Wolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #3; Psy-Changeling, #18) by Nalini Singh

Wolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #3; Psy-Changeling, #18)

New York Times bestselling author Nalini Singh takes us on a new adventure in this next novel of the Psy-Changeling Trinity series…The end of Silence was supposed to create a better world for future generations. But trust is broken, and the alliance between Psy, Changeling, and human is thin. The problems that led to Silence are back in full force. Because Silence fixed nothing, just hid the problems.This time, the Psy have to find a real answ...

Details Wolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #3; Psy-Changeling, #18)

TitleWolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #3; Psy-Changeling, #18)
Release DateJun 4th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Paranormal Romance, Shapeshifters

Reviews Wolf Rain (Psy-Changeling Trinity, #3; Psy-Changeling, #18)

  • Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️
    4 StarsI was SO excited to go back to the Psy-Changeling world with this newest installment...And even more excited that we would be seeing it through the eyes of SnowDancer.SnowDancer is my favorite setting within this world, bar none (which I have discussed in previous series reviews ad nauseam), so to get to go back and relish that environment for yet another fantastic Singh book was incomparable. I really loved Memory and Alexei together. Mem...
  • ✨ A ✨
    It's still surprises me that there are 18 books in this series and I've read every single one of them?? This is one of the best Paranormal world's that I've ever read about and I don't think I'll ever get enough of it. The Psy Network is failing and the only thing holding it together are the Empath Psy. In this book we follow the story of a new type of E named Memory and Snowdancer lieutenant Alexei. I always like the books with a changeling/psy ...
  • Corina
    As always it was wonderful visiting my favorite pack. I have a weakness for wolf shifters, and when I found out about the title and the blurb I was ecstatic.I really was intrigued by the blurb.Memory, even though she was kidnapped for many year, didn’t lose her feistiness or sass. She was a female character I adored for her strong will, endurance and strength to know what she wanted even if it seemed to make no sense. She was one of those chara...
  • Jilly
    This is like going to a high school reunion except that nobody got older, fatter, balder, and their marriages are still just like they are on their honeymoon. Yeah, realistic.Beardy has a point.But in this case, this reunion is awesome for anyone who has read this series. All of your favorites are here, including my fav- Kaleb.This is like going to a high school reunion except that nobody got older, fatter, balder, and their marriages are still j...
  • Geri Reads
    Just when I thought this world couldn't get any more expansive, Nalini Singh comes and proves me wrong.I'm so happy that we're back with the SnowDancer pack this time around. I've missed their presence in the series for a while now and I'm so happy to see a lot of familiar faces not just from SnowDancer but from Darkriver crew as well.Despite the familiar characters and setting, this book explores some new territory in the Psy-Changeling world. I...
  • Sarah
    As much as I've enjoyed meeting the bears and spending time underwater with Blacksea in the last couple of books (and I am really hoping we'll get to spend more time with ALL of them!) I was still really excited that Wolf Rain would take us back to where it all began with the SnowDancer pack. I can't help it, I've loved this series for such a long time that spending time with the wolves (and the cats of DarkRiver) just feels like coming home and ...
  • Angela
    I’ve missed the wolves of SnowDancer. They, and DarkRiver, will always have the most special place in my changeling-loving heart, simply because they were the first. I’ll never get over their unique personalities, their love and care, or the vastness of their packs. They are large packs, but still family. You can feel it in all their interactions, and it’s like coming home for me.Fair warning. Spoilers abound for any and all of the previous...
  • Beth
    Can anyone ever have enough of Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling world. Well now that she is three books into the Psy-Changeling Trinity world, we don’t have to worry about it.In this installment, the Snowdancer Lieutenant Alexei is coming up on the 1 year anniversary of his brother’s death. He has been functioning as a shell of himself since the loss. Deciding to take a run into the deep wilderness by himself sounds like the perfect way to avo...
  • Smiley
    8th June 2019: 4.5 Stars Full review to come :) 27th November 2018: Yay, it’s been confirmed. This next book will feature Snow Dancer’s very own Lieutenant, Alexei. Have a look at Nalini’s newsletter to see an excerpt from her working draft featuring Alexai... and from the sounds of it, the main female Psy will be named Memory. I can’t wait until June 😝🙌🏽 And I cannot wait to hopefully catch up with the characters we all know a...
  • ♥Rachel♥
    4.5 StarsI think the description is a little misleading, because it features the side story a little too prominently, because this story is mainly about Memory, a woman who was held captive, and Alexei the Changeling Wolf who found and rescued her. Memory, an E (empath) Psy, was a remarkable woman, who despite her long captivity retained her spirit and strength. When Alexei finds Memory he’s enraged at the man who’s held her captive, but deli...
  • Somia
    3 COMFORTABLE/COSY STARSI enjoyed how Alexei and Memory interacted, and the way in which Alexi was able to have fire surging in Memory’s eyes and blood. I liked both the main characters, as individuals and as a couple. That being said when it came to Memory and all she had endured/suffered I did feel that the depiction of her behaviour/reactions, after she was liberated from her cage, signified her being a tad too well adjusted. There was just ...
  • Ira
