Ninth and Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

Ninth and Nowhere

Seven strangers. Two hours. One tragic moment of violence that changes everything. In this electrifying short story by New York Times bestselling suspense master Jeffery Deaver, the destinies of seven strangers intersect in ways no one sees coming. It looks like just another gray March morning in the tough urban district nicknamed Nowhere when seven lives converge: a young man intent on buying a gun; the gangbanger who cuts him a deal; a by-the-b...

Details Ninth and Nowhere

TitleNinth and Nowhere
Release DateJan 29th, 2019
PublisherAmazon Original Stories
GenreShort Stories, Fiction, Mystery, Crime

Reviews Ninth and Nowhere

  • Zoeytron
    We all do it.  Jump to conclusions, make a snap decision, rush to judgment.  Don't do that here or you will be all kinds of wrong.  Heroes and miscreants.  Beggars and thieves.  A maddening buzz of wasps.  Trying to keep things on the down low and failing miserably.  It's not a good idea to be wandering around in the vicinity of Nowhere & Ninth.  Anything could happen.
  • Carol
    Fate can be a killer when you're headed to NINTH AND NOWHERE. 52 pages - Seven characters - Assess each one - Solve the mystery......if you can. Remember....Sometimes all is not what it seems! Good Luck!
  • Alan Cotterell
    Not badWhereas his novels are pretty much a guaranteed good read, the short stories can be a bit hit and miss.This was not bad, although I was wondering where it was going at first, as each of the 7 characters had there own story. All a bit disjointed, however it all came together in the end. Just shows how we make snap decisions and jump to conclusions that may or may not be the correct one.4 stars.
  • Gary
    This is a short story by author Jeffery Deaver. This is a decent short story that tells of the destinies of seven strangers whose lives come together. In a tough urban district nicknamed Nowhere seven lives converge; a young man intent on buying a gun; the gangbanger who cuts him a deal; a by-the-book police officer on a last patrol; an advertising executive keeping secrets from her husband; a veteran haunted by a combat death; a single dad in a ...
  • Bill Lynas
    While Jeffery Deaver's novels are usually very well written his short stories are a bit hit & miss. Ninth and Nowhere is a decent entry, though not a classic. Deaver builds up some good characters, each of them heading to a fateful location. The set up is good, while the conclusion doesn't quite pay off.
  • Tam_ the_ med_bookie
    The first part was really bizarre. The characters are not that interesting as they should be to keep the story going. The story picked up real fast in the later half with relatable characters.But this one was really testing my patience.Not gripping at all.The ending was so damn annoying. *Not worth it.
  • Richard
    What a wonderful short story full of invention and a casual eye for detail. The incidents related here all take place in a couple of hours and centre on a this tough urban district, the corner of Ninth and Nowhere.Seven disparate individuals seem to be destined to meet this morning at or near a convenience store. The first part of this tense story details these different people and you learn just enough to guess something is going down. You feel ...
  • Monnie
    If Jeffery Deaver wrote it, I want to read it. Yes, even if it's a short story - probably my least favorite form of literature (save poetry by Emily Dickinson, but that's a story for another day). It took me less than an hour from start to finish - partly because it's just 52 pages and mostly because it's totally engrossing.The length makes it difficult to review; there's little that can be said without giving away too much. Basically, as the off...
  • Pat
    5 starsI was between books and not sure what to read next when I got an ad from Amazon for this Kindle short story by Jeffrey Deaver. I have read long ago some Jeffery Deaver novels but have not read him recently. Well, my conclusion is he still's got it for righting an intriguing story line. Numerous characters are introduced and by circumstances of fate or the universe, they come together at the same time in the same place with astonishing resu...
  • Darcy
    I really liked this one. What I liked best about it was how much I was surprised by what really happened. With how things were laid out I totally thought I knew what was going to happen, instead I was so very wrong.
  • Jackballoon
    A great short story
  • Gloria ~ mzglorybe
    3.5 stars Deaver packed a lot into such a small offering. My first impression was not a good one as it opens with the gang bangers and their street talk. Too bad the author started there. That turned me off as I avoid any crime fiction that features gangs and gun violence on the streets. I continued with it though as I was curious to see how he could craft such a short novella around 7 characters. He did it quite well actually. Once we went from ...
  • Susanne
