More Than Enough by Elaine Welteroth

More Than Enough

“Elaine gifts us all with a beautifully intimate and powerful retelling of her ever-unfolding journey. In sharing her joys, pitfalls, adventures, self-doubt, and successes, she reminds us that through uncovering and discovering the many facets of ourselves, we are more than enough.”—Yara Shahidi“Elaine’s book is a call for young women to find their voice and spark their courage—it’s a book I would have loved to discover as a young w...

Details More Than Enough

TitleMore Than Enough
Release DateJun 11th, 2019
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Self Help

Reviews More Than Enough

  • Rachel Mantas
    Wow, I have to say Wow! This book really put some things into perspective for me. Some which I knew already, being a woman, and the challenges we face everyday in the work place and life and even touch on the #MeToo movement. It also really helped open my eyes to some amazing pieces I wasn't aware of for the Black community. There are so many beautiful inspiring stories in this book, I recommend it to all my friends. It has also helped me, as I a...
  • Michelle
    So many kernels of wisdom. So many seeds of love and empowerment.
  • Cortney
    “We went through what we went through so that you could live, baby girl. So you gotta live. Run after it. And know that we are all with you.” I was tearing up at the first chapter. This book was easy to read and Elaine passes on so many little gems and life lessons. I loved how she made sure to talk about the many challenges she faced while trying to achieve her goals. Watching someone’s life play out on social media can make things appear ...
  • Elizabeth Darrell
    Never has a memoir made me feel so seen and motivated. More Than Enough is a book that will resonate with any minority who has ever felt invisible, any woman who's ever been in a shitty relationship, and any young budding millennial activist trying to pave their way through their professional field. Elaine is nothing short of an icon. I could easily read this book a thousand times over.
  • Morgan
    Wow. This book. I have no words and so many words about why I loved this book so much. Elaine Welteroth is truly an inspiration for so many reasons, and getting to read her story in her beautifully written words- I am thankful for the experience. Her rise to Editor-In-Chief of Vogue is extraordinary. She even says in the book that people are often interested in the results and the firsts, but now the hustle it takes to get there. For me as a youn...
  • Kimberly
    Enjoyed this memoir which captures a unique moment in time, and elevated the importance of black female voices on all platforms.
  • Robin
    Since Elaine is a new judge on Project Runway, I wanted to hear her story, but assumed I would skim through this book just to get the gist of it. I ended up reading every word. Loved it.
  • Cathline
    So many quoteable moments in this book. Really inspiring and helpful for people from all walks of life
  • Jessica Pinckney
    As a mixed raced woman hustling hard, Elaine Welteroth spoke to my soul in this book. My deepest fears, my biggest dreams, my highest hopes were all in these pages and I’m grateful for her work and her powerful storytelling and soul baring.
  • Amanda
    Holy shit, go read this book. Welteroth is a formidable talent and her memoir is raw and honest, equal parts confession and advice. Totally inspiring and bad-ass. Ending the first day of the #24in48readathon at 6 hours and 20 minutes, not too shabby!
  • Nicole Martin
    This was a great listen. I love the narration from the Welteroth family (her parents have great voices), this inclusion was new to me in an audiobook.Not only was this well written, it was genuinely relatable for me. Chapter 21 hit me hard as it highlighted the areas in which I've heavily struggled when trying to achieve a work/life balance, but overall, Elaine Welteroth has given us a memoir that is raw, honest, and (most importantly) inspiring.
  • Tia
    Just another spectacular memoir I’ve read in the last year. I keep feeling that I’ve read enough of them but folks are writing and sharing the thought-provoking, inspiring stories of their lives. Another read I’d definitely recommend for any FOD (look it up) in any field.
  • Shannon
    More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are(No Matter What They Say) I Picked Up This Book Because: Saw an interview with the author on the Tonight Show.I’m not sure what I was expecting this book to be but it was way more memoir than I was thinking, which is fine. Elaine’s perspective as a mixed race individual growing up in a world that doesn’t always have a place or know what to do with one was intriguing for me as the auntie of...
  • Alison Caldicott
    This is a brilliant read and Elaine is one truly inspirational woman. I am still floored that they closed Teen Vogue when Elaine was at the helm and creating some of the most compelling female focused content on the planet. Jam packed with super useful personal and professional life lessons for women of all ages and backgrounds.
  • Vince McCollum
    Wow. This book was exactly what I needed. Elaine Welteroth is an inspiration, showing exactly what happens with defined goals, a strong work ethic, and the courage to make the spaces for yourself if they aren’t there already. I finished this inspired and ready to take on the next chapters of my own life. Throughout her book, she mentions how she didn’t know she needed something and then it was presented to her. This is how I feel about this b...
