Archimancy (Shadow School #1) by J.A. White

Archimancy (Shadow School #1)

The first book in a middle grade series that introduces three friends and their quest to unravel the secrets of Shadow School, a strange middle school in New Hampshire, from the acclaimed author of Nightbooks and the Thickety series, J. A. White. Perfect for fans of Stranger Things, Neil Gaiman, and Adam Gidwitz.Cordelia Liu knew Shadow School was going to be different. Black gates and ivied walls. Long hallways lined with old paintings. A tower ...

Details Archimancy (Shadow School #1)

TitleArchimancy (Shadow School #1)
Release DateAug 27th, 2019
PublisherKatherine Tegen Books
GenreChildrens, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Fiction, Paranormal

Reviews Archimancy (Shadow School #1)

  • Maggie
    3.5 stars
  • Lupine Smile
    I received this book as part of a Goodreads Giveaway. When I saw the description of the book (for fans of Stranger Things & Gaiman), I was quite excited to be a winner of the giveaway. After reading the book, I would say that this book fits more in line with fans of Goosebumps or Magic Tree House. The reading age of this book would fit into the 9-11 yr old range by my estimations.The story starts with the classic new kid at a new school, but this...
  • Carina Olsen
    I have been a fan of this author for many years now. I loved his first fantasy series beyond words. And will always read his new books. I was a little nervous about this new one, as I'm more of a fantasy person, and do not read many books set in present time. Yet I was excited too. And ended up liking it a bunch. Four stars.Archimancy was a quick and fun read. I had a small issue getting into it at the beginning, but that did not last long, and I...
  • Chayse Sundt
    Review to Come!
  • Pop Bop
    A Thoughtful and Engaging Ghost-Adventure StoryThe genius underlying J.A. White's books is that he establishes a scary premise, puts a smart and resourceful hero in the middle of it, and then allows that hero or heroine to think, reason, and act bravely and creatively in order to overcome the threat. In the "Thickety" series our heroine must enter and subdue the dark woods and the witchcraft within. "In "Nightbooks" the hero is tricked into a wit...
  • Ollie
    I received an arc of this from a random instagram giveaway by katherine tegen books.The most interesting part of this story was the ending action scenes with lenny, whistler, and geist which was around page 260..... Out of 291. They needed to be introduced way earlier in the story so the reader has a conflict thread to stay invested, like page 20.I also really disliked how there was an out. Every. Single. Time. The writing was easy to digest, not...
  • hallie bertling
    i love j.a. white's books!he has such a way with witty kid dialogue and funny banter-- and always has the right balance of adventure and danger and mystery. and of course a healthy dose of the supernatural.i won an ARC of shadow school: archimancy on instagram, and am really grateful to katherine tegen books & harper collins for letting me read it early!!i loved the premise of only-child cordelia being thrown into a new school. (being an only chi...
  • Jennifer Hill
    Cordelia's family has to move all the way from California to Vermont. Her new school looks like a haunted house: black iron gates, freaky paintings, weird hallways that don't make sense. As she is hiding out in the gym, she hears someone crying under the bleachers, it's a little boy. But as she tries to help him, she realizes he is a ghost! Then she finds out another student, Benji, can see ghosts too. They begin to realize the ghosts are trapped...
  • Annette W
    I loved and enjoyed this a lot. It was the perfect light and cozy spooky type of read yet it also has deep meaning, great themes and lessons in it as well. It's the first book in what I think will be an amazing Middle-Grade series and the more I read and check into MG books, the more I think that MG is sometimes being overlooked and shouldn't be. Middle Grade is a gold mine with lots of hidden gems in it and this is one of them that had me feelin...
  • Angie
    I received a free advanced reader’s copy from ... I think it was Edelweiss? 🤔🤨 But I would have looked for this either way because I super enjoyed The Thickety.Spooky! Best for strong 4th grade and up. I believe this releases in August? The problem with getting early access is you have to wait that much longer for the next one! 🤪
  • Pat Brown
    I won an Advance Reader's Edition through goodreads. I really enjoyed this middle grade novel. It was creepy without being overly scary. The characters were well-developed and a twist at the end required a tissue! Since the spine says Book One, I'm assuming there will be more books which I look forward to.
  • Saruuh Kelsey
    I really enjoyed Archimancy. It was fun, full of mystery, ghosts, and the ups and downs of friendship, and it was just what I needed! Plus the major plot twist stunned me (I totally thought that teacher was a bad guy - well played, book.)
  • mindy
    Honestly, what a cute story. I enjoyed the characters and the whole idea of it. Parts were slightly slow and the MC was sort of a brat at first, but overall this was a fun read.It’s not out until ... August? So I don’t want to give away anything
  • Lauren HOuston
    Cordelia, Agnes, and Benji team up to help the ghosts that haunt the mysterious Shadow School. This was a fun spooky read. It sucked me in from the beginning and wouldn't let go. I look forward to reading more from this author.
  • Holly
    3.5⭐ 3.5⭐️