The Liars of Mariposa Island by Jennifer Mathieu

The Liars of Mariposa Island

From the author of Moxie comes a stunning novel told in three voices about the lies families tell to survive. Every year, summer begins when the Callahans arrive on Mariposa Island. That’s when Elena Finney gets to escape her unstable, controlling mother by babysitting for their two children. And the summer of 1986 promises to be extra special when she meets J.C., the new boy in town, whose kisses make Elena feel like she’s been transported t...

Details The Liars of Mariposa Island

TitleThe Liars of Mariposa Island
Release DateSep 17th, 2019
PublisherRoaring Brook Press
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews The Liars of Mariposa Island

  • Cora Tea Party Princess
    5 Words: Family, friendship, secrets, lies, love.Content Warning: Alcohol abuse, drug use, child abuse, family separation.Release Day Review: The Liars by Jennifer MathieuThe Liars was much more complex than I first expected, and almost like a psychological thriller at times. The story had me hooked, the unreliable narrators had me second guessing everything. And yet, I still didn't see it coming.I really enjoyed the different narrative perspecti...
  • Emma (Miss Print)
    I mostly wanted to try this because I was such a big fan of Moxie. This is a book in a very different vein and so, unsurprisingly perhaps, it didn't work nearly as well for me.
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    This was a story filled with lies - some they told to others, but many, they told to themselves. The whole time, I wondered, if this family would be able to untangle all the lies and face their realities before it was too late.• Pro: I adore Mathieu's writing, and once again, she has treated me to a beautifully written story, which was sort of sad, but deeply moving. • Pro: Three points of view were used to tell this story, and I thought Ma...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    3.5 STARSTHE LIARS OF MARIPOSA ISLAND is not the book I expected to read. For some reason, I thought Jennifer Matthieu’s latest was a mystery/thriller. Instead it’s a depressing look at a family through the eyes of Elena, Joaquin and their Mami.In 1959 Mami is used to a life of a pampered, wealthy girl. Amid Castro’s rise to power, she’s sent to the USA allegedly to learn English. She never sees her parents again. I thought about the chil...
  • Lori
    I was so excited when I got my hands on a review copy of this book because I loved Moxie but this was nothing like that book. To put it nicely, this just didn't work for me. This was a character driven story centered around lost and hopeless characters stuck in an unhealthy home environment and the effects that situation has on their lives outside the home as well as their hopes, or lack there of, for their futures and potential happiness. It's a...
  • Karen Barber
    A very different book from Jennifer Mathieu, but I’m grateful to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this prior to publication.The ARC I received has the simple title ‘The Liars’ and this definitely indicates more characters could be given this title than the family of three we predominantly focus on.The majority of the story focuses on 17 year old Elena, and her attempts to carve a life for herself away from the controlling beh...
  • Kirsty
    I enjoyed it. Weirdly similar to last book I read in places.
  • Lauren
    3.75/5⭐📚 I loved the settings of this book and the flashbacks to Cuba, I also loved the use of Spanish throughout. I've read this during the summer and it is a perfect summer read. I liked the twists and turns but I kind of guessed them a bit before. I was expecting more from the ending i felt like it was building up to something big but it ended quite openly. The book deals with a lot of mental health issues and Elena one of the main charac...
  • Kelly (Diva Booknerd)
    What tangled lives we live. A quiet contemporary touching on alcoholism, abuse, the loss of a loved one and destructive families in a non linear narrative spanning thirty years apart. Review to come.
  • Nancy Fischer
    I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review. This review contains BIG spoilers so please skip it until you've had the opportunity to read this wonderful book!The sign of a great novel (for me) is that it lingers in my mind long after the last page. LIARS is one of those stories. It's told through three POVs--Caridad, Elena and Joaquin. Caridad (the mother) is damaged by her previous life as a spoiled, wealthy Cuban child who...
  • USOM
    (Disclaimer: I received this book from Netgalley. This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest.) More like 3.5The Liars of Mariposa Island is one of those books that makes you examine the power of words. It is an emotional story that asks us what we are willing to sacrifice for our family, and when is enough, enough? The Liars of Mariposa Island is a story about summer, freedom, parties and boys. Narrated from the perspective of a...
  • Arlen
    Book ReviewThe Liars of Mariposa Islandby Jennifer MathieuPublication Date 17 Sep 2019Read courtesy of NetGalley.comI have to be honest; I forgot what the title of this book was while I was reading it. Now that I see it has the word "Liars" in it, the book makes more sense. It's about liars. I like the book a 1/2 star better than I did before remembering the title.The story is about a dysfunctional family fooling itself at every turn. Each family...
  • Trisha
    Secrets and lies. More of this. I think I'm over it.
  • Sara (A Gingerly Review)
    4.5 stars rounded upI'm still speechless. The secrets, the lies, the twists and turns I never saw coming, the truth... Masterful writing and brilliant story telling. Mathieu knocked this one out of the park.
  • Julie (Bookish.Intoxication)
    The Liars, made me long for warm summer days on the soft sand, listening to waves crash on the beach. But it definitely, didn't make me long for Elena and Joaquin's life.Mathieu has written strong characters, characters that are deep, traumatic and real. They react with a realness that allows the reader to relate to them, no matter the readers gender. There is something in this book for everyone. The writing style will draw you in and not let you...
