Maybe Now (Maybe, #2) by Colleen Hoover

Maybe Now (Maybe, #2)

What is more important? Friendship, loyalty or love? Colleen Hoover and Griffin Peterson collaborate once again to bring fans of Maybe Someday back into the musical world of Ridge and Sydney. And Maggie. And Warren and Bridgette.This is a free follow-up to the NYT bestselling novel, Maybe Someday. It should be read after Maybe Someday and the novella spinoff, Maybe Not in the series.Completed.

Details Maybe Now (Maybe, #2)

TitleMaybe Now (Maybe, #2)
Release DateNov 1st, 2018
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary

Reviews Maybe Now (Maybe, #2)

  • peachygirl
    Seriously?? Hypocrite Sydney is still a saint, Cheater Ridge is the best boyfriend on planet Earth and everyone gets hitched on the same day after all that went down? Bull.2.5 stars, that too only for Maggie and the first decent boyfriend she's ever had!
  • Hulya Kara Yuksel
    Ridge 😍😍😍
  • Luciana Gomez Mauro
    5★Terminar un libro con la cara llena de lágrimas, apagar tu celular y seguir llorando, de emoción, de alegría, de tristeza, y todo junto.Eso es terminar un libro que te encanta.Eso es lo que me pasó con este. Lo termine de leer en Wattpad, ya que lo venía siguiendo desde marzo a esta tercera parte, y segunda parte de la historia de Ridge y Sydney.Les tengo un cariño enorme a estos personajes desde Maybe Someday, es que ame esa historia c...
  • Laura Lovely
    I can’t believe I didn’t know this book existed until today, it was such a delight to continue reading all of these characters stories. I have to say I love each and every single character in the maybe someday world and I’m so happy that I finally read this.
  • Jennifer Kyle
    3.7 Stars ⭐ 3.7 Stars ⭐️
  • Francesca
    I was curious if this new Colleen’s story on Wattpad after the awesome Too late. I was happy to see Maybe Someday’s characters again, and not very happy to see that Ridge and Sydney’s problems with Maggie were not resolved at all. She’s too related to them, I can’t be friend with my lover’s ex, sorry. Jake is my new crush and I would love to see more of him and his story. But I think after a long break, Colleen was fed up with this st...
  • Emma
    Did I feel the need to have a new book about the characters from Maybe someday? No, I did not. Did I read said book anyway because I’m trash and I would read everything Colleen Hoover decides to give us? Well yes, of course I did read it!This book was okay, it didn't feel that special to me. I'm just happy to have read it because Maybe someday is my favourite Colleen Hoover's book and so I had to see what the characters were up to.
  • Carmen de la Rosa
    Creo que estoy siendo generosa con las 3 estrellas, porque esto es un fanfic pésimo, no me creo en absoluto que CoHo haya escrito esto, esta fatal!.Básicamente, Colleen Hoover se llevó la pareja de este libro y la arruinó sin remedio, parecen una pareja de adolescentes hormonales que no pueden quitarse las manos de encima. En mi opinión, también fue una interpretación horrible de una persona que vive con FQ y me siento mal por cualquier pe...
  • Adilene Garcia
    Warning: IF YOU LOVED MAYBE SOMEDAY PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. This isn't a sequel or continuation to Ridge and Sydney's story, not really this is pretty much Maggie's book and it's an unrealistic and delusional one. I get it this is fiction, but i was baffled at the lack of research displayed in this book towards Maggie's illness and to be honest even disrespectful to people who suffer from CF. Don't let me get started on how everyone was magicall...
  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    4 ⭐'s“She’s about to melt, just like her bowl of ice cream.”I'm not one for books that are released by chapter or newsletter - mostly's an excruciating wait especially when you read 2-3 books a week. I've been trying to just wait until the whole book is released and that's what I did with this one and I'm glad I did. Plus I can't really complain when the author makes them free. (thank you CH) I really love Ridge and Sydney tog...
  • ☾☆ Nikki. ✿
    Maybe someday was a fav of mine and still is. This was a good sequel but it wasn't really needed, I mean it's always nice to read about the characters you love but yeah, an okay sequel :)
  • Kate
    This was almost sickeningly sweet. I could have done with less Maggie and more Ridge & Sydney (and Warren & Bridgette!). It would have been nice to see how their relationship evolved without the constant presence of Ridge’s ex in their lives.
  • Lola Davenport
    ****spoilers from the first book will be mentioned*****Colleen Hoover basically took my all time favorite couple and ruined them beyond repair. In my opinion it was also an awful interpretation of a person living with CF and I feel bad for anyone with CF reading this book. You could tell by the end even Colleen must hate this book since after taking months off from writing it she came back and rushed the ending with such unbelievable events that ...
  • Pick a Book
    4 estrelas Amo demais a história de MAYBE SOMEDAY. Rigde, Syd, Warren, Brigitte e Maggie são personagens que amei demais conhecer. Quando veio MAYBE NOW dei aquele grito da felicidade que tenho certeza que escutaram em outro país. Entretanto, a Colleen escreveu vários capítulos até o mês de abril ( acho) desse ano e depois parou deixando a história em suspenso. Hoje (10 de novembro de 2018) ela postou que a história já estava terminada....
  • Annie's reading corner
    3.75 starsMaybe Someday is still my favorite CH book, so I was beyond thrilled when I knew that the sequel was finally going to happen.I may be biased here because I love Ridge and Sydney together, but their part of the story I really really like it. Their relationship was perfect to me. What I didn't like was some (very drastic) changes to Sydney's personality that were... not very believable. Then we have Maggie. It was ok her part. I enjoyed g...
