Ninth and Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

Ninth and Nowhere

Seven strangers. Two hours. One tragic moment of violence that changes everything. In this electrifying short story by New York Times bestselling suspense master Jeffery Deaver, the destinies of seven strangers intersect in ways no one sees coming. It looks like just another gray March morning in the tough urban district nicknamed Nowhere when seven lives converge: a young man intent on buying a gun; the gangbanger who cuts him a deal; a by-the-b...

Details Ninth and Nowhere

TitleNinth and Nowhere
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
PublisherAmazon Original Stories
GenreShort Stories, Mystery, Fiction, Thriller, Mystery Thriller

Reviews Ninth and Nowhere

  • Tam_ the_ med_bookie
    The first part was really bizarre. The characters are not that interesting as they should be to keep the story going. The story picked up real fast in the later half with relatable characters.But this one was really testing my patience.Not gripping at all.The ending was so damn annoying. *Not worth it.
  • Monnie
    If Jeffery Deaver wrote it, I want to read it. Yes, even if it's a short story - probably my least favorite form of literature (save poetry by Emily Dickinson, but that's a story for another day). It took me less than an hour from start to finish - partly because it's just 52 pages and mostly because it's totally engrossing.The length makes it difficult to review; there's little that can be said without giving away too much. Basically, as the off...
  • Darcy
    I really liked this one. What I liked best about it was how much I was surprised by what really happened. With how things were laid out I totally thought I knew what was going to happen, instead I was so very wrong.
  • Don Lazarus
    A Fast ReadThis is a fast moving story. Many very different people from completely different backgrounds were immerging on one particular place in a large American city.What happens next changes some lives forever.
  • Jay Clement
    9-2019. A quick novelette from the redoubtable Mr. Deaver. Lots of plot threads are tossed into the air, and Deaver expertly throws them all together in a satisfying manner.
  • Sheila Beaumont
    One of the best short stories I've read in quite a while. Very different from what I expected!
  • Brian Hart
    Definitely does a good job of tying together the seven characters and giving them enough depth to enjoy learning about each in such a quick read. Well done!
  • Bill Lynas
    While Jeffery Deaver's novels are usually very well written his short stories are a bit hit & miss. Ninth and Nowhere is a decent entry, though not a classic. Deaver builds up some good characters, each of them heading to a fateful location. The set up is good, while the conclusion doesn't quite pay off.
  • Bronwyn
    ComplicatedEngaging story. Never assume you know where the story is going. A quick and very entertaining read from an excellent author.
  • Sandra
    Not what I expected from the description. Hard to tie 7 people together in s short story.
  • Kristine Hurd
    This was a another wonderful book from Jeffery Deaver. One star off because it was too short. ~laugh~ I am not a fan of Novella, I knew that was what this was, but read it anyway. I do love Jeffery Deaver's novels! Thank you
  • John
    Interesting short story which started out slow developing the plot but was a good read.
  • Sue Watson
    Never make assumptionsDeaver writes a good story, as always. This was one that hits a lot of things that are happening in our society today.
  • Jason Wippich
    A fast moving short story. Plays on your perceptions.
  • elizabeth matthews
    Another great readIt's a Deaver 5* every time Short stories disappoint as there is never enough and I need more! So much more to know