Fry Bread by Kevin Noble Maillard

Fry Bread

Told in lively and powerful verse by debut author Kevin Noble Maillard, Fry Bread is an evocative depiction of a modern Native American family, vibrantly illustrated by Pura Belpre Award winner Juana Martinez-Neal.Fry bread is food.It is warm and delicious, piled high on a plate.Fry bread is time.It brings families together for meals and new memories.Fry bread is nation.It is shared by many, from coast to coast and beyond.Fry bread is us.It is a ...

Details Fry Bread

TitleFry Bread
Release DateOct 22nd, 2019
PublisherRoaring Brook Press
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Food and Drink, Food, Family, Cultural

Reviews Fry Bread

  • Donalyn
    Beautiful book. Don't miss the back matter with additional information from the author about Native American culture, his family, and the historical context for many of the images in the book.
  • Abigail
    Native American journalist Kevin Noble Maillard, a member of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, makes his children's book debut in this lovely picture-book tribute to fry bread, a staple of many native peoples' diet. Using simple but poetic text, he explores the shapes, colors, sounds and flavors of fry bread. More importantly, he explores its role in the Native American family, and its importance as a symbol of Native American resilience. His text...
  • Paul Hankins
    "Five Stars for Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story"From the start, I want to tell you that I could get this review completely wrong. But, I note that a number of friends are giving the book five stars and moving on. Their endorsement with the full five stars says that they loved the book. Found it to be amazing. . . I would love to know the what and the why of those five-star ratings. Let me try to share my what and my why of five stars fo...
  • Jillian Heise
    I am utterly enamored with this upcoming picture book from debut author Kevin Noble Maillard (Enrolled Seminole Nation Okla.) & a favorite illustrator, Juana Martinez Neal!! 🧡 Beautifully written & lovingly told in both words and illustrations. 🧡 Plus SO MUCH back matter to dive into that will provide perspective and historical context that is valuable for every classroom and library. A must-read, must-share.
  • Becky
    Beautiful book! The celebration of fry bread as food, as history, as community and as tradition in the story of American Indians is embedded and extolled throughout this special book. I especially love the recipe and the back matter author, Kevin Maillard shares as it connect his writing and explains the deeper meaning and connection to Native people.Juana Martinez-Neal does an exquisite job of illustrating this book. Her thoughtful attention to ...
  • DaNae
    A celebration of culture.
  • Wendy Gardiner
    Don't miss the outstanding backmatter
  • Lauren Kell
    This was an absolutely beautiful book about family and community that focuses around fry bread, a Native American food with origins in colonial-induced deprivations in the last 150 years. This book was so warm and cozy and inviting. Maillard presented fry bread as something that is both common across tribes as well as unique to each tribe. The inclusion of every federally and state-recognized tribe in the US, as well as some groups that haven't m...
  • Kate
    I think I would use this book in kindergarten to line up with the social studies standard comparing family traditions. This book could be used among others to share different family traditions. To integrate writing students could write about an important family tradition they have, or a tradition they would like to make up so that this is inclusive for students with diverse family backgrounds. Students could practice writing and following recipes...
  • Lorie Barber
    I can only give 5? I spent over an hour with this exquisite picture book. It feels more like two books in one, actually, as the back matter is so extensive and matches each page. From the jacket to the casing to each page, the art is spectacular. It’s clear that this book is one where the illustrator and author collaborated more than normal, and it shows.I cannot wait to share this book with my students, who are starting to gain an informed und...
  • C.E. G
    There's a lot of detail in the art and telling and design of this book that was just so smart! I loved:*The end pages of the book are decorated with a list of both recognized and unrecognized tribes.*Instead of acknowledgments/thanks at the end of the book, the names of the people he's thanking are tucked into the art within the story.*Racially diverse indigenous family, showing a range of hair textures and skin colors.*The final pages were reall...
  • Bean
    So highly recommended. A beautiful, simple story with content and imagery for people of all ages. I love that this book celebrates fat bodies, Black Indigenous people, and multigenerational families. At every turn, Maillard (Seminole Nation, Mekusukey Band) and Martinez-Neal welcome complexity and reject the monolith. This picture book also includes an extensive author's note, which include powerful ideas for families, teachers, librarians, and c...
  • Lisa Momblanco
    We loved this new book about fry bread from the Native American perspective. We had many good class discussions about Native Americans and their history in the US. We loved thinking about how fry bread united people from many Native American tribes across the country and across time. We related it to traditions in our own families. The pictures in this book were a nice match to the great wording in the books. My students were able to pick out the...
  • Dierric Rogers
    Fry bread is food...fry bread is time...fry bread is art...fry bread is everything. This Native American story of family, friends, and neighbors coming together to continue the tradition of making fry bread is also the story of history - the smell, the sound, the voices. This is what makes fry bread a part of Native American culture, bringing us together as one whole. Beautiful pencil illustrations that brings the story to life.
  • Laura Harrison
    Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story by Kevin Noble Maillard and illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal is one of my favorite books of 2019. It should be getting more attention. The book is about a modern Native American family. This is the author's first picture book. He is an enrolled citizen of the Seminole Nation. The illustrations are the best that Juana Martinez-Neal has ever created. It is a stunning picture book and a true Caldecott 2020...
  • Ami Pendley
    Dr. Debbie Reese called this book exquisite and that’s exactly the right word. Everything is perfect: the endpapers with the names of tribes and nations including those who have been denied federal recognition, the gorgeous case cover, the back matter, the beautiful illustrations, and the story. Absolutely exquisite.
  • Dylan Teut
    If I was asked what I loved the most about FRY BREAD, would it be @noblemaillard's crafty language? Would it be @juanamartinez's best illustrations yet? Would it be the fascinating back matter? Would it be the power of all of the above? Yes. Absolutely incredible. A treasure. (And I want to go make some fry bread, now.....)
  • Donna
    This is an incredible book. It not only shows community and love, but has endpages that list the tribal nations of what is now the U.S. The back matter includes a recipe for fry bread, as well as in-depth information about each of the pages in the story. I think every elementary school and public library should have a copy.
  • Kyle
    So many wonderful things about this book from the illustrations to the words. The art, acrylics, colored pencils, and graphite on hand-textured paper is beautiful and greatly enhanced the words bringing them very much alive. The words day so much about fry bread, culture, family, traditions and love. Great book.
  • Art
    I couldn't love this book any more. It is gorgeous and entertaining and educational -- all at once. For anyone who wants to know more about native people and our close and complex relationship with frybread, grab this book.
  • Liz
    Want to buy this so badly, and there aren't even children in my life to give it to. Beautiful, soulful, and evocative without sacrificing simplicity. Plus there's a recipe and informative author's note at the end.
  • E.
    Heard about this book on NPR the other day so I ordered it, as we don't have any contemporary Native American stories in our son's library. The book just arrived, and I haven't read it to him yet, but I look forward to doing so. And then also following the recipe!
  • Sam
    This is fabulous. Must add to any library collection. Great read for a storytime. Makes you hungry though so...good luck. Extensive endnotes for further study if used as part of a school project.
  • Krysta
    Each spread focuses on a different theme like family, history, etc. The descriptions are general, so the back matter provides detailed information on what fry bread is, its history, etc.
  • Sarah
    This is just beautiful!
  • Jodie
    Author's note is worth reading. Beautifully written and illustrated story.
  • Samantha
    I see you.
  • Bethany Olson
    Such a fun, repetitive-styled story! Really great, informational back matter + a recipe for fry bread!
  • Lalaknits
    This book is gorgeous and touching and so important. The back matter is incredible and not to be missed.