Die #2 by Kieron Gillen

Die #2

"FANTASY HEARTBREAKER," Part TwoRemember last time, when we said "Goth Jumanji?" As the bleak, austere fantasy-horror ramps up, we start underlining the word "Goth" in black marker until we cut a hole through the page.

Details Die #2

TitleDie #2
Release DateJan 9th, 2019
GenreSequential Art, Comics, Fantasy, Graphic Novels Comics, Fiction, Graphic Novels, Horror

Reviews Die #2

  • Liz (Quirky Cat)
    I’ve been looking forward to the release of this issue. Die #1 was an interesting introduction, but I really had no idea how they were planning on following it up. Die #2 read differently, but that’s mainly because they couldn’t use the same storytelling techniques as before. This issue showed us more of the roleplaying world that they had been lost in for so long. It was just about as dark as they implied. They used a personal tale and per...
  • Roy
    This is just sublime..pure perfection. Artwork, plotting world building..amazing.
  • Quintin Zimmermann
    Whilst the visual feast may please thine eye, the narrative is mired by peculiar direction.Began with such sweet promise, now hold fast for course correction.
  • Stacy
    It's super frustrating to have a pile of 20 comics I'm striving to read in a night, and I spend extra time going over an essay that Kieron Gillen wrote because I'm super interested in the subject matter. It was not really a choice, though, after Gillen gave us the intriguing classes that our characters are back to playing. The cyberpunk rogue? That's so cool! Grief knight?! I want to play a grief knight! Bear cleric (bear-ic?) on the cover? That ...
  • Alice
    I don't know why I still get surprised when Kieron Gilles does it again. After reading The Wic + The Div I should expect the original fantasy world, the unspeakable mysterious aura and complex characters. And yet I am still impressed. The first issue intrigued me and had me wondering what he has in store for his readers. The second one convinced me I am going to be on the edge of my seat for each issue that is to come.P.S. The epilogue on how he ...
  • Jesse
    Pretty fucking great. The art is completely gorgeous. The ideas are interesting, and the backmatter essay on the worldbuilding was very fun. I'm getting a feel for the characters. Very interested to see where this goes. I kind of hope that the entire book isn't in the fantasy world, I'd love some flashbacks or back-at-the-ranch sequences of the real world. But who knows at such an early junction. I'm really enjoying this series so far.
  • David(LA,CA)
    The first issue of this series was all set up. It pretty much covered the promo used to sell the book. A group of kids go missing, transported to a fantasy world. Most of them return, and we see them after the experience. It isn't until this issue where we get to start seeing the elements of the fantasy world they visited, and the roles they played there.I'm having a bad feeling about this.Sometimes, people who play RPGs use them as outlets for t...
  • Štěpán Tichý
    I imagine, that second issues are maybe harder than the first ones. The characters were established, you should know the general feeling of first 5-6 issues and it is time to progress the story. And that is exactly what Gillen does and doesn't.The structure is the same but feels different. At the same time we get a nice credit page with characters and their dice. This break the narrative itself as I feel it cuts the Die world and our reality. We ...
  • Matt Vella
    The promise and potential Die #1 established started delivery with Die #2. First, the artwork is outstanding. Water-color vibes all around, and a strong use of color.Second, many of the interviews Gillen did between 1 and 2 mentioned his desire to investigate the underdeveloped side of RPGs, where you don't think about the psychological and far-reaching results of your actions as a player. I really enjoyed those confrontations in this issue, and ...
  • Caitlin
    In the second issue, Gillen and Hans introduce readers to the fantasy world of Die as the players return to the old world. While the first issue had a few hints that this wasn't going to be your grandma's game of D&D, this issue is where it starts to get very dark. There's a lot more hints of what the character roles really do and a rather disturbing scene where the past comes back to bite Ash. So far, this is one of my new favorite dark fantasy ...
  • Sans
    I have never played an rpg in my life and have no idea what is happening.
  • Golnoush
    The story is interesting enough but to me going through the awfully written dialogue and narration, as it’s the only way of knowing what happens next, feels like torture.
  • Chris Thompson
    Beautiful artwork. Nonsensical story.
  • Liesl
    Well this series keeps getting better and better. In a rare departure from form, I've refused to wait for the trade edition to follow this series, which says a lot about how desperate I am to know what happens. The author's notes are worth the price of admission too, this month's one focusing on why the different dice were chosen for each character.As a hardcore D&D player, "Die" inevitably caught my imagination. There's a lot in here that's comf...
  • Duckbait
    Lays down some tantalizing foreshadowing, but also explains the character classes and some of the rules and the narrative structure of the world (of course the world has a narrative structure! it's a tabletop RPG).Okay, I may have read the bit with (view spoiler)[EYEWORM EX (hide spoiler)] three times, cackling in maniacal glee. Because I'm normal like that. It is brilliant and poetic and gross, and it is the moment I fell head-over-heels in love...
  • Marisa Carpico
    Great job of establishing the world and what everyone can do. Can’t wait to hear Dominic/Ash talk more about their identity probably 10 issues from now. The thing I most appreciated here was the backmatter, which gave an RPG novice like me the information needed to understand the way the comic is structured and also blew my mind with how deeply Gillen thinks about everything. Will keep me going while I still don’t quite connect to this on a n...
  • Kait
    I'm so glad when world-building books like this have back matter. Knowing where Gillen pulled his ideas from and how he put them together just makes this story that much richer.This is my first real experience with Stephanie Hans' art and I am blown away. The color choices in this book are phenomenal. The use of polyhedral suggestions in the art is inspired. There are certain panels I would like to have expanded and put on my wall.
  • John Anderson
    Still intense from ep.1 but a little less..I like where this is going but the development of characters and the unveiling of the world elements slowed down of the feelings I got from the first issue.
  • Lestat
    Ash and his friends are confronted by their past in the world of DIE, in the second issue of the Image Comics series about an RPG game gone bad.Read my full review at BamSmackPow.
  • Christine
    Really, really loving this series
  • Vincapervinca08
    This isnt a conversation. This is the sort of monologue you run in your head with lovers youll never speak to again.Esto sigue siendo muy oscuro, muy gore, muy chulo y muy raro. This isn´t a conversation. This is the sort of monologue you run in your head with lovers you´ll never speak to again.Esto sigue siendo muy oscuro, muy gore, muy chulo y muy raro.
  • Tobias Asplund
    Fuck yes.
  • Catherine Doherty
    I was less interested in this issue which disappointed me a lot. Hope it picks up next issue.
  • Stergios
    Not getting better. The only interesting part was near the end with the cursed knight. I still don't like the art and the characterization is problematic. I'm dropping it...
  • Tetyana
    We got a larger glimpse into the world and how it functions, and what everyone’s role is, and I’m still so intrigued. Definitely will keep following this one.
  • Mira
    No doubt in my mind I'd be rolling death saving rolls thirty minutes into a game like this. Brutal and everything to play for can't wait for issue 3.
  • Geoff
    This is remarkable.
  • Virna
    I'd say "I missed you" but it'd be imply you were worth missing
  • Nom Chompsky
    Not sure how we’ve earned something this amazing but I’m so happy with it so I won’t question it.