Winter Nights by Penny Reid

Winter Nights

HEAT UP YOUR NIGHTS! 10 steamy books from bestselling authors fill this limited-time winter boxed set! If you love alpha heroes and sexy romance, this one's for you...Author's Note: WINTER NIGHTS is a brand new boxed set for the season as a gift to our readers and to introduce you to new series to love!TEN BOOKS INCLUDE: Carter Reed by Tijan Elements of Chemistry by Penny Reid Wicked Grind by J. Kenner Feeling Hot by Elle Kennedy Mo...

Details Winter Nights

TitleWinter Nights
Release DateNov 5th, 2018
GenreAnthologies, Romance, Contemporary

Reviews Winter Nights

  • Wendy'sThoughts
    5 Burrrr, It's Cold Outside Stars* * * * * IT'S FREE- RIGHT NOW!!!I really can't stay (but baby, it's cold outside)I've got to go away (but baby, it's cold outside)No, You really need to Stay and Read all these Books by these Amazing Authors. I have read at least two of the books offered, can safely say they are more than worth your time. Just think back to of all the moments you may have had when you saw each of these author's books released but...
  • maggieandteddy
    This review is for Penny Reid's Attraction: I think of this as a novella/series or a serial/series. Either way, I have all three parts in my pretty little (not so little) tbr pile. So NO problem with the cliffhanger ending-really I'm NOT KIDDING. I read this on my vacation this week. Perfect timing! Penny's writing just gets to me! I get her...I love Kaitlyn. I was concerned that she's too "out there" for me and for Martin (especially Martin). F...
  • DJ Sakata
    Penny Reid's Attraction - Elements of ChemistryFavorite Quotes:More precisely, since I had grossly limited experience in the kissing department, he was what I imagined a good kisser would kiss like. The kind girls fantasize about. The guy who just takes what he wants, like he’s hungry and you’re on the menu, but somehow makes it epic for both parties involved.My first and only boyfriend had been gay. I just didn’t know it while we were dati...
  • Erin Lewis
    A great collection of awesome books:Review for Wicked Grind by J KennerI love a second chance of love story which is what Wicked Grind is.Wyatt Royce is a photographer who career is about to take off. If and it's a big if he can find the perfect model to be the centerpiece of his sexy and controversial show. Kelsey Draper wants to change her good girl image and she believes Wyatt is the man to help her.However, these two have history together. Is...
  • Mary Mooney
    I have read only one so far and I can't wait to read the rest. I will update my review as I finish the other stories.Carter Reed by Tijan-- 5 stars--I was on an emotional roller coaster while reading this one. It will pull you in from the beginning where Emma has to shoot her roommates boyfriend because he is raping her and going to kill her and maybe he would kill Emma too. But Emma had to protect Mallory and keep her safe. But who would keep Em...
  • Beth
    okay, i have already read Penny's & J. Kenner book, before I got this read. glad it was free. thought these were going to be new reads??! any who, yet to read the others ... glad those are new. & it does allow you to see authors u might not have check out before ... fun times. steamy cover ... give u a clue what will be inside. check it out! 10 book included in this box set:Carter Reed by TijanAttraction: Elements of Chemistry by Penny ReidWicked...
  • Sandy S
    My review covers:MORE THAN WANT YOU by Shayla BlackWICKED GRIND by J. KennerNOTE: These are full-length novels••••••••4 stars----MORE THAN WANT YOU is the first installment in Shayla Black’s contemporary, adult MORE THAN WORDS erotic, romance series. This is thirty three year old real estate mogul Maxon Reed, and twenty five year old singer/college student Keeley Kent’s story line.Told from first person point of view (Maxon) w...
  • Mary
    What an amazing group of authors. I haven’t had time to ready every book yet but I wanted to share reviews for the ones I have read.Wicked Grind by J Kenner: I felt for Kelsey. She feels invisible but it doesn’t help that her father is overbearing and controlling which has truly shaped how she reacts. As she works at the country club, she catches Wyatt’s eye. Wyatt comes from Hollywood royalty, he struggles with establishing his identify ou...
  • Allyson
    Sexy Grind by J. Kenner deserves 5 Wickedly Stars up to the sky! Sexy, sensual and alluring! Wicked Grind by J. Kenner is simply fantastic and an amazing addition to the Stark series! I am so happy that Wyatt finally gets a story of his own! He's the photographer that we get glimpses of throughout the world of Damien Stark, but now we dive into his world of poses, lights, and lost love! Looking for the last woman to complete his massive project f...
  • Mom's Guilty Pleasure
    Wicked Grind~I love that familiar faces from previous series are mentioned in this book. I can never get enough of all the characters and previous storylines...I love that we get snippets of them along with each new series. J Kennedy never disappoints~her books just get better and better. Kelsey Draper and Wyatt Royce have history from twelve years ago. Neither of them really knows the true story of how things ended between them right when they w...
  • Trudy Dowling
    I can't believe the amazing collection of authors in this anthology. I have read something by all them. Some, like Katy Regnery, I am guilty of reading, devouring all of her books. Her story, Bidding on Brooks, is one of my favorites in the the Blueberry Lane series. Bidding on Brooks was much better than any dream I could have had. I like the family dynamics of the Winslow Family. They stand buy each other no matter what. They do what is necessa...
  • Sharon in SF
