Cheshire Crossing by Andy Weir

Cheshire Crossing

The three meet here, at Cheshire Crossing--a boarding school where girls like them learn how to cope with their supernatural experiences and harness their magical world-crossing powers.But the trio--now teenagers, who've had their fill of meddling authority figures--aren't content to sit still in a classroom. Soon they're dashing from one universe to the next, leaving havoc in their wake--and, inadvertently, bringing the Wicked Witch and Hook tog...

Details Cheshire Crossing

TitleCheshire Crossing
Release DateJul 16th, 2019
PublisherTen Speed Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Young Adult, Comics, Fiction, Retellings

Reviews Cheshire Crossing

  • Tucker
    Many thanks to Ten Speed Press for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest reviewOh, this was such a mess. I had such high hopes because I love Sarah Anderson's art and I've heard so much praise for Andy Weir. Now, the art was great. Sarah did her best with what she was given but the story. And the characters. Oh dear god. First off, it read like very poorly written fanfiction. It is based on The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderla...
  • Sarah
    This work is getting an awful lot of buzz and excitement and accompanying favorable reviews. This tale of Wendy, Dorothy, and Alice after their adventure coping with life now in the early 1900s told in graphic novel format by Andy Weir.Perhaps the same crowd who is excited about this would also be interested in the tale of Wendy, Dorothy, and Alice after their adventure coping with life now in the early 1900s told in graphic novel format by Alan ...
  • julianna ➹
    a graphic novella that is above three stars... finallyMaybe it was that it was in a physical format? Maybe it was that this was a gift to me from my friend?? (thank you to her!!!!! idk if she reads my trashfire reviews or immediately clicks away before grimacing, which I would totally understand) But anyways, this was so FUN to read and also really short, so it could be easily added to my reading challenge. :)I love Sarah Anderson and her Sarah's...
  • Lesley
    I got this book for free at ECCC 2019. I was excited to read it, as I love graphic novels! Unfortunately, it was just okay for me. Maybe if I had a stronger tie to the characters I would have enjoyed it? I think the art was really fantastic, but the girls didn't "read" as older teens to me, but rather maybe 13 year olds? All I know as a bookseller is that parents and kids will see the art and feel it is aimed them/their 5th grader, and the langua...
  • The Nerd Daily
    Originally published on The Nerd Daily | Review by Annie McCannAndy Weir, author of The Martian, Artemis, and The Egg, is back with a graphic novel like no other. What happens to Alice when she comes back from Wonderland? Wendy from Neverland? Dorothy from Oz? This graphic novel is an interesting cross over of three completely different characters from three completely different worlds. A unique story of what becomes of these characters when the ...
  • Tina Christopher
    This was rather charming and a lot of fun. I love the concept and Sarah's illustrations. Andy did a good job connecting the original stories to his new mash-up world.
  • Calley Odum
    W-wh-what did I just read?Like... um... The art is appropriate for ages 8+The language is appropriate for ages 14+The content is appropriate for ages 15+The general plot will appeal to ages 12-25The plot pacing was geared toward ages 10-The concept – literary ladies manipulating portals through their various worlds and defeating their childhood baddies together – was super appealing, but it definitely struggled in execution. More than anythin...
  • Samantha Beard
    Somewhere between a 4 and a 5 for me! I really enjoyed this take on portal fantasy, and what happens to our favorite childhood heroines after their adventures are over. It is a bit of a grown up story, though at times I found myself forgetting that the girls were older. Some things in the plot just progressed a bit too quickly, I thought, so that's my main reason for taking a star off. However, I think it's a really fun book and anyone who feels ...
  • Vanesa ✌️ ♡
    I read the first 10 episodes online and I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait until July to get the full story. AMAZING!
  • Stefanie
    What a fun story! Andy Weir, the guy who wrote The Martian and Artemis, apparently also likes to write fanfic and draw. This story came out of him wondering what happened to Alice in Wonderland, Dorothy of Oz, and Wendy of Neverland after they had grown up a little. They are all now teenagers and have been in and out of sanitoriums because their families think they are making up the things that happened to them. Now they have all ended up at a sp...
  • Bob
    What did I think? What did I think?I'm sorry. You can't ask me this after I've read this book, 'what do you think'.Screw you, Andy Weir. Screw you for all you've done. I bought this book, and do you know what? At first, I liked it. At first I decided 'hey, i'll give it a shot! he's a friend of my uncle' and you know what I got?A HEAPING PILE OF CRAP. Turns out your little "book"? Yeah? Had traces of LSD on it. I live in Detroit, and do you know w...
  • Deanna Siegel
    I can't say I enjoyed this one. Wendy, Alice, and Dorothy meet in a school for the gifted and embark on an adventure across each of their worlds. The plot was a mess, the language and content skewed much older than the intended audience, and there wasn't much explanation for any of the powers or who anyone at the school truly was. I did like the illustrations, but that was about it.
  • soleil
