Have You Seen Luis Velez? by Catherine Ryan Hyde

Have You Seen Luis Velez?

From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Ryan Hyde comes a moving novel about two strangers who find that kindness is a powerful antidote to fear. Raymond Jaffe feels like he doesn’t belong. Not with his mother’s new family. Not as a weekend guest with his father and his father’s wife. Not at school, where he’s an outcast. After his best friend moves away, Raymond has only two real connections: to the feral cat he’s tamed and to...

Details Have You Seen Luis Velez?

TitleHave You Seen Luis Velez?
Release DateMay 21st, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreFiction, Contemporary

Reviews Have You Seen Luis Velez?

  • Angela M
    It’s feel good and uplifting, a story about finding kindness and the goodness of people when and where it’s least expected. It was just what I needed. I’ve read so many tough stories these last months and watched way too much news reflecting the nastiness of our current political discourse. I needed a break. However, this is not what I would consider a light read. There are some serious and thought provoking themes, but the goodness of peop...
  • Christine
    5 starsCatherine Ryan Hyde is an author I have been eyeing for years, and I have about a half dozen of her novels downloaded on my kindle. Finally, after seeing some superb reviews for Have You Seen Luis Velez? I decided to finally dive in and read one of her books. This is a shining little gem. It is simply written, but laden with wisdom and life-affirming inspiration. It’s a tale about Raymond, a 16-year-old boy with an unhappy home life (“...
  • marilyn
    "Have You Seen Luis Velez?" will encourage you to look outside of yourself and see what is really around you, who is really around you. To try to put yourself into the shoes of those not like yourself, so you can understand how others might think and feel. This book is full of heart and feeling and left me knowing there is always something I can do to make this world a better place. Raymond is a 16 year old black young man who feels like he belon...
  • Erin
    Such a beautiful story! Grab this one my friends and make sure the tea is hot, the cats are purring and that you have a great stock of tissue paper( Kleenex) on hand. When Raymond, an African American teenager befriends the elderly blind woman in his apartment building to help her find a friend, Luis Velez, a tale of friendship, family, and forgiveness begins. I absolutely adored this book and I cannot wait to hear from other readers about their...
  • Carolyn
    This is a wonderful, heart warming book which I feel sure many different readers will enjoy!When 16 year Raymond meets Millie, a 92 year old blind woman who lives in his apartment block, she is outside her apartment looking for Luis Velez, a young man who has been coming weekly for the last four years to take her to the bank and the shops. It's been more than two weeks since he last visited and Millie is worried something bad has happened to him ...
  • Nadia
    Have You Seen Luis Velez is a story of a boy who doesn't fit in and forms an unlikely friendship with his 92-year-old neighbour. Raymond is 17 years old and his only friend just moved away, leaving him with no friends. One morning on his way to school, he meets one of his neighbours on the second floor landing, looking for Luis . 92-year-old Millie is blind and Luis used to do her shopping for her until he mysteriously disappeared a few weeks ago...
  • Tara Rock
    I rarely read young adult novels and into the first few chapters thought I had made a mistake on this one. As I proceeded I was in awe of how deftly the author had inner woven very interesting characters with "Lessons" . There are Lessons on courage, predjudice, compassion, humility, integrity, loyalty, empathy, openmindedness, and more. The message delivered deserves 10 stars as it is powerful and by example; But, I am now very anxious to move o...
  • Karren Sandercock
    Thanks to NetGalley, Lake Union Publishing and Catherine Ryan Hyde for my advanced copy of Have You Seen Luis Velez.What a brilliant book and I loved it.Raymond Jaffe is a mixed race 16 year old young man he lives with his mum, step father and three younger sisters. His father has married again, he stays with them every second weekend and his fathers new wife can't be bothered with him. He feels unwanted, unloved and a burden to everyone. Raymond...
  • Erin Clemence
    Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a free, electronic ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. “Have You Seen Luis Velez?” is the question that starts it all. Raymond Jaffe is a teenager, who doesn’t fit in with his family and is trying to deal with his best friend moving away, when an elderly blind woman asks him about Luis Velez. Soon, Raymond is not only helping the elderly woman with her weekly errands, but he also ta...
  • Sherri Thacker
    5 stars ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ What do you get when the main characters are a 92 year old woman and a 17 year old boy? A fabulous book about 2 people - Mildred and Raymond. Just a wonderful “feel good” book. I loved the characters, I loved the storyline, loved the whole thing! Of course, I love everything that Catherine Ryan Hyde writes!! Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing me this book for my honest review. This book is due t...
  • Brenda
    Raymond Jaffe was sad his best friend was leaving. Other than Andre, he had no other friends at school. So when an elderly woman in his apartment block stopped him with a question – “Have you seen Luis Velez?” Raymond spoke to her. Mildred Gutermann – call me Millie – had been alone in her apartment for the past seventeen days as Luis, who helped her with everyday chores, had disappeared. She was down to her last half can of soup which ...
  • Amy
    If you’re searching for a book to give you all the feels and one that will also restore your faith in humanity my friends then look no further. I’ve become a super fan of CRH over the past few years and this is my favorite of hers to date. Well, of the ones I’ve actually read because have you seen her backlist?! Impressive. But seriously, this is a special book and one that I won’t soon forget.The driving force behind what makes a CRH fan...
  • ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ
    It struck him odd that he’d had to come to the home of a blind woman to be seen clearly. Catherine Ryan Hyde has been one of my favourite go to authors since she came out with Pay it Forward in 1999. Have You Seen Luis Velez? just proves it is always smart to read a new book by a beloved writer. The beginning of this book made me think of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, because it has a child searching for something throughout New York, bu...
  • Judy Collins
    🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Top Books of 2019!!!!! Top Audiobook of 2019!!!! I adore all Catherine Ryan Hyde books but HAVE YOU SEEN LUIS VELEZ is my absolute favorite since Take Me With You. The narrator Michael Crouch was award-winning! EXTRAORDINARY. LOVED❤ Timely. Inspiring. Captivating. More coming when back to my computer. Every person in this world needs to read this book and our world would be a much better place. TOPS!!!! ...
  • Carole
    I won this book from the author on her blog! I encourage you to get a copy of this thoughtful & inspirational story. I loved Ramon, a 17 year old boy who feels like no one listens or understands him. He meets Mildred or “Mrs G”, a 92 year old, blind woman who lives in his building. She needs help getting to the bank and grocery store because her friend Luis Velez has disappeared. Ramon & Mrs G form a friendship that is unlikely but so special...
  • Linda
    An enjoyable, uplifting story with memorable characters not as good as the author’s Pay It Forward but one that I can see being made into a movie in the future.
  • The Cats Mother
    What a wonderful book! I have read and mostly really enjoyed a few by this author previously, so jumped at the chance of an ARC, not really worrying about what it was about. Well this is her best yet, a moving story about an unusual friendship between two very special characters. Raymond, a sixteen year old from New York who feels he doesn’t fit in with his new family after his parents’ divorce, meets an elderly lady, Millie, who lives in the...
  • Michelle
    Omg. This book is a reality. How in our racist society is this still going on. It clearly in her testimony that I she shot him because he is Hispanic.. and by her ignorance she is stating white privilege. She should have been found guilty without a doubt. Why was there no hispanics on the jury. This book made me so mad. And sadly this is today's society.
  • Janet C-B
    This is the story of Raymond, a teen of mixed racial background, who lives in an apartment building in New York. Raymond's only friend moves away early in the story, leaving Raymond friendless, and unable to relate to his peers. He feels alienated from Mom & step-father who he lives with in a modest apartment building, as well as his Dad & stepmother who live in an upscale area in Manhattan. Raymond meets Mildred, an elderly blind woman, who live...
