A Dream So Dark (A Blade So Black, #2) by L.L. McKinney

A Dream So Dark (A Blade So Black, #2)

Still reeling from her recent battle (and grounded until she graduates), Alice must abandon her friends to complete her mission: find The Heart and prevent the Red Lady's rise. But the deeper she ventures into Wonderland, the more topsy-turvy everything becomes. It’s not until she’s at her wits end that she realizes—Wonderland is trying to save her.There’s a new player on the board; a poet capable of using Nightmares to not only influence...

Details A Dream So Dark (A Blade So Black, #2)

TitleA Dream So Dark (A Blade So Black, #2)
Release DateSep 24th, 2019
GenreFantasy, Young Adult, Retellings, Fiction

Reviews A Dream So Dark (A Blade So Black, #2)

  • Quinn
    I haven't read this book yet, but it's not going to be out for another 6 1/2 months, which means MOST people haven't read it yet, and yet somehow, 57% of the reviews are all 1-star.Stories that center around straight white males (people who make up 25-30% of America and 5-10% of the world) don't get subjected to these kinds of pearl-clutching censorship campaigns to the same degree as books like this that center around about anybody else (people ...
  • The FountainPenDiva, Old school geek chick and lover of teddy bears
    That. Fucking. Awesome. Cover!!! Gimme this now!!! 2019 and The Fountain Pen Diva demands MORE BIPoC on my book covers and in the books I read.
  • Kyra Leseberg (Roots & Reads)
    I read and adored the first book in The Nightmare-Verse series, A Blade So Black, an urban fantasy retelling of Alice in Wonderland set in modern day Atlanta.  It was an original take with teen Alice Kingston training with Addison Hatta to battle Nightmares in the realm called Wonderland.  Readers were given an interesting history of the three Queens and then a dangerous foe arrived:  the Black Knight.A Dream So Dark brings readers back to th...
  • Rachel Strolle
  • Claire
    Well, this was a freaking soap opera from start to finish.From 4 “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” reps (out them 5) to poorly handled familial and romantic relationships, and not one but two love triangles that involve the same character—yes, two (2) in one book, you read that right—that were just... terribly written, developed, and resolved, this one was a huge disappointment. After finishing the first book, expectations weren't high, (even ...
  • Jackie
    I think I enjoyed this one more than the first!“A Dream so Dark” takes us back to Wonderland to face off against this who wish to see Nightmares roam free and create an unstoppable undead army and it be up to Alice and her friends to save the day before the darkness consumes everyone in both worlds. This book still played a lot to the Buffy like elements especially bringing in more of the mundane responsibilities of normal life while trying t...
  • NC Nerd
    This is a YA, Fantasy for 14+. @401 pages. (May change at final print)There is violence, some cursing, some LGBT references, and some teenage "angsty" kissing. I received an ARC from a Goodreads giveawayFirst of all, if you loved the cover for A Blade So Black, you are gonna flip your lid over the cover for A Dream So Dark. When I was young bookworm teen, I was feening for a series like this. I read Stephen King, because he was good for adding PO...
  • Susie
    Freaking ChromeBook Distribution gettin in the way of my reading this sequel to an OHMYGAWD amazing story! Had my time been my own since this book arrived (it’s the first and only book I’ve ever won by entering goodreads giveaways for the last 6 years!), I’d have finished it in a flash. This story is so rich with surprises and so yummy with unexpected relationships that I always feel just slightly off-kilter. And that’s a GREAT thing. I r...
  • Susan
    This book was everything I hoped the first one would be! This was excellent!! Adventure, intrigue, magic, darkness, lightness, magical creatures, kick ass women: it’s everything I could want in a fantasy book. I loved seeing all these characters fleshed out and enjoyed the new additions. Loved it!I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
  • R.C. Rejino
    More thoughts on this when I reread it. But first, I plan to reread A Blade So Black and then IMMEDIATELY launch into the reread of this just because I fucking love this series. Queen of the gays!!!
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.) A Dream So Dark is an action packed sequel to A Blade So Black. An Alice and Wonderland re-telling, A Dream So Dark advances us further into Wonderland. We fall head first into a world of wonder, danger, and conspiracy. A Dream So Dark is non-stop action. There are revelations, betrayals, and new friends. While you can certainly get lo...
  • Allison
    I absolutely loved this, perhaps more than the first installment. This time, being familiar with the world and the different players, I was just swept along for the ride, and what a ride it was.As an African-American reader, it was, once again, a unique experience to read what would usually be a fairly standard YA fantasy type novel - girl encounters other world, discovers she has powers in other world, discovers her powers are greater than they ...