  • Katie Hurse
    2.5 stars
  • Jessica Gadd
    The Liars of Mariposa Island is an emotional story of a dysfunctional family that are held together by the lies they tell. Such a beautifully written story that will break your heart. It is narrated mainly from the daughter and sons perspectives as they deal with their mothers alcoholism and unpredictable mood swings. We loved this novel and highly recommend it.
  • Sam
    Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC!I am SO SAD right now. Jennifer Mathieu is finally one of my favourite authors, so I am super heartbroken that I didn't love her latest, The Liars of Mariposa Island. This book is a contemporary, with a mystery wrapped in it, and it's just... all right.Generally, what I love about Jennifer Mathieu's books is the writing an her characters. I always adore her heroines, but Elena and Joaquin just never spoke ...
  • Kristina
    Jennifer Mathieu is one of my favorite authors and I knew as soon as I heard the premise of this book I was going to read it. Told in the perspective of Elena and Joaquin, siblings both trying to deal with small town life and an unstable mother in 1986 and we also get their mother’s POV starting from 1957 in Cuba. I loved the way the author merged these stories and we really get to see why the mom is the way she was. There were a lot of element...
  • Hâf
    This book was completely different to everything else I've read by Jennifer Mathieu, but it was brilliant! I loved this novel, it was surprisingly set a few decades ago rather than in the modern day but that only added to the intrigue and mystery of the secrets and lies.We follow two time lines and three POVs throughout this novel, we start with Elena in 1986 who's excited for the start of the Summer holidays. Elena lives on Mariposa Island, Texa...
  • paula
    Very well-written, with Jennifer Mathieu's typically awesome and fully-fleshed characters. The Gulf Coast setting presses right down on you, and the feelings behind each character's secrets elevate this novel beyond your typical YA summer island fare. Also, I kept waiting for somebody to get raped, and they didn't, so I'd like to right off the bat say thank you to Jennifer Mathieu.Diving a little deeper, this is the third book in a row I've read ...
  • Insert Name Here
    Elena and Joaquin are trapped with a controlling mother. She, herself, is trapped by the memories of her childhood in Cuba.Jennifer Mathieu is an instabuy for me. Moxie remains one of my favourite reads ever. This book just - doesn't seem to go anywhere. Everyone lies a lot, there's a lot of fighting, but nothing ultimately changes. Maybe that's the whole point; that they're all trapped in this cycle, unable to get out of it. If so, though, it's ...
  • Hajra
    Picking this novel up I expected a mystery-filled, fast-paced novel about family secrets and history, all being unfolded in a climactic ending. However, all I got was a wishy-washy mystery on a not-so-compelling plot twist towards the end. The novel follows Joaquin and Elena, siblings, living with their mother on Mariposa Island. Elena is quite sheltered and restricted by her mother, however, Joaquin, being the older sibling, is rebellious and do...
  • Emmie (Oncemorewithreading)
    Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. This was my first Jennifer Mathieu book and I absolutely loved it! It was well written with real characters. Elena was a trapped young girl who wanted to be able to live her life but couldn’t because of her over-bearing mother Caridad, who is still living with the trauma from her childhood of living in Cuba. Her brother Joaquin has the freedom to c...
  • Mrs. Kenyon
    Elena’s mother keeps a very tight rein on her during the school year, but when summer comes, so do the Callahans and the freedom that comes with babysitting their children. It is the summer of 1986, the summer before her junior year of high school and the summer she meets J.C. Joaquin is Elena’s brother and he has all the freedom he could want, except he wants to leave Mariposa Island. He is now a high school graduate and is thinking of going...
  • Alison Paulette
    I'm not sure how I feel about this book. As always, Jennifer Mathieu's writing is elegant and engrossing, but the lack of plot kept me from giving this five stars. As other reviewers have said, the ending is very open which also bothers me a bit. This book tells the story of Caridad and her two children Joaquin and Elena. Caridad is an alcoholic and I also believe OCD who is trapped in the past, reliving her childhood on Cuba as part of a wealthy...
  • Elsa
    I adored this book! The Liars dealt with many different conflicts and disputes that touched my heart. Through Caridad's perspective, the reader gains way more insight as to why she's such an abusive mother after all. I found myself feeling heartbroken at the fact of how sad her life really is. Elena was another primary character and just as developed and so real. Her emotions and teenage rebellion that means so much more than what its surface is ...
  • Amalee Renee
    3.5🌟I didn’t really understand the whole narrative that was actually the main one. There were so many mini ones that some were solved, some weren’t. I enjoyed it, however I don’t feel the book should’ve ended where it did. I feel as though if it were another 100 pages it would have been able to conclude the story properly. I still have so many unanswered questions which I felt were key to the plot however they were mentioned once or tw...
  • Jen
    You rarely see low-key domestic dramas in YA, so Mathieu's latest novel kind of took me by surprise. Readers expecting a twisty thriller will be disappointed: The Liars is more of a brooding character study.It's eloquently written, with fantastically real and frustrating characters. I loved the interchange between the different family members' povs, including flashbacks to the mother's childhood in Cuba. I did feel a little let down by the lack o...