  • R
    I’m not sure what to say. This book was immensely readable and so interesting. Go and read the other reviews on this book. They said it better than I can at this time.
  • Casey Frank
    This was a lovely and lovingly crafted memoir that both took me inside an unfamiliar world with someone I was only vaguely familiar with, a welcome bit of kinship in the places where my experience overlapped, and a inspirational charge to be unapologetic in who you are and what you want- especially if you come from a marginalized community.As a white cisgendered heterosexual woman this book was another piece of storytelling I needed to hear in or...
  • Gabrielle
    When announced in the fall that Elaine Welteroth would be publishing a memoir, I immediately had this title on pre-order. We've seen her take over as Teen Vogue's EIC (only the second black woman in Conde Nast's history), as a guest producer on Grownish, and a beloved judge on Bravo's Project Runway. We all know that she is a boss, but down to the core, who is Elaine Welteroth?For those that truly know me, you know that I can't get through a non-...
  • Venessa
    This book went beyond what I could have imagined. It was excellent! I was hesitant to read it because memoirs aren't my thing and I wondered what could a thirty year old millennial possibly be talking about that would make me want to read her. The answer was alot. Elaine writes with raw emotion about the challenges of being a black girl in this world. She chronicles her life growing up Biracial on the west coast and how she never felt good enough...
  • Jessica M
    http://jessjustreads.comElaine Welteroth is a dynamic groundbreaker in media and fashion. In her memoir, More than Enough, she talks about her journey towards being a journalist and rising above the ranks in the world of fashion magazines. At 29, Elaine became the youngest Editor-In-Chief at Teen Vogue, and the second black editor-in-chief of a Conde Nast publication.At first, I wondered if Elaine had enough of a story for a memoir. The book move...
  • Paige
    AmazingI teared up so many times reading this book. I felt seen through Elaine’s words. I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear I am more than enough and Elaine’s book really inspired me to believe it and keep saying it.
  • April
    An important voice to hear right now. She empowers us to claim our spaces and show up authentically as women of color. I appreciated her honesty and sharing vulnerable stories about herself and her life experiences with little self-indulgence. So many lessons contained in this book about dreaming big, being ambitious, working hard, showing curiosity and enthusiasm, falling down and getting back up, and being first to do something. I related to so...
  • Alinna
    I am so glad I read this. As a fellow woman of color, I found her questions, her struggles, her insights to move me and to resonate with me. Her hustle has no bounds and the work that she has done to empower women for women, especially women of color is really incredible.She is fucking badass and maybe I’ll stop hating on millennials.
  • jkbookish
    Synopsis: In this part-manifesto, part-memoir, the revolutionary editor who infused social consciousness into the pages of Teen Vogue explores what it means to come into your own – on your own terms. Elaine Welteroth has climbed the ranks of media and fashion, shattering ceilings along the way. In this riveting and timely memoir, the groundbreaking editor unpacks lessons on race, identity, and success through her own journey.I absolutely loved ...
  • De'Osha
    If you are a fan of Elaine Welteroth you will appreciate this book. More proof that she's truly an incredible writer, storyteller and inspiration.
  • Tae Roots
    Loooooved it! Elaine has been a huge inspiration to me and many other black girls in fashion. I appreciate her transparency when explaining her journey in her career as an editor and beyond. I watched the last few years of her career unfold on Instagram, and reading through the last few chapters of this book gave me the feels of an exclusive behind the scenes look at what happened when the camera wasn’t on.
  • Barbara Dougherty Evans
    I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book through a Goodreads book give-a-way. I have struggled my whole life feeling I was not good enough. I have been in counseling for many year and I would highly recommend this book to anyone who struggles with feeling of inadequacy. The book will help you to see that you are 'more' than enough and to not let others make you feel inadequate or insignificant. I give this book a 'five' star rating!
  • Katie Burke
    I love Elaine's writing style and perspective on race, gender, ambition, and courage in the modern workplace-I was a fan of hers before and am an even bigger fan after reading this.
  • Denise
    A beautifully written and totally inspiring memoir from one of the most brilliant media people of this generation. I've been fascinated by Elaine for years after she took up her post at Teen Vogue and have been following her on social media ever since. When I saw she had a book out, I knew I wanted to know more about her story. I loved reading about Elaine's early influences and how she was able to pull up a seat to the table for herself. When an...