Along the Broken Bay by Flora J. Solomon

Along the Broken Bay

From the bestselling author of A Pledge of Silence comes a story of resistance, intrigue, and risking it all in the WWII Philippines. December 1941. War has erupted in the Pacific, spelling danger for Gina Capelli Thorpe, an American expat living in Manila. When the Japanese invade and her husband goes missing, Gina flees with her daughter to the Zambales Mountains to avoid capture—or worse.Desperate for money, medicine, and guns, the resistanc...

Details Along the Broken Bay

TitleAlong the Broken Bay
Release DateJul 1st, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, World War II

Reviews Along the Broken Bay

  • Christine-Marie Dixon
    Colonialist claptrap. I couldn't finish this book because of the paternalistic and problematic view of the Philippines. The characters are written with the assumption that they are white--odd for a book that takes place in the Philippines. Don't worry about being able to tell the Filipino characters apart from the white characters, though, because they're all caricatures with dark skin and black hair who speak in broken English and are mocked for...
  • Fred Shaw
    After Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941, Japan invaded and occupied the Phillipines. All Americans, soldiers and civilians, were taken prisoner. Some American families were imprisoned or they escaped into the mountains to hide from the enemy. Many of us know of the Bataan march and the atrocities inflicted on our men and women. This is the story of a family and soldiers who through guerrilla tactics fought back. This is the second historical fict...
  • Cindy
    A different view of WWIIAlong the Broken Bay by Flora Solomon is a well written story of an Italian-American woman and her child trapped in Manila during the WWII invasion by Japan. Living a priveledged life with cooks, maids, and nannies prior to the occupation, she and other resident Americans quickly learn to live with less than nothing as they escape to the mountains to stay hidden from the Japanese.I appreciate the disclaimer at the start of...
  • Lance Greenfield
    The book gets off to a slow start, with too much description and character background that could wait to be incorporated into the narrative later on in the story. It soon picks up and rattles along at a fair pace right up until the end. It is most certainly a roller-coaster of action and emotions. In fact, roller-coaster is very apt. If you think about it, that ride takes you slowly to the top of the first climb and then dives and twists and turn...
  • Jeff Siebold
    I was given an Advance Reader copy of this book. Excellent read. Well written account of World War 2 in the Philippines, beginning with the Bataan Death March. Flora writes with a sharp eye for detail. Her characters are well developed and the plot keeps your interest. If you enjoy historical fiction, I recommend this book. Along the Broken Bay is a good read!
  • Stephen Bentley
    Overall, this was a good book. I enjoyed most of it. However, I deduct one star for good reason. It was clear to me, and later confirmed, the author has never been to the Philippines. She can get away with that for many, but I knew, and it caused me to stand back a little instead of becoming utterly immersed in the setting. She did fake it quite well though. It was a shame because the book was meticulously researched and really did justice to tho...
  • D. Jane Akins
    What an unbelievable, but based on facts, story.I’ve not read many stories about World War II in the Phillipines but this one and the author’s previous book, A Pledge of Silence, certainly opened my eyes to the fact that the Americans who were living there when the war broke out were treated so inhumanely under their Japanese captors. Both books are truly eye-openers about the war in the Pacific that so little is heard about. These books cont...
  • Yvonne (It's All About Books)
    Finished reading: July 19th 2019 "Manila's magic was gone, replaced by an undercurrent of fear potent enough to be sensed by an observer." *** A copy of this book was kindly provided to me by Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! *** (view spoiler)[I have always had a weak spot for historical fiction, and especially if the story is set during WWI or WWII. I admit I was sold as soon as I read the blurb o...
  • Sandra
    This, surprisingly, was a pretty easy read. The author's style isn't laden with too much description, but instead, just enough to draw the reader into the time and place. I've read zero books about the war in the Pacific until this one and really feel as though I came away with a sense of the tragedy of the war.We follow along with Gina, the somewhat pampered wife of an expat, living in Manilla. When war breaks out, she flees the city with her da...
  • Kara Prem
    I selected this book to see a perspective of WWII in the Philippines. Unfortunately the main character was so vapid and unlikeable that I didn't care what happened to her. Gina is a society woman, caught up with Junior League, looking good, and..... that's all. She has a daughter that is raised by the help, and she has an undying faith in General MacArthur. Her husband is with the army and tensions are mounting with Japan. When Japan attacks, Gin...
  • Linda Sharp
    SurvivorsInteresting story about people , civilians mostly, who were survivors of the Philippines after the Japanese took it from General MacArthur during the beginning of WW 2.These people did extraordinary things to help the resistance. Families were moving constantly in the mountains and the woods to avoid detection. They had to scavenge for food not only for themselves but for the resistance soldiers.They were eventually discovered, captured ...
  • Hillary
    One of the better Kindle First reads I've received. Here's why I liked it:1. Interesting story about an aspect of WWII I was not familiar with: the Pacific theater, specifically the Philippines. So, I learned.2. Relatively thoughtful approach to the racism and colonialism the West brought to the Philippines. I would have liked a bit more growth on Gina's (and maybe other characters') part, but it was there.3. The pacing was good. No bogging down ...
  • Carla Suto