    In Wicked Grind, our Hero, Wyatt Royce, is an established artistic photographer, who we first met in J Kenner's other series with Damien and Nikki Stark (Stark Saga series is A+), and Damien makes a cameo appearance in this story as well.At the start of this story, Wyatt is trying to complete his sensual concept for a photo exhibit, but he still needs the pivotal model who will take his work to the "elite" level. Although his Hollywood-famous fam...
  • Nicki - The Overflowing Bookcase
    Awesome collection from some amazing authors.Wicked Grind – J. KennerJ. Kenner has done it again, introducing great characters that have lots of chemistry while working through issues from their past. Wyatt and Kelsey knew each other when they were teenagers and on the night he took her virginity her world crumbled. But it was not until they reunite for a sultry photo shoot that what happened in the past is understood. The chemistry between the...
  • Judy Johnson
    All of the authors in this compilation are wonderful, if you haven't read any, this is a great into to all of them. You won't be at all disappointed. Let me continue with one review, a review of my favorite book in this box set, and that is Black Edge, by Charlotte Byrd! There are two things you need to know: One: there are no spoilers in my review, and two: I have NEVER read a book by Charlotte Byrd that I didn't love completely! Her stories and...
  • Jackie Wright
    I have only read Wicked Grind by J Kenner so far so here is my review for that book What a great start to J. Kenner's new series Stark World. Wicked Grind is a spin off from the Stark Series and in book one we meet Wyatt and Kelsey.Wyatt and Kelsey fell in love twelve years ago when they were teenagers but the timing wasn't right, meeting in secret meant hearts got broken, misunderstanding on both sides tore them apart will they be able to forgiv...
  • Susan
    Wicked Grind: (J. Kenner)This amazing book draws you in and keeps you until the very end. Wyatt Royce (a very talented photographer) comes from a very successful family and wants to earn his success on his own. When he meets Kelsey Draper he realizes how unique and special she is and immediately wants her. Where Wyatt is trying to prove himself worthy, Kelsey is dealing with demons and guilt brought on by her father. Watching how they both overco...
  • P
    Pretty goodThese books are an overall average of four stars for me, and I am reviewing three of the books in this series individually, as follows:**** Wicked Grind by J. Kenner: Good storyline with a Slow build. misunderstandings in the past, that once understood allow for a second chance. But will the risk be too much? A good story with a really nice HEA.**** Survival of the Richest by Skye Warren: **** Good! This story was fast paced with some ...
  • Chantal Rodriguez
    I read Wicked Grind by J KennerAs always Julie, has done it again. I love everything from the Stark series. And this spin-off is truly the perfect treat.This story is about 2nd chances and misunderstandings. It was so HOT, but not in any sexual way. which was kind of refreshing. such a super cute love story. I devoured this book (as I do all of J Kenner books) cant wait to see what's to come next. I loved both these characters. the story was perf...
  • Lisa Roberts
    SKYE WARREN SURVIVAL OF THE RICHEST OMG I loved this and it was a big treat to revisit Tanglewood and all the characters from previous books made an appearance, I love them all. Harper was such a passionate smart woman and she had to be so strong for what she had to deal with in her life and meeting Sutton and Christopher once again the push and pull and oh lord the angst and passion between the three of them will pull at your heart and your not ...
  • Robin
    Fast paced? I read the first book in the set ... well, most of it anyway ...I did a whole lot of skimming. It wasn't really fast paced, it actually dragged on and on.I don't know if it is word count that has authors repeating the same idea over and over again in the story or a lack of inspiration, but I find it really annoying. I only need to read it once to get the idea the author is trying to create I really don't need it repeated over and over...
  • Melissa
    Honestly I loved almost every story in this book! And did I mention it’s FREE?! One of my favorite authors l, Tijan, has the first book in her Carter Reed duet. And it was great to dive into the world again.Most of the books are the beginning of a duet or a stand-alone in a series. So on a couple I was a bit lost about what was going on but it was easy to read them all. Full of plenty of steamy scenes and book boyfriends! Definitely recommend.S...
  • Megan
    Review of Wicked Grind: I have been looking forward to Wyatt's story since "Release me". I mean the man got up close and very personal with Nikki on Damien's watch and then more so as he appears in various plots in the Stark world. I liked Wyatt, but oddly I didn't really care for Kelsey's character until close to the end. I wanted him to be a little more Jackson Steele-ish alpha. I wish the epilogue was a little longer so we could get the engage...
  • Patricia
    Loved it!Some of these authors I have already had the pleasure of reading but it's also a great way to experience a new author. As with sets like this there are stories I appreciate more than others but they all were enticing and have the ability to be addicting. I would recommend this to all. There is something in here for everyone.
  • Gladys
    This amazing box set gives readers ten deliciously steamy romances. These books are packed with heat, heart, drama, twists and emotional turmoil and will keep you entertained and engaged. Terrific reads by talented authors all in one place for an affordable price. I'm voluntarily posting a independent review.
  • Peni
    Please see individual stories for review.
  • sarang saptak
    this was soooo...... nice .by really enjoyed the stories
  • Colleen Sasser
    EnjoyedOf this set of ten books I only found on story that I did not care for. The rest of stories were all very good with great characters and romance.