On the Corner of Love and Hate (Hopeless Romantics, #1) by Nina Bocci

On the Corner of Love and Hate (Hopeless Romantics, #1)

For fans of Christina Lauren and Lauren Layne comes a delightfully sassy and sexy romance about a campaign manager who reluctantly works with the local Lothario to help revamp his image for the upcoming mayoral elections, only to discover that he’s hiding something that can turn both their lives upside down.What’s a campaign manager’s worst nightmare? A smooth-talking charmer who’s never met a scandal that he didn’t like.When Emmanuelle...

Details On the Corner of Love and Hate (Hopeless Romantics, #1)

TitleOn the Corner of Love and Hate (Hopeless Romantics, #1)
Release DateAug 20th, 2019
PublisherGallery Books
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance

Reviews On the Corner of Love and Hate (Hopeless Romantics, #1)

  • Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog
    *****FOUR STARS*****{ARC Generously Provided by Author}Anytime I was alone with him, which was why I actively avoided it, I was transported back to that eleven-year-old girl who realized that the belly flutters she got when he walked in wasn’t a lactose allergy but her first full-blown crush. At twenty-eight, those feelings didn’t remain, but the reminder of what they felt like did.”ON THE CORNER OF LOVE AND HATE” is a frenemies-to-lovers...
  • Christy
    3 stars Enemies to lovers… it’s a troupe that I adore. There’s a fine line between love and hate… Cooper and Emma walk that line non-stop. They used to be the best of friends growing up. Now, they’re more like nemesis than friends. Emma and Cooper work together, but lately Cooper hasn’t been pulling his weight. He’s running for Mayor and has a ton on his plate. Emma’s dad is the current Mayor and is endorsing Cooper. Emma decides...
  • Corina
    I admit the cover is what had me picking up On the Corner of Love and Hate in the first place, and of course the promise of an enemies to lovers romance - can't ever get enough of those.More often than not I like the heroes more than the heroines. I don't know why that's the case, but it has happened too often for it not to be true. In the case of Emmanuelle and Cooper I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Because unfortunately neither cha...
  • Cristina | CristiinaReads
    ➳Finished in one sitting! Review coming soon! ➳ARC kindly provided by the publisher, in exchange for an honest review coming closer to release date...➳Follow Me On:Blog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter
  • Darinda
    Emmanuelle (Emma) and Cooper were friends growing up, but their friendship mostly ended during their college years. After college, they both returned to their hometown of Hope Lake. Now, they both work for the community development office. Emma once wanted more than friendship from Cooper, but that desire ended and their friendship never recovered.A frenemies to lovers story. Emma is a workaholic who loves to be organized and in control. She is s...
  • Sylvain Reynard
    Recommended. This has a great cast of characters, local politics, and a couple you'll cheer for.Nina writes with charm and good humour and her characters leap from the page.SR.
  • MELISSA *Mel Reader*
    4 Stars!(ARC provided by author) Emma Peroni is a 28 yr. old woman from a small town in northern Pennsylvania called Hope Lake. Her dad is the mayor, and she herself has a government job as well. She worked in an office together with her childhood friend Cooper Endicott. They were considered the home base for the town, and had their hand in pretty much everything. When emergencies happened, they fixed them, but lately Emma finds herself picking u...
  • Kendall
    I had to get my hands on this book! The cover is to DIE for!! I was excited to read this due to the enemies to lovers premise. I think I've figured out this is my favorite type of romance :). This was a tad bit of slow burn for me and I don't usually do well with slow burn novels. I wish that the relationship between Cooper and Emma had more chemistry throughout the story. It was lacking big time for me in this particular area and just couldn't c...
  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    On the Corner of Love and Hate is a small town, enemies-to-lovers romance featuring childhood friends turned enemies Emma Peroni and Cooper Endicott. Emma's father (outgoing mayor) talks her into being Cooper's campaign manager in an effort to revamp his shady ladies-man image and help him get elected as the next town mayor. Emma reluctantly agrees to it even though she continues to hold a long-time grudge against the man who once broke her heart...
  • Kristy
    Emma Peroni works in the Community Development Office (CDO) in the small town of Hope Lake. She works with her childhood friend Cooper Campbell-Endicott, who is now running for office as mayor of Hope Lake. Cooper has a political pedigree; his mother is governor. He's the beloved golden boy of Hope Lake. But he also has a playboy reputation, and his opponent, Kirby, is capitalizing on it. If Cooper loses, Kirby will set back all the progress of t...
  • warhawke
    Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic ComedyType: Standalone book 1 of Hopeless Romantics seriesPOV: First Person - FemaleRating: Emmanuelle (Emma) Peroni loved her small town. As a local government employee, she dedicated her time in helping to make Hope Lake thrive. With the upcoming mayoral election, the town was abuzz with candidate Cooper Endicott’s not-so-savory past exploits. She was strategically roped in to help his public image and pol...
  • Stephanie (Stephanie's Novel Fiction)
    rounded down to 3.5 starsI finally got a chance to read this one after having download issues with the widget, and I'm really glad that I read it! I love enemies to lovers tropes and Nina Bocci did a great job with this one. This was my first time reading Bocci's book but it definitely won't be my last.Emma and Coopper used to be childhood friends but now that they're adults, they definitely aren't, especially as Copper is preparing to take over ...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    3.25 Angst, Push/Pull Stars* * *1/4 Spoiler FreeI was introduced to Nina Bocci's writing skill when she teamed up with Alice Clayton on a terrific book called Roman Crazy. I saw flair and talent and I am so happy to say Nina Bocci still has it. Her writing style works and when she wants to make you feel, you do.In this new book and series, she has made a small-town wonder chalked full of interesting secondary characters really adding to the tale....