    This book was sort of hard to follow. The just of the story is being in the wrong place when something big was going down. The story tells you about 7 people's lives and there fate. In the convenience store at Ninth and Nowhere the store manager stops a man dressed as a business man from killing a women in the store who happens to be an eyewitness to a crime. Fate of your life is determined if you end up at the wrong place at the time of a crime ...
  • Don Lazarus
    A Fast ReadThis is a fast moving story. Many very different people from completely different backgrounds were immerging on one particular place in a large American city.What happens next changes some lives forever.
  • Brian Hart
    Definitely does a good job of tying together the seven characters and giving them enough depth to enjoy learning about each in such a quick read. Well done!
  • Sheila Beaumont
    One of the best short stories I've read in quite a while. Very different from what I expected!
  • Jay Clement
    9-2019. A quick novelette from the redoubtable Mr. Deaver. Lots of plot threads are tossed into the air, and Deaver expertly throws them all together in a satisfying manner.
  • David Highton
    Deaver writes great short stories - cleverly constructed build up around all the characters who intersect in the final scenes of this 50-pager
  • Ronald Keeler
    Ninth and Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver is a 53-page mystery and thriller story. Deaver has always been an exciting read for me, whether in short story form or longer novels. The Bone Collector was my introduction to Jeffery Deaver; the reading experiences keep getting better and different. I don’t see what I consider “formulaic” writing; elements of originality are Deaver’s signature. Ninth and Nowhere is available on Amazon and is categoriz...
  • Kim
    An extremely quick and satisfying read. I needed a “literary palate cleanser” between novels and this short, engrossing story fit the bill nicely. Told in a span of two hours, this involves several strangers and the intersection of their lives at one particular corner on one particular day. Deaver manages to balance drawing full characters and plot twists like a tightrope walker. In addition to being a fast-paced suspenseful read, Deaver play...
  • Judy
    I don't read many short stories - they're just too darn short!! :) It seems like there's just not enough time or pages to fill out the characters and tell a complete and satisfying story. That was most certainly not a problem in this one. Short, yes. Seriously intense. I felt fully involved with the characters (all 7). I wanted to finish it and find out the fate of each of them. And I dreaded finishing it because I thought it wouldn't end in a wa...
  • Mindy Laybourne
    This book was recommended to me from Goodreads and since it was available for Prime members, I decided to check it out. The reviews I read were mixed and I went into reading this book thinking that I would not like it... But it was gripping and very interesting, especially for a short story. It goes through 7 characters and I felt that you got enough backstory on them to really feel for them at the culmination of the book. I would recommend.
  • Sylvia
    Interesting novella about people, neighborhoods and pre conceived notions about who is a criminal and who isn’t. The story reads like a police procedure and is structured with sections devoted to random individuals Jamal, Adam, Carlos and Lori and others who are making choices that bring them in contact with one another and a defining moment that forces each to reexamine their biases and their humanity. Not a bad for entry for Amazon Prime read...
  • Linda
    Interesting Audible original about how seven people from vastly different backgrounds converge at a single, violent point in time at a convenience store in a rough neighborhood.Jeffery Deaver is a master of misdirection, and this story is no exception. In fact, after listening to it, I started back to the beginning and listened again to catch the things I missed. 3.7 starsFree with Amazon prime
  • Chris
    This was a fast enjoyable read. At first I thought the number of characters in a story this short would be a bit overwhelming, but they are all necessary to make this story work. If you're looking for a quick, thrilling read, give this one a try!
  • Joan
    Pretty good - as short stories go.
  • Bronwyn
    ComplicatedEngaging story. Never assume you know where the story is going. A quick and very entertaining read from an excellent author.
  • Christine
    I loved this standalone short story by Jeffery Deaver. The beginning introduces the reader to such a diverse group of characters, I couldn't imagine how they would all come together. Deaver was able to build so much suspense in a short story. The ending was dramatic and showed appearances are deceiving and we shouldn't jump to conclusions. I really enjoyed reading this quick, entertaining story.
  • Mary Rowe
    A beautiful, succinct, moving slice of life from a master of the written word. A confluence of circumstance throws an unlikely group of people together with what ends up (especially for the author) an unexpectedly sunny result.