Super Fun Sexy Times by Meredith McClaren

Super Fun Sexy Times

Cartoonist Meredith McClaren (Hinges) tells five short, sexy stories featuring superheroes, supervillains, sidekicks, and the people who love them.Showing consent and character-driven erotic relationships, Super Fun Sexy Times answers the age-old question: what happens when the mask comes off? Two sidekicks on opposite sides get stuck in an underground lab together, and find a great way to pass the time. A tactician and superhero discuss their de...

Details Super Fun Sexy Times

TitleSuper Fun Sexy Times
Release DateAug 20th, 2019
PublisherLimerence Press
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Romance, LGBT, Comics

Reviews Super Fun Sexy Times

  • Emily May
    I'm so fortunate to have the kind of Goodreads friends who send me things like this...Thanks, Tatiana 😂
  • JV (semi-hiatus)
    If I were to sum up or perhaps magnify the experience I've had with this graphic novel, it would definitely be James Corden and Jamie Dornan going at it!You got that right, mate! Super Fun Sexy Times is composed of 5 short racy and explicit stories that are sex-positive, LGBTQ+ inclusive, and immensely diverse.Humans are deeply and innately curious about everything that's going on around us, but do you ever wonder what some of our superheroes and...
  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)
    Mega fun and super sexy. My only complaint is that I wish each of the stories had been just a tad bit longer; I wanted more!
  • Jane
    Well, I really liked that this is super-inclusive and shows a lot of discussion happening between partners! It's refreshing to see conversations about likes/dislikes, consent, and safety being shown in erotic fare.Unfortunately, once each of the stories get to the "spicy" parts, I was left a bit cold. The kinks within are pretty specific and if they're not something you're into, then chances are those parts are not going to be much fun. I think i...
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    I'll be upfront and say that I somehow missed the "erotica" tag on Netgalley when I first downloaded this graphic novel, so it did take me off-guard a little bit to see how explicit the scenes were! I wasn't going to mention that in this review until I noticed some other reviewers saying they had similar experiences, so I just want to point that out for anyone who may not be comfortable viewing explicit materials. It didn't bother me, it just sur...
  • David Schaafsma
    5 short stories, very inclusive in a range of ways. The stories, erotica, involve people who have superpowers. She is trying to be very inclusive to her readers, too, in the sense that this is about having fun, trying new things. The chapters all seem to have kinks but they are also into talking things through, no pressure, with a certain amount of humor. Oh, you know, as in an assassin relaxes after a long day at work with the kind (yet firm) at...
  • Tatiana
    3.5 starsNSFW!!!!! (Probably 10x the number of drawings of private parts compared to a Saga installment, just FYI). These are fun and sexy, and sex positive in almost every conceivable way. Even the superhero stories made sense! (You know how hard it is to find erotica that makes sense?!)The art is not entirely to my liking, but still...
  • Jane (It'sJaneLindsey)
    Um, wow, hello.
  • Gemma ♕ Books_McCoy
    ***Review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. ***This was actually super cute! I loved the relationships in it and the way consent was a prominent theme. There was great representation of different sexualities, body types and kinks! This is pretty graphic (lots of dicks and vaginas about haha) but it was also really tasteful and everything was done in a very loving and respectful way!I loved the little f...
  • Laura
    Thank you to the publisher for providing a review copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Oh this was so cute and sweet and lovely! This is a very inclusive and diverse comic about superheroes and villains and their romantic lives, which is so very different from anything I've read before. I loved the artwork -- but fair warnings, it's graphic so definitely NFSW. And I really enjoyed how each character was queer, and so many ivtersect...
  • Emma
    Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this graphic novel in exchange for an honest review. This graphic novel is definitely NSFW/for mature readers. I would not recommend this for a younger audience since some scenes are very much explicit. That said, I very much enjoyed it. I liked how diverse the couples were and I also appreciated the fact that every couple had their story and then the smut was included in it. It wasn’t jus...
  • ♛ Garima ♛
    As the title suggests, it is Super fun sexy times.... 4 emotional tidbits, super sidekick heroes discussing their sexual preference with their partners and things are about to get naughty....Warning: Don't read in front of your kids, as they might want to read it with you, thinking it is 'cartoon' book', it certainly is not people :D
  • Taylor
    I honestly didn't know what I was getting into when I picked up this earc, but I'm glad I was able to experience these sweet and steamy stories.Consisting of a super diverse cast of superhero characters, Super Fun Sexy Times Vol 1, illustrates 5 individual snippets of couples exploring various sexual fantasies. This collection of stories features everything from m/m and w/w romances to nonbinary romance roles and kitten play kinks with people of ...
  • Natasha
    I received an arc from the publisher via netgalley in exchange for a free and honest reviewWell it said it was sexy times between super heroes and it definitely delivered. Definitely a NSFW read. I loved how most of the characters were queer and that consent was a big theme.
  • Kirsty
    I LOVED this book. Properly loved it. You know sometimes you're hungry and you don't know what you want to eat, and then someone brings you a meal that turns out to be the exact thing you didn't know you wanted? That's this book. I didn't know I wanted queer, diverse, body-posi superhero smut in my life – but it turns out I do. And I'm so happy I found it. For me, this book succeeded on all the levels it needed to. The artwork is beautiful, the...
  • Luce