    Find this review on!In an exhilarating convergence of literature’s best female heroines, Cheshire Crossing (Ten Speed Press) is not your mother’s storybook. Sure, it includes romps through Wonderland, Oz and Neverland, but the characters are older and scrappier than ever. Now teenagers, Alice, Dorothy and Wendy have been carted off to asylum after asylum since no one believes their tales. That is, until they all come together at ...
  • Becky B
    What do you do with a little girl who says she's been to this strange and magical land during the days she was missing from home? Get her psychological help. And if they persist in those stories? Then you jump at the opportunity when a man with a boarding school specifically for young people with these issues comes knocking. That's how Alice Liddell, Dorothy Gale, and Wendy Darling all find themselves at a boarding school run by Mr. Ernest Ruther...
  • Tom Malinowski
    Andy Weir, who wrote The Martian and Artemis, pens this whimsical tale. Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy are now teenagers and sent to Cheshire Crossing to discuss how they're dealing with life after being in another world. When the teens go back into their worlds, they accidentally reunite two foes - Captain Hook and the Wicked Witch of the West. They come up with a plan to take down all three. It was great to revisit these worlds with a humorous, teea...
  • Courtney
    I was not expecting to like this. I love these characters; they are my childhood heroines.However, somewhere along the way, I changed my expectations and I thought of this as expensive/mainstream fanfic, which made it more bearable. There were things I thought were well done (Alice being immune to the poppies in Oz, Dorthy’s silver slippers), and there were things I disliked (what about Wendy’s brothers? Alice’s sister?).Some of the charact...
  • Paul Black
    Thanks for the great read, Andy. I read it in one evening! I kinda' wish I could have stretched it out longer. I regret that I had a hard time keeping the girls straight. The nanny was an extra, delightful bonus. Perhaps the doctor's assistant, Lem, was Lemuel Gulliver.I lowered my review to three stars because there was a lot of swearing, in addition to the frequent appearance of "punctuation swear words".
  • Shan
    I gave this three stars because the illustrations are so beautiful, but the writing is downright disappointing. These iconic characters deserve better dialogue (and storylines, and character development...). If there's another volume, I'll absolutely read it for the illustrations alone, but I hope Weir peps things up prosewise.
  • Ashlee Null
    3.5Fun crossover of classic characters! Definitely not groundbreaking but I found myself chuckling and overall amused.
  • Darkovary
    The artwork is great, the story is kinda weak
  • Brittany
    This is delightful. I'm hoping it's not a stand-alone, because it leaves a lot of questions unanswered. But it's a fun crossover, an interesting premise, and legitimately funny. Sarah's artwork is clean and pretty, and the coloring is bold and eye-catching.
  • Nicole
    I got this because I'm a huge fan of Sarah Andersen from Sarah Scribbles. The sneak peak she posted was enough to get my attention, and while it's not the first time these three characters have been put together, I was definitely willing for something easy and light.However, it wasn't until after I bought it that I realized it was written by Andy Weir of The Martian fame. Now, The Martian was cute, but I think once people started reading Weir's s...
  • Rainbow_kitten_5
    It was amazing, it did a great job of expressing the character in a new light. I normally don't like books that are to lazy to make up it's own character and world but this one somehow impressed me!
  • Meghan
    This was a really cute comic by a really strange team. Sarah Andersen, of Sarah’s Scribbles fame and Andy weir, hard sci-fi author of The Martian. Making a graphic novel retelling of children’s stories. Together. Okay, I can get behind that. Even though it’s not super original, its a nice retelling of the many tellings of Dorothy Wendy and Alice meeting each other. It’s a bit like every heart a doorway in the “boarding school for childr...
  • Andrienne
    What happens when you team up Alice (in Wonderland), Wendy Darling and Dorothy (from Oz)? The girls are teenagers now and they are all diagnosed with “dissociative psychosis.” Out of the three characters, Alice is the sullen and troublesome one. Her antics gets all the three girls and their nanny into a heap of trouble when they cross paths with the Wicked Witch and Captain Hook. The artwork is done in a muted but regal palette of colors with...
  • Kenya Starflight
    While I greatly enjoy Andy Weir's writing (The Martian, Artemis, The Egg, etc.), and loved his first webcomic, "Casey and Andy," I'm the first to admit that his artwork is awful. And while I'd heard good things about his second webcomic, "Cheshire Crossing," I was reluctant to give it a read due to hearing the art was even worse in this one. But when I learned that "Cheshire Crossing" was being re-released with all-new artwork -- and by Sarah And...
  • Tim O'neill
    Superb fan fiction as long as your understanding is basically limited to just the most popular notions of the stories of these three girls. That’s fine, I imagine that’s true of most of the potential audiënce, but if you’d be annoyed that the White Rabbit is referred to as the March Hare, or that a character that is called, and talks like, the Tik-Tok Man is erroneöusly illustrated as a miniature Tin Woodman, this may not be the work for ...
  • La Coccinelle
    This is just painful. I thought perhaps it would be a decent graphic novel. After all, it's Andy Weir (of The Martian) and Sarah Andersen (of Sarah's Scribbles). Aside from the decent illustrations, though, this is just bad fanfiction.I can't take historical fiction seriously when it's this modern. The story takes place in 1910, so the inclusion of Dorothy, Alice, and Wendy all make sense, as their stories were published before that time. The inc...