Love and Death Among the Cheetahs (Her Royal Spyness #13) by Rhys Bowen

Love and Death Among the Cheetahs (Her Royal Spyness #13)

Georgie and Darcy are finally on their honeymoon in Kenya's Happy Valley, but murder crashes the party in this all-new installment in the New York Times bestselling series.Georgie is excited when Darcy announces out of the blue that they are flying to Kenya for their extended honeymoon. It is only after they arrive that she suspects he has actually been sent there on an assignment. She tries not to be angry, because she is, after all, in a paradi...

Details Love and Death Among the Cheetahs (Her Royal Spyness #13)

TitleLove and Death Among the Cheetahs (Her Royal Spyness #13)
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction

Reviews Love and Death Among the Cheetahs (Her Royal Spyness #13)

  • Critterbee❇
    However historically accurate this may have been, it was not enjoyable to read about a group of privileged twits insulting everything they could about Kenya while still complaining about whatever they were unable to forcefully covert to traditional British conditions. Too many wild animals! The shopping here is horrible! These gardens don't look English enough, let's bring in non-native plants! How boring, the only activities here are polo, bed-h...
  • Mark Baker
    Lady Georgiana and Darcy have finally wed, and Darcy has a surprise – an extended honeymoon in Kenya. Georgie is excited to get to see local wildlife, but once they arrive, she quickly learns that Darcy is hoping to get some information on a notorious jewel thief that is rumored to be making an appearance in the country soon. The couple are quick to settle into the British colony in the country, but they begin to realize that not everyone is as...
  • Barbara Rogers
    Series: Royal Spyness #13Publication Date: 8/6/19Number of Pages: 304I have wanted to start reading this series since its beginning, but for some reason I never did. I remedied that by starting with this book – and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t find starting with the thirteenth book a problem. Yes, I missed the development of the relationship between Darcy and Georgie, but – goodness – I got to start with the honeymoon! I’m sure I m...
  • Diane
    As a true fan of Rhys Bowen, having read all of her books, I could not wait for the latest installment in Her Royal Spyness series. However, I find myself rather disappointed with this entry and am trying to figure out why exactly. So I read the reviews on Goodreads hoping that someone would put their finger on what was missing, but no one has expressed the sense of what I'm actually feeling upon completing this story. I absolutely love the way R...
  • Christina/ The Blog for Teachers, Readers, & Life!
    This was a very good read. I liked the realistic description of Africa and its wildlife. However, I was disappointed that Lady G. Did not get involved in more hi jinxs, and we did not have the benefit of Belinda’s sassy comments. It read as a mystery with very little comic relief.
  • The Library Lady
    The reviews here are making me ROTFLMAO. First, you've got the people who want to scrub history sparkling clean and are getting offended at what is factual history in its portrayal of colonial Kenya. I would suggest that these people, whose knowledge of history is clearly pretty limited, at least read this summary of the movie "White Mischief.", where you will see that the plot of this book is clearly take...
  • Linda
    In this latest entry in the Royal Spyness series, Georgie and Darcy finally are married and they set off for Kenya on the second stage of their honeymoon. Only Georgie quickly discerns that the trip is part of an assignment from the Foreign Office for Darcy, and soon they are embroiled in possible robbery, treason, and a very definite murder.While the Kenyan locale was interesting, I found this story less engrossing than most of the previous ones...
  • Mary Kay
    What a disappointment! This has been one of my favorite series and a favorite author, and I was so looking forward to the new book. If I had started with this one, I wouldn’t have read any other books by the author. I didn’t care for the subject matter at all.
  • Bebe (Sarah) Brechner
    What could be more thrilling than to dip into a story featuring our favorite couple, Georgina and Darcy, right in the middle of the notorious Happy Valley set in 1930's Kenya? I've read many accounts of Happy Valley, so it was super exciting to discover that this iconic group of decadent settlers was included in the story. The young couple is on their honeymoon but that doesn't stop the intrigue. This may be the very best in the series - but it i...
  • LibraryLaur
    I'm not sure why I didn't enjoy this outing with Georgie as much as I usually enjoy the entries in the series. I think I missed the regular supporting characters (especially Queenie and Georgie's grandfather) because of the removed setting (Kenya), and the central mystery wasn't as compelling as it usually is to me. Or maybe it's just unlucky number 13. :) No worries; I will happily join Georgie and Darcy on their next adventure no matter where i...
  • Eden
    2019 bk 262. Another excellent entry in the Royal Spyness series. My only wish, that Rhys Bowen had opened with the wedding, I would have loved more details of that. I love Mrs. Simpson's /David's snippy comment - "We weren't invited to the wedding." Of course not - the Queen does not want Mrs. Simpson in her presence ninny. Any way, I digress - Darcy and Georgiana begin their honeymoon on a houseboat moored on the Thames - until they run out of ...
  • Sasha
    Love my yearly dose of Her Royal Spyness! This year's honeymoon trip to Kenya wasn't quite what I'd hoped but the mystery was solved on a bittersweet note; Georgie followed her heart on this one and it touched my own heart a bit as well.
  • QNPoohBear
