is a phenomenal author! This book was amazing from start to finish. I couldn't put it down! I was surprised so many times during the story and the ending completely caught me off guard! Kerry's books have a way of snagging you from the get go and don't let you go. Like her other books, these characters are all too real. Their story is so in depth that you have to go back and read things a...
  • Nikki
    Last Summer is a book you want to savor. Kerry Lonsdale takes you on a journey with this book that in all her others you have never been on. This story has you feeling so many feels then just as your coming to the point of really feeling like sorry for these ppl BAM plot twist just how I like my books to be! I was gifted this arc for my honest review and I highly suggest when it hits the stores July 9th this summer you won’t even remember what ...
  • Kari
    I devoured this book!!! I loved the premise of this story and haven’t read a book like it! Ella, a journalist, wakes up in the hospital with selective memory loss. Her husband, Damien, is somewhat aloof and not willing to answer any of Ella’s questions. Months go by and she doesn’t recover. Then she gets a call from her boss regarding a story. Before her accident she had spent several days interviewing Nathan, a tv adventurist., but the sto...
  • Rachel Aimee
    Wow. This book was absolutely amazing. I've read many of Kerry londsdales books and but this may be by far my favorite. I couldn't put the book down once I started. So many times I thought I had everything figured out and i was so wrong. As always the characters are well thought out . They felt so real to me. I could feel the emotions and confusion Ella felt as she tried to find out the truth . Once I got to the last two chapters my heart was pou...
  • Vera
    HOLY MOLY! First, I typically will read a book this good in one go. This one I had to break down (still had it finished in under 48 hours) to give my heart time to process the emotions. Secondly, speaking of emotions, the layout of the story takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Further hooking you. The flashbacks allow you to understand more of Ella's heart and allowing you to feel her on a deeper level. Lastly, the twist! Oh my the tw...
  • Bonnie
    Well done! I was hooked from the get-go. This spine-tingling read had elements of a mystery with a twist at the end. A seemingly perfect couple had elements of some distrusts which may have brought on the actions that took place throughout this book. At times, I was led to believe that it was another person who not to trust, and then low and behold, it turns out to be someone else. I don't want to give anything away. Trust me, if you like a good ...