    ALONG THE BROKEN BAY by Flora J. Solomon is a work of historical fiction that tells a gripping story of the Japanese invasion and occupation of the Philippines during World War II. As many books as I have read about World War II, I was unfamiliar with this aspect of the Japanese aggression in the Pacific theater. The main character, Gina Capelli Thorpe, is an American woman living in Manila with her husband and daughter. She and her ex-pat friend...
  • Kenneth J. Olsen
    Fascinating WWII storyHistory and historical fiction have become my favorite reads. Enjoyed this one immensely. Have read "We Band Of Angels", a true story of military nurses in Manilla when invaded by the Japanese who ultimately wound up interned at Santo Tomas. Along The Broken Bay follows those events precisely. The conditions and treatment at Santo Tomas were also spot on. All the events in between seemed so realistic that it seemed like non ...
  • Brian J. Fox
    Excellent historical fictionI had reservations about reading this as it would remind me of the viciousness of war . The author does a marvelous job of creating characters based on actual heroes. It was impossible to put down!
  • Kelly
    Interesting historical novelI didn't know much about this subject and now I know some more. I look forward to reading some nonfiction .
  • Marianne
    The Philippines , the people and those that made it through World War IIThe story is more than one life, Gina. It's about the resistance fighters, their families and loved ones, the priests and nuns, the doctors and nurses, everyone who was stuck behind enemy lines trying to stay alive and keep others alive too.I found this book awe inspiring I hope everyone will read it!!!
  • Cristina Kiefer
    I am finally done with this book. Not really a fan of the writing style, but the story needed to be told. Growing up, I remember my mother telling us unbelievable stories of the Japanese atrocities perpetuated on the local Filipinos in occupied Manila. I only half believed her. She told of the family fleeing to the mountains, too. And of living in Manila while my father had to work for the Japanese... fearful of being killed if they did not compl...
  • Kath
    Not my cup of tea.. If I am reading a book and I put it down and then pick it up and forget what the story is even about? and then continually do that every time I start to read it again? then I know this book is not for me and THIS book is not for me. There were some interesting parts of the book but there are so many GOOD books waiting to be read so why waste your time with something that isn't.. and this book just isn't.
  • Resa
    A very interesting historical novel about an American woman in the Philippines when the Japanese invade. It's written entirely from the white colonizer point of view and the author is upfront about the subject. It can be a bit annoying at times but the main character is very likeable and it's always astounding to me what people endured during the war.I have yet to come across a novel about this era written from the Filipino point of view.
  • Margaret Ridings
    Excellent novelHistorical fiction is one of my favorite types of reading. I especially enjoy well researched novels about WW2. Solomon's novel is well worth reading. The characters are well drawn, based in part on real people. The people of the Philippines suffered greatly during the war. This novel captures the spirit of these survivors and makes one proud of what the human spirit can endure. Highly recommend.
  • house targaryen
    Odd book. Tries to be a war story, a spy novel, and a glitzy high society woman’s entrepreneurial story, but comes across like it was written by a middle class white woman obsessed with food?Sometimes the story does shine through all this, but I was never drawn in unfortunately, even though I wanted very much to like it and usually enjoy these types of books.But the obsession with food. Always describing it in great detail. And so strange as th...
  • Kristen
    This book did take me a little while to get into, but eventually I was captivated. It’s heartbreaking and hopeful and focused on the war from the Pacific Islands of which I have little knowledge.
  • Rita Boehm
    Heroism redefinedI've read many WWII historic novels with Europe as the setting. This story provided insight into a whole other side of the war - The Asian war theater and the brave men and women who fought to survive the horror of the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. A well-written story about relationships and strength in the midst of the worst possible conditions.
  • Elizabeth Pringle
    Amazing book!I’ve not read a book by this author before, but honestly I was gripped by the story. I’ve read other accounts of the atrocities of WW2 but not in the context of a book, other than a Town called Alice. This account and the strength of the characters was just amazing, once started I wanted to find out what was happening, a thought provoking read, one which I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • bob krause
    Fantastic ReadIt has been a while that a book kept me up most of the night..I found it well put together with the words flowing off the pages. As I have always been a buff for history, the story is an education of Japanese aggression in the Pacific and how the Philippines survived occupation by Japan in WWII.
  • Burma
    Okay for women.This novel seemed about 100 pages too long. While the insights into the horror of the war in the Philippines were interesting, the dialogue between the characters was wooden. I kept hoping I’d care about at least one of them, but they never seemed real to me. Written from a woman’s perspective, the story had no universal appeal, so I couldn’t recommend it to male readers. At least I finished it...
  • Barbara R
    I thought the book was very good. I did wonder about having the Gina be part of a nightclub, until I saw in the author's notes that such a person did exist. I just purchased A Pledge of Silence, the author's first book. Looking forward to reading it.
  • Becket Warren
    Survival during WWIIGina, Flora Solomon’s intrepid heroine in Along the Broken Bay, goes from pampered Junior League matron to night-club-owning chanteuse to war survivor in the course of this moving novel. The atrocities of war form the backbone of the novel, and the plight of ordinary people from all spectrums of society—from houseboy to ayah to wealthy benefactresses—are documented within its pages. The most real sections of the book, to...