    Memory and Alexei story was fab!But you know why I gave this book a solid five stars?Because we meet Judd, Hawke, Lucas and my one and only Kaleb again here! ❤Yes, they’re all, in this book!What’s not to love? 😘❤❤❤ Memory and Alexei story was fab!But you know why I gave this book a solid five stars?Because we meet Judd, Hawke, Lucas and my one and only Kaleb again here! ❤️Yes, they’re all, in this book!What’s not to love?...
  • Scarlet Heavens
    Yeah, so this one didn't do it for me.WHAT HAPPENED TO THE ARCHITECT AND THE CONSPIRACY? ARE THEY REALLY IDLY SITTING ON THEIR ASSES? I love Nalini Singh, I love the Psy-Changeling series, and when I have nothing better to read, I usually go back to either Mercy's book, or Heart of Obsidian. But, it feels like after Heart of Obsidian, the stories are just... repetitive. I know, I know, it's romance, primarily, and the formula has been done over a...
  • Lena
    I almost DNF’d.The insta-luv was saccharine and filled with condescension. I came to hate the word ‘lioness.’And how could Singh equate Alexei, sixth or seventh in Snow Dancer, with Aden, leader of the Arrows?!?! Bullshit. And how could she yada yada Laura’s delivery?!?!But I pressed on, fast forwarding the romance, to enjoy the greater story. I’m particularly excited that Pax is being brought up more. Fascinating guy.Still a worthy se...
  • Aisling Zena
    13/2/19So there is an Advance Excerpt from WOLF RAIN in Nalini's newsletter. She has kindly asked for us not to copy-paste it everywhere. And I'm not taking any chances and getting banned, so this is a link to the newsletter https://madmimi.com/s/28cf8d but if you are a fan really do subscribe as she regularly posts excerpts from all her new books. On a side note I wasn't sure about reading this one but following the excerpt I'm definitely trying...
  • Holly
    Probably my favorite Psy-Changeling book since Heart of Obsidian.Full review at Book Binge (no spoilers).
  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)
    Wolf Rain is book three in the Psy-Changeling Trinity series by Nalini Singh. Singh never disappoints! In Wolf Rain we go back to the SnowDancer pack. Alexei is a lieutenant in the SnowDancer pack. I recognized him, but it took some memory jogging to fully pick out who he is. He used to be fun loving and outgoing, but with a tragedy in his past he’s become more recluse and not as easy going. It was intestine learning more about Alexi and seeing...
  • MeaganCM
    Really good! Silver Silence is still the best of the new series, but this was still really good. I liked Memory's character and backstory. I also liked the new developments with PsyNet. It was also great to so many of the old crew! I just didn't like how Alexei's issue just wrapped up so neatly.
  • Sammy Loves Books
    So freaking excited for more of my Favorite Series!!!
  • Namera [The Literary Invertebrate]
    This book was good, but it wasn’t great. We’re now 18 books into the Psy-Changeling series, and I’m really beginning to get the feeling that the more formulaic aspects of Singh’s plotting is beginning to show through. Both her heroine and villain felt like people I’d read about many, many times before – and in a better format.With that said, though, her writing was superb as ever and I was definitely invested – hence the 4 stars.Ale...
  • Jessica B.
    Ommmggg I missed SnowDancer so so much. Don't get me wrong, I loved the different changelings we've gotten to know but there is just something about the cats and leopards, it felt like coming home.To sum up: I will be forever addicted to this series. And Nalini is fucking genius.
  • Mikky (Nocturnal Predators Reviews)
    Originally posted at: I adore the world this author has created and that's coming from someone who has only read two books in the series. I can't help but imagine how much better these books could get if I started from the beginning!Due to the fact that I don't know many characters in past stories, I found the different point of views annoying at times. They didn't mean anything to me and they only took me away from the story I was actual Origi...
  • Lover of Romance
    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Wolf Rain is book This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Berkley Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content...
  • Lila
    -Ok, guys, Wolf Rain is back to basics Psy Changeling book.I don't say that just because we are dealing with original snarling changeling pack. It's also because the story starts rather smaller in scale, but some events that perspired have consequences on the whole system Trinity established. Nice change from world-in-question themes we tackled in previous novels.-It's not the first time book is dealing with a heroine who was imprisoned for a lon...
  • Mara
    4.5 Stars -- This is what I'm talking about! A return to form, this is easily the best Psy-Changeling book we've had in the Trinity arc so far. Don't get me wrong-- I never have a bad time in these books. The last few, however, have felt a little bit like the chess board was getting reset & I felt that the micro-plots of the indiviudal books (meaning the specific romances/plots of the last 3 books) suffered for it a bit. Not this one. This delive...
  • Hannah
    I am as always in love with this world and these characters. I cannot believe I will have to wait until the next one publishes now. (How can I be caught up on this series?)
  • Lynsey A
    Nalini Singh's ability to create this Psy-Changeling world is really something else. Her world building skills are beyond the pale. She never ceases to amaze me as she continues to expand this world even further in each Psy-Changeling book. Some people on Twitter said this one was one of the best and I have to agree, although, it still doesn't take the place of Heart of Obsidian. Truly, Kaleb and Sahara's book will forever be my favorite of this ...
  • Jess
    WOLVES!!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH.Ahem.This was so good. Memory is a darling, and Alexei was the right kind of stoic traumatized hero, and we got the perfect amount of pack interaction where they were still the stars of their own book but the check ins were lovely, and I want Memory's rainbow shoes. Do I find Memory's talent a little eye rolly? Yes. Do I recognize that the benefit of this particular world building is that you can just bring up new...