  • Sasha
    L.L. McKinney writes spectacular fairy tales with a fresh urban twist. This sequel to A Blade So Black was everything I’d hoped for and left me hungry for more... Much thanks to NetGalley & Imprint for this advance copy for review. L.L. McKinney writes spectacular fairy tales with a fresh urban twist. This sequel to A Blade So Black was everything I’d hoped for and left me hungry for more... ⁣⁣Much thanks to NetGalley & Imprint for thi...
  • Louise
    Like I said, will never- ever read a book by an author with bad behaviour. The tweets are vile. Please read novels by the brilliant author Dhionelle Clayton instead.
  • Haley
    man this was a good book.i picked up a blade so black initially because i'll read anything based on alice in wonderland and then fell in love with it on its own merits; i've been eagerly waiting for the sequel for months and it delivered on those expectations and then some. this is, hands down, my absolute favorite of the many, many aiw-inspired stories i've read. i have two little complaints that i wanna get out of the way first: mckinney's take...
  • Neeks
    I hate that I find so many editing issues in these books because I genuinely LOVE the premise. I love how McKinney write fights scenes, I love how we go from point A to point B, I ADORE Alice and, by association, Hatta. So WHY do I continue to feel like these books just needed an extra week with an editor? After my review for A Blade so Black I felt like honest to goodness crap. I truly did. I liked the foundations, I liked what we were building ...
  • Cathleen Perez Brenycz
    ‘A Dream So Dark’ wastes no time in picking up where ‘A Dream So Dark’ left off. The raw emotion reverberating off Alice reeling from the shock of the Nightmare attacks, paired with her mother’s anguish in wanting to know the reason of Alice’s change of behavior, is written beautifully. I knew that I was in for a ride!Alice returns to Wonderland in order to discover why Nightmares (creatures generated out of fear) have suddenly invade...
  • SJ Fujimoto
    A good follow up to last year's A Blade So Black. This time the action is mostly in Wonderland and the mastermind behind the previous book's ordeals is revealed. Alice continues to be a fun protagonist with an appealing supporting cast, taking to her monster-hunting duties with determination. The action is well-written and the lore is interesting, especially how in incorporates elements from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.Unfortunately the worl...
  • CR
    I was so addicted to book one. And my only issue with it was that no one mentioned the connection of names from this Alice to the original Alice. Which I thought was a little weird. This one though OMG if you thought book one was good this one was even better. I spent most of the book on the edge of my seat and I could not put it down. I did think that this should have been a little longer. I have found that this is only a dualology but this one ...
  • Gabrielle
    2.5 starsWhat I liked: McKinney’s writing has really improved.The pacing was much better than the first one. I liked the new characters and creatures. What I didn’t like: SPOILERSThe Black Knight was so disappointing. It was never explained why he had a soft spot for Alice. He was a formidable villain in ABSB but was weak in this book. Alice’s powers weren’t really explained well. Why are they manifesting now? Is she the most powerful Dre...
  • Valerie Fazio
    Goodreads giveaway. The language is very casual which seemed to devalue and discredit the author. It felt like a teen writing a YA teen book. Needless to say, it was difficult to get through. I often love fairy-tale, fantasy spin-off novels but this one just didn't do it for me. The first book of this series was borderline bearable, however, I was just happy to be done with this one. Would not recommend, I'm happy I didn't purchase this book and ...
  • Kate Grace
    A sequel to A Blade So Black, A Dream So Dark is a page-turning adventure, again featuring an incarnation of Wonderland’s Alice who is powerful, layered and empathetic. Other than the character of Alice herself, my favorite aspect of the book is how it propels readers through the landscape of Wonderland - a realm as dangerous as it is magical. There’s a perilous journey to follow, and there are heart-stopping battles and action sequences alon...
  • Julia971
    Alice is still herself and she is still the truth. This sequel is action packed and a little bit more on the romantic side. The nightmare verse is still as frightening as ever but Alice finds out she as more allies than she thought she had. My only regret? There is a weird thing with her friend that is strangely not explored...To my fantasy fans: if you liked the first one, you'll love this one. To my romance fans : you'll be happier. To my Alice...
  • Shelsie Myles
    What a great part 2! I’ve got so many theories about what’s going to happen next that I’m gonna be stressed waiting on the third book! I love that this fantasy story is from the perspective of a black American girl. Her reactions and phrases are so funny and real! My favorite moment: Alice being the in middle of wonderland and saying the term “Deadass”