The Possession (The Anomaly Files #2) by Michael Rutger

The Possession (The Anomaly Files #2)

From the author of The Anomaly comes the second installment in The Anomaly Files, a series in the tradition of James Rollins of a team investigating American myths and legends. Still recovering from the shocking revelations they uncovered deep in uncharted territory in the Grand Canyon, American myth and legend investigator Nolan Moore and his team take on a new mission, investigating a rumored case of witchcraft and possession. Nolan hopes th...

Details The Possession (The Anomaly Files #2)

TitleThe Possession (The Anomaly Files #2)
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
PublisherGrand Central Publishing
GenreHorror, Thriller, Fiction, Mystery

Reviews The Possession (The Anomaly Files #2)

  • Emma
    Now the blurb for The Possession doesn't give you much to work on. A missing girl. Mysterious stone walls that defy explanation. Someone or something's clearly getting possessed. That's it. And if that's all you want to know, don't read any further than this paragraph. I'm not about to spoil anything, but there might be a few more hints hidden in my words than the book's teaser of a description. What I will say here is that this book is scary as ...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    I read The Anomaly, this book’s successor, back-to-back with this one, and I reviewed them together on instagram. From my thoughts:I found each book creepy, gripping, fast-paced, a touch campy, and completely original. There’s adventure and tons of interest. Nolan Moore, one of the main characters, is an archaeologist with a docuseries, which always fascinates me. There’s tons of atmosphere, and overall, both books are compelling and so viv...
  • Caidyn (SEMI-HIATUS; BW Reviews; he/him/his)
    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review!3.5/5I wanted to like this one more. The first book was one of my favorites from last year. It was fast-paced and I immediately became attached to the characters. It was also a huge conspiracy theory that kept getting crazier with each passing page. This one? Different beast.It picks up roughly where the first book ends. All made it out of their crazy adventure and they're trying t...
  • Gram
    This is the 2nd in the series with Nolan Moore, amateur archaeologist and host of "The Anomaly Files" and his team producer and best friend, Ken, Molly (the group's "Girl Friday") and cameraman Pierre investigating another paranormal mystery for their YouTube series. This time they travel to Northern California to investigate mysterious stone walls. Similar walls actually exist all over the planet - even under the sea - and yet very little is kno...
  • Jocelyn
    Set against the gloomy Northern Californian mountains, The Possession is a truly dark and eerie tale with a lot of creative and unique twists. It starts off with a slow burn, but once the evil forces come out to play it becomes a gripping, claustrophobic horror ride. Review First off can I just say what an utter kick it was to read a book that took place near where I grew up in Northern California? My hometown of San Jose (Go Sharks!) was mentio...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I was such a huge fan of The Anomaly and if anything The Posession is so much more..creepier, more addictive for sure.I genuinely stayed up until 3am finishing it then regretted it because I couldn’t sleep, kept hearing things and seeing shadowy figures on the landing so in the end I didn’t bother and put every light in the house on then drank tea huddled in a blanket until dawn. Then I went to work. Everyone loved me that day as you can imag...
  • Roz
    I loved the first book and this was a huge disappointment after that. I was really looking forward to this one so it's really sad I didn't like this at all.
  • Eilidh
    The Anomaly Files is back! The gang – Nolan, Ken, Molly and Pierre – are looking for their next big show, and they find it in a little town where a teenage girl has gone missing. This town is plagued with inexplicable occurrences that increase in menace, leaving the team with one agenda: getting out alive. This was a weird one for me. I enjoyed it, but I was also disappointed with it too. I was really into getting into this sequel, but toward...
  • Wendy
    As suspense goes, this one’s an epic success. Absolutely. No. Doubt. About. It. It’s time to wave goodbye to the world as you know it and find yourself 110% absorbed, as THIS is what I call a helluva attention grabbing book – which I’m convinced is an actual phenomenon by itself, as it caused the last 24 hours to pass in what feels like the blink of an eye. The narration is a gift. It’s snappy, moody and so damned effective. The end of ...
  • kerri leo
    This was truly disappointing. What the fuck. I absolutely loved Rutgers first book in the series, The Anomaly, it was one of my favorite books of last year and I was so pumped for the “sequel” but this was just... a mess. It starts off with a lot of potential, the writing is good, the general outline of the story is intriguing but I’d say once you hit at least part two things go downhill. Fast. I didn’t like the addition of Kristy, Nolan...
  • Paul
    The Possession – Sleep with the light onThe Possession by Michael Rutger is the second in the series of The Anomaly Files, but you do not need to read the series in sequence. The Possession could quite easily be a standalone book, as either as part of a series or on its own it will last a long time on your memory.Nolan Moore is an archaeologist and conspiracy theory nut who produces his own You tube documentary series. He has travelled to a New...
  • Sarah Loves Books and tea
    I have not read the first book in this series but I was tempted to read this because of the apparent similarities to Stephen King. The book is about a film crew who investigate strange phenomena and in Posession they are investigating mysterious stone walls in New England and then become involved in the search for a missing girl and it soon becomes clear that the two are linked in some way. This was fast paced and interesting in places but defini...
  • Angie Rhodes
    Well from the cover and it's title you'd expect this to be scary ,especially when it comes with the tag"for fans of Stephen King" errr no!! Now don't get me wrong, it starts off ok, girl gets in a car, girl goes missing, girl returns but isn't the same..and then it goes down hill faster than a tennis ball would, , The plot was none existent , the "spooky" ( and I use that lightly) happens in about chapter 45 and there are 63 very short chapters i...
  • Veeral