    4 Stars for this graphic novel of five unique, sexy, NSFW short stories. I can’t say I’ve read a lot of erotic comic books, so I’m assuming that this is unlike typical graphic novels in this genre. This book is about their relationships as much as it is about the sex. Nevertheless, Super Fun Sexy Times does live up to its name. I liked each and every story. Its not often that I can say that about a collection.Three things stood out to me. F...
  • Fernanda Granzotto
    3.5 stars*ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*If you want something sexy and fast to read I recommend this graphic novel.Besides the wonderful art, the 5 stories are sexy and inclusive, we have stories about 5 wonderful couples so you will end up identifying with one of them.For being short stories I admit that I was very willing to more of them, for me it seemed that it was an introduction of characters, that introduction ...
  • bella ϟ [ bella farren ]
    4 / 5 starsOkay, first off my friends, this is NSFW. Forewarning, do not attempt to read this in public. With the forwarning out the way, let me say—this was so, so good. It was everything I had been hoping for and expecting. It was diverse, wonderful, inclusive and accepting. This book covered different orientations, preferences, ages, body types, and kinks in such a beautiful and adorable way. This book consisted of five short superhero/villa...
  • Laura
    Sometimes it is fun to think about what Superheroes do when no one is watching. With their tight spandex, and well toned bodies, we often ship our favorites together. So, while all these superheroes are made up, as are the bad guys in some cases, they all have some sort of super power, and that is where we begin each short story.The pictures are sensual. The sex is all consensual. There is no violence, other than, oh, an assassin throwing a body ...
  • Amy
    Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher for the chance to read this comic!Rating: 4 starsRep: LGBTQ+, POC and plus size rep Well, I was not expecting to love this as I did! What a fantastic, inclusive, beautiful comic. I will admit, I immediately downloaded this after I saw the cover (superheroes & supervillains?!) and I didn't realise it was actually classed as "erotica" but honestly, that doesn't bother me in the slightest. Consent, kinks, relat...
  • Rachel
    *thank you to Netgalley and Oni Press/Limerence Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*3 stars.I was not expecting this as it is. So it did make me slightly uncomfortable but the actual stories were entertaining enough. I wasn't a huge fan of the style of the artwork right away but it grew on me. I don't have much to say about this as its not really my type of book but if you are looking for a fun quick, enjoyable, erotica...
  • Alisa
    OMG,omg,omg!I found something similar to Sunstone in themes,art,humor and hotness and I am obsessed!Super Fun Sexy Times is a graphic collection of 5 novellas set in a world of superheroes, supervillains, their sidekicks and even aliens. The setting was amazing! I want to know so many things about this world now. Like gender changing aliens. Tell me more!Each story was sex positive, had people of different body types, genders,sex preferences. Cha...
  • Dana Cristiana
    4.5 starsI would love to thank Limerence Press, Meredith McClaren and NetGalley for this book in exchange for an honest review.Warning: Don't read this book if you are under 18 years old!This graphic book is about superheroes and villains and their sexual relationships. The images are very explicit, but the stories themselves are great, in my opinion. I would have loved if they were a little longer. The characters are actually cute and no matter ...
  • bookishtinkerbell
    This is an erotic and diverse graphic novel about heroes and villains and their love lives. Actually this is the first graphic novel I've ever read and it was fantastic. I loved the artwork, beautiful and very sexy. There was a balance between the plot and the smut, and it was fun. This is definitely for mature audience.A very enjoyable graphic novel. I'd love a Vol.2Thanks to the publisher for providing a review copy via Netgalley in exchange fo...
  • giulia
    ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Like the title says this one was a super quick fun sexy time. I enjoyed the hell out of it.Smutty excellence! (I just wish each story would've been a little bit longer)I appreciated the diversity of gender and sexualities, it was really inclusive and IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME WE HAVE REPRESENTATION BITCHES.
  • Pauline
    I really liked this comic book, especially the art work!! The story itself was pretty cool! I just wanted a lit more !Thank you so much to Netgalley for this e-arc in exchange of my honest review
  • Aleksandra
    *arc received via Netgalley*4.5 stars!!!so sweet and sexy and wholesome! The book delivers what its title promises - Super Fun Sexy Times.This comic is a collection of short erotic stories featuring heroes, villains and people of this world of superheroes and aliens having sex. It's erotic and pretty and I loved every page. The pastel color palette works really well here, the art style is distinct and lovely. It stands out among other artists I h...
  • BadassCmd
    This erotic graphic novel was nothing I expected but actually everything my heart needed.I have my experiences with all kinds of manga, but I think I never read an erotica graphic novel before. But the description of this book really intrigued me (I love everything with superheroes and villains and even more if it’s marked LGBT), so I wanted to know what it was about.I really like the art style of it. Since the contures aren't done with harsh b...
  • Kyle
    *Copy provided by NetGalley— many thanks to them, the author, and publisher for making this available!*I guess I glossed over the “Erotica” tag on NetGalley, and it wasn’t mentioned on Goodreads, so head’s up that there is graphic content!Otherwise, this is a pretty adorable (yet steamy) collection of illustrated superhero stories brimming with humor and sex-positivity. There is much talk of consent, boundaries, safe sex procedures, and...
  • Susan
    First off, this is classified as erotica and it is most definitely explicit. Despite the superhero theme it is not for children. There are plenty of ejaculating penises and other nudity which is expected in an erotic comic. I appreciated the diversity of the characters and their real, non-stylized bodies. I also liked the emphasis on consent and respect in these interactions although I did find them to be limited in plot and generally just gettin...