The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey

The Glittering Hour

The epic and long-awaited new romance from the author of Letters to the Lost, winner of the RNA Award.Selina Lennox is a Bright Young Thing. Her life is a whirl of parties and drinking, pursued by the press and staying just the right side of scandal.Lawrence Weston is a penniless painter who stumbles into Selina's orbit one night and can never let her go.Spanning two decades and a seismic shift in British history as World War II approaches, this ...

Details The Glittering Hour

TitleThe Glittering Hour
Release DateMay 30th, 2019
PublisherSimon & Schuster UK
GenreHistorical, Historical Fiction, Fiction, War, Romance

Reviews The Glittering Hour

  • Joan
    I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this new novel for four years, after devouring Iona Grey’s brilliant, award winning debut novel ‘Letters to the Lost’. I was very excited at being chosen to review this novel which totally blew me away and exceeded all of my expectations.This new novel is set in the intervening years between the two world wars and mainly at the family country house Blackwood or in London. ‘It Girl’ Selina Lenn...
  • Lucille
    The Glittering Hour is a perfect read for people who love tear-jerkers. This is a story of boy meets girl, loses girl, and finally finds her again. Set in two time frames, the early 1920s and mid 1930s, it revolves around Selina Lennox and her daughter Alice. The changes in lifestyle people experienced between the end of the First World War and the beginning of the Second is well portrayed, although I thought the governess as a supporter of Mosel...
  • Deborah Carr
    I've just finished reading The Glittering Hour and am completely bereft to have to leave Selina and Alice's stories behind. The characters and their stories in this exquisite book will stay with me for a very long time. The Glittering Hour is told through two timelines. Selina Lennox's story, who as one of the Bright Young People in the 1920s, partied hard, shocking society at that time but determined to live life to the full after the horrors an...
  • Annarella
    A great love story, a well researched historical background, a writer who is a born storyteller.There's a lot of thing I could write about this heart-wrenching and engaging page turner but to cut short a long story I would only that this was an epic reading experience that moved me to tears more than once.This book is almost perfect: the well written characters, the historical background, the plot that flows seamlessly.Some parts reminded me of E...
  • Douglas Osler
    This book describes the issues facing society after the First World War in a very clear way,underlining the social problems faced as the existing social structure falls apart and young people challenge the assumptions about how they will live their lives. The atmosphere of the period is captured very effectively and the characters are well drawn from the new generation expecting success to those who feel entitled and no longer fit in. The lead ch...
  • Fiona Mitchell
    I couldn’t wait to get hold of a copy of The Glittering Hour, having been utterly blown away by the brilliance of Grey’s debut novel, Letters to The Lost, and I was not disappointed. An epic love story, The Glittering Hour switches between two timeframes: aristocratic champagne-swilling, party-goer Selina Lennox in the 1920s, and Selina’s nine year old daughter, Alice in the 1930s.Alice is ensconced with her grandparents at their stately ho...
  • Katrina Oliver
    A beautiful book. I love the author’s descriptions of the antics of the bright young things of 1920s, and then the outcomes of that lifestyle. Poignant, beautiful and sad. The twin timeline of 1920s and 1930s works really well and I really enjoyed the way that the story was told, following Alice’s discovery of her mother’s younger life. Beautifully written, with captivating descriptions, and completely engaging- I really loved this book and...
  • Sarah Goldthorpe
    I first heard of Iona Grey when her first book ‘Letters to the Lost’ was published, she featured in a magazine article and it inspired me to buy a copy, it was not my usual read at all but I loved it and have kept looking out for her next book every since. ‘The Glittering Hour’ does not disappoint, it’s a beautifully written story carefully intertwining the lives of Selina in the mid nineteen twenties and that of her young daughter Alic...
  • Anne
    Should I write a review from the heart, do you think? Might that be a bit too gushing? If it is, my apologies, but this book was absolutely everything I hoped it would be – and then probably a little more.The prologue to this book drew me in instantly – entitled “The End”, a picture coming slowly into focus with enigmatic mentions of missing faces on the walls, the kitbag propped against the table leg, the wedding dress hanging elsewhere,...
  • Thebooktrail
    Visit the locations in the novelSometimes there comes a novel that moves you so much that you have to write your review just to get your emotions out. A book that moves you so much that you have to stop blubbering long enough so you can write your thoughts down. A love story so exquisitely drawn that you finish the book and start to feel like you’ve been in it with them and now feel bereft that they’ve gone.The Glittering Hour, as its name su...
  • Ronnie Turner
    Nine year old Alice Carew waits impatiently for her mama to return from a business trip. At Blackwood Park, a sprawling, overgrown estate that has lost its splendour, the company is austere and cold. Her grandmother only sees fit to admonish her. It’s one saving grace is helper Polly, who cares for Alice with warmth and kindness. But even Polly can’t assuage Alice’s loneliness and need for her mother. Meanwhile, Selena is missing her daught...
  • Joanne
    From the very beginning of this book, I was captivated. A good prologue should catch your interest, ask you questions, then leave you hanging. The prologue in this book certainly does that. Who was the woman in bed with her lover? Whose was the wedding dress hanging up in another room across town? And why is the prologue entitled The End?Like Alice following her mother’s clues, this book completely captured my imagination and I eagerly read abo...
  • Abi
    Selina Lennox spends her days partying and drinking with her high-class friends, dubbed the Bright Young Things by the pursuing press.Lawrence Weston is a struggling artist making ends meet painting portraits for wealthy families who have lost their sons on the battlefield.When a chance encounter brings them together, little do they realise it will be a night that will change the rest of their lives.Since reading Letters to the Lost I have always...
  • Alannah Clarke
    This sounded like a great book which I couldn't wait to read. I am so glad I got the chance to read it, I thought it was a lovely, heartbreaking and well-written book, I found myself glued to it after about the first quarter of the novel. It is told from a dual timeline, however, it is handled so well that I didn't feel confused or lost while reading, I was able to follow the story really well. I think Grey is an amazing writer and I look forward...
  • Sandra McKenna
    BRILLIANT.My heart is still pounding, and there are tears in my eyes. What an incredibly brilliant book this is. Set in the mid 1920s, the age of the bright young things, and the mid 1930s, this an amazing story of an undying love that wasn't really acceptable, but persevered regardless.So well written and riveting from beginning to end. Iona Grey, you have done it again, and I am anxiously awaiting your next book.
  • Emily
    I extremely love The Glittering Hour by Iona Grey. Absolutely beautiful work from the story, the characters, the cover, and the title. Everything was so perfect that I could not find any flaw at all. This is an amazing, emotional journey that I will enjoy again and again in the future.
  • Stevie Carroll
    To be reviewed on The Good, The Bad, and The Unread.
  • Gem ~ Bee
    Review to follow
  • Candy
    Well worth the wait ! I absolutely loved it. Such a tender, bittersweet story that made me cry !! Go buy it now :) 10/10
  • Ellie Darkins
    As I've come to expect from Iona, this was an absolutely beautiful novel. It was clearly meticulously researched, and brought to life an era that can feel cartoonish and cliched in lesser hands. The final chapters broke me, and even the acknowledgements had me in tears.