To War With the Walkers by Annabel Venning

To War With the Walkers

'We were one of those lucky families. Six of us and we all survived the war. And yet one knew of other families who lost all of their children.' Ruth WalkerThis is the story of the Walkers, six siblings (including the author's grandfather) who survived Blitz, battle and internment and lived to tell the tale. This ordinary family's extraordinary experiences combine to tell a new social history of World War Two. Harold was a doctor who spent a week...

Details To War With the Walkers

TitleTo War With the Walkers
Release DateSep 5th, 2019
PublisherHodder & Stoughton
GenreHistory, Nonfiction, War, World War II

Reviews To War With the Walkers

  • Maureen
    **4.5 stars ** Written by the granddaughter of Walter Walker, this is the true story of the Walker siblings, (six of them in all), and the situations they found themselves in as they were scattered around the globe during the Second World War, and it’s quite remarkable that given the extreme danger they found themselves in, they all actually survived.These are very personal accounts, rather than the official ones that we’ve come to expect, an...
  • Susan
    This is a very interesting social history, telling of one family and their experiences in WWII. You are thrown immediately into the action, with a snapshot of all the siblings and their whereabouts, at a particular moment, before the book then goes back to the time before the war and sets the scene. The Walkers were ‘happy-go-lucky’ father, Arthur, his wife, Dorothea, and their six children. Edward, the eldest, and brother Walter, were both i...
  • Michelle
    We have heard many stories about the war about not necessarily individual ones. This story is about the Walker family, six siblings and their parents and their journey from the building up to the start of WW2 and getting through it and the time immediately after it. The Walkers consisted of four brothers and two sisters. Harold was a surgeon and sister Ruth was a nurse in a London’s St Thomas’ Hospital in the Blitz in the 1940’s. Edward fou...
  • Breakaway Reviewers
    A panoramic view of a family at war. This is the remarkable true story of six siblings, written by one of their granddaughters, who has had access to an extensive personal and public archive.During World War Two the Walker family were an energetic part of the war effort – two as medics on the home front, the other brothers as serving officers in Italy, India, Burma, Malaya and Thailand.On the home front and on the battlefield their wide-ranging...
  • Katrina Oliver
    One family’s war- and what a war it was for the Walker family! This family’s story covers the Home Front and the Blitz, Dunkirk, Italy, El Alamein, Burma, the Japanese POW camps and the Bridge over the River Kwai. Written by a grand daughter, and with some prodigious research, this is the story of the various family members and the theatre of war in which they were involved. With some startling and sometimes horrifying detail, these stories a...