  • Gina *loves sunshine*
    rounding up to 4 GR stars - even though this was a 3.5 read for me. Fabulously written story of a boy Raymond, an elderly woman, and the man....Luis Velez ~ who helped her. I do highly recommend this book to those that love the fiction genre. Definitely a very poignant look at the elderly, coming of age, helpfulness, kindness and the court system.I don't read much of the fiction genre anymore - I find I love heart pounding, angst, love, banter, c...
  • AnaLisa Odetunde
    I absolutely loved it! It was a refreshing reminder that there are good people still in our society, and that a simple act of kindness can change lives.
  • Jean
    I loved everything about this book! The young man's compassion for the olderneighbor is something very rare. I enjoyed it so much. I also loved the lessonshe learned as he completed task after task for his blind neighbor. I loved the hurdleshe goes through for her. Also, this is a beautiful story about life, love, and family. Especially family that is no blood relation.The book flows well and keeps your attention page after page. I loved the char...
  • Carmen Blankenship
    Yes! Yes yes yes. An amazingly uplifting and timely story about humanity. That's the bare bones of but it was filled with so much heart. I adored the main character by the end of the first chapter. An awkward and sensitive young man who seems painfully lonely. Until he meets an elderly women who lives in his building. Their meeting changes both of theirs and I never wanted to stop reading about them. A magnificent story and one that will resonate...
  • Kathryn in FL
    This book has a lot going on within the covers. A ninety-two year old, white woman and her young, seventeen year old, biracial neighbor take us, readers on a journey to examine racism, those who are disenfranchised by race, beliefs, disabilities, ageism and a few other topics thrown in. While these are a lot of issues to pack in one novel, Ms. Ryan Hyde manages to incorporate them in one cohesive story, albeit superficial manner.Raymond Jaffe agr...
  • Andrea Pole
    Have You Seen Luis Velez? by Catherine Ryan Hyde is the beautiful story of an unlikely friendship between a seventeen year old boy and his ninety-two year old neighbour. This is a heartwarming read about finding a sense of belonging in a sometimes cold and chaotic world. This novel was a bit of a departure from the genres that I normally gravitate toward, but I am so happy that I took a chance and was so richly rewarded as a result.Raymond Jaffe ...
  • La La
    I would give this book six stars if I could.
  • Bibliophagist89
    Wow!! I loved this book from start to finish even though I am such a Massive CRH fan I've read many of her books (and think this one tops them all) This book as well as Catherine's other books deals with real true to life events and situations, and I don't know hoe but she just does it so beautifully, you are immersed in the story along with the characters, she is one of a few authors who can place me right in front of these people visually rathe...
  • Evelina | AvalinahsBooks
    It isn't often that I pry myself away from a book in an attempt to get some sleep already, and yet fail to fall asleep because I keep thinking PLEASE MAKE THIS BOOK A BESTSELLER, GOD, PLEASEEEEE. In fact, this is the first such case. Yes, I have stayed awake because of books before. But I'm not sure I have ever stayed up because I was begging a higher power to make a book a bestseller. Especially with how much I dislike that particular term.** I...
  • Kathryn
    If you need an uplifting book, that invites you to reflect on life and your role in it, then pick this one up.I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Raymond who feels as a sixteen year old like a bit of a misfit in his family. His step Dad doesn't really accept him, his mother listens then forgets and his Dad  has a new wife that doesn't really like Raymond's Dad paying any attention to him.How Raymond turned out like he has is beyond me because he h...
  • Donna Hines
    This is more than just a feel good book - This is a movement for change!Lets go!Everything you have can be gone in a second but what if you felt you didn't deserve any of it?What if you're an outcast having very little unless you count a feral cat and an old lady? Raymond has it rough with his father in his new marriage and with life but he's a blessing in this remarkable friendship.You never know in life where it will take you or what lessons yo...