    Now Georgie is FINALLY married to her beloved Darcy they can enjoy a wonderful honeymoon! The honeymoon doesn't quite go as planned when the newlyweds discover a vacation on a houseboat is not as romantic as it sounds. A quick trip to London brings them back into contact with Georgie's royal relatives and a new announcement from Darcy. He is taking Georgie to Kenya for a romantic honeymoon. Georgie knows this isn't something Darcy could afford on...
  • Kathy
    Oh, it's so delightful to be back with Lady Georgie and her handsome new husband Darcy O'Mara. It is a balm to my soul, a respite from the world. Knowing that when I open a book in this series I will be swept away by great storytelling, some good humor, and characters that I love is a reassurance that feeling good is still an option in our challenging world. And, then there is the history that I crave in a story, an authentic connection to the ti...
  • Daniele
    Another fun adventure with Georgie and Darcy. I enjoyed the African setting and appreciate that Bowen did not sanitize the prejudices of the era. The attitudes are important for the story and lend authenticity to the tale. The resolution(s) of the murder mystery and other threads is somewhat hasty. Still, a satisfying read.
  • ME
    It's a shock and disappointment to give this book 2 stars. I've read the whole series and I am a Georgie fan for sure, but this was an absolute bore. Georgie is barely present, Darcy is a shell of himself, and the story is completely context driven. Pages and pages of contextual description with barely a plot line thrown in for good measure. And about that plot. The mystery here springs from a night at a bed-hopping party that, for this series, i...
  • Morgan
    Loved all the other “Spyness” novels. This one was very different and not just because Georgie is now married to Darcy.The Africa setting was too far afield from what these novels have been in the past. I’m still not even sure why Darcy was sent to Africa in the first place.There were some rather horrid people and I missed Queenie. Queenie in Africa would have been a hoot.Love and Death Among the Cheetahs lost that nice cozy feel of the oth...
  • Amy
    Not my favorite in the series. These characters work better in their usual setting.
  • Patrice
    I Recommend This BookYes(Advanced copy read 06.07.19)Plot spoilersI enjoyed reading Love and Death Among the Cheetahs. Rhys Bowen does a good job with her research on the characters in the Royal Spyness series. Lady Georgiana and Darcy are finally married and decide to honeymoon in Kenya. Of course there is an alternative reason for Darcy to be there, he has been sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of some jewels. Travel to Kenya inv...
  • Kiki Z
    One and a half stars. Let's get this out of the way: a majority of this story is set in Kenya, and the author was trying to be accurate for the time, so racism abounds. It doesn't make for a particularly comfortable story in the modern day. Keep that in mind if you read it. But that's hardly the only problem.The major issue here is the same issue that was present in the last book: the author has apparently forgotten this is a mystery series. The ...
  • Sarah
    I've been especially looking forward to this one since it is enticingly set in Africa (Kenya, to be exact.) As usual there is a little of the Queen, Mrs. Simpson and cousin David (the Prince), and fussy sister in law Fig. (Fig, Binky, Diddy--these names crack me up) which is all very entertaining, but the bulk of the story has Georgie and Darcy in Kenya, ostensibly on their honeymoon, but really Darcy is investigating something and then of cours...
  • Brenda
    Not the warm fuzzy I expected from this series but it is a good story. In fact, it is based on historical truth and real people (Idina).Lady Georgie & Darcy extend their honeymoon with a trip to Kenya. It is 1935 and the world is a far different place than it is now. Of course they find a dead body and become part of the investigation. The scenery, the animals, the people are all very exciting and the situation in 1935 Kenya includes Hitler's ris...
  • Jenny
    I love this series! The main characters are wonderful. Looking forward to the next book on this series.
  • Sandra
    I was disappointed in this book and liked it the least of the series. There wasn't much intrigue for one thing and it was bland in general.
  • Carolyn Smith
    Not up to the previous Royal SpynessThe murder didn't seem to be the focus of the book. While the story moved the series along, it appeared to be just bits and pieces hung together - the lifestyle of the rich and decadent in Happy Valley, the difficulty of getting from England to Kenya, the murder, the approaching world war. Not one of Bowen's best, but I have faith she will bounce back in the next book.
  • L P
    Another good Royal Spyness mystery, although I wasn't really satisfied with the ending. Would like a definitive answer as to who was trying to kill Darcy and Georgie, and why.
  • Michele
    Loved it! Good historical fiction, such as this, is not onky an enjoyable read, but a great way to.learn about history. As the main character is a great grand daughter of Queen Victoria, Mrs. Simpson and David are frequent characters, as the Princess Elizabeth. I was unaware of the details surrounding Kenyan settlements or the different tribes. Granted, I am not an expert now, but have a clue about it. All of Ms. Bowen's series are wonderful. Gre...
  • Jane
    I was really looking forward to this book because I love the books where Darcy plays a stronger role. I was a little disappointed with the previous book (Four funerals and maybe a wedding) and I was hoping this book would be better - it wasn’t. The mysteries were extremely weak and some of them were left unresolved at the end. In fact the ending seemed rushed and unsatisfactory. I missed the regular characters even, although this surprises me, ...
  • Lisa
    2.5 stars - This was an inferior addition to a series I usually find very cute and entertaining - too bad!