    Michael Marshall Smith is one of my favourite authors ('Only Forward' being one of my all time favourite books). He goes by many names. He has written "The Anomaly Files" under the pen name Michael Rutger.I am disappointed to say that this is the first time a book of his has failed to impress me. So much so that I would bluntly caution other readers to not bother with this book. Instead, read the first one, "The Anomaly". It's exciting, suspensef...
  • The Tattooed Book Geek (Drew).
    As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek: https://thetattooedbookgeek.wordpress...The Possession is the second book in The Anomaly Files series by Rutger and I have to admit that I haven’t read the first, The Anomaly! It didn’t hinder my reading experience or my enjoyment of The Possession though. Events from the first book are mentioned but they are merely background noise and referenced only in passing.Nolan...
  • Rowena Hoseason
    This is a 21st century ghost story, speculative fiction which muddies the waters in the semi-permeable membrane between worlds. Author Michael Rutger cleverly blends the deliciously creepy aspects of a golden-era gothic ghost story with the hard-nosed realities of modern lives lived online.Set that against the backdrop of a Twilight Zone teaser – what are all those weird lines in the landscape from prehistoric societies? – and throw in comple...
  • Rachel Emily
    Really enjoyed this up to about Part 3, and then I felt like things fell a bit off track and it lost the crazy momentum that I had enjoyed so much in the first book. Really neat ideas, and I chalk it up to being a meh-sophomore release. I’ll still be interested in another Anomaly book from Nolan and his crew!
  • Kate
    I loved The Anomaly and so was very keen to read this. Very entertaining and exciting and at times very chilling horror mystery. It lost me a little in the second half but overall a very enjoyable, spooky and quite often funny read. I wonder if Nolan will be able to persuade anyone to accompany him on a third adventure! They'd have to be mad... Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.
  • Alfred Nobile
    I put in for this book as it was labelled for Stephen King fans. I thought this was setting the bar high; it failed miserably to even reach halfway! I am a lover of supernatural and horror books but this disappointed me greatly. The writing was wooden and the story ponderous . I thought the characters were poorly drawn and not at all well rounded. I could not engage with any of them. The best thing about the book, in my opinion was the prologue, ...
  • Bob
    The Possession was an odd, yet oddly satisfying read for me. It started out strong, hooking my interest with talk of urban legends and historical mysteries. With Pierre's solo excursion to the stone walls, I felt it tipped its hat a little too soon as to what was really happening, which lost me for a good part of the book. Michael Rutger reeled me back in, though, with a final hundred or so pages of unrelenting claustrophobic horror and manic int...
  • Chris DiLeo
    This is a great, creepy (and fun) read from Michael Marshall, writing as Michael Rutger. It is a solid summer read that moves quickly, and evokes dread through a captivating mystery without delving too far into the macabre.The book is a sequel of sorts to THE ANOMALY, but readers need not have read that book to appreciate and enjoy this one. That book was like Indiana Jones meets the X-Files, and this one is more X-Files meets The Exorcist (but w...
  • Shanna Davis
    The Possession is the follow-up to The Anomaly (which I loved) and it did not disappoint! The Anomaly Files crew heads to a small, rural town to investigate a series of ancient, but seemingly meaningless walls. Simultaneously, a teenage girl disappears, and that's when the eerie quotient intensifies and pulls the reader into this action-packed and sometimes strange plot. As in The Anomaly, the lead character, Nolan's, sharp wit moves the pace qui...
  • Autumn Is Azathoth
    If you thought as I did that the first book in this series was a wild ride, then buckle in and hold your breath: THE POSSESSION is even wilder. Witchcraft, ancient mysteries, dimensional crossings; and what as children we recognize as danger in the dark but as adults we pretend to ignore: the things unseen, which bear humans ill will.All of that lives here: hold your breath and dive deep...but remember, you were warned.
  • Mckenna | The Lady's Crime
    4/5 stars ✨ The Possession was the first paranormal book I’ve read and if I had to sum it up in one word it would be WOW! The creep factor is real in this book. Let’s just say I wouldn’t read it without my husband at home out of fear of hearing a bump in the night. The characters in this book are very lovable and it’s easy to find yourself wanting to be friends with each of them! As the book goes on you start to see that they each have ...
  • Karen Whittard
    A mysterious thriller, the first half of the book was great then I lost myself in the book slightly. But got a little disjointed in the second half.
  • Alison
    I can't remember the last time a book gave me chills the way this one did. I will admit to never really having read Stephen King so I can't say if it's as perfect for his fans as the cover claims but for me - who used to devour James Herbert and Dean Koontz books, was a huge fan of shows like X-Files, the Twilight Zone, Poltergeist the Legacy and pretty much any and every horror film - this was right up my street. It's a lot of fun but so, so cre...
  • gills
    Slow burner that gets really muddled and messy towards the endI honestly don't know how I feel about this book, it was a real slog to read. I can't actually decide whether I enjoyed it or isn't written badly (apart from the author's annoying habit of dropping the first part of expletive sentences e.g. dropping "What the" from "What the **** is going on?"). I just think maybe it could've been shorter, less wordy in places, and a bit more...
  • Honestmamreader
    THEY CAME LOOKING FOR ANSWERSA group of explorers arrive in the remote town of Birchlake, Northern California, to investigate the appearance of mysterious stone walls.WHAT THEY FOUND WERE QUESTIONSA teenage girl has disappeared without a trace.FOR NOT EVERYONE IS AS THEY SEEMSoon it becomes clear that the two events may be connected in the most terrifying way. Because sometimes the walls we build end up closing us in . . .This book gave me the ch...
  • Susan
    Wow, this was great! I loved The Anomaly and so was super excited to see there was another book in the series. Similar to the first book, this started out really creepy and developed into a total mind bender. I enjoyed getting some of the background stories of the characters and that they evolved over the course of the book. They aren't just static, one-dimensional archetypes but real people with histories and issues. I think this could likely be...