  • Jennifer
    Estos personajes me Enamoraron en Tal vez Mañana, un libro con su proipia banda sonora fue lo maximo y los personajes unos unicos, unos sentimentales y situaciones fuera de lo normal. Espere muchisimo al leer en Wattpat el final de esta historia, me parece que dspues de tanto capitulos y tanta espera el final no fue el mas esperado fue algo un poco rapido. Ridge es mi personaje favorito su mundo y su formas de ver las cosas y expresarlas realmen...
  • Zairobe25
    Fue bonito leer de estos personajes que me gustaron tanto, la historia comienza inmediatamente donde terminó maybe someday y abarca sólo 4 meses o algo así, es entretenido, tranquilo sin dramas, y dulce, cero angst. Termina un poco apresurado y me quedo debiendo el epílogo.
  • Ilse
    Im glad I got a little bit more of these characters which I love but I don't know the ending just didn't seem completely right tbh but thats just me.
  • Raghad H
    this book made me happy, every time i picked it up i found my self smiling.i loved the different relationships and how the characters are matures while dealings with there problems. i think my favorites are bridgette and warren, even though bridge is a complete bitch most of the time i still love her. their relationship is complicated and maybe weird at times but i love to read about them. then there is syd and ridge's relationship they are so g...
  • Jennifer
    4.5/5 starsI love everything that Colleen Hoover writes. So I was very excited to get to see what happened to Ridge, Sydney and Maggie after Maybe Someday ended.Maybe Now is a sequel to the popular Coho book Maybe Someday. It was written on wattpad one chapter at a time. This means that the story is basically a bit of a rough draft and not edited. But it was still really good.I had previously read the first 26 chapters of Maybe Now. But then Coho...
  • Love B.
    Loved the continuation of this beautiful story!
  • Donna
    Oh this book... It reads like bad fan fiction and I would never have mistaken it for a Coho book if her name wasn't on it. Since it is fiction, I won't get into the unrealistic approach to someone who is supposedly as sick as Maggie is... but the insta love between her and single dad/cardiologist Jake was a little too much, and I don't want to even get started on the Father of a middle school age Son proposing on the spur of the moment to a termi...
  • Jooke
    read 3rd time:Still in love with the characters, still one of my favorite books.Original review:This is what I expect and long for with Colleen Hoover's books. This was just as captivating as the first part "Maybe Someday". I was immeadiately drawn into Sydney and Ridge's story as I was a few months ago. Their connection is so special and based on a really fundamental and subtle kind of communication that is so endearing. The parts that give more...
  • Rissa
    Maybe nowSyd and Ridge are together but together means dealing with maggie still and her CF. Maggie is sort of moving on with her supposed one night stand that was just too good for one night but Ridge will always be the one for her. It was beautiful and dramatic, music filled wonderfulness and filled with rip your heart out love and I loved it. And that ending was how every perfect contemporary should end. It had me awwwing and absolutely happy.
  • Mary
    all these people and all these relationships and outcomes are completely unrealistic, but damn it if my heart isn't FULL and WARM and I am so grateful to Colleen that she gave us this story
  • Jaclyn
    Ahh that ending was perfect!! I do wish we got an epilogue Of Vegas though, but after waiting for months for how everything was going to turn out, it was definitely worth it!If you don’t know what this is, it’s the sequel to Maybe Someday up on Colleen Hoover’s Wattpad! I’ve been following her updates since the beginning and it was so much fun reading along side everyone. Such a cute story with some drama and heartache thrown in just enou...
  • Dani
    1/5 stars***Spoilers AKA Stuff I wish I knew before reading*********Free on Wattpad. I gave this book a star because 1) I must give it at least a star 2) It was free on Wattpad and that was very nice. my low rating comes from the fact that: A) Sydney becomes this odd caricature of herself that is oddly obsessed with/protective of her boyfriend's ex girlfriend. Like she is completely fine with said ex moving in with her boyfriend and her ...
  • Melina Celeste
    2.5/5Vieron cuando esperan años una continuación y al leerla es una decepción? Bueno, algo así me paso.Fue como leer un fanfic, un fanfic con exceso de occ, no reconocí a Ridge ni a Sidney de Maybe Someday. Parecían pubertos hormonados. Warren y Bridgette fueron mis fav por lejos.Y Maggie paso sin pena ni gloria.
  • Yasamin
    If I could rate this more than 5 stars I would. Colleen is a GOD! She never disappoints with ANY of her books! This was just so beautiful. It's deeper than just a typical romance book, there's a deep connection between the characters and what they face isn't pretty either. I remember reading Maybe Someday, and now reading this just makes me want to reread all of Colleen's books.Prepare yourself to fall in love with all the characters again. Each ...
  • Karen
    It seems ages ago that I read Maybe Someday and I met Ridge and Sydney (it was March 2014). And I thought Maybe Not was fab - Bridgette and Warren are a perfect bonkers match. I missed the fact that Maggie was getting a book too.But this book isn't just about Maggie. It is the continuation of the love story that is Ridge and Syd. And their story is just so lovely it makes me want to eat lasagna and dance in the kitchen. It's like the scent of my ...