  • Sabrina
    NOW LIVE!Amazon US * Amazon UKOn the Corner of Love and Hate is an enemies/frenemies to lovers type of story and follows Emma and Cooper. These two were once childhood friends that eventually grew apart after some heartbreak and now turned enemies. This is a trope that I can completely get on board with and I always love the tension that comes from stories like this. Unfortunately in this book that tension was a little too much and it never seeme...
  • Amy
    The first time this one caught my eye was when I saw it being compared to one of my favorite author duos, Christina Lauren. I was obviously excited to see that comparison because I seriously can’t get enough of rom coms lately, especially theirs, but this was really nothing like a CL book. Don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t bad at all, it definitely had its own redeeming qualities, but anyone expecting a similar book will be disappointed.One o...
  • Chris C - A Midlife Wife
    Mixed feelings here... 3.5 Stars ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The title captured me because I think we all have those feelings where we love and hate someone at the same time. This book certainly proved that point because I also had a love-hate affair with it.This book was a little complicated in that Emma and Cooper were best friends. However he broke her heart twice in her tender years and she never forgave him.On one hand she was helpful and kind, but on th...
  • Dísir
    A poor little rich boy known for his womanising ways needs someone to keep him in hand. After all, his mayoral ambitions are in jeopardy. Who better to do so, than a longtime friend who always had the hots for him but was cruelly subject to his numerous hookups over the years, to become his campaign manager and keep him on the straight and narrow for better media reception of the reformed manwhore?That should have been my warning sign.Some books ...
  • Savannah's Book List
    |Thank you @netgalley @gallerybooks #partner| On The Corner Of Love And Hate is set in the fictional small town of Hope Lake during a mayoral election. Hope Lake is written beautifully and becomes a character of its own. If a place like Hope Lake truly exists, let me know because I desperately want to move there. Nestled between the waterfront and the mountain, this town is quaint, charming, and picturesque.Emma and Cooper are kind of like Hope L...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    3-3,5 starsThis is a frenemies to lovers story.I enjoyed the small town set up and the atmosphere.The romance was great and the characters good. I didn't feel connected to the characters and this was my main problem."He might have been the single most irritating person in the world to me, but still, I could appreciate his appearance."I'm sad that I didn't like it a lotbutI'm definitely going to read her next book!     
  • Genesis Sheli (Whispering Chapters)
    Okay... Let's see how this review goes.As the synopsis says, Emma is asked by her father to help reform Cooper's image and help him with the campaign.That being said, this started happening from chapter 9. The first 8 chapters were there to, I guess, set the tone of the story. I just wonder why it took so long. At the moment, I remember loving those first few chapters. It wasn't until all the campaign strategies started happening that I started t...
  • alana ♡
    Unfortunately, this book didn't do it for me. I was excited when this book was pitched for fans of Christina Lauren books, but I can definitely say that that's really not the case. This had more of a Hallmark movie feel to it rather than a super hot/intense romance like Christina Lauren's books. I found myself bored throughout majority of this book because politics played such a huge role in the plot. If there was a little less politics and a lot...
  • book bruin
    What an amazing start to the Hopeless Romantics series! I really enjoyed this childhood friends to enemies to lovers slow burn romance! On the Corner of Love and Hate will have you laughing out loud one moment and then tearing up the next. It's relatable and heartfelt and I fell completely in love with Hope Lake and its residents.Emmanuelle (Emma) and Cooper have a complicated history. I couldn't wait to find out what drove these once best friend...
  • Timitra
    Rated 3.5 StarsI struggled with On The Corner of Love and Hate in the beginning but it grew on me. It's a mash up of a few things, women's fiction, contemporary small town romance, friends to lovers and enemies to lovers with a political bent. It's also sweet with a bit of humor. I liked it and look forward to reading the rest of the series.Copy provided by publisher through Net Galley
  • Bex | TotallyBex.com
    ★★ 3.5 stars! ★★Beyond the beautiful cover and the clever title, On the Corner of Love and Hate is the epitome of a beautifully written small-town romance. With the quaint setting of Hope Lake so interwoven into the story, it becomes its own character and a bit reminiscent of Stars Hollow or Blue Bell, Alabama. The antics of the locals are hilariously and realistically portrayed, so much so that the reader could envision residing in Hope ...
  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦
    3.5 STARS "He ignited every emotion in me, from love to hate." Very cute yet smart workplace romance! Emma and Cooper were childhood friends and now Cooper is running a mayoral campaign in the small town of Hope Lake. Emma is assisting him. At first I thought there'd be more fire between them but Cooper really seems to be a nice guy who is just in a little but over his head. He keeps making choices that are not really going to help him win the ...
  • Princess
    I received a copy of this from the publisher. I really enjoyed the premise of the story. I loved the dynamic between the four best friends. Emma was so hateful throughout the book and even though it is explained why, it just felt so unnecessary most of the time. There were also a lot of errors(words duplicated and extra words) that really bothered me that caused me to drop my rating.